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  1. It’s like “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. You can write books like those, but if you use that name you are going to get sued.
  2. Yes, this. I have a friend who performs on the ships in a jazz band and this is really only his major other duty.
  3. The only ones we had a problem with were the smaller comedy venues. Those we could not get in to, but every other show was no problem without a reservation.
  4. Yeah same. I don’t drink soda, have one cup of plain black coffee a day, and a maximum of three alcoholic drinks. It’s kind of like the old Disney Dining Plan (not sure if that’s still a thing), great if you just don’t want to worry about it when you’re there.
  5. This is a ship with a centrum, right? I haven’t seen one in so long, a few years. I agree it’s not like a promenade, but it’s grand.
  6. We went on our years ago, it was a beautiful ship and quite large! I was thinking it might feel small, but no, not at all. Great ship! We’re actually taking the sister ship (Radiance) on a Panama Canal cruise next year and cannot wait.
  7. My only issue with one a day is the beds that you can’t put away on your own. Like the ones that come down from the ceiling or wall. Is there a key? They’re not going to give it to me so I have to have that bed down until they come, and then they’re just going to leave it down for night time, so I’ve got a bed taking up room over the couch all day. This would bother me. We have a room like this next month so I’ll be eager to see how it goes.
  8. Enjoy it in port! That’s what my 19 year old niece did, great fun!
  9. I made the attempt in the US with a religious exemption last year, it was denied. My gut says maybe things have changed since then and there will be more room for leeway, but I wouldn’t bank on it. You might also try calling the exemptions department, they were very helpful and easy to reach when I was working with them
  10. There’s mini golf, many family friendly shows, trivia, rock wall competitions, pickle ball, and paid things like a cupcake decorating class.
  11. The panoramic suite is awesome! One of the favorites we’ve stayed in on Explorer. Eating breakfast at Giovanni’s was nice.
  12. Yes, in the last year. It was on Explorer. And they weren’t nice shorts, they were basic beach stuff, couldn’t be passed as nice at all.
  13. I have only ever been turned away on formal night once, and I wouldn’t even have gone in had I remembered it was formal night. Shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, they politely let me know that it wasn’t the right attire. It is pretty casual, just not that casual.
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