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  1. The thing I love most in this letter is that NCL released their 2022-2023 itineraries. Anybody know if NCL normally releases their new itineraries this time of year or if this is a more recent change due to the current COVID no sail issues. I so love to see the newest 2022-2023 RCL itineraries.
  2. That would be really nice if they could see fit to release them early, especially with the Lift and Shift. It would also help people plan, and besides, what else do they have to do!!! We're not asking for much.
  3. We were booked in a 2 BR Grand Suite on Explorer foe September 2020 on 9 night Greek Isles Cruise. On the 1st day they announced lift and shift in May, we shifted to 9 night Greek Isles on Odyssey in 2BR Grand Suite in October 2021. The 2BR Grand Suite would have cost an additional $6000 more if we had not L&S and got the same price we would have paid for our cruise this year. There are definitely some benefits it it works for you.
  4. Thank you. I should have said I will book at least a Junior Suite if we book the week before and do a B2B. I’m definitely leaning towards sky class though.
  5. Thank you. We currently have our first Star Class booked (because I read too much about it from all of you!) for 1/9/2022 on Oasis in a 2BR ATS, because it was such a good deal considering all included in the Star Class. I am now looking at a possible back to back (because, once again, I have read so much about it from all of you) with 1/2/2022 being first leg on Oasis. All Star Class are a bit pricey currently so I began looking at other suites. Might be nice to start with Sky and work my way into Star. If I book it I will definitely book Junior Suite as there is little difference between la
  6. Thank you so much for the pictures. They really help. And I was thinking since you slept on 18 you would probably wouldn't hear much if any noise.
  7. On Oasis, what location of Crown loft Suite is best, back or side. I think I would prefer side. Is there any noise from WJ below? Is Crown Loft Sky or Star Class?
  8. Possibly, but I'd definitely put it on the to do list for next Spring!
  9. We will be on the October 10, 2021 Greek Isles cruise which we also lifted and shifted from 2020. Once again, looking forward to it. Which sailing are you celebrating 31 years on? Happy Anniversary BTW.
  10. As time gets closer and our world hopefully starts to right itself, I'd love to come see the Grand Panoramic Suite and meet you!
  11. Would one of those Oasis cruises be 1/09/2022. We are booked in a SC suite then. Our first and of course, booked it after reading so many of yours and other's SC posts!!
  12. So, I thought the same, that it might me a typo, and decided to tweet RC who had just posted, and their answer was: "The book by and sail by date FCC being given under our CWC policy has always been 12/31/21. I apologize if previous wording caused any confusion." So I thought maybe I had understood incorrectly previously or maybe there is a differentiation between FCC being given to cruisers whose cruises were canceled by RCI and who chose FCC instead of refund as opposed to those who canceled themselves under CWC. According to their reply, that is what it seems. I just thought it seemed an in
  13. All extensions of those policies are good things but Am I correct that previously you had to book by 12/31/21 but could sail by a certain date in 2022 for use of FCC issued with CWC? Or am I not remembering that correctly? The new policy says book and sail by 12/31/21. Below is what RC posted on Twitter this morning.
  14. Now we just need them to post the new itineraries early (before 09/30/20) so those that want to lift and shift 2021 cruises have something to choose from!!! Wishful thinking, I know.
  15. This doesn't affect your situation, but Am I wrong: I thought in the past CWC language you had until 12/31/2021 to book and 04/30/22 (or some time in 2022) to sail by when using your FCC or 12 months from cancellation. In the new CWC policy it says book and SAIL by 12/31/21 or 12 months from cancellation. Did this change? Or was I remembering wrong?
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