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  1. Have deposit on next May. However, debating. Literally using "One and done" as our catch phrase. It's hard because it's an amazing ship. Aqua Dome/Overlook etc is a wow factor. It's the pool deck and handling of rules regarding children. It's non existent. More kids in the swim and tonic the past 2 hour's then adults. And they keep diving under the water and swimming around concrete barstools. Lifeguard says nothing. How a kid hasn't cracked his head open yet is beyond me. It's a bar. Nobody under 21 needs to be in it. I don't drink, so it doesn't effect me as much. Spent 10 minutes with a dIet coke and a splash of pool water. Disney Cruises is super mega strict on adult only areas. Children only too. Royal needs to draw a few lines in the sand, when it comes to the pool deck. It's a (you know what) show. Literally. LOL.
  2. The no swim diapers rule doesn't seem to exist. Even though it's in writing everywhere. Lifeguards and security don't a flying fig. They spend all there time on poop hunt. Kids diving into hot tubs. Just waiting for one to break there neck. Kids who cam barley walk allowed in pools. Parents who disappear. On land a 55 plus yr old adult in a tub of hot water with a bunch of 10 year old boys is a felony. Here the parents are not even around to notice or care. Apparently unlimited drinks package makes there children safe and no longer requires their supervision.
  3. There is no more to this story. Icon has a million times more children than any other ship. Is it not obvious to you that's why this is going on? Oh, and you are wrong. Way more kids on Icon than on any Oasis class ship ever. I'm living this. It's all happening in real time. It's like Carnival only without the class.
  4. Exactly. It's so odd to watch. I swear someone could actually be drowning and if they haven't pooped themselves the lifeguards wouldn't notice. Royal Caribbean does not handle children as well as Disney Cruise line. Kids on there like the indoor activities so much they go home with less color than how they arrived. Here 6 yr olds are splashing around a swim up bar. Makes zero sense to allow them in a swim up bar. Royal Caribbean gave this ZERO thought.
  5. Every second is spent searching for poop.
  6. I was told 4 hours minimum to clean a pool and refill. Lots of scrubbing with brush/stick mops. Lots of chemicals. I watched them clean the kid pool from up over in the Hideaway Pool. After cleaning it has to sit awhile. Long process. Royal needs to implement a 5 years and younger area. And not allow the little ones in every pool. It's not working at all. Don't get me started on the swim up bar. Kids allowed, why?
  7. Ok, Update! It was 2 pools today. The kids pool and the swim and tonic bar pool. Why they even allow kids in a pool that's a bar is beyond me. Royal Caribbean needs to rethink age policies on pools on this ship. It's really getting ridiculous. Lots of paying customers are MAD!
  8. MDR Food was exceptionally good night one. Beef quality has improved. No tough as nails steak. Aqua show was awesome. Aqua dome at night. Nice place to just sit and relax. Very Star Trek / Star Ship kinda feel. That's 3. LOL. (It's a beautiful ship) Oh, one more major plus. Natural light from windows behind Pearl Cafe opens up the promenade. Not everything faces inward anymore.
  9. Day 2: Kids pool at back of ship closed. LOL. (And possibly more, haven't seen them all today).
  10. I think they lowered the standard for photos. It didn't seem to be an issue. If it was clear, white background, and they tell you the size they want 960 x 930 jpeg (can't remember off top of my head). But boy do you fly through. That and a passport and you just don't stop. We were a little winded by the time we hit the promenade. LOL.
  11. Oh, you are new to me I see. LOL. I'll try, but it's going to hurt. LOL.
  12. Aqua show from the handicap seats. The one's with no backs are hard and painful.
  13. Well, day 1 and a pool has been closed for cleaning till tomorrow. It's the strangest thing. The lifeguards don't tell the kids to not dive in, jump in, splash, don't run, etc. None of it. They just walk back and forth looking for floating stool. Then every 10 minutes another lifeguard will come by and the two will walk past each other looking down left to right, right to left. Then from opposite ends when no poop is found they give each other a thumbs up. 10 minutes later, it starts all over again. Zero actual lifeguard duties. I have never seen anything like it on any other ship. A kid could dive in and break there neck in shallow water and all the lifeguards do is look for floaters. Royal Caribbean does not handle the children thing like Disney Cruise line does. Day 2 will be interesting.
  14. Yes. They fit the size, white background, etc perfectly. A CVS passport photo covers all the bases for this kind of stuff.
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