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  1. Hi @BrianB I am glad your B2B transition went smoothly! I'm going to be on Anthem too for the 11/2/19 - 7 night sailing to Perfect Day! Happy Cruising! 🚒☺️
  2. Hi Everyone! I have the Royal Caribbean Visa Card & cashed in my points (only $ 150.00) so far for my upcoming sailing on 9/7/19 to Bermuda on Anthem. When you redeem these points for on board credit dollars, these "on board dollar" do NOT show up until 14 days prior to your sailing date. I had pre-booked my drink package, internet package before then. But, to my surprise, the prices decreased after I received my on board credit, so I cancelled my previous bookings & got the lower price ALONG with using my on board credit... It was a nice win, win situation. Hope things work out for you@Melbae9 πŸ˜ƒ
  3. @Matt Better safe than sorry! I really feel for you. I haven't cruised as much as you yet, but I can definitely relate to what you must be feeling! Keep up the fantastic work with all of your blogs, videos & podcasts... They keep us "Cruise -Aholics" fixed! 😁
  4. @berkeleykel I was happy as a clam from beginning to the end! When we first docked in Barcelona, the next day, there were people disembarking & embarking at that port. Apparently, Royal Caribbean is really smart about that set up. Circulating passengers on & off at these different ports. There was no charge to hold our bags in the Library or the Stay a While baggage claim area. You really have to have this set up before the stateroom attendants give you your disembarkation tags. You get a whole new set of them stating in big letters "Stay A While". I wish you a blessed & safe trip! πŸ˜€
  5. @MattHey Matt: 8/27/19 Last night on your You Tube Video I had mentioned to you about sharing the "option" to your viewers about the "Stay A While" Program/Option that Royal Caribbean offers on some cruises. You responded to me saying that you thought that was for Carnival Cruises. I actually took advantage of this Option when I went on a 7 night Western Mediterranean Cruise on Symphony of the Seas which started and ended in Rome, Italy last August, 2018. I found out the day before the last day that for $ 35.00 per person we could "Stay a While" on the ship until 3 pm and enjoy all the amenities while our luggage was stored in the Library area. I thought it was a fantastic option & idea and was thrilled to make our cruise last a little bit longer. I thought you were totally aware of this option & could broadcast it & help others who may be able to take advantage of this option when it is available to them. I think your videos and podcasts are absolutely worth it's weight in gold. Thanks again for everything you do! PS: I have 4 cruises lined up between now & next September, 2020. 9/7/19 on Anthem of the Seas to Bermuda 11/2/19 on Anthem of the Seas to Perfect Day & Nassau 6/21/20 Oasis of the Seas to Canada & New England 9/6/20 Oasis of the Seas to Perfect Day & Bahamas! Angela Roman πŸ˜€ "INSIDER" & Gold Member & will be Platinum by 9/12/19!!!!!
  6. I just read that they can make a "Key Lime Pie" Martini! The recipe was on the Royal Caribbean Facebook Forum! Yum Yum!🍸 πŸ˜ƒ
  7. Thank you everyone (including @Matt ), our administrator for such great tips & advice. I so much appreciate your You Tube Videos & this blog! 😊
  8. Hi Matt: I went on Symphony of the Seas last August departed Rome doing the 7 night Western Mediterranean Cruise. Enjoyed a Junior Suite & had an awesome time. I also went on a 5 night Bermuda Cruise out of Bayonne, NJ this past June. I live on 30 minutes away from the port, so it was a great perk for me. This is my question: Can you please give us some advice on departure day on whether we should have the bellmen take most of our luggage the night before. Which way is the most efficient & less stressful? I love your You Tube Channel & all of your advice. Thank you very much, Angela Roman Paterson, NJ
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