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  1. My lady and I started in a balcony cabin on Explorer during its inaugural year. (Hint 2000). We moved up to a Jr. Suite because of the coffin-like shower for cruise 4. Then a Grand Suite for cruise 7. We were hooked. We can't go back. I don't even bother to suggest it to my wife anymore. We'll be celebrating our 50th anniversary in February 2022. So, it works for us.
  2. Seeing new places. We cruise for the itineraries. I am Ok with a few sea days. My wife..is...not. Trying new foods is also one of my favorites. Until we started cruising I wouldn't even consider eating escargot. Now I get it all the time.
  3. Looking forward to this one. Booked as soon as it came on the market. As soon as we had booked flights they went up about 2-300%! Amazing!
  4. I will echo the comments about the Chair Hogs. And it is worse in the Solarium! The website is terrible. Frankly that's what drove me to my TA. I can tell her where I want to go and she does all the frustrating, boring work. I have tried to book a B2b on RCL's site. Almost impossible to find out to where a ship is sailing on the next sailing. Finding out how much you owe after booking seems to be impossible. I am so angry about FCCs that I have given up on them and routinely get a refund. Another good idea terribly executed. Finally, since our first cruise on RCL in 2000, it se
  5. We are on that cruise also. We'll see you on board! We are both vaccinated. The fly in the ointment for us is the PCR requirement prior to arrival. Locally here no one will commit to a certain time for results. As present we are planning to get tested at several places in hopes that one of them comes back in time.
  6. We got ours for 26 June 21. Retreat Royal Suite. Happy, happy, Joy Joy! Airfare to St. Marten is outrageous, though. Benefit of a great TA.
  7. Here Here! Journalism as it was conceived in the last century is dead. Sacrificed on the altar of profit.
  8. I think we all have to realize that the CDC is, in fact, a government agency with all the inherent hesitance to action of any government agency. (At least in the US, I can't speak for other countries.) They cannot keep up with the changing COVID landscape. As soon as they write, then staff, then rewrite, then restaff, then get administration guidance from the new administration, and then repeat, the situation has changed. There is a terrible tendency in the US to do nothing. Remember, "If we do nothing, we can do nothing wrong!" I don't see that changing before the summer.
  9. Those sailing aren't showing on the web reservation system as of this minute.
  10. Airguns. One on each side. "Take one step forward and do not Move!" Several fainted at some point and many had blood running down their arms. All went into our Shot record.
  11. When I was young we had an immunization record to show our vaccination status for things like polio, TB, Plague, etc. Later the military gave us a Shot Record for every member of our family. Remember, there was no electronic system before the last 20 or so years. My military shot record was a part of our official personnel record and our health record.
  12. Ditto the water shoes. But we love the cabanas. They are reasonably priced compared to Coco Cay. IMHO the cabanas at CC are prohibitively expensive for just a couple. Drinks served at the cabana are the best. Also includes cold water in a cooler.
  13. We've had the RCL card for about 8 years. No annual fee. It's nice to get the points as OBC. So much so that we don't pay for the drink package. But we only use it for RCL and Celebrity purchases.
  14. Any bus tour in Mexico. We've done several. All were hot, smelly and slow. Gotta be a better way to spend a day.
  15. The article stated that the privately owned pier would probably be litigating with the city. The owners of the pier just took a terrible hit to their bottom line. The lawyers will get rich.
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