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  1. Thanks so much for the great review and pics @cruisellama! I can’t wait to check out the new Retreat setup next month. One question….do you know if they were still allowing some more “classic” type foods to be ordered at dinner in Luminae? Thank you!
  2. @TimeRacer Definitely watch the International Flag ceremony on the pool deck. Crew members representing every country onboard wave flags, wear special outfits and do unique dances from their countries. It was awesome to see!
  3. Totally agree with everything noted by @asquared17 and @Neesa. Serenade has a much calmer feeling than the newer, larger ships. As long as you know what she has and does not have, you will have a wonderful cruise. The way you can hear music rising through the Centrum and see fellow cruisers listening on 3 decks makes for a special experience. I also love the seating at the aft outside of the Windjammer so you can watch the wake while eating.
  4. Just for kicks and grins, I checked my Celebrity cruise planner for a couple of 2023 cruises. Under the Packages tab, it just lists Dining and Beverage packages. I’m not sure if the Premier Pass was there prior to this weekend.
  5. @TXcruzerWhen you called, did they provide any additional info about this package? Thanks!
  6. Just bought it on a Symphony cruise. Thank you all for the info!!
  7. We love the D+ seating in the AquaTheater. It is in the center section and starts about halfway back, so well behind the splash zone. We also like the reserved seating in the end section for the ice shows as @CrznTxnmentioned above.
  8. They have recently built washrooms near the over the water cabanas on the south beach side (#11-20). It is paved the whole way once you leave the “dock” and there are no steps into the washrooms. I believe the washroom doors are wide enough for a wheelchair, but am not certain.
  9. @ScottD Which Celebrity ship did Bryan move to? Thanks!
  10. Depending on the number of people you have, a private transfer could even be less expensive than booking transfers through Royal. The other thing to consider is that it is recommended you arrive at the airport in Rome 3 hours before your flight. Sometimes there is a wait for the Royal transfer to fill up and to leave the port. We used RomeInLimo last summer for a private transfer and they were excellent.
  11. Enjoying your reviews very much. Thanks for all the specific details!
  12. As @AshleyDillosaid above, the special Valentine’s dinners will not be included in the UDP. The same was true on our recent New Years Eve cruise. At that time the special NYE dinner at Chops was about $100 pp. I heard it mentioned that if you had the UDP, you could reserve the special dinner onboard for a large upcharge. YMMV
  13. And the answer on Beyond this week is…. 7:00 and 9:00.
  14. I’m trying to book some dining reservations and I am wondering about show times on the Beyond. Does anyone know if they are 7 and 9, 7:30 and 9:30 or something else? Or might anyone have a recent Beyond daily schedule? Thanks so much!
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