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  1. Does Empress still serve Bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Marys on each day for brunch? I just saw a blog about this, but it may be several years old.
  2. I am Diamond Plus and have this question about buying internet by the day on-board my next cruise. I want to purchase Surf Internet by the day for the days that I do not get the internet free.(My wife has her own internet package. So, I will use the 4 free Surf days for myself. Then I want to buy internet by the day for the rest of the cruise.) Is there a discount for Diamond Plus members buying internet on board?
  3. Spectrum performed on Vision of the Seas last February! This group that sings oldies/motown and many other type songs is fabulous! They had the whole ship rocking, with people dancing in the aisles! They play in Vegas where they are wildly popular for much of the time but do perform on cruises fairly often. I wish I would know when they were going to perform again so I could book that cruise!
  4. Does anyone know when the "chat" feature (allowing conversation on board between passengers) will be rolled out on ships with the ap.? I am sailing on Serenade of the Seas, Dec. 9th, and would love to have this to communicate on board!
  5. When will the "Chat feature" be added to the ap.? I will be sailing on Serenade of the Seas Dec. 9th and was hoping to be able to communicate with my wife and others on board. On our last cruise on Brilliance in September, I was told that this feature should be available on ships that have the ap. by the end of this year. Does anyone know?
  6. No Glacier Bay? Alaska Cruises 2020-21: Why is Glacier Bay not listed on any Royal Caribbean Alaska itinerary for the entire seasons of 2020 and 2021?
  7. When sailing from Vancouver, you spend a lot more time sailing in the beautiful Inside Passage. From Seattle, you have a day at sea on the way north and on the way back south. So I prefer sailing from Vancouver for that reason. However, if you want to go to Victoria, then the Seattle cruises offer a stop there.
  8. We love the main Dining Room. We can order fast and be on our way to have more fun within an hour or usually less. We also love the food. I usually get prime rib sometimes twice each cruise. I love the lamb dishes and the duck! And did I mention lobster. There are many many other dishes that are very good! But, occasionally, I will order a steak from the specialty restaurant. The major problem with the specialty restaurants is that it takes so long. Granted the food is very good also, but you have to pay. In summary, we usually eat only in the Main Dining Room and on a rare occasion eat in a Specialty restaurant or the Windjammer.* * Exceptions: We enjoy the fun Mexican Specialty restaurants, like Sabor, for lunch. And, we do want to try Hooked on Seafood when we cruise on a ship that has that.
  9. Will Royal Caribbean start having the nightly Diamond Event on Empress, now that they may need help on promoting this smaller ship? (We noticed on our Cuba sailing that there was a mostly unused lounge space before dinner times which would be perfect for the event.)
  10. I agree with Matt! I have looked up other cruise line's loyalty programs and found that Royal Caribbean's Diamond Lounge benefits with a social gathering and free drinks each night is way better than what other cruise line's loyalty programs offer. Also, why are people concerned if they have to wait for a while on a table at dinner? It's just like or usually much better than restaurants on land. My suggestion: relax, you're on vacation, have fun!!!
  11. Why not choose MY TIME DINING! Then you can reserve or just show up at any time. For MY TIME DINING, it's best to reserve your times for dinner. I always reserve every night before the cruise but often change the times or even just show up early or late with no problem.
  12. How hard will it be to get UBER or a Taxi to and from Pier 2. We arrive at HNL around 12:40 pm and plan to take UBER to ship. Hopefully sometime later after checking in, we want get UBER or a Taxi to go to Wakiki for a night of fun! I have never been to Hawaii. Who knows about Honolulu transportation?
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