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  1. We sail tomorrow; if I pick up any more 'last minute must haves' for our little 3 nighter I think the DH will blow a gasket 😆 BUT these are all on my list for next years Thanksgiving cruise on Allure!!! thank you for the GREAT tips!!
  2. I am watching an Allure video on YouTube from Matt now; maybe it's new? I don't have the link because I am watching it on my phone and on the chat board on the desktop; but it's there!!
  3. this is how we plan to combat the Post Cruise Blues!! on the Royal Up subject: I bid on JS and GS for our sailing Friday (I cancelled and re-bid a couple times) and haven't heard back yet but are thrilled with the GTY cabin we're already assigned; therefore I bid the minimum and will be happy whichever way it plays out
  4. If you search live blogs, a member here did a fantastic review just recently, I immediately wanted to book that ship 🙂
  5. My favorite post I've seen all weekend and I've seen a lot of great ones! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  6. Please delete or let me know if this doesn't belong here 🙂 I learned here on these boards to continue checking prices for shore excursions in the cruise planner and what do you know! We saved $100 on the beach bed for Coco Cay sailing on Navigator this Friday the 13th. All Cabanas decreased in price quite a bit also to a much affordable range for me in case anyone is on that sailing.
  7. OK, thanks for the info. I will check the details on the Key cancellation.
  8. I searched and found a lot of good info but not this specific question/situation so please excuse if a duplicate! We submitted a Royal Up bid and I may want to cancel the Key if we're approved for our Royal Up, for no other reason that managing our 'splurge' budget. My question is if our Royal Up is accepted say a day or two prior to sailing, will we still be able to cancel the Key at that time or at 1-2 days before sailing is it too late to cancel any Cruise Planner purchases? I am not certain we will want to do that but am wondering if I will have that option. Sailing Navigator 9/13/19 TIA for all the info (and entertainment) you all provide here!
  9. I got the key for $24.99 for our September 13th 2019 sailing on the Navigator. I'm cool with that 🙂 We spend exactly how we feel like it within our budget (usually)
  10. My heart goes out to you all going thru the stress of it! I agree with the advice try to go into it with a positive outlook. I know that's much easier said than done so I'm wishing you all happy cruising and memories of a lifetime. I'll be putting up shutters wishing I were on a ship.
  11. When we first booked and I was checking us in on the app (all happy excited 'we booked a cruise' mojo going on) and saw we could upload our photos so while trying to get my DH to play along to upload his too and he's grumbling and mumbling so I got the best 'I have to listen to this cruise blahblahblah for the next several weeks' look on his face for his photo. I knew no way they'd use it but it makes me giggle every time I look at it 😄 He's a great sport but loves playing the grumpy old man to my uber excitement
  12. just the info I've been waiting to come across here in the last couple days!! Thank you!!! Pretty much everything else has been answered (and then some) 🙂
  13. Relevant topic for me here, we booked at GTY balcony on Navigator for next month, got assigned corner aft balcony (6688) and was worried till I read so many positives on this board and elsewhere. I still bid on JS and GS anyway ('cause more is better 🙄) to roll the dice but am reconsidering just cancelling and keeping 6688. You all really know how to showcase the positives 🙂
  14. I can relate,I get bummed thinking about the cruise being over before I even step foot on the ship! My solution to this is researching my next one so I can book while on board to help alleviate some of the sadness! Good luck with your tough decision I hope you figure it out and are happy with your resolution 🙂
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