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  1. We have really enjoyed 2 cruises during Christmas on Royal Caribbean ships! Before our first Christmas cruise, we had trepidations about whether we might miss out on the spirit of Christmas. (We are Christian). But with the plethora of beautiful Christmas decorations, the Christmas music and carols, and even Santa and elves on board, we felt filled with the holiday spirit. Note: But the Santa that surfed on Freedom of the Seas looked a little too thin. Ha
  2. Thank you Twangster! What great research! I really appreciate it! I used to be do a lot of research work when I was a Graduate Assistant many years ago! So I am impressed! I am bookmarking your page for future reference. I now plan to use your 2nd day strategy when purchasing internet!
  3. Thank you so much! But there is probably a smaller discount given on 4 or 5 day cruises. Right?
  4. Does anyone know what Diamond Plus Internet discounts are loaded on the sea pass card according to length of cruise? I may be going on 4 and 5 day back to back cruises. I somehow can't even remember what it was for a 7 and longer day cruises. Just dreaming and hopefully planning on when I may cruise again!!!
  5. Yes, my wife and I will gladly wear a mask. Just to be back on board a Royal Caribbean cruise is all we require. Before when the pandemic started, we thought that we would not want to do this; but now we are used to it. So yes we have changed our mind on wearing a mask. Can't wait to cruise again!
  6. On the Oasis class ships, I have only seen this door to the Solarium on the PORT side (Deck 14)! Getting cabins close to this beautiful part of the ship would be wonderful in my opinion! The solariums on Oasis ships have always been one of my favorite places for a drink, a swim, or a peaceful place for a beautiful view out over the bow of the ship!
  7. I've noticed that the longer 10-11 day Empress Canada/New England cruises originally scheduled for later in the Summer and Fall (2021) are no longer available. Do you think that Royal Caribbean is hoping to return to Cuba then?
  8. Knowing that the CDC seems to have a 7 day or less limit as a starting point; I booked back to back cruises on Independence of the Seas in March. I booked B2B 5 night and a 4 night cruises. They have different western Caribbean itineraries. I hope that they will not be cancelled because it looks like a very fun combination! Record? :I think that I might have a record for the most cruises cancelled, mostly because of the virus but I also had one cancelled because RC changed the cruise length and itinerary. Off the top of my head, I believe I've had 5 cancelled.
  9. Thank you for your excellent and knowledgeable writing on this topic!!! I now think that I understand the "back to back" process!
  10. I have been on many cruises, but never on back to back consecutive ones. Do you need to disembark between cruises? Or has that changed? Also, do you need to get up early like the passengers leaving? I understand that there is a meeting to attend ?? Any information on B2B would be great! Thanks!
  11. I understand that if a passenger tests positive for COVID on the ship, then, that passenger's family members and cabin mates might need to be quarantined. But how about everyone else on the sailing; I would hope that they could stay on the cruise and enjoy all venues and they would not be required to quarantine when they return. Does anyone know?
  12. I apologize because I have not read through the long CDC requirements about reopening cruising. And this might have been discussed before. But, my question: if one passenger gets COVID on the ship, then would everyone else on the ship be required to quarantine?
  13. Those stairs are for service crew only! (The stairs you asked about are shown on the deck plans but are not for passengers) I remember because I had a stateroom near these service stairs last fall on Brilliance. I was hoping for a shortcut to Schooners. But passengers in these aft cabins have to use the stairs in the centrum.
  14. I sure hope that Jewel will still sail on the 12 night sailing May 28th to the British Isles from Amsterdam. I am booked on that one and also have air.
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