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  1. We had Marijana as our suite attendant last December. She was amazing!
  2. We love Cami too and have requested her a few times. When we cruised on Harmony in December our suite attendant was Marijanna and she reminded us so much of Cami. I mentioned it and she told me that they had worked together and were best friends!
  3. Ask your Genie for an ice cream bar, popcorn, cupcake decorating in suite or whatever else Sasha wants, order a great movie and maybe a sleepover with Rayne.
  4. I'm not on Symphony now. We were a few weeks ago. Sorry
  5. I told Hossain that we went to the windjammer and he texted back with the vomit emoji!
  6. There is no Ben and Jerry's but there is Sugar Beach on the Boardwalk. Ice cream is included with Star Class but the candy is not.
  7. We did the escape room on Symphony 3 weeks ago. We didn't make it out but it was a lot of fun!
  8. Allans gift to you, on you final night, will be a piece of luggage to get home the gifts he has given you all week!
  9. At least you won't have to waste time packing the night before departure.
  10. Hossain was our genie a few weeks ago. I know he will make your cruise absolutely fantastic! Please tell him that Lori and Steve said hi. He should remember us if you mention the round lounger. Can't wait to read about your adventure. He has a little boy that is very close in age to your daughter.
  11. We had one Genie that told us the WJ was forbidden while another sent me the vomit emoji when I mentioned it!
  12. I am so jealous. The escape room was our one request and it wasn't open on Harmony 2 weeks ago.
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