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  1. Hi all from a cold and wet Wales, UK. Long time no post from me, so belated Happy New Years, and I hope everybody is doing ok in these rather unusual times. Our 3 back to backs on Ovation in 2018 gave us the cruising bug, but the ships and trips most suitable for us in 2019 and 2020 were on 'other' cruise lines (boo!) purely due to the itineraries. Please forgive us! Great news is we will be on this 14 day Grandeur trip next February so be prepared for some stupid questions! Totally gutted I only booked the outside cabin and not the balcony as when I went back a day later to cha
  2. Hi @Sabrinaklai Our 'real plan' is take on the 6 bottles we are allowed and then purchase the odd bottle whenever required. Or a beer or short etc. She is not a big big drinker so can't justify the deluxe package (and me having to prove I don't drink too!) so we are both doing refreshment packages. Based on the pics Twangster posted there are not enough days in the year to try every soft drink option! Annoying thing is we can take on 2 bottles for a 3 day cruise as well as 2 for the 10 and 14 day ones! I am not sure she can make them last 10 or 14 days!! Maybe I need to find a c
  3. Maybe she should just stop drinking!!! Solves everything!!! (Don't tell her I said that!)
  4. Every cruiser should be able to take @twangster with them in their carry on.....it should be mandatory especially for 1st timers like me!! I do like your Plan 2!! Now that is thinking outside the box!!
  5. 3 B2B cruises, 2 people, 1 non-drinker - so been giving this some thought! And all of this planning for my wife who likes a nice red wine and nothing in it for me as the token teetotal person on the ship! Maybe I am risking walking the plank?! Plan 1 = we go on together with the 6 bottles in total, they take 4 off us and give us 2 per cruise (i.e. stick to the 'the rules') Plan 2= we go with plan 1 BUT on the change over days we try to take another 2 on with us when we get back on the ship hoping somehow too busy to check we already have 2 in store for us - do they have itemis
  6. Maybe I am missing something here and as a teetotal person I am obviously no expert on wine BUT if a bottle is a screw-top how can corkage be charged?!! Not a cork in sight!
  7. Very happy if the Dr is now on board Ovation ahead of my March cruise.... good work @twangster
  8. [email protected] Tell him or her it is a good time to quit!!! Can't find the article I saw before (so may have dreamt it!) but I THINK an area back of deck 5 starboard, similar on deck 15 or 16? Saw this in CC https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2567297 but that is not overly helpful. @F1guynz is the man in the know for Ovation!! Cheers PS Policy is http://bookings.royalcaribbean.co.uk/customersupport/faq/details.do?pagename=frequently_asked_questions&faqId=3101&faqSubjectId=335&wuc=GBR
  9. 55 Ovation 58 Ovation 61 Ovation I don't like change!
  10. My Ovation cruise is about 60 days but only thing showing is Pixels!!! Hoping they add more and not just wait until we are on board...
  11. I thought it was only me cancelling and re-booking to save the odd penny/cent!!! Glad I am not alone!!
  12. That seems to be a quote from experience!!! On a plus side I find a I never lose an argument when it is just me!
  13. Need somebody to select a currently uselected reaction on Matt's post so he can get a full house. I did sad only because some others were taken!
  14. Maybe the steward has access to a remote? He/she can only say yes or no! Thanks all.
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