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  1. oh wow, now I want to book a balcony near the Solarium on an Oasis ship That's awesome!
  2. Our January sailing still has at $1499 (Mariner). Shucks. Have a great time on your trip!
  3. I can't believe that Coco Beach club Floating cabana price! SIGN ME UP! *scurries to check cabana pricing on future cruises*
  4. This conversation prompted me to check in for our Nov Allure trip, and 2:30 was our earliest also.
  5. Mariner January 29, 2021. Guess I'm going to just keep booking till one of them finally sails!
  6. I'm excited for you DanielB! I almost got my first B2B on Mariner and am determined to make it happen next year Enjoy!
  7. I keep checking into mine knowing there's only a tiny chance of actually sailing (11 days till I can check into my Nov 2020 trip). Like many others have said in various threads, I really enjoy the planning and prepping and need a vacation to look forward to! I haven't had the snag issue though, I hope you get it figured out! I bet their IT department and web traffic is a night mare
  8. Well that didn't last long, although our MEI agent spoke to 2 different RC agents about this- when she called the 3rd time it was no longer on the table. I have no doubt she fought hard armed the info given by previous agents. Alas, it was in fact too good to be true. Oh well! Back to the weekenders!
  9. I just got an amazing bit of info on our October cancelled Casino comp- we originally booked the 3 night weekend getaway on Mariner and what was offered to move to (in addition to the Mariner for Jan-Feb) is a 7 night on Harmony or Allure. I am utterly shocked and we are for sure jumping on it. I am not sure if this has already been discussed but I definitely thought of you when our agent told us this! I was blown away! So we'll get a 7 night on Oasis class for the same price as the 3 night on Mariner?! I just can't believe that awesome offer!
  10. I needed those pictures! Totally losing my cruise mojo with all this bologna; it almost hurts to think about or plan cruising but we have 2) CLS booked on Oasis class so seeing the awesome photos did the trick, thanks! Enjoy your trip Chill6x6!
  11. we're still new to cruising, live in SFL and still love (the idea of) these short weekenders for a mini getaway. Although we've booked 4 or 5 (6?) since we got into Cruising July last year I've only ever gone on 2 and DH only 1, so while we book them often we've not gotten bored with them yet because so many have cancelled. For us it's a great compromise: DH wants a quick trip to get away and not miss much work and although I'd love a 9 or 10 night trip I am happy to just get on a ship.
  12. Another tidbit I learned here on my first message boards (where the education never ends) That wasn't an acronym I was familiar with after having teens in the house so I had to look it up!
  13. if you're part of any of the All Inclusive social media groups people have been sharing in real time the first tourist experiences thru the airports and such, it's been interesting to follow.
  14. I love this and went thru the exact same scenario; the MEI TA I'd been using is one of the 3 that recently left the industry (and good for her) and I got assigned a new MEI TA and also felt like I should be giving her any business I reasonably could. I had just booked an all inclusive land vacation while I was waiting to virtually 'meet' the new TA and as soon as I was introduced asked if I could transfer her that booking I had made. It wasn't necessary; it was a simple AI and a well established resort that I could handle but felt like I wanted to 'help' the industry any way I could. (that wa
  15. +1. AND I have absolutely zero opinion on others and what they tip or don't in addition to the pre-paid and included (with DBP) grats.
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