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  1. I don’t have a great answer for lunch on Day 1. I think Chops or WJ are really your only choices. I don’t recall any suite embarkation lunch when we sailed Serenade earlier this year. But, I have to say, even though we are fans of Oasis class ships, we absolutely loved sailing Serenade. We booked Izumi for night 1 so we could be dining there as we sailed under the bridge. Absolutely stunning experience! Having cocktails at Vintages, while listening to music in the Centrum was one of our favorite things to do each day. And, in a shocking revelation, my DH, who usually doesn’t love the WJ, really enjoyed it on Serenade. I think it was partly that the food seemed better and partly the beautiful views when sitting outside at one of the aft tables. I definitely think you should YOLO Book It, especially if you can get a GS!
  2. We will be on Wonder in September. So no easy app for me.
  3. WOW! You are really on top of it! Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Just fyi, when I checked in for Rome embarkation recently, at 6 AM EST, the earliest slot available was 11:30 AM. Also, as previous cruisers have mentioned, I was able to check in on the website, not the app, and needed to have all my passport info and picture to complete the process. There did not seem to be a way to just grab a check in time slot or fill in partial info and then fill the rest in later, as you can do using the app. Also, I could have checked in the other cabin traveling with us if I had their info, as we are linked. I’d love to know if you are able to check in at 6pm tonight!
  4. Has Royal released protocols for European departures for August, 2022 yet? The last I can find are until the end of July. Thank you!
  5. We are looking to book this cruise also and I am wondering if we should book port or starboard. Did you come to any conclusion given what you saw of the route? I would want to book the land side for the the majority of the cruise. Thank you.
  6. Hello @Neesa! Yes, you absolutely do not need to bring towels from the ship if you have the day pass to the beach club. They have plenty of beautiful gold and white stripe, thicker towels for you to use there. I have actually seen attendants hand guests beach club towels to replace their blue ship towels. I always grab a couple extra from the attendant when I get the pool mat upon arrival. Separate tip, make your lunch reservation for the beach club at Chops prior to getting to PDCC. That way you will get the time you want. Enjoy!
  7. Yes, there are white mats included in the price of admission to the beach club. (I believe the blue mats are the ones used outside the beach club.) There is an attendant at the rack noted above who can also give you extra beach club towels, if needed. One towel is already placed on each beach club lounge chair.
  8. The Cashier in the casino will give you a copy of the transfer directions noted above if you need it.
  9. We had 9 for our NYE cruise on Oasis and they made us get 2 tables, saying a maximum of 8 was allowed at this time. However, they did give us 2 rectangular tables next to each other, that miraculously moved closer together each evening. The maitre d’ was helpful on embarkation day making sure this was set up the way we needed.
  10. With the D+ specialty dining benefit, can you use it both nights 1 and 2, if both people in the cabin are D+? Also, if sailing solo, can you still use this benefit dining on different nights? Thank you!
  11. On Oasis 12/26/2021, all dining venues required our party of 9 to have 2 tables. At MDR, Windjammer and Chops, they all said it was a CDC rule. Not sure about that, but all managers were adamant that 8 was a maximum. However, all allowed us to have two tables pulled fairly close together, with the same waiters so they served us together. I checked in with the MDR and Chops on boarding day to make sure it was set up the way we needed it. Square/rectangular tables work better than round for pulling them close together.
  12. Just made my first bid ever. How do I check on the status of the bid? Thank you!
  13. @wordell1 I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience, as we have the same cruise booked out of Rome in September. It will be interesting to see how having passengers board in both Barcelona and Rome works.
  14. Thanks so much for sharing such great pictures and info about your cruise!
  15. We have 10 family members taking a holiday cruise on Oasis. I emailed [email protected] this morning to confirm our request for a table for 10 in the main dining room. (We all have the late seating.) I was told since Covid, the maximum table size is 8. Has anyone had any experience with this recently? I plan to go immediately to the MDR upon boarding to see what can be done and was wondering if anyone here had seen this size table being used since the return. Thank you so much for your help.
  16. It was great to meet @wordell1and @Neesain the Suite Lounge on the first day! You both, as well as @cruisellama were so helpful with information as we all got ready for this cruise. This is our first time in a CLS and I think we are hooked. Shout out to @Lovetocruise2002and @WAAAYTOOOfor all their great insights into the suite life!
  17. I made a final payment this week and the excess FCC was emailed back the next day. I was shocked!
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