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  1. Thank you for your replies/suggestions! We have decided to cancel. .By cancelling now, our United nonrefundable flight tickets do not have any cancellation fees. United has no fees ( for any flights cancelled by May 31st). Also our $100 per person nonrefundable cruise deposits will be given back for a future cruise credit (We booked on board for the lower $200 deposit rate.) I thought this information may help others decide what to do. But if the Empress sailing on Aug. 24th is really going to happen, we will book again!!! What a wonderful itinerary it has!!!
  2. I guess that I will make final payment including air for the Empress this coming Tuesday.?? The ship leaves from Liberty visiting new England places and then 4 Canadian ports before it arrives in Montreal. Does anyone have any information about reopening of the eastern Canadian ports? (Of course, Royal Caribbean may even cancel the Empress cruise???)
  3. Cancelled Cruise with air purchased through Air2sea: Will Royal Caribbean's Air 2 Sea department get the airfare refunded to you? Or, do we have to contact airline?
  4. Does Royal Caribbean refund airfare if you purchased through Royal Caribbean's Air 2 Sea? For the Refund option, do they refund the airfare along with other pre cruise purchases? And for FCC, do they also refund the air purchased through Air 2 Sea along with other pre cruise purchases? Also if the Air 2 Sea department does work to refund your air tickets, what about non refundable air tickets? Sorry, but I can't find an explanation about air being refunded.
  5. What about Europe cruises not leaving or arriving in the USA? Would they get to sail during this 100 day ban?
  6. For those of us who purchased round trip air, how are we to get home? it says during the COVID 19 pandemic. How long will the pandemic last? My cruise, if it is still on, is from Southampton on May 29th. Does anyone have any clarification on this policy?
  7. I'm more optimistic: Based on China's cases, the virus started about mid January and on about Feb. 4th the upward curve started to head downward. So maybe from about a month from when it started in USA, it will start declining. My prediction is May 1st for Royal Caribbean to start sailing. But April 11th would be wonderful!
  8. WHAT I SEE IS A LEVEL IV ON CNN?? NOT SURE IF THIS IS AN ADVISORY OR A BAN??? I went on a search engine and It looks like airlines have cancelled flights to England until April 11th.
  9. Whoops, I didn't think about the Jones Act. Thanks for the correction! Surely, the congress could temporarily lift this restriction during Canada's ban. Cruise lines bring in so many jobs and taxes for us, that hopefully a temporary exemption would be offered. What do you think?
  10. Cruising from Seattle you say: If the ships are still going to Alaska in June from Seattle. All Royal Caribbean would have to do is to skip Victoria the only Canadian port of call. Then proceed on to Alaska. Even if you missed a day in a port, cruising the Inner Passage for more time would be wonderful in my opinion.
  11. We cruised on a 5 day trip to Cuba in an inside cabin a year and a half ago. We did not spend much time in the cabin and we had a lot of fun! The ship is a very pretty and the public areas don't feel small. And yes the inside cabin was very small. But I myself started cruising on ships in the 80's and the small sized cabins were the norm then. With the inside cabin, one person actually has to climb over the bed when getting up if the beds are together. It only has some room on one side which includes a bed side table. One solution is to have the beds as twins, then there is room in the middle. We have booked an 11day New England/ Canada cruise this August 24th. The itinerary looks wonderful! But on this future cruise we booked an outside room which is a little bigger. This ocean view room has space on each side when the beds are together. Hope this helps!
  12. We have Anthem's 8 day sailing from Southhampton booked for May29th. Keeping our fingers crossed.
  13. What happens to the crew during the 30day suspension? Do they stay on board and receive only room and board or maybe a salary? Or are many sent home?
  14. We most often just do the Main Dining Room. We like the variety. And the quality of the food is very good in our opinion! There is an Italian night each week that is very good. Also, the Windjammer oftentimes has eggplant with the cheeses and marinara sauce close by.
  15. We're sailing with you!!! We can't wait to board Oasis this Sunday!!!!!!! Don't worry about a thing, because you're on a Royal Caribbean cruise which is the most carefree vacation in the world. Just have a ball!!! You can do everything or nothing at all!!! Oasis is wonderful and spectacular!!! If you need anything, there are staff members ready to help you. To answer your question, I only see luggage tags on line and not on the ap. If you don't have luggage tags when you arrive at port, porters are there to fill out the tags for you.
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