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  1. You still smell it on the promenade on Oasis class. It comes up the stairway.
  2. The Holland America ship (Zaandamn) was supposed to disembark in Chile. Chile refused them. Not sure about the Rotterdam. The ones out there trying to port in Florida I believe were all refused at their end points. According to Bloomberg, there are still 5 ships out there. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2020-where-are-the-cruise-ships/
  3. We’ve got $65 for deluxe on our replacement Symphony cruise in October. Had it for $60 on our May that was cancelled. Our October 2021 Odyssey is $72! We actually weren’t considering it for this cruise as it’s Italy/Greece and so port intensive. I’ll bring 2 bottles of wine or prosecco on board and use our Diamond freebie drinks/happy hour.
  4. I can just about guarantee most Illness that breaks out on ships (norovirus) comes from people being exposed on the airplanes they flew in on. Most norovirus on ships seems to occur during the winter season. Airplanes IMO are absolutely filthy.
  5. Regarding pre-boarding testing, there apparently is a 15 minute test. No idea what that costs but if they can get the test down to $10, just pass that along to the passenger. I’d pay $10 to get tested prior to boarding. Until they come up with protocols to deal with outbreaks onboard, I think many will still be concerned about coming home to a mandatory 14 day quarantine or god forbid a scenario that just happened where no country will let you port. 6,000 people are stranded on cruise ships right now. The 2 Holland America ships are porting today in Fort Lauderdale at a massive cost to the line (Carnival). These type issues will need a concrete plan before Johnny and Suzy Public feel comfortable getting on a cruise ship. I’ve got 2 reservations. October 2020 to replace my cancelled May 2 Symphony and October 2021. I sure hope a plan to deal with outbreaks comes about soon.
  6. This morning we heard cruise reservations for 2021 are up 9% over last year.
  7. Your southern Caribbean is likely st kitts, st Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, st Maarten. St Maarten is the most northern and might be chilly water. I’ve been there in March and it was ever so slightly chilly. Last year I was there early April and got in the ocean. Barbados is the most southern and in my opinion always very warm. Similar to Aruba as both about same distance from the equator. You’ll definitely have some ocean time.
  8. We enjoyed our corner aft balcony on Mariner last October. We booked kind of last minute so did a guaranteed balcony and that’s what we got.
  9. I assumed since they were told 125% that it meant 125% of fare only. Moral of the story.....never cancel. Make the cruise line cancel first.
  10. I think you misunderstood. You will get credit back to your card for taxes, port fees and prepaid gratuities (if you had that). You should receive 125% FCC for the base fare only.
  11. I will be able to apply my 125% FCC to cover my replacement Symphony cruise AND I can then apply the leftover balance towards my Odyssey 2021 cruise! Also took the 125% OBC and will most likely use it all as what I booked for my cancelled Symphony is all more expensive in my replacement cruise.
  12. This is what my email says from 2 days ago. Here it says taxes, port fees and gratuities will be refunded. So I’m assuming those fees will have to be paid separately when using a FCC. I don’t know why though. If I pay my entire cruise in one payment, why can’t I use my FCC to pay for everything?
  13. I put a deposit down last weekend on a replacement cruise in anticipation of these new cancellations. Already transferred it to Sharla at MEI. I had a few questions regarding the 125% FCC and 125% OBC for cruise planner purchases and Sharla got back to me within an hour. Great service! Have been very happy with MEI and Sharla.
  14. I put a deposit down on a replacement cruise several days ago anticipating this cancellation. Can you not go ahead and put a deposit down then use your FCC for the balance. I also chose the 125% OBC for cruise planner purchases. As soon as it shows up, I’ll use it to book my drink package, dining etc.
  15. Agree with twangster. Our paid fares are likely being used to refund this last group of cruises or sitting earning interest. Why let go of money before they have to? They are not going to cancel until the last possible moment.
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