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  1. You may find this brochure helpful. http://online.pubhtml5.com/itgp/auah/#p=6
  2. Hotels within walking distance of attractions like Pike Place Market are still a good distance from the port if cruising on Ovation. We cruised last May and ported out of the farthest port (Port 91). I believe this is probably still the port but can be easily confirmed with a phone call or online at portseattle.com cruise sailing schedule. We stayed in the Pike Place Market area and were about a 15 minute drive to the port. The distance isn’t too far but traffic makes it longer by time. Arrive to the port early as the traffic in and around the port can be a challenge the later in the day it is. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and loved the location as well as the hotel. Uber’s to the port have their own drop off and pick up staging area which is about a 1/4 mike short of being taken all the way to terminal. The port does run a complimentary shuttle from that point to terminal but we walked, as do many, and did not find it over burdensome at all. We were at luggage drop off and terminal before we knew it. Have a fabulous time. I loved every minute. I will remain Cruise envious of you for now.
  3. We also have the Away luggage and are very pleased. One of our carry on bags has a charger that "clicks into the bag" that can be used while you are at the airport waiting to board your next flight. We have found them durable but like most, after travel you will see a nick or bump here or there, but nothing so far to render them unusable. I am glad to hear the warranty was as easy to use as you described.
  4. Go on line to royal Caribbean.com and from drop down menu choose already booked. This will take you to a sign in page for the cruise planner. It will ask you your cruise ID/ confirmation number. Insert requested information and it will link your cruise to the cruise planner where you can find all these packages and their respective prices. There will be sales along the way sometimes. If you think it’s a good price, purchase and if it goes down you can cancel and purchase at lower price.
  5. Right back at ya, fellow Louisvillian.
  6. There is an app called Ship Mate. I believe it is a Cruise Critic created app. It has all your roll call and chat forums for your specific cruise as well as an additional chat forum for your specific ship. Both chat forums are very helpful. Once you download the app you can put your specific cruises in and start connecting.
  7. Hot Stone Massage is fabulous. A real favorite. I have only done the 50 minutes and I found it to more than enough time. I have done it by myself and as a couples massage and enjoyed both.
  8. I need to purchase a power/plug adapter for Italy. I understand the ship’s plugs are us wattage, I will need an adapter for my pre and post cruise time in Italy.
  9. This looks like a fabulous cruise. Are you booked?
  10. Thank you. Looks like a number of nice private tour opportunities or their website.
  11. Boy have you found the right blog then! Thanks to the many contributors, I have found it to be one great big planning JOY!
  12. We have always taken RC excursions and favor the safety of being with a group the boat will wait for if late!!! But, we are looking for private tour recommendations for Athens because we would prefer doing it in a small group. Has anyone used private companies for Athens/Greece tours that you can recommend?
  13. Hope you will report back. Sounds like a bucket list for me.
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