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  1. You can find the town of Geiranger at the end of the Fjord [looking from the windjammer deck]...
  2. The pictures are nice, but there is no way to really understand what this looks like unless you see it with your own eyes!
  3. Love the way the sun is peaking through in this photo heading into Geiranger Fjord...
  4. @snowhiteheather You are welcome. It looks like Anthem will not only do the Fjords next year on May 12th, but will do two possible B2Bs: Jun 14th + Jun 21st and Jul 5th + Jul 12th. We did ours in May and so I like that you picked that cruise. I would worry that Jun and Jul might have less snow left on the Fjord mountains and so you might not see as many waterfalls. I guess it is a trade-off of colder weather and more spectacular views vs warmer weather and less spectacular views...
  5. Geiranger Fjord is considered by many as the most beautiful Fjord in the world... 20230524_102222_001.mp4
  6. We flew British Airlines from BOS -> LHR and LHR -> BOS. Only direct flights we could find. We wanted to keep flight time at a minimum, due to my ill wife. Cost was not the priority. Flight time is about 6.5 hours. Due to the luggage we were carrying we wanted private transportation in England. Medical equipment, medical supplies, and a wheelchair on top of all our regular luggage for 2 weeks (B2B). So we used British Express Cars for our ground transportation - that worked out great for us. https://www.britishexpresscars.co.uk/ Stayed at the Premier Inn Stains upon Thames in London near LHR. It was very nice. https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/surrey/staines/staines-upon-thames.html Also stayed at the Doubletree in Southampton which was OK, but wouldn't stay there again. https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/souhndi-doubletree-southampton/ It looks like next year the Anthem will not do Norway B2B, but there does seem to be 2 cruise choices. Which one are you sailing? I would love to come back!
  7. Christine from AZ was on-board last week and this week with 3586 C&A points. Same for Jack from TX with 3150 C&A points.
  8. Thank You! The medical team on-board the Anthem were wonderful. And I can't say enough how wonderful everyone in Norway has been, including the Hospital doctors in Forde.
  9. Back on the Anthem today. Went to Forde Hospital on Thursday and missed the boat in Bergen by a half hour on Friday. Not fun. Flew Norwegian Air from Bergen to Southampton yesterday to catch the ship today. Ceil is better now - hope she stays that way...
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