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  1. I saw them for the first time when someone posted the same video in a UPS thread not long ago; but didn't realize they were anyone beyond a couple making a room tour video. I did not notice the pin till someone mentioned it and I watched the video the 2nd time. Off topic how does one become a god parent to a ship?
  2. Same, the TA I ended up with (still not sure how it happened) tries calling me every now and again but NOPE, I avoid phone calls. I emailed him my credit card number once knowing full well it was not wise nor safe, that's how much I don't like talking on the phone. Twice now I have booked my own and transferred to him, I just sent him the booking ID and he did the rest.
  3. whoo hoo!! ! I dare say yours will be the first OTW cabana on Coco Cay that I see! I hope you and the fam are having a great time!
  4. I keep looking at that sailing every time I go to think about the Harmony GC!
  5. ok thank you, I'll try to work up the gumption to ask next time 🙂
  6. Do you all feel this applies for both MDR and My Time? Do you think it makes a difference if you're at a table for 2 and not a shared table? I had heard this also and was hoping my husband might try something new in September but didn't get the feeling it would be ok, I kind of hinted hoping the waiter might encourage trying both entrees we'd been discussing and backed out out on asking when the waiter didn't suggest it. I wondered if it's different for MTD or at a 2 top.
  7. We missed it a couple weeks ago also on Mariner, knowing it was a possibility we were determined to have a great time anyway and we did, but it stung a little! I hope you get another chance to go!
  8. I just searched Oasis for November 2021 (as others have mentioned there really are good prices for that Thanksgiving week on Oasis!) and found them there, thanks I don't think I was ever interested before since they didn't have a balcony but boy was that ignorance on my part, they're lovely. Balcony-schmalcony! I am booked November this year on Allure after the AMP in a Junior Suite, I wonder if the TA I use can get me pricing to upgrade to this! Thanks for the input, I will keep an eye out for future searches 🙂
  9. well, I personally would be ok not having a balcony! Looks amazing and they did a fun job with the video. Will Allure have this after it's AMP? How do you search for them when booking on RC Website?
  10. I can't wait to read all about it! Thanks for taking us along.
  11. We missed Coco Cay last weekend on Sunday on Mariner so we had a sea day. I've seen on FB that Allure folks going to Labadee, that'd be a pretty great alternate in my opinion.
  12. not directly related but somewhat- for our day at Atlantis from Navigator we purchased tickets thru ResortForaDay.com where it was less than on the cruise planner. They have an 'off season' price and an in season price. Not sure that's the exact wording but it was $130-ish instead of $170-ish in case that's an option for you. I think plenty of folks here have gone the route of booking a room so surely you'll get an answer to your question before long 🙂
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