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  1. Finally got my wish... Navigator of the Seas to the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles, November 11th '22. The logistics of a West Coast cruise for us are both easier, and far cheaper. Since I'm 2 hours from L.A. by air, and without a time change, I'll be able to fly the same day as the cruise.
  2. For the first time ever, apparently I was offered a GTY room today and didn't even know it. This is a new experience for me and I don't know what triggered it. I called up Casino Royale, asked to book the room they offered me, and when everything was done they said I would not know my room assignment until 24 hours before the cruise. Really? I said no way! So then, they offered my a Junior Suite for an upcharge, and my room assignment would be immediate. The rules and trickeries... They be evolving.
  3. I Always tip the cabin person at the end. And I give 'extras' along the way. I've also learned here, folks buying a little extra while in port, just as an extra thank you to the cabin attendant. Suite concierge? Never even knew they had one. We've sure never met one.
  4. I have purchased multiple ulus while cruising Alaska, and in every case, they allowed them on the ship and welcomed me to take them to my cabin. I don't know if ulus are an exception, or if they just didn't want to be bothered. On the airplane home however, it would have to travel in checked luggage. Additionally, there are many sellers of ulus in Alaska, many offering to mail them to your home or to a gift recipient, for a fee.
  5. Ya know what I think? I think this is a nice thread.
  6. So many rules. Guess that's why my family always practiced 'family style' dining. The Irish DNA prevailed. Ironic, we have the most gorgeous English tea set, and we've never used them even once since we inherited them well over 50 years ago. They'd kick me out of the Brit Club since I'd likely put the little dishes in the wrong place at place settings. Further, I am envious of the folks that know their identity. Too many of our ancestors lost it at Ellis Island.
  7. Guess I've got a lot to learn. I thought a charcuterie was a tower of food with finger sandwiches, cheese, meats, breads, etc. So I should have more correctly asked, if you ordered tea with finger sandwiches and a relish plate, would that then be a high tea? I see now, it must be stacked to qualify.
  8. Because the English has been bred out of my DNA over many generations, I must ask... If you went into a cafe and ordered tea, a charcuterie and/or a crumpet, would that not satisfy high tea? I truly am not trying to be disrespectful. I would like to know.
  9. Again, my Wife just got off a 7-day cruise on Harmony. It was so unreliable, I was never able to usefully communicate with her from home. The VOOM folks were very condescending with her, and no matter what, it somehow was always her fault. And the excuses... In the past we purchased surf but not stream, and when it worked, I was able to communicate via email. Now, they say it requires streaming also. So we bought that too. Still no worky. And then their next excuse, VOOM is not compatible with Apple products. Really? The worker bee searched his computer to declare, "well ma'am, I see you did successfully send some photos on day two, so it must be working". Therefore, we cannot cancel the remaining VOOM and give you a refund.
  10. The longer they've been since drydock, they do suffer the cumulative effects of many thousands of non-stop guests, but I think they do quite well in mitigating the wear and tear of constant use.
  11. For a Westerner that is very much a fish out of water while visiting New York City... NEW YORK CITY! , the view from Port Liberty was astounding.
  12. Ah, it was just a writing assignment. Nothing says you have to know what you're writing about to receive such an assignment. And I found myself not clicking on the READ MORE clickbait. It was just one more article that I'd normally never have seen , and not particularly stimulating. First, I again admit that I'm not a foodie. And as disappointed as so many folks are with the food aboard a ship, I am glad I am NOT a foodie. I have been corrected multiple times, even on this forum, that there's no way I could have liked the food that I loved so much. So be it. I suspect the writer is high maintenance in her real life, and she likely knew she wouldn't like a cruise. And I suspect she would be one to look down her nose at those of us that think we know the Main Dining Room, as well as the Windjammer, is quite excellent. I am guilty of suspecting things. Bottom line, most folks have their favorite foods and their favorite types of restaurants. If they're happy thinking they're receiving better food because they paid extra, let them believe it. If they believe it, that makes it true. A first time cruise may place a person well out of their element. And if they don't have a seasoned cruiser in their party, it may actually be akin to rocket science. But some folks thrive on that too, and will go out of their way to make sure it is difficult. Front of the boat, back of the boat, inside, outside, 12 steps to the elevator lobby for convenience, or 212 steps to the elevator lobby for quietness, everybody has an idea of what works best for them. And those that have their own ideas, aren't wrong, simply for having a different idea of what works. We have met multiple folks who pretty much live aboard a ship. We met a couple of them in the Windjammer. Did we instantly judge them as hillbillies such as me, just because they were eating the free comfort-food dinners? And when they professed to prefer inside cabins, did I think that's all they could afford? Nope. These ladies were scientists, were Pinnacle Members with Oak Leaf Clusters, and I'll bet either one of them had every opportunity to dine in any venue of their choice, and inhabit any cabin of their choice. What's my point? Probably don't have a valuable one. But I'd like to be an assignment writer. Maybe write an article on the best corn dogs and canned chili. They're not all the same.
  13. Well, this is where we stayed in February. They had a shuttle, don't remember if it was complimentary or if we paid for it, but it got us to the port. Speaking of the hotel, it was dumpy, but no more so than any other hotel we've stayed at in Florida. Online, all motels are gorgeous. But it seems when we check in, the hotels never got the memo that they're supposed to be really nice. They're all the same.
  14. Good for you. I am envious. My last two attempts were rejected. I did a max bid on one, a middle bid on the next, but I did not score.
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