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  1. I’m just thankful NE Florida has been spared......so far. I feel so badly for the gulf coast. They’ve really taken a beating. Makes me so nervous for my October Odyssey next year in the Mediterranean. Not for storms there but a storm heading for our town. I live on a farm and my farm sitter would have to deal with battening down the hatches or the very worst, evacuating my horses. Hopefully since we’re so active this year, next year will be mild.
  2. We did Mariner back last October. It was a spontaneous/last minute “let’s cruise” decision. We’re 2 hours to PC so we did a GTY balcony and ended up with an aft balcony. It also was the first cruise we’d taken “alone” since 1998! It was our first Diamond cruise, first on Mariner, first time to the new Perfect Day, first time taking only a roll on bag and our first booked with @Sharla It was a cruise of many firsts!
  3. Hubby and I have been invited to be guests of a Hotel Director from American Queen who was a former hotel director for Royal. I was told the food is incredible. We plan to take the offer as soon as sailings begin. It’ll either be PNW or Mississippi. Secretly hoping for PNW. All depends the ship he’s on.
  4. If true, it appears my May Symphony and October Odyssey in the Med will remain “as is.” I hope so because I can’t deal with anymore changes!
  5. I’d like to see some sort of Cruise with Confidence stay in place. I wonder how many people continue to take their cruise knowing they are sick. I’d like to see some incentive for people to stay home when ill.
  6. I want to get invited to @WAAAYTOOO’s next cabin crawl
  7. Broward and Miami-Dade just moved to Phase 2 this past Monday. I would think they’ll have to be at least in Phase 3 if not Phase 4 before cruises can go out of Port Everglades or Port Miami. As far as how soon can the ships be ready? I would think 4-6 weeks if not 2 months.
  8. Nope. Had to come here to see if someone answered. I’m just a ship lost at sea.....
  9. Ummmm....where can I find notifications on iPhone. (Please don’t be right in front of my face ) Maybe once someone answers it’ll appear somewhere! Lol
  10. We already have to wear masks everywhere already at home. I REALLY need a break from my farm! Farm work is killing me! I need to sit for long periods sipping fruity drinks and not have to cook. I’d rather do it on a cruise ship than at a Holiday Inn
  11. I too saw in a Facebook group that crew from navigator were being called in. This happened over the summer too. One of the shop employees was told to report to oasis and entertainers were given ships to report to. Then more cancellations
  12. https://www.portexplore.me/newblog/2020/9/3/the-6-ways-that-msc-are-saving-the-cruise-industry?fbclid=IwAR2vL7sY09DdaCerOt5ldMPjCF0TxP108QXk4_MWQ_en_Evg-WKWiZsERO8
  13. I’ll let you know as I’m on Odyssey October 2021 Italy/Greece. I was stoked it wasn’t an “old” ship! Lol
  14. I’m in a Mediterranean Cruise tips group on Facebook and there was a recent post on this. Several chimes in about Air2Sea and how flexible it is. Some were saying they picked the flights they wanted then called Royal and had them price the flights. I always thought you were at the mercy of Royal to pick your flights but apparently that isn’t the case. This is one reason I went with MEI (Sharla) for our October 2021 Odyssey Italy/Greece. We have a group of 4 couples so it’ll be like herding cats. She said we can start looking about 300 days out.
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