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  1. Agreed, grasping for straws when there are none...
  2. Thanks, very logical - not sure why I couldn't find it...
  3. Does anyone know where I can find info on the Anthem GC to Norway in July of 2021? I can't find a link...
  4. The link above works for me with no problems - and I am at work. I wish they offered all white chocolate covered strawberries for Ceil, but no. On the other hand, we do love those Macarons!
  5. Yes, the Oasis will be doing a short run out of Cape Liberty in mostly warm weather. Those cruises have been for sale for a while now, so it might be tricky getting yourself the best deal. But if you find something you and your children like, my opinion would be to consider it. The Oasis is quite a marvel to explore and the entertainment is wonderful - so much to see and do. Those 7 day cruises will make a great first cruise for you and having those extra days to explore NYC will just add to the experience that much more...
  6. Double check Anthem's Solarium - we love it! What a great space. The 3 tiered pool is really sweet, partly because it usually offers different amounts of sun (on sunny days of course). We find it usually to be not too crowded and offers plenty of ways to relax (read, swim, enjoy the view, board games (on the tables), crafts, naps, Patriots podcasts, swing, hot tubs, drinks, lounge chairs in the water, lounge chairs with pillows, left & right outside above bridge lookouts...). Also, for colder (NE) itineraries, it comes in handy as they keep it quite warm in there. We also love the Music Hall, although it doesn't seem to be used as much for live bands as it has in the past.
  7. Agreed. You cannot beat the entertainment on the Oasis class!
  8. I live in NE and yet still love the NE cruises. We love Bar Harbor and Halifax. YES! Halifax is such a great cruise port. LOVE LOVE LOVE it there...
  9. @Smurfy Yes, what port(s) are you considering for departure and where do you want to go? That will make all the difference...
  10. We live in between Providence and Worcester. We stayed in NJ once for a Cape Liberty cruise but only because we had a big group. It worked out OK, but I really like parking on the pier for Manhattan terminal cruises and in the garage for Cape Liberty cruises. We do walk off departure and can usually get home before noon time. Sometimes a bit later if we drive through RI to pick up our dogs who stay near Oakland Beach. I know that for longer cruises the stay and park packages can be cheaper, but for us we pay the extra to get home quicker as well as be able to leave the day of. There is a bus that travels from Worcester to Cape Liberty which some of our neighbors took for a Breakaway cruise a few years back. But there are so many stops on that bus that they got back home around midnight! They hated it. No way for me...
  11. The diamond club usually has them free every night which is a great perk. But my wife loves the white chocolate ones, which seem harder to find on RCI these days...
  12. @twangster Thanks for your great pics. Was the Legend tied up during the collision? It looks that way in your pics, but I find the video confusing.
  13. I loved Freddy and his flute! That show came on right before The Banana Splits! H.R. Pufnstuff,Who's your friend when things get rough?H.R. PufnstuffCan't do a little cause he can't do enough.
  14. My wife and I recently went to a fancy steakhouse for an anniversary dinner. We have only been there several times because of the prices. We had reservations for 6PM. When we arrived at our seat we were both surprised to see the father of small child wearing shorts, t-shirt, and a backwards baseball cap. Really? My parents would kill me if I ever tried that!!! Even more unbelievable to us was just a short time later when another man came in with disheveled attire and also had a backwards baseball cap. What happened to the days when this was considered disrespectful? Is it pretty much anything goes inside restaurants these days? I don't get it...
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