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  1. I had my keys with me but I didn't know that it was still running. When we went into the suite lounge the concierge told us that someone walked by it and noticed it was on.
  2. I left our car running at Port Canaveral when we cruised on Oasis. We found out about 30 minutes after departure so there was nothing we could do but my husband did panic. RC quickly escorted us to a specialty restaurant and said they would take care of it. By the time we were done with dinner they had made phone calls and got the local sheriff to oversee a locksmith unlock, turn off and re lock the car. All at no charge! We tipped everyone involved and made a donation to the sheriffs department. Not my best moment but like you said, I could only laugh.
  3. When we were bumped from first class on American we did get a refund but I also made sure that they didn't charge me for luggage.
  4. Our experience must have been different than others because every time I emailed him, pre cruise, I heard back from him that same day. It was always late at night but always the same day. Since I'm not using my real name I can tell you something else about him. He has an amazing smile, very handsome and he smells great!
  5. When we cruised on Oasis I didn't know reserve seating was only in certain venues so I asked for seats at Quest. Our Genie told us that they don't usually reserve quest seats so I wasn't expecting them. We got there and there were about 10 seats that had our suite number, on plain white paper, saying reserved. He told us later that he didn't have enough of the red reserved signs.
  6. I am going to miss her on our next cruise.
  7. Cami is amazing! We were lucky to have her as our suite attendant the first time we were on deck 17 and have requested her every time since.
  8. We have a few booked but our next Star class isn't until a week after yours. Such a long wait!
  9. I agree with Chefs table being great and sicking with a wine you like . My daughter stuck with one the entire dinner. They opened a second bottle for her and then sent a bottle to her cabin.
  10. We had the same experience with others not in Star class. Our Genie always said hi to them when he saw them around the ship without us, asked them is they needed anything and if they wanted to be included in some of the stuff he had planned for us. The 2 not in star class were our son and his girlfriend so it was ok for him to always include them without asking us first.
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