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  1. December 22nd on the Harmony. Good bye Uggs; Hello Flip Flops!
  2. We use Intercontinental Hotel on Chopin Blvd. Rooms with Bayview windows are great for watching the ships!
  3. @Tiffeven Day 3 sounds about right when the need to sleep-in and not answer the doorbell outweighs the need for Starbucks and breakfast delivered. The food hangover is real!
  4. We had luggage valet in May, unless I’m confusing trips or terms. I’m really counting on it for later this month on Symphony.
  5. Tooo funny! My DH would still be in the terminal waiting for a Genie 😂😂😂
  6. The Intercontinental and Azul😛 set the mood. Let the Symphony and celebrations of 17(s) begin! More, more, more! 🥳
  7. There is a small menu for Cabanas - chicken sandwiches, burgers, salads, cheese sticks etc. You fill out the menu and give it to the attendant. It takes a bit longer😌 than the 45 minutes regular room service on the ship. The attendants were doing their best, just not enough attendants in May.
  8. @Lovetocruise2002 We Loved watching the Fine Line Practices from ATS w/lunch in the room. Your Suite and food pictures got me misty eyed😅 Don’t forget the seafood Tower and the kids will have fun with staff antics at hibachi!
  9. Guilty of repeat sailings with Royal Caribbean: Allure 3 times, Harmony 3 times and an upcoming b2b on Harmony in May 2019. Love the ship, itinerary and staff. We follow Concierge like they’re family. We never get anxious about doing everything on one sailing, but we’d love to have a perfect day st CoCo Cay in May! Some of our best travels are from our Suite to the Suite Lounge/Coastal Kitchen, sunning and sipping on the balcony. Our land travels take us to other places. Our cruises are to relax in familiar retreats, sometimes with family but more often just the 2 of us. If loving the Caribbean is wrong...I don’t wanna be right!
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