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  1. Yes that’s what I meant. 😁 Thanks!
  2. Anyone know if you can buy one UDP and one UDP+VOOM or do both packages have to be the same?
  3. It’s been my experience that if you are Emerald or higher, your Crown and Anchor discount is better than the sale prices. That happened on our last Emerald cruise and when we booked our first Diamond. Anyone else experience this? Re: drink package. The best sale I’ve ever seen is a 30% off. Usually either with Black Friday or their WOW sale. It appears the standard “sales” are 20% off (which is usually available all the time), Buy one, get one 50% off (basically 25% off each package) and the once in a blue moon 30% off.
  4. I see twangster’s pic on his page. Posted last night. 😁
  5. Hmmm....my Symphony deluxe drink is no cheaper.
  6. We just sailed on Freedom in march. Our flight got in around 1:00, we were on the ship by 2:00. Easiest embarkation we’ve ever had.
  7. I’ve been to Aruba but not on a cruise. I do like the island. Overall, St Maarten is my favorite.
  8. Before you board you will get your seapass card when you check in at the port before boarding. The minute you step onboard, you can get drinks. You have to present your seapass card when you board.
  9. We just did option 2 on Freedom this past March except we had St Maarten instead of St Thomas. Its the 3rd time we’ve done the Southern Caribbean. I just love these islands. Western Caribbean is my least favorite.
  10. We sailed Monarch in 1991 (sister to Majesty and Sovereign) and Red Buttons was the entertainment!
  11. We cruised Monarch in her inaugural year then again in 1994. Both times to the Southern Caribbean. I remember thinking how “large” she was. Lol We just returned to the Southern Caribbean this past March on Freedom.
  12. Gosh I feel like an Oasis snob! Lol 😂 Still deciding on what Mediterranean itinerary to do. 2 friends just did Oasis this summer and raves about the trip. I’m torn because this is a trip about the ports but I LOVE Central Park and everything Oasis Class. But there’s very little time on the ship. Just did Freedom in March after 3 sailings on Oasis and I really missed the Oasis offerings. Doing Symphony May 2020. What I really need is a 10 night Mediterranean on an Oasis class so I can get my ports AND sea days. 😀 I’m afraid I’m becoming a high maintenance cruiser! 😂
  13. I just came across the history of the ship of my first cruise in 1987! College spring break aboard the Emerald Seas. This was a fascinating history as she wasn’t originally built to be a “cruise” ship. https://nickscruisecorner.blogspot.com/2012/02/emerald-seas-another-on-of-my-favorite.html?m=1
  14. Ok gotcha. So I see from above maiden voyage is currently spring of 2021. Any chance this new one will be doing the Mediterranean sailings her first summer? I think Symphony was last year, Oasis is currently there, Allure is 2020. That would be pretty awesome because that’s when we’re planning to go. With my luck it’ll be a tired Harmony waiting to go to dry dock afterwards. Off to find the dry dock calendar!
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