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  1. Limited sample size for us only sailing on Enchantment and Anthem with RC, but would say Anthem so far. We loved the solarium and sailing out of NJ felt the ship was perfect for it. I felt like there was a lot to do but I don’t think the ship felt too big either. That said, we are looking forward to trying a different class of ship for our next cruise.
  2. It was there before, but disappeared for I want to say most of December and just came back today.
  3. RC wasn’t on there a while ago, maybe about a year ago, fora little bit and then came back on. MSC and NCL both were still there at that time. Hoping it’s a similar situation and they come back on as I was about to grab one of the rewards for 10%.
  4. I noticed there’s a lot of ship movement going on over the past few days and not just for RCL, Allure, Harmony and Explorer are headed back to Miami/Coco Cay; Carnival has ships heading back to the US on both east and west coast; Princess has a few ships heading back to California...wonder if this means anything or is it just typical movement due to weather or something?
  5. Was hoping the 2022 Bermuda itineraries out of Cape Liberty would’ve been in that one but doesn’t look like it...any idea when those are scheduled to come out?
  6. Not to change the subject but since we’re talking about the 2022 itineraries...anyone know when more 2022 Cape Liberty sailings should be posted? Is that going to be part of next weeks drop?
  7. How is the noise when coming into port in the balcony rooms all the way forward etc? I know we have been all the way forward in OV cabins and had a lot of noise there from the motors/anchors whatever it may have been when docking, otherwise no noise though
  8. Looking up cruises to use FCC on and noticed the GTY rate for the balcony cabin is a decent amount cheaper than picking our own room...has anyone had a bad experience with the GTY balcony rooms? Is there really a “bad” balcony room on a ship like Freedom? They’re all ocean view right? Thanks!
  9. Thank you, I think this is what I was noticing as the difference in the pictures...how does the cove style compare to the glass balcony? Looks a little restrictive as far as view maybe? On the other hand looks a little more private
  10. Not sure if this had been asked before but I didn’t find anything...is there a difference in the balcony rooms on the Voyager class ships compared to the other classes? Say Freedom or Quantum etc. When looking at the pictures the Voyager class balcony rooms look different, from the outside of the ship, compared to ships in other classes.
  11. Not sure they would be able to, Canada closed down until July, Bermuda isn’t accepting ships through May I believe, only option would be doing something to Coco Cay and Bahamas (that’s assuming those places are open by then but highly doubtful) but that’s usually a 7-8 night sailing, so my guess would be that cruise will be canceled unfortunately
  12. We had ours saved on our phone for our most recent cruise and we printed them just in case and the guy that did our check in at the port asked for the hard copy...not sure why but glad we had them. I’m not sure what they would’ve done had we not had the printed copies as we had the electronic copy on our phone and our passports, but at least we had the paper copy and just handed them to him and we’re on our way.
  13. I was actually surprised with how long the paper straws held up for...then again, I didn’t tend to let a drink sit around for too long either
  14. Not sure what the pricing is for your cruise, but with our recent cruise the cost of the refreshment package was just slightly more than the $13 a cocktail costs without the DBP. If you think about it like that, and you plan on using the DBP “to the max” as you said, you could purchase the DBP for you and the refreshment package for your mother, and more likely than not still save money and come out ahead, plus anything she uses her package for would be a bonus on top of that. Depending on the cost of the DBP per day, you probably only have to order 4-5 cocktails a day to break even, not to
  15. We did this itinerary on Enchantment for our honeymoon, but just out of Miami not Galveston, and we personally enjoyed the itinerary. Enchantment is definitely an older ship, and does show the age in some places, but we still had a great time and if Enchantment was doing an itinerary that we wanted to do I would book again. If you’re planning on drinking more than 4-5 drinks a day the drink package is probably worth it for you, plus you can use it on Coco Cay. We told them it was our honeymoon prior to boarding and they did little things to help us celebrate, like decorating a plate
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