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  1. What's the timeline for Brightline? I'm talking about this coming January
  2. I would be doing a Thursday morning in mid-January. I assume you anticipate traffic being especially bad mid-week?
  3. I already know this is a bad idea, I've told other travelers not to risk it… But has anybody in these forums actually transferred from Port Canaveral to Miami (or vice versa)? With traffic it's easily a four hour trip, but my last few cruises I easily walked off the ship and out of the terminal before 8:30am, so this has me wondering if I could/should book an extra cruise that ends in PC the same day my Port of Miami cruise departs… Has anybody actually done this transfer successfully in the last year or two?
  4. We're leaving for soggy Puerto Rico in a few hours and I may not look at these boards again before we are on the ship. Travel safe everyone and see you Saturday!
  5. Where at? According to the app the "Big Game" is being shown on the pool deck, in the "Pit Stop", and in the Safari Club. I think I'll gravitate toward the Safari Club, probably…
  6. I wish they would start recycling the classic royalty-themed names like Majesty, Empress, Monarch, and especially Sovereign. But my actual guess would be one of the short 4 or 5 letter ones already trademarked: Idol, Love, Apex, Nova, Hero, Eden, Haven, etc etc. Queen of the Seas might be a nice compromise, I suppose. It's funny, at first I hated some of the recent names (Icon, Utopia, Star… bleh!!!) but now all three sound totally normal and fine… so I guess I'll get over it, whatever they pick. Of the 35 "of the Sea" names so far, the only one I can't forgive is Quantum of the Seas. I've yet to hear a cogent explanation for what that even means.
  7. On Liberty this summer we always went to the main theater shows 30 minutes early and had virtually any seat we wanted. We don't mind going early and relaxing in comfortable seats; it's nice way to relax after a busy day of relaxing! The ice show seating is a little more competitive, as it's a smaller venue with fewer really great seats and lots of just-ok seats.
  8. Absolutely! We have family and friends in the St Joe, Rushville, Dekalb, Dearborn, Platte City area. We'll be wearing Chiefs shirts (at least the first few days) and will be watching the game, of course. Come say hi!
  9. I don't recall the name of it but it was one of the see the historical sights and go shopping kind of excursions. I'm not surprised they canceled considering everything you've pointed out.
  10. I got an email today the the Trinidad excursion was canceled because of carnival
  11. So if things are kind of shut down for the holiday on Ash Wednesday, what do you think we ought to do? Maybe go to a beach? Maybe just lower our expectations and kind of wander around a bit? By the way, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me this feedback. My wife depends on me to do all the planning and your insight is so valuable!
  12. I'm seriously going to cancel our excursion… if it's ok if we follow you downtown, that is…
  13. It's hard to say where we'll be at sail away, but this is us. Please come up and say hi. Tell us you're from the RCblog message boards!!!
  14. We have an excursion in Trinidad but have no special plans for Scarborough, Tobago. Any recommendations for a couple who are just walking around?
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