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  1. Congratulations on Star Class! In my opinion 6 months is not too early to be excited and I think most here will agree ๐Ÿ™‚ That's a great upcoming trip to help get you through these times of waiting.
  2. I also think if you can do both and want to do both then book both! Great price on the cabana!
  3. Thanks for sharing some good news! Glad it worked out ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Hey that's awesome news! I already requested the refund for my first casino cruise (upgrade to JS), didn't want to mess with the FCC on the upgrade but if our next one gets cancelled too that's something I'll keep in mind!
  5. I'm still dealing with my TA that I booked with before I became acquainted with this blog (and MEI) and the recommendations here, and he is insisting my only L&S option for my Allure 7 night November 2020 trip would be to Oasis , and not Oasis class but the Oasis ship only. I was considering shifting my 2020 November cruise to the Harmony GC next year (and cancelling the booking I already have for that trip) but concerned it was over Thanksgiving I wasn't sure it'd be an option so I asked him. The fact that he says my only L&S option is to sail Oasis bothers me as I see plenty of 7 night Caribbean options +/- 4 weeks of my original trip. I just want this trip behind me so I can quit having to reply on this guy for my changes and questions. So many have it so much worse but having to still use this TA that is a constant source of misinformation is driving my bonkers in an already bonkers time. *Whine over*
  6. ok so maybe that's what I need to try to do; CWC and get the FCC and apply that towards next years instead of trying to L&S a Western to Eastern. That's the ticket! Thanks for talking me through it!
  7. Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. Couple more questions for anyone who is kind enough to feel like chiming in ๐Ÿ™‚ : Lift and shift can't be moved to a holiday week, is that right? The Harmony GC Nov 2021 falls within my technical L&S parameters but assume holidays are excluded, do we know that? Anyone have any luck L&S from Eastern to Western Caribbean itineraries that you're aware of? I know I am joining the conversation super late in the game, I should have started paying attention sooner ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally- do you know what the cancellation penalty is for suites? We're in a CLS for this November and my thought is if i can L&S this November to next November and cancel the already booked November GC for 2021 (replacing it with my L&S) that'd wrap up my options nice and neat with a bow but I am pretty sure there are too many obstacles to make it happen. Just confirming this with anyone who doesn't mind chiming in. I sent these questions to my agent who has had this booking for months before I got someone at MEI (Stephanie, who's leaving ๐Ÿ˜ž ) but he doesn't usually know as much as you all do and has given me his agent info to try to get my owns answers from RC in the past so he didn't have to... So I am trying to gather as much info as I can to make my decision about our November trip this year.
  8. Does anyone know what happens with your cruise planner purchases when you lift and shift? Do they transfer over to the new sail date as OBC or do they automatically issue a refund for those items? Sorry if this has been asked and answered, my thought process is going places it hasn't gone up to this point so I surely missed this discussion- thanks for your patience with me! For some reason this most recent announcement is the one to finally push me over the 'not sailing this year' edge. I didn't mind my little weekend trips being jeopardized too much but the thought of my November 7 day on my first Oasis class has me viewing my options a little different than before.
  9. On the Cruise Planner refunds topic: when my May trip was announced as cancelled I jumped right into the CP and cancelled all my CP purchases and got them refunded a few weeks later. Do you think I should do that again with my cancelled August CP items or do you suggest I wait? I don't think anyone probably has an answer and I am not a fan of asking 'what would you do' questions but there it is.
  10. @Baked Alaska I just noticed your Virtual of the Seas listed in your signature- LOVE IT!
  11. FWIW I've spent the last week or so funneling my normal cruise obsession into All Inclusive land vacation research. I went ahead and booked for 2022 (why not) to try to lift my vacation spirits and get familiar with the options so if our 7 day November Allure trip is cancelled I know where to go and what steps to take to get something else on the books. If our short weekend trips in August and September cancel it's not a huge deal but if our biggie in November cancels I will need to replace for the same time frame a real 7 day vacation. Nothing of any use to anyone here; just sharing my experience so you know you're not alone ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. I booked a land vacation. I had to have something firm to plan although it's over 2 years away. Losing hope for our 2 short and 1 7 day trips this year ๐Ÿ™„
  13. I do know this doesn't belong on a cruise blog, but you're my 'vacation people' go to for answers on my newest favorite vacation which is cruising. I just started looking into AI land vacations this week and wish you all were duplicated for those questions! I can't imagine anyone has done anything near the amazing-ness that Matt has created here- but do you have any land vacation blog type info places you utilize?
  14. Please delete if not allowed! Do any of you use a vacation planning tool that you can recommend? I have a very basic excel document I use to plan cruises but am looking for something more comprehensive that helps keep track of your research start to finish with the first question like what dates or what destination?
  15. If there are any young-ish folks here looking for a party- Irish Kevin's is pretty rambunctious fun if that's your thing. It was very busy with young partiers every time we went in or by but if that's what you're looking for you can find it at Kevin's.
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