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  1. That’s a freakin awesome deal! Did you aim for a particular itinerary or did you just pick “May” and take the first available villa? May is my favorite time to sail the Caribbean. We’ve got Symphony May 2021. After 2 cancelled, I hope I finally get on her in May.
  2. So out of curiosity, what price tag comes with this villa? Is it star class? Anyone have pics?
  3. Port fees could be higher in PC. The distance is further to Nassau/CocoCay from PC compared to Miami? Maybe health screening protocols are costing more in PC than Miami where RC has their own terminals? Just blame it on COVID lol
  4. What exactly is this suite called? I’ve gone through several mock bookings on oasis class and don’t see it. Any links to pics, details?
  5. We had a corner aft starboard on Mariner last year. Deck 7. Balcony was good size. Cabin was smaller. It was different. We enjoyed it. Just booked a Junior Suite aft port on Radiance for Alaska. Balcony is HUGE and slightly wraps around. It is under the outdoor seating of Windjammer but I’m hoping not many people eat outside in Alaska lol. I found a YouTube video of the cabin and I’m super excited. Plus several here said I scored a great cabin.
  6. It’s just a deposit right? It’s too easy to slap these deposits down. I just booked our Alaska suite for 2022 and have Odyssey in the Med and Symphony for 2021. Really want to do Mariner to Bermuda now in 2022 but with 2 high dollar cruises with land tours booked, I better stay off the mock booking thing. That’s how deposits accidentally happen.
  7. Looking for hotel for night before cruise. Depending on when our flight gets into Rome, we may opt to head to Civitavecchia to stay the night before. Nothing fancy needed. Thanks!
  8. No cruises over 7 nights out of or porting in US through October 2021. This is a new CDC condition to return to service. Im afraid all TA’s this spring will be cancelled and any ships here now will sail empty to Europe.
  9. Now this is exciting news! Same with Symphony doing Aruba, Curaçao and St Croix! Glad to see some new itineraries! https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Royal-will-launch-new-Florida-Bermuda-itinerary-in-2022?fbclid=IwAR1N3LHk4S-DGcp2iTfjp8Gm5jA0GkVYTPc0RxWLRnRA_-5Sw5R3BCoesoM
  10. I’ve always thought Navigator and Mariner would be first. Navigator for test cruises in January. If all goes well, Navi and Mariner for February. Come March, if the vaccine(s) are being distributed on a pretty wide scale and numbers are down, I see 2 more ships being added. By June, my guess is 6+ ships. Fingers crossed. A lot hinges on these vaccines.
  11. We do first and second breakfast too! First breakfast is coffee, juice and bagels delivered to cabin. We spike the juice with champagne. Second breakfast is either at Johnny Rockets or MDR. We like a cooked to order. Mimosa there too!
  12. Typical Caribbean cruise with drink package: mimosa with breakfast. If it’s a sea day, first pool drink around 11. Multiple throughout the day. Drink before dinner, 1 or 2 at dinner, 1 or 2 after dinner/during show. Minimum 5 bottles of water. We get our money’s worth!
  13. Plain and simple: the positivity rate on that ship is 5%. Roughly the same as on land right now.
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