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  1. I sure hope RCL will not be looking to bump low-profit margin cruisers on my Nov 1st Harmony cruise. My cruise was "free" by using my BOA RCL CC and is fully paid for. I did pay the customary port charges and an upgrade to balcony, so the cost was about $650. I have already decided to stop using my RCL visa card. Many of the new 2% cards are a better deal w/o the risk. I guess there is always the fact that Nov cruises might get cancelled too, but with my cruise fully paid for, I would like to sail. As far as new bookings for my cruise, they are still available and the prices do not look inflated. Maybe RCL still has not figured out social distancing yet? Matt's article (link above) says no decision has been made yet. Even inside rooms are still available - I just don't know what to think. I still need to buy airfare...
  2. Ceil and I love the Celebrity and Royal Solariums 💗
  3. I called Bank Of America this morning for my BOA RCL CP refund from May 22nd for $230. I have a "Cruise Planner Cancellation Summary" email from Royal as evidence. They told me to again call RCL and complain to them! This is still annoying me...
  4. Still no sign of my $230 credit that BOA RCL CC has owed me since May 22nd. What a PIA.
  5. I really don't think you mean to say decommissioned - that would be a lot of ships to essentially scrap. I agree with @Zambia-Zaire in that some may be transferred and some may be sold, but 10-15 decommissioned seems like bankruptcy time to me. And I doubt that will happen by the end of August.
  6. @Neesa Gee, I am so sorry to hear this news. This is very sad. I wonder if even trying to get my deposit back for next year's Anthem Group Cruise will be a problem if I cancel. I am not sure we want to go to Norway next summer. Love your sad face giffy...
  7. @Baked Alaska Thank you for the recommendation! I think I will check my RCL BOA card next week and if no credit, take action then. It is nice to know I am not alone in this...
  8. Thanks for your opinion. I was hoping to avoid doing this. But I may need to do this. I am now starting to wonder if my paid-for cruise and my cruise deposits are in jeopardy too.
  9. Could RCL be actually putting CP items on sale hoping for not only new sales, but maybe as a bait and switch? That means they are sort of doubling up on those loyal to royal...
  10. Now I am really starting to wonder about my Nov 1st cruise. This is disappointing...
  11. I am wondering if anyone else is having Cruise Planner problems? I searched and didn't find any similar issues. On May 22nd I did a cancel and re-purchase (as recommended by @Matt ) on a 3N Dining package for our November Harmony cruise. It should have saved me $32, but to this point (it will be a month on Monday) it has cost me $198 dollars extra. Essentially, RCL charged me for the new purchase but never gave me a refund for my cancellation. I made the transaction with my RCL Credit Card. This is really starting to piss me off. I called two weeks ago and waited about 45 minutes to talk to someone who could only say that I have to wait because RCL is busy. I have the confirmation emails right in front of me. I received them 4 minutes apart - first the cancelation and then purchase. Convenient how they can instantly charge me, but take over a month to process my refund. Anyone else?
  12. That's what I was thinking. If/once they determine the sail capacity per ship, will they need to have everyone re-book just for the ships currently booked over their new max capacity? Or will it be like the air lines (doubt it) where they offer you additional future incentives if you back out?
  13. RCL Big Brother is watching over you! Try posting a request for a free suite and see it that works...
  14. Agree, masks will halt cruises for us. We just can't get past having to wear them on our cruises where we swim, eat, & drink constantly...
  15. @SpeedNoodles Very sorry to hear your dog had to go to the ER and also about the recent loss of your pet. Hope things get better for you soon!
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