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  1. Matt, you say bad luck, I say poorly trained guest services. IMHO. I would say something about this being a learning lesson for staff in future staff meeting etc. You know constructive criticism. But then your the devil.
  2. I'm paying more for my next Wonder 7nt then I would on a Trans Atlantic QM2 sailing. (Just looked) I think "Top Dollar" is very relative to each person. Also every single dollar I spend is "Top Dollar" to me. Some of us have no choice but to value what money they have and spend as "Top Dollar". I expect quality from every purchase I make. If you don't, your not getting your monies worth. Nobody will look out for your quality Vs Dollar spent better then you.
  3. I wasn't going to do this anymore, but you were so on the money. Taking your money elsewhere is a form of holding them accountable. Not endlessly defending everything they do (both right & wrong) is also a start to hold them accountable aka to a higher standard. A large enough, loud enough bark can spare them the bite. (Loss of $$ customer, etc). It's in there best interest as well as ours to not defend and/or overlook/brush off these things. If you actually have interest in the company and want it to succeed, then being hard on them when needed is important. It's about attitude. They clearly decided loss of revenue one week this year (planned in advance like Disney) to do heavy work was not an exceptable hit for them. However, it was exceptable to there customers to do this while operational. That was a mistake. And "they will never shut down a week for work" is not a helpful response. Just because that's the way "it's always been" is no excuse. Maybe it's time for a new way of handling yearly work. It costs money to make money. I believe change is always possible. It just starts by letting our voices be heard. That includes the sycophants. Every protest, evey criticism, and hopefully every suggestion could lead to a better outcome for all. Both customer and business. I don't believe coming back at everything I say with endless excuses and defense of the company is in there best interests. Holding them to a higher standard and saying this is wrong (whatever the issue) is a start to teaching them how to be a better business to it's loyal customers. They can and do mess up often. If you speak about those problems more and defend less, then change and growth is possible. I used Disney as an example because it was my job for 20 years. Listening to guests and working to make things better for them (even if it cost us money) Always, always paid off in the long run. It isn't helpful to blindly defend. It gives a false sense of what is going on to the people that (Can) make change happen. Never settle for "well it's always been this way so..." I genuinely want to see change and growth come from a situation like this one. I truly believe I have said nothing here that will warrant a hostile response. Only time will tell. Please don't. I just know from experience that your criticism of them is more valuable to them in the long run, then your blind and blanket praise.
  4. A constructive reply. Thank you. And I will. P.S. You have always been very helpful to my questions in the past and it is always appreciated. Thanks again.
  5. If I actually thought you were interested I would elaborate.
  6. I literally never saw this as a fan site. It's nowhere in the name. I've always seen it as a place to get help and information. And it has. I just don't believe any business, celebrity, political figure etc deserve or warrants endless praise and or defense. They can and do wrong. And I don't believe in cut and run. I believe with enough criticism and holding to higher standards, change may be possible. But first step is not running to there defense every time. Expect more, demand more, and see what can be accomplished. Is that such a bad philosophy?
  7. Then you are doing yourself a disservice. Hold Chillis to the highest standard they can maintain. Nobody is comparing restaurants or cruise lines. Budget is a Bull ship excuse. To only expect what you paid for when you pay a lot? No way. Hold them to the highest standard. Always. Do you expect good care from your physician? Is he on Park Ave? Always hold people and especially businesses to the highest possible standards.
  8. I get that. Just please tell me you see it as the get out of jail free loop hole it is? Thanks.
  9. In my opinion by going out of your way to put that up, you are defending them. I can see the port thing or anything related to weather. However, being to greedy to take ships out of service more often for this kind of work is no more then a loop hole. Greed and lack of care for customers.
  10. So happy my genuine frustration is amusing you. I'm just not a sycophant to any big business and believe in holding them 100% accountable for the product they sell me. I truly do not understand the need here to constantly defend a multi billion dollar corporation. They are big boys and can handle everything I'm saying without the little tribe chiming in endlessly.
  11. You say nobody is saying they can do no wrong. If what you paid for is not open/working move on. I say bull ship. Hold a greedy business accountable for delivering the product they advertised and sold you. Saying oh well it is what it is and not fighting back to me is the equivalent of saying they can do no wrong. Well you only spent $1k not $4k so that's not my idea of top dollar. You should be happy with whatever you get. That's what I'm getting here. And that won't fly.
  12. Top dollar is relative to the person spending it!
  13. First off "Top Dollar" is something for each individual to determine. NOT YOU!!! Second there is a massive difference between planned and unplanned. And that does matter. Don't be so dam cheap and greedy that you don't pull a ship out of service for a week each year to do these things. Instead of when full with passengers. Oh but we owe billions. We will loose money dry dock a week a year. Well as you said "Ship happens". That goes both ways.
  14. Just because I don't see multi billion dollar corporations as the poor little souls that need endless defending from sycophants. I should be told where to travel by the likes of you.
  15. I'm sorry I cannot stand people who defend cruise lines like they can do no wrong. They expect top dollar from me and I expect top service from them. And if you have a problem with that it's yours, not mine.
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