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  1. Just had him in March on Freedom. He was ok. Nothing to write home about.
  2. Trying to figure out the breakeven on the Deluxe package on Symphony. I’ve heard drinks are more expensive on Symphony. On Oasis, we broke even with 4 drinks and 2 bottles of water.
  3. Might possibly put a deposit down next week while I’m on Freedom. What’s your favorite itinerary for a 7 night Mediterranean?
  4. A friend of ours is Director of Hotels (3 1/2 stripes!) on Oasis. He got my husband on the tour last year. It was phenomenal, especially on the Oasis class ships.
  5. Thank you! Good to know I can go to deck 4. I need to do stairs anyway! Spoiled with Oasis class track. :)
  6. I just noticed the track is on the pool deck. What Einstein came up with that? I usually walk early so hoping I’m not dodging chairs and people.
  7. I’m leaving next Sunday on Freedom. Our last 3 cruises have been on Oasis, so I sure hope I don’t miss Central Park too much! Definitely get the 3 night dining package to experience the specialty restaurants. There are only 3 on this ship. You can always go back to one a second time if you wish. We have always loved Vintages on Oasis and Freedom has it too. It’s a Tapas/wine bar. This will be my third time to the southern Caribbean. I’ve waited almost 25 years to get back. First two times were on Monarch of the Seas which back then was the largest cruise ship. Times sure have changed. ‘Oh and here’s a tip on the deluxe beverage package.......you generally break even with 4 drinks and 2 bottles of water, so keep that in mind. 😁
  8. We’ll be Diamond after our southern Caribbean cruise end of this month. We were old timers that got grandfathered in when they redid C&A back in the 90’s. Technically we have 52 nights but 4 of our cruises were prior to 1997 when you got credit for cruises versus nights. So 7, 7 night cruises and one 3 night got us to Diamond. Easy peasy! Now I need to book our first Diamond cruise but I have a feeling there’s an engagement on the horizon and we may need that money to pay for a wedding! Dying to get on Symphony! Our daughter ( the one likely getting engaged) is doing Symphony in the fall. Have a feeling that’s where the question will be popped. I may have to sneak on that cruise!
  9. I’m 7 weeks out and onboard shows are still not available in my planner. Anyone know when they become available? Sailing Freedom end of March
  10. Has anyone ever done this and was successful? Tempted to bid on Panoramic suite on Freedom.
  11. Anyone know when the 2020 cruises open to book? Wanted to put a deposit down on Symphony for Spring 2020 and it’s only showing dates through spring 2019.
  12. Sailing on Freedom in March and looking for a dinner option since they don’t have as many specialty restaurants as the big ships. Doing a 3 night dining package with return trips to chops and Giovanni’s. That leaves 2 nights open and trying to avoid main dining room and saw the dinner theatre. Thoughts? Experiences?
  13. Anyone know if it will be different? My Black Friday says only 7 more hours left. Is cyber Monday starting tomorrow, Sunday? And will the discounts be different? Does the WOW sale (around Christmas) historically have better deals? Sailing Freedom in March
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