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  1. May be worth making the call when you are together due to data protection and all that stuff. Even if you are married they may not be able/willing to talk to you about your wife's personal details unless she is there to either do it in person or verify and authorise you to act on her behalf....just so you don't risk waiting hours on a call to get nowhere! Good luck....
  2. Worth noting if B2B and you have booked same cabin for both then the Royal Up is unlikely to give you the same cabin even if you win bids on both parts....
  3. Hi all Saw a comment on Facebook about Explorer being 'unavailable' in February 2023 so looked at the booking page and it appears nothing from end of January until early March. Is it likely it is the postponed amplification from 2020, or is it not unusual for ships to be 'rested'??! Hoping the former as I am on her in September next year! Thanks
  4. Sorry - you are correct - I buy it as wife does not have the refreshment package so we can both get coffees at same time - I should have been clear!!
  5. Hi Jane Lee I don't drink so I always get the refreshment package and I feel it is good value for money. I also get a coffee card so I can have the speciality coffees to wake me up! With the refreshment package you get the freestyle cup for as many Cokes/Dr Peppers that you can manage (and a zillion other fizzy soda drink flavours), plus bottles of still or sparkling water and unlimited mocktails (virgin pina coladas etc). Even on days where you are off the ship for a few hours it is very easy to have more than 5 or 6 drinks - you can grab a couple of bottles of water to take off with you if required. My wife does like a drink but we pay as we go for her alcoholic drinks but do take on 2 bottles of wine at the start. If the pre-purchase shows 3 night dining package (usually on 6 day plus cruises) we usually book that which comes with 40% off bottles of wine (under $100) which you can move from restaurant to MDR if not finished. Have a great trip.
  6. Have you requested Irn Bru in the Coke Freestyle machine too?!!!
  7. Same thing - Oasis for Jan 24 has been on the app for ages although not much is available to book, but the Grandeur Jan 23 is not listed on the app although the online log in has drinks, dining, excursions etc. Good excuse to log in every day I guess!
  8. Hi all Have back 2 backs booked in January 2023 and 2024, both totalling 14 days (a 5+9 on Grandeur and a 7+7 on Oasis). Both would be staying in same cabins for duration so hopefully will have the easy off/on at Miami (the answer to my previous question!). Wondering if worth trying for Royal Ups on the back to backs (if it gets offered) as I am not sure want to move cabins on the changeover? I don't suppose the systems are smart enough to allow you to only bid Up if it is for both trips as in their eyes they are different bookings?? Anybody got experience in this? Got upgraded in one but not the other? Or is it clever enough to link them in some way so you are bidding for both? Thanks
  9. Hi all Have booked a couple of B2B cruises out of Miami (Grandeur Jan 23 & Oasis Jan 24, both keeping same cabins so no moving around!) - just wanted to know what the situation is in relation to getting off/getting back on or choosing to just stay on board? We did B2B in Sydney before and was very easy to get off and get back on with sea passes already issued etc but wasn't sure on the rules/options at Miami? Thanks.
  10. Our first ever cruise was jumping in with both feet doing 3 back to back from Sydney on a Quantum class (Ovation) - not many kids on there, but was so large, and so many different areas on board (including some that were adult only), we could have found quiet spaces whenever we wanted to. So much to do. We loved it and got the bug! This year we did Grandeur for 14 nights from Barbados. Same great service and food but different kind of ship, more old school, but got to see some amazing places. Not many children as sailed in February so no school holidays/vacations. Which was better? Impossible to decide! In fact we loved them both so much we are booked on Grandeur again next year for back to back from Miami then going up to Oasis the year after for back to back also. I guess you need to do the research around what do you want from the itinerary OFF the ship v what do you want ON the ship. And factor in costs too I guess. There are people on here with a lot more knowledge and experience than me who may have a preference, but it is so subjective. Do the research, ask the questions, watch the videos and I am sure you will make the right decision for you! Enjoy whatever you decide to do.
  11. 1 - Barbados is beautiful so great to tag on a before and/or after stay 2 - Not only North Americans are allowed to book RCI cruises and actually quite a few of us Europeans like to go abroad too! 3 - Barbados is beautiful so why not?? 4 - Got to go to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Dominica, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica & Grenada on a 14 nighter from Barbados on Grandeur earlier this year - could not do that from Miami or other US ports when itinerary was put out. 5 - Not sure mentioned it but Barbados is beautiful! 6 - Plus Barbados has a few great golf courses! Cost is always a factor but not everybody is flying from the same place....
  12. That's the plan!! I booked and cancelled multiple times on the previous ones but never been almost 2 years ahead when booking!! Thanks.
  13. Hi experts From your previous experiences, how far in advance (approximately) do the packages start to get shown on the Planner please? Cruises are back to back on Oasis Jan 2024 - can never book too far in advance IMO! Thank you.
  14. Hey all. Happy Friday. Just booked back to back on Oasis from Miami in Jan 2024 - only about 660 days to go...! Looking for some local tips/advice please as not sailed from Miami before, and from other posts on here I know it can get quite hectic! When the flights are released next year our plans would be to arrive the day before (Saturday) and with most UK flights tending to arrive mid afternoon there won't too much time to kill. We would then hope to board as early as possible on the Sunday. Where would be best to stay for cost/convenience/evening activities? Blue Lagoon area gets decent reviews with hotel shuttle buses from the airport etc, plus looks like only a 15-20 minute Uber/taxi ride next day to the cruise port. Or should we consider down by the water (Biscayne?) for more evening options? The other question is when we get disembark 2 weeks later, we may decide to stay an extra night in which case book a hotel and sort the cases etc with the hotel BUT if we decide we are flying home same day, do RCI offer any transfer excursions for Miami? Assume they do but thought ask the question here as my planner ain't gonna have anything listed for quite some time! Many thanks.
  15. @Matt is it same on Oasis? Just booked Jan 2024 from miami, deck 12 port side ocean balcony....should we move to starboard? Thx
  16. Apologies - found another link to the Oasis ships https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/cruise-rooms/royal-suite-class Surely the pillow will sway her!!!
  17. Thanks @Midwest Cruiser Just found this link https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program where it says about priority boarding but without the pillow tops - maybe the UK and US lists are different!! My 2 pence is with your 2 cents and would go for the JS - but the wife may disagree!!
  18. I tested mine by putting some tissue paper in for the first use and the paper stayed bone dry!!
  19. Hi RCI gurus. Looking at a 2024 cruise on an Oasis class ship. Good offers on today (ends tomorrow) with a reduced deposit and savings on the cabins. Difference between a sea view balcony and a junior suite is about £1400/$1800 on Oasis and £1100/$1500 on Symphony - both for 14 nights on back to backs. Big advantage with Junior suite is it will give me double C&A points and jump me up to Diamond so future cruise will benefit from that, but when you factor in flights from UK will add over $1200 to the trip is it worth it? The discussion with the boss/wife will take place tonight but wondered what the experts thought?! Thanks
  20. We always take 'too much' despite saying "never again" - although to be honest the 'too much' last time was less 'too much' than all previous 'too much' times! We do tend to mix the clothes across the 2 cases though - some of mine in hers and vice versa as I know one day the airline will lose one of our cases!
  21. Grandeur 14 night from Barbados on 20th Feb - was told 740 passengers. For an old lady she was lovely
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