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  1. Wow. As long as people are defending disgusting behavior and criticizing other folks as germ-o-phobes, I will continue to wash my hands at every opportunity and otherwise take care of myself. There is a huge difference between camps on the necessity of smart hygiene.
  2. I was a fish out of water in Bayonne. We had a high-end (read high-dollar) hotel there at the airport, but they were completely unwilling to help me with transportation suggestions, even to the ship. "You'll have to google that yourself, sir". My daughter on the west Coast ordered us an UBER. If not for her bailing us out, I think I'd still be stuck in Metro New York City. This I'm sure is quite normal if you're accustomed to the Northeast culture, but it's tough for a tourist from the West Coast.
  3. The cruise lines are fighting for their very survival. They are presented with an ever-changing list of protocols, and in spite of their customers grumbling over every change, they must continue to do whatever is necessary. I believe they are doing a good job. My wife very recently cruised on Oasis. She said everything about the entire cruise went smoother than on any other cruise. The ship departed an hour later than originally scheduled, and folks bellyached, but again, they are doing the best they can in spite of the never ending changes placed upon them. Already, our next cruise is impacted on allowable ports, and one change so far, has happened. So be it. Agree with protocols or not, she said there was quite some comfort in seeing all the blue wrist bands, indicating folks were vaxxed and tested, and for the few younger folks that were not, they were kept completely separate from the masses. The constant sanitizing also was comforting. And yes, she had fun.
  4. Yes, we know it was lost by the airline. The question was in the context of a travel policy, if it covers luggage during the entire trip, or only while it was in possession of the ship. No, there was no mention of if there was or was not travel insurance, but I suspect there is more to this story. I cannot imagine a passenger expecting help from the cruise line if travel insurance was not purchased from them. Only questions... Trying to connect the dots.
  5. I think the OP's question is relevant. I just read the travel protection fine print, if a person purchased this, and lost luggage is indeed covered. And the coverage is far higher than the OP received. The caveat remains however, is where the luggage was lost, and to what part of the trip is luggage covered. Reading my Royal Caribbean Travel Policy, It does not specifically say lost onboard, or lost at any other part of travel. It is called Travel protection, and not cruise protection. Bottom line... If you have travel protection, or even if you don't, you should know what benefits they provide, where they provide them, when they'll provide them, and you should already have contingency plans. Lost luggage can severely curtail a vacation. The folks within driving distance of cruise terminals are lucky. They remain in possession of their belongings until they reach the pier... The rest of us, who often require a full travel day, and cover 3 or more time zones with multiple connections and even a motel the night before boarding must take care of ourselves. I travel early, and I don't pack 100% of anything in just one bag. I know if I have to depend on anybody else, I'm ripe to be stood up.
  6. My Wife was on St. Maarten on November 11th. Her ship-provided tour purposely did not cross to the French side. Seemed a privately booked tour could come and go as they pleased, with the associated risks left to the individual tourists.
  7. Only my speculation... I think they just don't know how long the protocols might take, and they're not taking chances. Last week, my wife was on Oasis, and they also changed/extended the departure time. She said it ended up being the easiest and quickest boarding ever.
  8. All last week, my wife had great difficulties with VOOM on Oasis. They had lots of answers and lots of excuses, but ultimately we wasted our money. No refund offer was made.
  9. Some years ago I met him in the cigar lounge. At that time, there were rumors of eliminating the cigar bars on all of Royal's fleet. He said if they eliminated the cigar bar(s), he would no longer sail with Royal. Does this mean they did not eliminate the cigar bars?
  10. All I know... We're attempting to share emails. My Wife has both an iPhone and tablet on the ship. I'm using my computer at my home. On the ship, she has Voom, surf and stream. It works sometimes, and sometimes not. The first 3+ days, she was able to send emails but not receive them. As of yesterday, now she's receiving emails. We've experienced the same thing on other cruises, and that was when she was still using an Android phone. As I said originally, our Voom experience is hit or miss.
  11. My Wife has an I Phone. And just that fast, tonight, she's received my emails. Go figure.
  12. I suspect I'm not understanding the technology or the question. All I receive is in Black.
  13. If Diamond is important to you, then absolutely go for it. As Diamond got closer, our cruise frequency increased, just 'cause we didn't want to wait. And it happened fast.
  14. My Wife is on Oasis of the Seas as I'm now posting. Voom, for us, is always hit or miss. On this cruise, it's mostly miss. I am receiving some photos from her, but she sees almost none of my replies. The ship told her, I-Phones are problematic, and she should upgrade to Stream. She did so, but she still is receiving almost none of my correspondence, either to her tablet or her I-phone.
  15. Their signature drink... Labadoozie... https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/07/15/royal-caribbean-classic-labadoozie
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