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  1. I have a set of 6 I bought for this cruise and upcoming one in January. But to be honest, I’m not even complaining about that. We leave 10/3 and I feel like I can enjoy the bulid up again!!
  2. Our tests can now be 3 days in advance and can be an at home, not proctored test. You can show a picture of it or have it in hand however you prefer. The below is from the email I just received.
  3. The website has been updated to reflect new Canadian testing protocols beginning October 1 to be the same as US ports basically. Anyone used a non proctored test and taken a picture? How did check in go? We leave October 3, from Canada on 10 day cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?fbclid=IwAR1QL2aNqHN7q6zSnjT_dduEq-ks5lTFfLqJriK6kyG0eG8XRlk7qmNvsMQ
  4. I second the Chacchoben ruins in Costa Maya. A nice developed set of ruins than I expected.
  5. We are 1/5/23 on Oasis and our unlimited dining just became reservable. 3 day was reservable for a while but unlimited didn’t even appear and then when it did appear you were unable to book because it would give you an odd message not allowing booking. I just booked it about 5 days ago.
  6. This just out. Now we await Royal’s notice. We sail on October 3 for 10 days but if Royal updates their requirement at least it will be a non proctored test!!
  7. When my sailing was about 10 days away, the App showed all the activities and showtimes in the daily calendar. Even included each days "Drink of the Day".
  8. Oooohhhh! I did not know that. Fingers crossed definitely!
  9. One week to go fellow shipmates!! The excitement is really building. The testing still leaves me a little stressed but really tried to enjoy the excitement outside of that.
  10. The app will allow you to check in at midnight or just past. I have found the website is delayed.
  11. We’ve stayed at the Hyatt Miami. Nice location and about a 10 minute Uber ride to the port. We love walking around the area around the hotel.
  12. Welcome back @Baked Alaska. We did a land tour last year in August 2021 because we fell in love with Alaska on our 2019 Alaskan cruise! It felt like we were young college students again just on a much better budget. We took just one large hiker backpack each and traveled as much as we could in the 9 days we had by train or bus. My husband is the fly fisherman and he squeezed some of that in also in the Talkeetna area on a guided float trip, where I learned to fly fish also!! After Denali and Talkeetna we headed South to Kenai Fjords and loved it there also. We did not get over to the Peninsula and Homer area which we hope to get back to.
  13. Thank you so much for checking back in and giving us your update of the procedure. It helps tremendously just knowing what to expect. We are flying in 2 days in advance so hopefully that and our 10:30 check in time will help somewhat with the lines that others reported late in the day.
  14. We are in a Grand Loft (oops I think I originally said Star Loft) on the aft of the ship in Room 10724. As you know, we are so excited. We have already exchanged a couple of emails and he sounds as if he will be the perfect fit for us. We hadn't planned on blogging but I may have to just post some updates.
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