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  1. I have moved 2 cruises keeping the same reservation numbers. Harmony to Wonder last spring and just this week moved our Alaska radiance that sailed yesterday to Harmony sailing tomorrow. No change fees. Got to keep my double points attached to each booking. That @Sharlais a miracle worker!
  2. We had to cancel our Alaska (land tour started Tuesday, board tomorrow) and as each day goes by, I’m less upset about it. Moved the booking to Harmony this Sunday. Too many hoops to keep jumping through and getting stuck in Canada should one of us test positive at the end. We will rebook when all this testing is done.
  3. HM worked! Already heard back and got all our dinner reservations booked. Thank you everyone!
  4. Neither email has worked. Can I call myself or do I need to have my TA call? If I call myself, is it just the main number or is there a special suite concierge number?
  5. I tried the first one. I’ll try the second one. Thanks
  6. Why wouldn’t it? There’s no surge protection
  7. That’s really no different than the one I posted. Yours is in a block, my link is flat. Neither have surge protection
  8. Anyone in a suite who hasn’t heard from suite concierge?
  9. We literally booked last minute (this past Saturday). I tried emailing suite concierge but it bounced back. Is this a big deal to be contacted prior? Am I missing important info? I would like to get our dining reservations made but that’s about it. Harmony is the ship.
  10. This apparently is allowed. Our friends brought one just like this on Wonder back in March Limited-time deal: Power Strip with USB, Addtam ETL Certificate Flat Plug Extension Cord with 3 USB Ports, 3 Widely Spaced Outlets, 5 Feet Braided Cord, Desktop Small Travel Power Strip for Cruise Ship, Home, Office https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F59SD3D/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_dl_61DY0P3636EE44MR8M0E?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Gotcha. I’ve never seen a bellyflop outside of the one the ship does. Just assumed that’s what he was asking. I did find belly flop through the ship. It’s on day 7
  12. If you go into the app and scroll to the bottom of the homepage, click on “get more info on ships we support,” choose Harmony then choose this weeks sailing. You’ll see all events for the week. Some ships have brought back belly flop along with sexiest man.
  13. Too much Covid going on and the possibility of testing positive in Vancouver and being stuck in Canada. White pass not going into Canada, mask wearing on buses/trains. We just decided to wait it out until it’s normal again. We’re 2 hours from Canaveral, it was an easy decision but disappointed too since I booked way back in November 2020 and had the coveted corner aft junior suite. Someone is about to score an awesome Royal Up!
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