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  1. Thanks, that means a lot. He was in so much pain that it was the kindest thing we could do for him. It’s easier knowing that, but terribly hard at the same time. He was a good dog.
  2. We've been dealing with FCC's for almost three years now since our entire family and extended family are unvaccinated. We finally thought we'd be cruising in August (leaving on the 14th), but our exemption was denied and we weren't able to go. A few days before our cruise, one of our beloved dogs started limping on his front leg, we took him to two vets, but they thought he must have injured it somehow, so they gave us anti inflammatory medication and told us we'd see some improvement by the weekend (when we would have been cruising had our religious exemption been accepted). He deteriorated rapidly and no longer had use of three of his legs by Sunday. We had him put down on Monday. It's been a gut wrenching experience, but it would have been so much worse had we also had to deal with cancelling a cruise on top of all that. Being home with our four footed family member to comfort him in his last moments was the only place we'd have been. Sometimes I think I can feel it when God gives me a nudge. And it reminded me of why I always buy cruise insurance, always.
  3. Yes, for sure, we will as well. I think the only reason it hasn't happened more quickly at this point is because so many of the lines lag one another, so if you book a month out on one the other will have the same rules by the time you sail. We've loved Beaches, highly recommended!
  4. Yes! We always book four people in a room, so we just learned the other day that you can add a fifth, but it had to be a new reservation. It was confusing, I almost didn't end up bringing my niece because I thought "new reservation" meant "add another room", but no. The agent helped me get it sorted.
  5. There are quite a few rooms on board that will hold families of five. You can typically see these on the ship with a little (5+) icon on the room number. We're sailing on Liberty next month with five of us in a deluxe oceanview, and we've sailed on Explorer in a panoramic oceanview that also was 5+. So I think the thing to do with any room (there are also a few limited interior rooms with 5+) is to look at your sailing and then go through the room categories looking for that icon. Alternately you can call RC directly, or your travel agent, and they can help you find it. I've not seen a room with a rollaway bed, but they do have pullmans and bunk beds. I hope that helps!
  6. I feel like I was reading somewhere that a line was going this route, where they would accept a picture of the test. I'll have to look further.
  7. Yes, that's what I'm seeing as well, but nothing about the test being proctored. I think they'll probably clarify this soon for post 9/6 sailings.
  8. I do see that it says after September 6th protocols will be posted soon. I’m sure they’ll clarify in there and that it’ll stay proctored.
  9. I ask only because all of the sub titles now say “For cruises embarking through September 5th”.
  10. Where does it say that regarding cruises after the 6th? I looked all around and couldn’t find it.
  11. I'm just sort of browsing around and reading through the latest testing requirements for each line. Carnival is pretty confusing because of how they have sub sections. They have a broad update at the top but then other information below, however none of it has been updated since the broad update at the top. It doesn't say that unvaxxed have to take proctored tests (at the top), so does that mean you can test and just show the actual test or a picture of it as proof? I'm hoping to see something like this happen on RCL, moving to the honor system. Maybe a baby step before just getting back to the health declaration.
  12. Woo! Which testing did you use? A video proctor?
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