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  1. Anyone else doing Chef Table on Thursday night after Bonaire?
  2. I’m loving our TA right now, she just called to make sure we understand all the restrictions and testing and check in and to wish us a great cruise! Getting more real everyday… just about 22,000 more trip flight miles for me and we are off!
  3. And more usable days… the stop we lost in DR was really short, and we had to leave curaçao early just to make it… not happy about another sea day, but happy to have more useable port stops…
  4. I found that RC doesn’t communicate as well with me when I use a travel agent. It’s sad, would take the same effort to include us on emails of specific interest to our cruise. I found out about our itinerary changes in a board like this…
  5. For a first timer, if not outrageous and If you need the internet, I’d say yes. Basically you’re buying a bunch of benefits that as pointed out by cruisers with status, come free to them. But as a new cruiser, it’s a great way to jump the queue and get the most out of your vacation.
  6. I was on Symphony in Nov 2019 and felt the same way about the internet. Nothing like a WiFi work call poolside with drink in hand. Just don’t forget to hit Mute.
  7. I was looking at the app today for our June cruise, and this came up. As I read it, the implication certainly implies the feature is free… That said, if it isn’t, I still think the chat should be bundled in with either of the internet packages.
  8. Watching closely…. We are on the 18th sailing for Mariner like some of you. I’ve seen rumors that they changed Explorer first becuase they have some affected sailings that are closer and once that settles they’ll do Mariner next. im hoping that isn’t the case. I don’t think we can switch to cayman without shorting Curaçao and having a really short stop in Cayman. I feel if we are going to do an island, we need at least 8 hours there… but I’m not on RCIs ops team.
  9. Conceptually sounds interesting. In reality, I know I’d forget to hit the button after a few drinks in the sun.
  10. May 4 is listed in the Royal App as check in day. Not sure if that means midnight or sail time or?
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