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  1. Yes!! did the same this evening! Busted out the suitcases, printed tags, not sure how else to get the next few weeks to hurry by
  2. I have a low offer in on a 2 bedroom ATS. I don't expect to actually win the bid, but am still trying to determine if we really want a 2BATS over a crown Loft. I'd Ike the crown loft with Star amenities
  3. It's our first time here, I booked Amazing Antigua hoping my husband will enjoy the naval history.
  4. Best I can recall I got an email that I responded to via phone. I distinctly remember having the ability to easily correct the situation but the exact details are fuzzy. Sorry for the missing details (or brain cells) I just know they made it easy to resolve.
  5. I have to share my experience from July 2019 that's similar [email protected] . I placed a Royal up bid and was notified we won but the card was declined. I was able to immediately resolve it and provide a new card to secure the bid we'd won. I don't remember all the details but I know that I was immediately able to resolve it with the information provided to me from Royal or the the Royalup folks. Congrats to all who won and happy cruising!
  6. Sounds like a great opportunity to get some money back if it doesn't suit one's needs. Happy cruising!!
  7. Love the reviews and pics, thanks!
  8. Hello cruisers! A friend and I are celebrating a milemarker birthday on Independence out of PC in May 2022. Has anyone rented a cabana on Pearl Island and have experience to share? This is such a great resource and group of folks, I'm grateful for this community!
  9. Aha! Can't believe I missed it, thank you!
  10. Speaking of cruise planner confirmation, anyone know how I can view my CP purchases on the new CP platform? In the old version for our Nov cruise (can't ) I can see what I've purchased, but on a later cruise with the new version I can't find that. While I surely have the confirmation email filed away it'd be nice to double check while on the planner.
  11. We're just chilling between pool and beach this time around. We got a cabana our first trip and want to roam a bit more in November. Can't wait, just like all of you!
  12. Apologies I wasn't sure if Matt's Q was directed at me or the OP- I purchased them online from the E-Med folks, I do have the sleeve and the QR code to download the app. Thanks all, I knew the answer was out there and sorry I missed it.
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