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  1. We order BBCs on Royal all the time. I use the initials when ordering, and have never had to explain what it is. Welcome to cruising on Royal!
  2. If it is available for your sailing, it would be in the Cruise Planner under Internet & More. I am sailing from Cape Liberty to Boston, Nova Scotia, etc.
  3. I have the key on Anthem for a sailing this October. I purchased it in January of this year, so 10 months out.
  4. @GlowTheWeird Did you book through a travel agent? I would suggest calling them. If not, I would call Royal Caribbean about your reservation. I thought it was a computer glitch, but I am a travel agent. I checked my agency booking website, and every category on this sailing is closed, except these: 3B Spacious ocean view balcony for $6,084 pp (standard pricing) 6N Ocean view $3,010 pp (BOGO50 NRD) 6V Interior $2,485 pp (BOGO50 NRD) This is very strange, but especially since it is so far out.
  5. You absolutely must do this. This is a DEAL!
  6. This same thing happened to us last month on the Harmony. My husband and I booked long ago, but I added my kids about a month before sailing in a guarantee balcony. I noticed that the app showed them as sea class, even though they were assigned to a regular balcony cabin. The SetSail pass printed out correctly, without a Sea Class reference. I figured it was an app glitch.
  7. So sorry. I meant to address that in my post. We have never had a problem with the items coming back from the ship laundry. I only have to "refold" everything. 🙂
  8. First, apologies to @tiny blonde for another post about laundry. Now @mom2mybugs and @Baked Alaska, in March, my husband and I flew from Orlando to Sydney, Australia for 4 days, then cruised on Ovation for 9 days. I specifically booked a pre-cruise hotel that had guest laundry facilities. We washed all our clothes before boarding the ship. We are D+, so we also each got a free bag of laundry while onboard, which we used. We had to stay an extra day due to flight availability, and I had planned to do laundry again at the hotel post cruise, but that didn't happen. 😏 P.S. I also vote for using the OBC in a restaurant!
  9. I always use mine as a reduction to the cruise fare. We almost never have a balance due onboard, so it wouldn't make sense for me to use it for OBC.
  10. I can add my own D+ boarding experience on Harmony on the 3-night cruise right before @Matt. We arrived later than usual for us, probably 11:15 - 11:30. When we got up to the boarding area, it looked like they were boarding the masses already. There was a large crowd of people boarding (maybe 200+ people). My husband went up to a RC employee standing behind a roped off area and asked her if there was a line to board specifically for D+. She let us into the roped off area and told us to follow behind the family currently boarding. I think they were suite guests. I have to say, it was really nice not to have to wait with that crowd to board. 😉
  11. We like a post holiday trip. The wind doesn't bother us. It isn't noticeable to us while on the ship. It has been such a nice getaway for us that we keep doing it. 🙂 We love the Brilliance, and we love sailing out of Tampa. We did switch it up for January 2020 though. We are sailing out of Port Canaveral on the Mariner.
  12. Hi @tiny blonde. My husband and I have cruised every January to Cozumel from Tampa for the last 4 years. This year it was upper 70s to low 80s in Cozumel. This picture was taken with the Brilliance in the background on 1/19/19. It was a beautiful day! We have run into "wind" issues on the way there or back though. There have been times when the pools were closed due to the ship rocking. I would say it has been hit or miss with smooth seas for us in January. I would think in late February, you would see these same temperatures, maybe even a little warmer.
  13. My husband and I just cruised out of Sydney on the Ovation last month. We pre-paid our gratuities and used US Dollars on the cruise for extra tips.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I really wish I had thought to leave cash on the table at our individual meals. We have been seated at different tables most of the time with a few repeats. We have been served by at least 9 of the 10 servers in CK. They have all been wonderful, and even stop to say hello when the are not serving us. We are going to give cash to the manager to distribute, as suggested by Bing, our concierge.
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