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  1. My Symphony shows just showed up for my May sailing about 5 days ago.
  2. Was there In October on Mariner and we were the only ship. Going in May on Symphony and will be there on a Friday. I know Mariner and Navigator won’t be there. Not sure about others. We went ahead and booked the cabana club for symphony in the event a second ship is there.
  3. Good time for the deluxe drink package! 🍹 🍸 🍷 Bottoms up!
  4. That’s why I love living in Florida! I’m not a fan of the cold! Have fun!
  5. Might end up on Mariner in October for a quickie since we’re only 2 hours from canaveral. We shall see.....
  6. Well I have another 1 1/2 years before the 5 year mark but I plan on making it! 😁
  7. So my Symphony cruise coming up in May doesn’t have a cruise compass in the compass section. (Eastern Caribbean with Perfect Day. St Maarten/St Thomas) There is one for Eastern/Perfect Day St Kitts/St Thomas with the same days at sea (days 2,3 & 6) and port days (4,5 & 7) It should be the same correct? I’m getting close to 90 days out and ready to plan!
  8. Odyssey October 2021 Italy/Greece. 9 nights with overnight in Athens. Will spend a few days in Rome before cruise. So Excited! This itinerary has been on my radar for a few years. Each year we cruise to celebrate another year cancer free. This cruise will be the 5 year mark. I was given a 15% chance to make it 5 years. I have every intention of making this cruise. Stage 4B endometrial cancer. I also have Lynch Syndrome which is a hereditary cancer gene that puts me at risk for another 12 cancers. So looking forward to living life to the fullest!
  9. We never get off in Nassau. Been there so many times. We enjoy a half empty ship! Lol We’ve done the dolphin encounter at Blue Lagoon. That was fun. I remember hearing that one of the resorts close to the port offer a day pass. Includes use of the beach, lunch and 2 drinks. I want to say it’s the British Colonial but don’t quote me on that! Just saw a video the other day about how the entire port area is going to be revamped. It needs something. They need to get a handle on the crime too.
  10. Super info! Thanks everyone! Putting a deposit down on Italy/Greece on Odyssey for 2021 very soon!
  11. I have to say I like both but really impressed that Jaime’s sources from White Oak Pastures. I try to avoid factory farmed meats so was super excited to see meats from White Oak. 100% grass fed beef. The braised short ribs I had on Mariner were out of this world. One of the best meals I’ve had in a specialty restaurant. However it’s location on Mariner was horrible. Totally looked like an afterthought.
  12. I’ve done a sail away twice on Oasis on the helipad but it was a C&A event. As twangster said access to it is not from public area. From what I remember it was a hallway with cabins. On Freedom you can access it from deck 6 which you get to from deck 5 (muster deck) by a flight of stairs.
  13. Just a tip on the water park: we’re in our 50’s in excellent shape. The stairs on the tower about did me in! Lol The highest one really beats you up. We paid $49 for our Mariner cruise last October to test it out before buying at $79/$89 for our Symphony cruise in May. Bottom line, the slides can be pretty intense. I don’t care to do it again. Glad I only paid $49 to find that out.
  14. They are very similar with a slight nod to Navigator. We were on Mariner in October and had a great time. We only live 2 hours to Port Canaveral so no brainer for us. Airfare may be your deciding factor. 😁
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