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  1. I have a question about booking shows as we don't know if or what we want to see so can we just show up for a show or at least book it the day we want to see one.
  2. We live in Alabama and are driving 12 hours to Texas for our first cruise. We have never flew before or even been to a airport.
  3. Thanks everyone for the information
  4. So it's not per night then correct. Sorry I'm slow when it comes to these things
  5. Ok so I can now bid on royal up. if I bid 100 that would be 200 for me and my wife I get that but is it a flat 200 upgrade or is it 1400 for a 7 night cruise. Sorry I just want to make sure I understand before I make a bid and be shoked when 1400 comes out. Thanks everyone for the help
  6. I do not have a apple product but that is great news I'm very happy with the cabin it says I have
  7. So our check In was today and I have a guaranteed balcony. When I finished everything I looked at the set sail pass and saw online I could scan it and it would say your room number is there any truth to this
  8. I was wondering if anyone has a more recent cruise compass for liberty of the seas. The latest one on this site is from January
  9. I agree to get a passport to travel. But cheap is not what I would say. it was over 800 for me my wife and my 6 year old daughter to get our books and cards. On top of that we had to wait like a month or 2 to come in and even longer to get our birth certificates back. I'm just saying 800 is alot of money to us
  10. Our travel agent has not said we received a royal up option when did you receive it
  11. What do you mean scan your ID mine is in ruff shape. Will this be a problem
  12. We can't wait either we get more excited with every day that passes
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