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  1. Hmmm, I guess you sort of lived up to your name. Maybe a change to HeWhoWaitsAndPounces (on a good deal) is in order!!!
  2. Are we talking about the soda cups? I am D+ and get one on every cruise, but only because I buy the soda package on every cruise!
  3. Said this before, but I am in (or have been in) the same Boat! After playing around on different cruise lines, it took Ceil and I 13 years to reach D and another 12 years to reach D+. So we hit D+ on our 25th anniversary, since we started cruising on our honeymoon in 1996. That was all done with single points per day - no solo, no suites, and NO double points! Earned it the old fashioned way - so I can relate. It seems like for many Royal cruisers the pandemic provided more time to cruise and of course double points. Getting to D in just several cruises seems crazy to me after all our years of only being able to afford only one (sometimes two) cruises per year. But that said, times have changed... Congratulations to all new D and D+ members!!!
  4. This according to @Matt... So that is $100 per person. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/05/31/royal-caribbean-will-keep-full-deposit-if-you-cancel-your-non-refundable-cruise-fare
  5. If non-refundable and no CWC, then doesn't Royal charge the $200 cancellation fee because of the reservation number change?
  6. No CWC since we booked June 4th of this year. I have already contacted my TA, but wonder if I should call Royal in hopes of getting lucky.
  7. Ceil and I are not sure we can make our 9/11 Oasis cruise due to health issues. We have made full payment and do not have any insurance. Questions... Is there any way to get credit for this cruise (besides the 25% we qualify for)? OR can we transfer the whole cruise to another couple? OR could I go and we transfer just Ceil's ticket to someone else? OR could I go by myself? OR what if we just don't go? The above is assuming no re-booking or any cruise fare changes. Thanks!
  8. Also, if you transfer your NextCruise booking directly to your TA (usually right during the NC booking), then that sort of locks in your NC OBC and your reduced deposit. Seems to always work for me...
  9. Anyone thinking of making this a B2B to preserve the embarkation & debarkation ports for roundtrip to one airport? Two likely choices would be: Colon, Panama [MAR 16th & MAR 23rd] @ ONX Panama City [MAR 9th & MAR 16th] @ PAC or BLB
  10. We write last name only. Since there is not a lot of room write we prefer the larger print in hopes of it being more clearly seen. But like most have mentioned, I don't think it matters much...
  11. @Vacation JustinNo sales pitches! We usually go into it with a booking in mind. You must sign up for an appointment and/or seek them out if they are free. For us, the extras are worth it. Sometimes they are so busy during our cruise so we have to adjust our schedule to theirs. But we do it.
  12. @Andrew_hull1 Welcome to the Royal Caribbean Blog Forum! Of course the total price depends on the number of days of your cruise.
  13. Yeah, same here. I have 2 slices of pepperoni every night with soda from the machine (some bedtime snack hey). Also we like to take dry cereal for snacking on excursions.
  14. @teddy Yes, can you tell us if your reservation number now is the same as when you booked in Jan 2020?
  15. YOLO !!! Love the Anthem. Catching the bumper cars with no lines with my BIL we went around almost a dozen times. Super fun. Like I was back at Rocky Point Park...
  16. If you have the same booking number from Jan 2020 now, you should get double. Check if your room upgrade was a cancel & re-book as this may be your only concern.
  17. Yes, and Matt's article has all the info you need. @Happyabs81 Welcome to the Royal Caribbean Blog Forum!
  18. Back to the Suite Solo question... Disclaimer: I have never sailed solo and only once is a suite. But seems to me that Suite Solos are not getting their fair share! If you go Solo (normally 2x) and you pay for a Suite (normally 2x), then why shouldn't you get 4x points? What am I missing? Is there a steep discount in pricing or something I don't understand messing with the point assignment? Thanks in Advance...
  19. I thought: Solo = Double Points; Suite = Double Points; and Solo in a Suite = Double Points x Double Points = 4X points. So as an example for a 7N Solo in a Suite = 28 points. Is this correct? Or am I missing something?
  20. @Dani Marie Welcome to the Royal Caribbean Blog Forum. Sure! You can even take away a full pizza with you (pepperoni is my favorite) to share and/or eat elsewhere. Two weeks ago on the Ovation we brought a free full pepperoni pizza into the Pub where they sell food and drinks - it was not a problem.
  21. @RogerC1 Do you have experience with this? I have never seen this happen. My understanding is if you miss your first seating your can get a dining-room walk-up reservation (subject to availability and any existing lines).
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