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  1. If you’re on Facebook, go join the October 7 Holy Land group to give you a good idea as to what to expect. You can also join the August 30 group as they were the first ones to do Holy Land on odyssey. I’m on October 7 and I’ve learned a lot from the August 30 group. For example: first day in Israel it will take awhile to disembark as everyone has to do a face to face immigration clearance. August 30 people said it took some almost 3 hours before they could get off. Santorini: check to see how many other ships are in port when you are. If 3 or more consider getting an excursion through Royal as you’ll have priority tender. It got very tense with the august group as there were 6 ships in port and the crowds for the cable cars became a pushing/shoving/cursing melee I went ahead and bought the cheapest available excursion in Santorini as we have 4 in port that day
  2. We are due an odyssey block in about 3 weeks. Originally it was supposed to be Radiance from Alaska but we had to cancel due to us getting Covid. That would have been a cool reminder of a bucket list cruise. However, Odyssey will have a double remembrance. Bucket list (Holy Land/Greece) and marking 6 years cancer free. I am prepared to wait for it. I’ve heard though that they may have the blocks come November but there’s also a year’s backlog on odyssey blocks. To my knowledge there have been NO Odyssey or Wonder blocks distributed. Remember last year Royal announced they were not going to award blocks anymore but then there was “outrage” so they re-instated the program. My guess is they also needed to source a new supplier.
  3. It’s been posted that this week (September 12) there are more dates to be released. I think I posted the pic in the Icon thread
  4. But Royal still says you “may” be tested. It’s ridiculous. I asked through Facebook messenger and they still said I may be tested.
  5. My first time there was in 1987! College spring break on the Emerald Seas (an old military supply ship built in 1944!) It was known as Little Stirrup Cay (still is the official name) and was leased by Admiral Cruise Lines. It literally was just a beach. The sunken plane was there. Royal bought Admiral and took over the cay. I went back in the early 90’s on Monarch and it was improved. The rest is history!
  6. Re: additional testing for those not up to date. I have asked this question numerous times in several odyssey Facebook groups and at least 6 people who were not up to date were NOT tested to get off in Greece. No one responded that they were tested. In other words it appears Royal is not testing. Protocols say you “may” need additional testing. Maybe it’s based off numbers onboard. If there’s a certain percentage not up to date maybe that’s when testing might be used. I’m not boosted and no one in our party of 6 are boosted and have no plans on becoming boosted before our October cruise that sails to Greece. I’m done with Covid. I’ve had it and I’m vaccinated.
  7. So I heard back re: 48 hours/72 hours: “The 48 hours is just 2 days before. It's not specific down to the minute.” I replied back that the protocols should be changed to 2 and 3 days. Much less confusing, especially since it’s been that way since the re-start
  8. Finally after a week I just got this regarding Covid test timing. I took a screenshot just in case I get questioned: The 48 hours is just 2 days before. It's not specific down to the minute.
  9. Me too. I’d just want the room. No Genie. It’s just not my style. @WAAAYTOOO totally agree with deck 17. I’m spying a grand suite on 17 on Wonder at some point. Now that’s pampered to me!
  10. Well when I plug in Europe sailing from any port this is what I got. April-November 2023. Does Royal even sail Europe in the Winter? I didn’t think they did.
  11. So do you think bookings will open up the week of September 12?
  12. Here’s the schedule. Book as soon as it opens. Prices are lowest when there’s lots of inventory available
  13. The screenshot above though has it in hours. I have a question in to Royal through Facebook messenger and still waiting for official word. I asked Sunday and they said it could be a day or so before they got back to me. Yesterday they messaged me and said they hadn’t forgotten me lol
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