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  1. Wish I was there with you! I'm jealous! Question: What is the Diamond Lounge like? Do you have to use vouchers? Or are vouchers just for more expensive drinks not on the Damond drink list?
  2. The new Diamond free drink policy has Diamond getting 4, Diamond Plus getting 5, and Pinnacle getting 6 drink vouchers. Question: Will the Diamond Lounge require you to use your drink vouchers or is it still unlimited as it has always been?
  3. 25% is probably not hardly an obstruction at all from my experience. It may be just one little pole with almost no obstruction. To give you an estimate, you might try deckplans.com ( I believe that is the sight??) Click on the ship in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to your ship. They may have a video of your cabin or similar cabins on your ship or you can look up a Royal Caribbean sister ship to seer similar cabins. The obstructed view cabins that have 75% obstruction usually have life boats that you have to look around. The ones that are 50% obstructed have a very go
  4. We booked this May 5th, 2022, 8 day Ovation of the Seas cruise. This cruise starts in Vancouver and ends in Seattle! We look forward to seeing a lot of snow on the mountains this early in the Alaska cruise season!
  5. We want to go on this cruise but we are waiting to see if US citizens are allowed.
  6. We are tentatively booked on this cruise. We have reserved a hotel before and after in Barbados. (Hope CDC will drop the Covid test requirement for reentering the US by then. We are vaccinated.) We have reserved the refundable flights on Royal Caribbean' s air which looks to save us some money. Exciting itinerary: We are really looking forward to visiting new ports! Trinidad and Tobago should be very interesting; and we especially want to visit Dominica. The pictures look like Hawaii, so beautiful!!
  7. Anthem of the Seas sailings from September this year look available for US citizens to book. But, will these cruises really be available for us to sail on in September and October? What do you think? We would really like to go on the Sept. 23rd (9 day) Northern Europe cruise to Oslo, Copenhagen, "Arhus", Rotterdam and LaHavre. What are my chances?
  8. Thank you Matt! I guess we will stay a night before our cruise. I hope that will be OK!
  9. Royal Caribbean said they will provide a covid test for passengers so they can go through customs and return to USA. I wonder if it would be possible to stay over one night in a Nassau hotel without getting another covid test? CDC says the positive test must be within 3 days of returning to USA. My wife and I usually spend a night after our cruises to enjoy the port of departure. By staying a day longer, it makes getting off the ship less sad.
  10. Do you think that the CDC has even looked at the new safety plans in place, established by Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Carnival? It seems that their requirements are very outdated and out of touch. As far as I know, the CDC has not mentioned any safety measures that cruise lines have taken. (Maybe someone knows more about what the CDC actually knows in regards to cruise lines safety policies. There must be an explanation; is it lack of knowledge or something else?)
  11. The new itinerary for Vision of the Seas from Bermuda lists Freeport technical stop? What does that mean?
  12. Does anyone know about LNG for cruise ships? According to news articles, LNG seems to be the fuel of the future because it greatly reduces pollution! Questions: Can older Vision and Radiance ships be converted to use LNG? Royal Caribbean says it is testing LNG on an Oasis ship, so maybe this class can be converted? What do you think? Will cruise ports like Venice and Key West, with environmental concerns, begin welcoming large ships again if they use LNG? Any comments?
  13. We have really enjoyed 2 cruises during Christmas on Royal Caribbean ships! Before our first Christmas cruise, we had trepidations about whether we might miss out on the spirit of Christmas. (We are Christian). But with the plethora of beautiful Christmas decorations, the Christmas music and carols, and even Santa and elves on board, we felt filled with the holiday spirit. Note: But the Santa that surfed on Freedom of the Seas looked a little too thin. Ha
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