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  1. The article stated that the privately owned pier would probably be litigating with the city. The owners of the pier just took a terrible hit to their bottom line. The lawyers will get rich.
  2. We have sailed on both Brilliance and Radiance in aft cabins. One on deck nine and one on deck six. Both were great. I didn't notice any unacceptable vibrations on either.
  3. YES. That's what happened to our Celebrity cancellations.
  4. Given the time and cost that RCL paid to convert Empress back from Pulmantur, seems like they will opt to scrap.
  5. Stephanie Hudson @ MEI has been fabulous! She has booked several cruises on Celebrity for us. She saved me $980 today! I cannot recommend MEI too highly.
  6. Concur. We are going to stay as far from Paris as we can. Basically, there are too many Parisians there.
  7. Lost our England Ireland to COVID. Rescheduled for 2021 for a 12 night on basically the same itinerary on Reflection from Amsterdam using FCC. Added a stop for Paris. We are not enthused about that one because we lived in Europe in the 1980s. Paris was not favorite place. But...OK.
  8. We currently have four on the books with Royal and Celebrity. If this holds we will have to cancel them all. Our PCP will NOT assume that liability. I doubt many will. I hope RCI changes this policy or many of their most active cruisers will bail. It's a shame.
  9. #2 for Stephanie. She has handled my mess-ups with unlimited patience.
  10. My wife and I are 70+. We both have conditions listed in the medical certification. But it asks the HCP to say that this person "does not suffer from any chronic illness (e.g. heart, lung, liver or kidney disease or immunodeficiency status due to HIV/AIDS or diabetes) which would make this patient susceptible to complications arising after infection with the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)/COVID-19." What HCP is going to certify this? The potential liability is tremendous. So, we cancelled our Majesty cruise for 28 March from NO. If anyone needs a nice 1BR Grand Suite, there is one ava
  11. One more vote for Stephanie Hudson. She also books Celebrity. She does a terrific job of fixing my foul-ups mostly via the web site.
  12. The largest suite show on the deck plans is the Royal Suite, 1633 sq. ft. The name may have changed during the last round of redefinition of cabin types about 18 months ago.
  13. When last I looked Celebrity still schedules Panama canal cruises regularly in the Spring and Fall. We went in 2018 on Infinity. It was great.
  14. We spent a week at an all-inclusive resort on Antigua this spring. We felt safe and found several tours to get a better feel for the local culture and history. WE wandered freely in the towns and some tourist areas. Being a history buff, Nelson's dockyard was a great stop for me. The people and the place are very nice. I don't agree with some of their methods of raising capital, but I guess they do what they must. I am referring to Investment Citizenship. A person invests (Pays) a large sum and the government awards them Antiguan citizenship. This screams of opportunity for abuse. I
  15. We cruised to Alaska in May. The weather then was great. We even used the pool at Icy Straight Point. We recommend the Radiance class as the best for outdoor viewing. Radiance has more glassed in areas and really allows the outside in. Of the two you specified I would pick Rhapsody. The Quantum ships are cold weather ships.
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