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  1. ❤ super awesome post, thank you!
  2. For me the Refreshment package is worth it for the amount of specialty coffees and bottled water alone. At $20/pp/pd I'd not hesitate. I paid more than ($22 and $28) that on upcoming Mariner and Allure sailings and am not concerned I won't break even. The biggest benefits for me are having that portion of my vacation paid off ahead of time and not having to think about cost when ordering another coffee/soda/water/whatever.Tips I picked up here 🙂
  3. Well that's an unfortunate name for a restaurant 😝 Thanks for sharing the tip! Maybe I'll discover the story around the name while I'm there, surely there's a story.
  4. Is it poor message board etiquette to comment on an old thread rather than start a new one? 🤔 I searched Nassau (you can imagine the number of results), and "things to do in Nassau" and found a blog post that I couldn't comment on, ended up here. 🙂 Being docked for 13 hours in Nassau I plan to spend the majority of my day on the ship (nothing against Nassau, this is just a quick weekend getaway and trying to show to DH it's possible to do weekend getaways without breaking the bank, he isn't going this trip), but would like to grab a local meal in Nassau at some point during the day. If it were a beach day I'd go to the Hilton as you all recommend but plan to spend the majority of the day on board, with the exception of a local meal. Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations for a local eatery in Nassau (can be breakfast lunch or dinner)? I am a big coffee drinker and would like something unique to Nassau, fun bars aren't a goal in this case. I'm most likely going solo if that affects the recommendation. TIA
  5. My one tip is to use a good trusted Travel Agent. No matter how well versed you are at booking vacations online, Travel Agents are great to save you time and money
  6. Omg I'd love to cruise solo!! Go wherever whenever I felt like it!! Naps! Midnight coffee! Whatever! Enjoy! I can see where it'd be intimidating, I hope you find your groove and love it
  7. I have to say this makes me feel better; I am a sucker for FOMO when I see so many re-pricing for X amount off their cruise or 'free' cabin upgrades; I reached out to my TA and he assured me there's very little chance that will happen for me as A. he gave me a group rated he as a TA gets on cabins and B. I booked early so there's a good chance the price won't go down. I still go and mock book to make sure every now and again but try to just be happy I got a great rate to begin with.
  8. I would love to back after your trip and let us know what a great time you had and in which rooms😁
  9. Beautiful!! Is this Chill Island (the beach pic)?
  10. This is great info, thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations! In the 4 months I've been (virtually) hanging out here, I've booked 3 RC Cruises. I do believe I'll have to book a Celebrity next! It'll have to wait till May 2021 which is a bummer as there seems to be a $25 deposit sale for a few more hours but alas, no more before May 2021!
  11. Weeks in advance! Started a bag for our January weekend cruise week after I booked it 60 days before sailing. Like others I have the 'cruise/travel shelf' in the guest closet for things like luggage tags, dry erase board, sanitizing wipes, etc that I only use for travel. I lay out the suitcase weeks in advance (simply because I am excited) and start adding stuff I know I wont need before the cruise. The key for me has been listing what I do add to the bag, like someone mentioned when packing for any travel I would pack early and forget if I already packed X or not, take apart the suit case and repack several times so now instead of using a list and adding things to the suitcase off the list, I list what I have already packed so I don't end up with 3 bottles of X and 0 bottles of Y and I don't have to keep unpacking and repacking.
  12. On this note: I started going to the outdoor pool showers to cool off instead of getting in the pool! Quick cool off and no need to wade between bodies 🙂
  13. Yes this is what we did, and when we got home and called the TA the price dropped significantly but we kept the original OBC from Next Cruise and gained more from the TA. We did NOT have any MyVegas benefits so can't speak to that but the rest of it yes, and we could have changed ships/dates but ended up just sticking to the one we booked at Next Cruise.
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