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  1. Yeah, good point. If we are guessing here I would personally guess the latter. Anyone know for sure?
  2. Yeah, very good point! I guess we will have to wait and see how this story plays out. Personally I hope it doesn't end up being an NDA...
  3. CNN reports: Anello told CBS News he initially blamed himself for Chloe's death. Now, he blames the cruise line. "I just want them to fix the boat. Just fix it. Just fix the boat." I wonder what changed his mind?
  4. CNN reports: Michael Winkleman, the family's attorney, said at a news conference the "singular goal" of the lawsuit is to raise awareness about the risk of falling from windows and "prevent this from ever happening to another child again." They are suing RCL to raise awareness to who? If you ask me it's to the passengers. So instead I say they should be suing passengers who put themselves and others in danger!!!
  5. Congrats. I'm sure there must be someone you can think of to fill that spare bedroom!
  6. I've had the card for about 15 years and managed to get 3 free cruises during that time. Well the cruises aren't exactly free. In all free cruise cases (125K points), you need to pay port charges and taxes. They change the rules as they see fit, so you have to deal with that. The basic free deal is this: You can get a RCL 7 day Ocean View Caribbean cruise for two at a value up to $2500. That's about a 2% return if you do the math (assume you book a room close to $2500 in value, some of your points are doubled from RCL purchases, and minus the port charges and taxes you have to pay). This is tricky, takes patience, and not an exact science. Also, if you use that card for only RCL purchases you will find that exchanging points for OBC will yield a 2% return. These days, I use the Citi Double Cash Card (2% for every purchase!). I find this is just easier to deal with for the same return. NOTE: During the time I booked my second free cruise, RCL's policy had changed and they made me pay more for the cruise than I could actually purchase it for! They had some sort of lookup table that they were required to book the complimentary cruise using. Needless to say, that free cruise netted me less that a 2% return and I was NOT happy. My 201101 Harmony cruise is a free BOA RCL card reward. I upgraded to a Balcony from the standard Ocean View and our total cost was around $650. An OK deal, but the old C&A balcony upgrade for diamond was $175 and they used to honor that upgrade deal - back in the old days... 🙂
  7. This topic has come up before. Check out this link for more information.
  8. Thanks for the sound quality report. I am looking forward to our next Oasis cruise, although sadly we don't have one booked at the moment. Ceil and I love to see tribute bands. We are members at the https://www.stadiumtheatre.com/ and at the beginning of each season we buy over 100 tickets for us and friends. Recently I missed the opportunity to see the http://www.u2lavation.com/ band at the Stadium Theater and was bummed. But they were actually performing on our past October Anthem cruise! They were awesome. They played two nights in the Music Hall and once in 270. They made my cruise. I love the Music Hall!!!
  9. @twangster What band is that in your picture? The guitarist looks like Stacy Pedrick of The Fools.
  10. Nice pictures. So it looks like the new Music Hall is just a spiffed up Dazzles. I was hoping for more...
  11. Trial date to be determined on December 17th. This is latest I could find... Salvatore Anello, 50, has appeared in a Puerto Rico court for the first time on November 20 charged with the negligent homicide of his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand, who died after falling from the 11th floor of Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas while it was docked in San Juan on July 7. During his brief appearance, no evidence was presented as the judge allowed the prosecution and defense more time to prepare ahead of his next court date on December 17, when a trial date will be set. The family of the 18-month girl has long maintained that her death was an accident and Anello is not criminally responsible. Police originally alleged that Chloe fell from Anello's grasp as he held her up to the window. Chloe's parents, Alan and Kimberly Wiegand, said the child accidentally fell through the window, which Anello didn't realize was open, after he placed her on a rail so she could bang on it.
  12. The Cruise Planner is a RCL website page where you can book all kinds of extras, both onboard and off ship (like excursions) for any cruise you have booked. This thread concerns these items going on sale. Cruises themselves can also be repriced prior to you making final payment. If the price goes down, call your agent or RCL if you booked with them. Try searching the RCL Blog and these RCL Blog forums for more information about repricing. There is quite a bit of info on this topic.
  13. Cruise Planner purchases can always be cancelled and re-purchased if the price goes down (or at any other time too). So most of us buy now and cancel/re-purchase if the price goes down...
  14. Anthem 200308 and Harmony 201101: Perfect Day Balloon = $51 Perfect Day Beach Club = $51 Soda Package = $6.50 (same as reported by most) All Access Tour = $95 on Anthem and $104 on Harmony
  15. You should purchase now and then if the prices goes down later, just cancel and re-book.
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