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  1. I wouldn't sell if I had them at $21, but will certainly look to buy more when it drops below $20. Not sure it will, but the economy has a way to go yet...
  2. Seems like a big increase considering it is just a credit line and not actual profit.
  3. I got some at $25 and some at $34. I want to hold long term.
  4. Wish I had bought some when it went below $20...
  5. @shaydav19 Since RCL cancelled your cruise, doesn't that make the your FCC's for the Anthem cruise null & void? I am having a hard time understanding why RCL is balking.
  6. @CHRIS WONG Thanks so much for your videos and the special insight you provide during these tough times. We left the Anthem on Sunday morning after having a nice conversation with Roynald our Stateroom Attendant. It is great to know the crew are both working and relaxing. Your videos give us great insight as to what your life will be like for the next month. Probably most of all, I really appreciate RCL allowing you to show us your cruise ship perspectives. Makes me like Royal even more...
  7. I sympathize with you and really like your approach. I have a compromised immune system and in 98 had my colon removed to prevent cancer. Which left me with kidney and liver issues. I am very careful now to keep my hands clean and to try not to touch railings and things I don't need to. I can walk stairs without needing balance support. I am working to try to stop touching my face as often as I do, but doubt if I will ever be able to stop with that altogether. BUT love to cruise and hope to be able to continue to do so. I am really hoping this experience will have a lasting effect on others who don't take cleanliness seriously. I am happy to report that on our Anthem cruise which we disembarked on Sunday, I did not see anyone jumping the Windjammer sink line or anyone passing directly through it. There were a few complainers, but no offenders! 🙂
  8. Yes! My wife and talked about this same thing while driving home from Bayonne today. We like to cruise as cheap as possible, so we can cruise more. BUT, one of the reasons we were willing to sail the Anthem last week was the extra comfort of having booked a balcony. By coincidence, our next two cruises booked (Harmony & Anthem) are also balconies. Like @Mljstr, I think we are going dig deeper into our pockets going forward. Also another benefit was the view at 6:32AM on Friday the 13th...
  9. All of my over the counter vitamins are gummies - they make for a nice breakfast! 😃
  10. Gee I am sorry to hear that! I am a believer in zink so I take ZiCam when on cruises. I can't resist the Solarium pools and hot-tubs, so for some reason it always seems like I come home with the sniffles. It usually goes away pretty quick though. We disembarked the Anthem this morning and I can't say we did anything much different than usual, except this time we carried our own hand sanitizer with us.
  11. Hi @smap and welcome to the blog. We too just got off Anthem this morning and are home in MA now. Yes, we saw extra cleaning. It seemed like whenever our stateroom attendant Roynald had free time, he was wiping down all of the railings and door handles on our floor (7th). He looked to be using a water-based solution which was a bit sticky when wet. But there was no smell at all. This morning he was preparing all staterooms for fumigation. He had placed the beds in the middle of the room and put the mattresses up on edge and against each other making sort of a tent. I have no idea how that will smell when completed. But there will be plenty of time for any of that smell to dissipate within the next month. @plasticmasterGood Luck with whatever you do. BTW, our Anthem cruise was great with no know issues. It was our first time to the new Coco Cay and it was awesome.
  12. @KJ1231 Sorry to hear about your experience. We have the Helium Balloon and Coco Beach Club booked for next Thursday. I hope the weather is better by then.
  13. @WAAAYTOOO That's awesome info. We will be sure to try it out.
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