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  1. no changes like upgrading rooms, or changing dates? As in NO CHANGES whatsoever? Yikes, that hadn't occurred to me!
  2. this is my favorite joke of all time
  3. August 28th, 2020 Mariner of the Seas
  4. I just posted about this in another area of the boards, I never thought I'd get this type of offer so I haven't paid a much attention to the casino threads and missed this one! I would love to take advantage of a week-long sailing on Harmony but can only sneak in a quick weekender to accommodate husband's schedule. I'm grateful for the opportunity though and feel like I need to hurry up and book or they'll revoke the offer 😜 It feels too good to be true, I did not think I spent enough in the casino to earn such an offer but boy did I try. I don't have any question here I just wanted to join in the excitement! We're able to upgrade from the interior to a junior suite for $540. We were looking at a similar sailing that would have cost us a little more than double before the offer came! We love our agent with MEI so I'm bummed to hear she can't manage the reservation but we'll get her next time. Happy sailing all! EDIT TO ADD QUESTION: I just hopped onto the Casino site to look at the offers there and see another one I hadn't seen before this, how can I find out what that offer entails? If I click REDEEM will it deduct the offer from my available offers even if I dont book? I am just looking to see what it entails.
  5. First steps on board, and listening to the ocean at night as mentioned above.
  6. We got our first casino offer for a 'free' cruise!! Just now! So I called the casino folks and they had a pretty large selection of ships out of 3 Florida ports to choose from over the summer, I was kind of surprised at the big selection and that I even got the offer, they must have lowered the standards to get the offer haha Anyhoo, although the 7 night on Symphony (OMG!) or Harmony (wow really?!) are both included, DH is going to want to do a quick weekend trip to not miss as much work. What do I need to know about booking a casino cruise? I know we need to pay taxes and fees which came out to $177 for both of us, is it really that simple? I did check on upgrade price to go to a JS and it was about half the price that we were going to pay for us to take the same cruise before the offer so I'm pretty excited. Anything I need to know? Tips, things I haven't thought of? is it really that simple?
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed here, I don't recall seeing it We know the AMP is on hold but do we know when the regular dry dock maintenance will be done? It doesn't sound like they can do it now while things are shut down, so am beginning to wonder if the regular dry dock maintenance will affect Allure's schedule for later this year. Any idea?
  8. I really wish those disappeared when they're cancelled. It stinks to scroll past the 40 day countdown to the 228 day countdown.
  9. there are several available in March if my requirements are only March 2022, Quantum or Oasis classes! But bummer I won't get to meet all you who will be on that sailing. I may finally be able to get a price on one! and of course book, just trying to figure out what the justification will be to actually book it once I get the price... Sorry for the hijack; I am thinking of pricing with 3 people and having one of our kids join us so this stood out to me.
  10. This may have been the final time I needed to see this to pull the trigger! There's a Star Loft (only1!) available! Do I recall seeing Suites are always non refundable? DH has asked me to price a Star Class...
  11. I am not a fan of mushrooms and love their mushroom soup! @marti314 where is that first photo from? Adding it as a MUST DO for November!
  12. Naturally they have increases regularly but it seems odd to not announce it. Thanks for passing this along, good to know.
  13. Another subject beaten to near death, sorry! I've read all the posts and watched a bunch of videos and you'd think I have my answer but am looking for your unique perspectives here. DH and I will be in Labadee in November, I scored an OTW cabana at Nellie's for a killer Black Friday deal. After the OBC and the Black Friday sale it was practically free! (Kidding of course, DH and I say that when we've splurged: practically free!). We've since upgraded to an Owner's Suite (it was CLS for a minute and I changed cabins for a 4th time, too much time on my hands these days) and I'm thinking we may enjoy an OTW at Barefoot Beach a little more, and am trying to decide if it's worth it to me in that I'll surely (?) have to pay full price instead of the great deal I got for the Nellie's beach cabana. What appeals to be is that BB seems less crowded, and the videos I've seen on NB seem super pretty crowded in the water where the OTW cabanas are, and I'm hoping it'll be less crowded in front of the cabanas at BB. After OBC and the Black Friday sale it really was a great price, do you think I'd have to pay the difference to switch to the OTW cabana on BB or do you think the concierge would permit me to just switch cabana's when they email? Any experience with 'switching cabana's' and if the price followed the switch?
  14. Thank you for this! Looking forward to hearing all about it.
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