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  1. Final thoughts…. In one sentence it was a learning experience. I’m glad we only went 4 days for our first sc royal cruise mainly because I don’t feel bad for waisting all my money and not knowing what to do. I am going to look at this cruise as a training wheels cruise lol! I learned a lot of what not to do. Pros. Embarkation you get ushered through. We had 9 people so having a genie really helped speed that up. The purple card… show your card and you will be treated like royalty. Prime seating… best seats in the house baby! Specialty dining…. access to any place you want to go. We had Yeungling beer that was supposedly not available. Whatever strings he had to pull thank you! Cons….. Despite all the messaging back and forth soo much was not done that was said would be done I said “we are foodies we love cheese chocolate and peanut butter. M&ms chips and dip macaroons and soft chocolate chip cookies. these would be great for snacks in the room for when we are hungry. Also late warm bites we like wings seafood and crab bites” He responded and said “i will work on this for you.” Day 2 and on our table was pretty empty. We had our drinks but no snacks or food It was this way the entire cruise. We had to call and ask for food if we wanted it. I feel like when there is a family booked with a kid that snacks should be automatic. Maybe someone got them instead of us or something got mixed up in translation. Other thing I see kids are usually the interest of the genies. Sasha was not. She did not get a gift or anything. No good bye gift or anything like that. Not sure if that is normal that they give gifts or not. I figured with $1000 for a 4 day Sasha would have had something from the genie to remeber him by. I took her shopping to make her feel better. David and I got an anniversary gift. on day 2. I told her not to feel bad and she got over it. We did order room service late one night and then another day we called Nityam and asked if he could bring Sasha some strawberries as they are a favorite and were her special request. I just felt like we shouldn’t have had to be ordering food every day as we had spent soo much time upfront emailing what we wanted and confirming. Things on the ship seemed to close early. By 4 and 5 pm outdoor activities seemed to close down. I’m thinking that was for aqua 80. We had to find things to do with our daughter who is a late owl. Oh hey arcade! My takeaway. Even though it didn’t go as planned… I learned some valuable lessons for our next Star Class cruise. Yes we are going again! I think Star Class can be an amazing experience! We just got “that one cruise” that happens every now and then out of the way I see soo many blogs of where it was amazing and am totally giving this another try as I know our next one will be amazing. I will definitely just book my immediate family and book a longer cruise from now on. I will also use my voice more despite what my hubby says. I’ve learned that I am a fan of longer cruises vs short ones. Pack patience and lastly just be great full that cruising is back. Hey we could be shut down again but we are not. These guys are trying and I’m grateful for that. Cheers to cruising being back woo!
  2. Quick question. Back in May of 2021 I booked our first Royal Caribbean Cruise. April 3 -7 2022 A 4 day star class star loft suite. When I booked it was double points. so normally a suite would be 2 points a day but at that time it was 4 points a day in suites. Fast forward…. we had a great cruise….. I just just checked my crown and anchor status and it shows us at only 8 points. Should I call someone and if so who?
  3. Disembarkation day. Oh gawd the dreaded disembarkation day. I woke up and tried to cram stuff in my back pack. I ran out of room and resorted to throwing away hair products to make room. Don’t worry I have like 20 bottles of hair gel at home. Enough to last me a week There was champagne left over from last night. I did the honors. I also made sure there was no alcohol abuse. I drank the left over shots as well. I was really wanting to get breakfast in coastal kitchen but I was told that Jordan wanted to buy us breakfast to return the favor so no coastal kitchen While we waited for the rest of the family to show up I went outside to get a last peaceful moment on our balcony. I snapped some photos outside to get a shot of our wonderful view we had had. I came inside and within seconds the door bell rang and the entire family gathered in. Nityam would be here in a couple minutes. (genies have impeccable time.They are there on the dot at the stroke. It’s pure magic! ) I think hector the magician is behind this some how ! Just then at the perfect time the door bell rings. I masked up for our walk to the port. Secretly hand nityam the other half of his tip. Not sure if he realized it. I tipped him full for my immediate family and tipped him more for working with my extended family for some things. I told him on day one that I wanted to give him a tip up front and said I would tip the rest after the trip. I basically tipped him $400 up front and then tipped him $400 again at end of the trip. I don’t think he realized I was going to tip him wayy more. That is one thing I do not skimp on. I tip hospitality workers well no matter what. I noticed My brother in law give nityam a hug and hand him a tip as well. I’m glad he did that. I’m telling you disembarkation is amazing. You truly do get ushered. One thing that was kind of off putting was He was already on his phone with his new clients. ( i get it it’s a busy day) He was ushering us through the halls and even in the elevator he was on his phone. I was kind of bummed about that part. It made me feel a little insignificant like “ok thanks bye and next” kind of feeling. Nityam was nice to us don’t get me wrong, but I felt the trip was too short. 4 days is not enough as you don’t really feel a connection with them. By the time that you get on they are already planning with the next family . I noticed his collar had a genie lamp. Soo cool. Nityam swiped his magic card and the elevator opened instantly and it was empty. Someone else tried to board but they were stopped. Genies are gentle but firm when needed. We went straight to our floor! He walked us to our last spot. Before he could leave I asked the porter at the elevator to take our pic, Here you have it. The GOAT vacation. We missed uncle Tony but still had a good time. My backpack was heavy in this pic. I felt like i was lugging an aligator and couldn’t wait to drop this off with a porter. We said our goodbye and gave hugs and left. The scene at the terminal was chaos. Our genie powers were gone. Terminal people treated us as normal people David went and grabbed the jag while we waited. We all got settled in the jag and headed to breakfast. We went toNew York bagel. I had eggs bacon and sausage and cheese asiago bagel. The bagel and coffee were good. I was bummed for missing coastal kitchen but was not going to complain. This was an attempt to thank us. We ate and hugged and said good bye. They were headed north and we were headed west. We raced back home as another big storm line was coming. We made it home safe but many people who had miraculously made their flights for this cruise now had their return flights canceled. Yikes! We made it home and within seconds it poured rain. Perfect nap weather. I unpacked and napped and dreamed about our next cruise. Till next post. Final thoughts coming on next update
  4. Day 4 last day! AKA “do everything you didn’t do yet today.” I finally got David to have a meal in coastal kitchen. We had breakfast which was amazing and fast! Sasha had pancakes with chocolate chips. I had an over easy egg with corned beef hash. Super healthy not!! David had a smoked salmon omelette. Sasha ate her pancakes before the server got back. He was impressed and brought her more. So here is what I think about coastal kitchen…. I love it!! The views are beautiful. The kids that are in there are well behaved. The servers are the best of the best! Our server flipping cut Sashas pancakes for her. The guy would have spoon fed my child had I let him. I love that kind of service. Im a starbratt what do you expect! I would rather say “no thanks” or “we are good, but thank you” then “can I get a manger” (I swear I am not a Karen) My hubby loved the peaceful breakfast and wished we had had more time to experience coastal kitchen. After breakfast David headed to the zip line. It’s the last day of the cruise and he had not yet zip lined. He got it in and can rightfully say he did it and his brother didn’t. We had a big blow out this day with the family. His brother and kids were being ungrateful brats. That’s putting it lightly. Just complaining about the lines, stuff not being open, no grape jelly, not the correct sugar, the flo rider instructor lady was mean, whatever they ate there was an issue by one of them…. Every time you saw them it was a complaint and never a positive word. I finally had had it. They were wanting to go in the ultimate abyss line and I said David was about to zip line if they wanted to watch. They complained that it was taking to long and said “what your genie couldn’t get him to the very front there are 3 people in front of him?!” They legit were crying about waiting for 3 people to go bc they needed to get to the ultimate abyss STAT! I said the zip line had just opened up and the ultimate abyss wouldn’t nearly be as long as a line bc there were 2 slides. well I was wrong. A line had formed. They let me have it when I saw them. They legit pushed their 10 year old daughter towards me to let her talk down to me. “oh no line Alisha really! what do you call this!?” Then Jordan started to talk down to me. At that moment I really felt disrespected and was shocked. The last day and they still were a bunch of Debbie downers. I grabbed Sasha and said not to stand in line with them as they were being ungrateful and rude and I didn’t want her to act like that to her elders or people in general. I had dropped close to 5 k for them to be here and they had not said one positive thing. When someone gifts your family with a cruise. The least you can do is refrain from complaining about how bad it is every time they are around. I wasn’t looking for them to thank me. I was just hoping that if they were not happy to not complain to me about it and save it for when I wasn’t there. It’s one thing to be unhappy about something but then there is a line that gets crossed and it turns into being ungrateful which I do not tolerate. I grew up in foster care and never heard a 10th as much complaints from my foster brother and sisters as I heard in one day from this family. I was homeless and on the streets and never heard as many complaints. Here I am on a freaking cruise in the ocean with fresh salty air. The weather is warm and breezy. Drinks are all over the place and steel drums playing in the back ground. Drowning it out was all their complaints. No one wants to hear everything negative about a vacation that is happening. If you don’t like it move on and focus on the positive. I learned real quick that they are the glass is half empty family. I think it’s all they know how to do is complain when they talk to each other. I’m not sure if they even realized it half the time. I told them that if a freaking royal genie couldn’t make them happy then to god bless them bc aint no body going to make them happy! Life is too short to hang out with negative nancy’s and debbie downers. I took Sasha and said “we are star class let’s have fun there is no reason for us to subject ourselves to that crap.” Sasha and I rode the slide twice. We went and bought a cute cover up top. Rode the carousel and grabbed some ice cream. I talked to Cynthia and David. David was at his limit with their behavior as well. Cynthia told me to not let that change my vacation and to still have fun. On that note Sasha and I went and had more fun therapy shopping. The debbie downers finally arrived with more complaining so I walked away as I was at my limit and needed space and air. David and Cynthia had a major talk with them. I was frustrated because we had the owners box at playmakers slotted for in like 20 minutes which was going to be $300 and another gift to the ungrateful family. I was not about to have them sit in there and complain the entire time. Ty and Ronny decided to go to Loco Fresh and eat tacos. Because getting the tacos delivered to the owners box was not what they wanted. There is no pleasing them lol! Rayne followed Sasha and photo bombed as I was taking this pic. It actually came out cute though. Playmakers it was time and Nityam showed us to the owners box. I really should have planned it better, There was only golf and soccer on. oops lol! I still had fun as I am a soccer fan woot woo! We ordered wings, kids tenders, onion ring tower, burger, tuna poke nachos (those are AMAZING!) beers and more beers. Dessert was the camp fire cookie HOLY HELL! yes it comes with milk shooters it’s soooooooo damn good! We ordered like 4 of them and the ice cream. campfire cookies for days! Our server was amazing! This was his last week before he goes home to his family. He has a 1 year old who he has not seen for 6 months. I gave him a huge hug! As a parent my heart was aching for him. It’s tough for some of these crew members. I tipped him well and named him in the post cruise survey Once dessert came word got out and Ronny and Ty came over in time to enjoy it. You pretty much had to roll me out of the place and this was just lunch! Next up was Next Cruise. I went there and saw a huge line of appointments and stand by. I felt a sudden sense of “oh crap!” OopsI didn’t know know your had to make an appointment for this. Well hell! OOPS! I stood there with my drama skills on full display. (Honor Thespian here troup 4224) The glossy eyes desperate batting eyes of “excuse me i’m lost” and twirling this purple star class card around. I laid my card down and started to text nityam. “hey i’m at the next cruise thing…. do I walk in or make an appointment how does this thing work?” Then Anthony noticed me. He starts talking to me. Told him It was my first royal and star class cruise and was wanting to book star class again. As I said this his deck phone was going off with Nityam on the other end. I instantly had an appointment I booked our next cruise. May 27th 2023 star class 2 bedroom ATS. He said 9th floor but it looks like the 8th floor when I checked. Who cares it’s star class and it’s not to costa maya ! I ran and told the hubby he asked how much and I lied and said 15 k vs the 21k it really was shh! what he doesn’t know won’t kill him. He still about choked. Should I now get a TA? How does this work? This is only my third cruise so I am still a newb All of a sudden the twin brother who had been complaining wants to book a star class with us. HELL TO THE NO!!! I told him it would probably be like 30-40k for them in an atempt to steer them away from the idea. God bless the genie that gets stuck with them. OY Vey! womp womp womp! I told David I would switch cruises last minute if they tried to go on ours. I just want it david sasha and I next cruise. Our next cruise is all going to be about saying yes and enjoying our time debbie downer free. We got ready for chops. We were sat pretty close to the kitchen which was a bit odd to me. I felt like we couldn’t get to enjoy the ambiance bc we could see servers in and out. My husband loved it as that is his thing. At one time Shane went back there. I’m guessing he was lashing a cook…. who knows but it didn’t sound good. Someone had royally screwed up someone’s order. Shane’s bag was swinging with a mission when he briskly walked past our table to get to the kitchen. Sasha posing. Where have these been all my life! WEELL HELLO LAVENDER MARTINI MY NEW BEST FRIEND! I had like 4 of them They are soo good. I’m trying to figure out where they had to go to get them. A lady would come in the doors with everyone’s orders and look just famished. It took a while to get drinks bc of that. I’m guessing they had to catch the fairies in central park and collect their tears to make them. Who knows?! The lavender martinis are damn magical! Oh hello mushroom soup. I was soo happy to eat this yummy!!! Sasha’s face after eating onion bread. She loved her caesar salad. I ordered surf and turf. I gave one of my lobsters to the hubby who had ordered a steak. I remembered to take a pic here after I had ate some. The plate originally looked great just trust me on that. we didn’t have time for dessert as we had to be at the royal theater for family comedy night. So the genie asks us if we want drinks. At this point I would just stop asking and summon to get our order. Lol! He claps his hand in the air and waves down someone. The guy runs for his life as usual lol. He gets our order. Everyone gets their drink and my pinicolada is no where to be found. I did have two glasses of ice. I text nityam and sent him a picture of my “pinicolada”. He says he will get right on it. The lights go down and “enjoy the show!” the show begins. A minute later my phone lights up. it’s Nityam. “look behind you” I turn around as if someone is about to abduct me. There i see the poor drink guy with 2 pinicoladas in his hands desperately looking for who they go to. I wave my hand and he finds me. Gosh I love genies! So the comedian is joking about how kids are not beat now days. He says “who here gets beat by their parents?” A kid raises their hand I legit spit my drink out laughing! If you were sitting in the row below. I am terribly sorry! I was rolling. Sasha and the kids were rolling. This was perfect. It cut the tension and all was good. The parents were all “no no no we don’t beat our kids.” The kids had stories to tell and told them. The audience was dying at this point. FYI The kids are not beat but what they thought was beating was pretty funny. After the show was over we raced to the other end of the ship for Aqua!!! Sasha found one of the hot wheels on the ship. This was in memory of a boy who had been swimming. A freak accident happend. A piece of gravel got kicked up and lodged itself in the kid’s throat and killed the boy. The boy loved hot wheels and all over the world people hide hotwheels in his memory. Sasha also had time to ride the last carrousel ride of the cruise. It was shutting down after this ride. Nityam met us and sat us. Boy was Aqua amazing! Seriously the highlight of the cruise. Here are a few pics with our giving it away. More pinicoladas for me. I was feeling good! We danced our way through the 80’s. One guy said that he had just gotten off of Wonder and this was better then Wonder! We all hugged and went to pack and set our luggage out. Tomorrow was the dreaded disembarkation day. Off to bed!
  5. @theroyalthornes I just saw on facebook the passing of Thomas. When we were waiting to cruise in the Star loft suite 1720 We followed your family royal blog and watched the videos as we sailed it 4/3-4-7. You all looked like you had the time of your lives. May his memory be a blessing to all that knew him! Our family sends our deepest condolences to your family in this time of mourning.
  6. Side not if you zoom in on the picture with the “big yellow drinks” The kids got virgin strawberry drinks. If you take the green palm tree tops off they look like they are holding bachelorette party cups
  7. Day 3 Port day We went to port Costa Maya boooo! I really really really wish that Royal Caribbean would have allowed us to go to our original port of Labadee Haiti. This port was the complete opposite of what I had booked and was sold on. We woke up to breakfast served not on the balcony because the winds were insane. Our balcony was littered with towels and cushions etc etc. I had messaged the genie the night b4 our breakfast orders and he said that I could only order for star class only but he would try to order family style for us. I told him not to worry as my husbands family were getting on my nerves anyways. I told hubby we would go to coastal kitchen and enjoy ourselves and let them figure out breakfast. They needed to be at our room by 11:15 as the genie would be there to escort us off. 8:30 am comes and my daily morning 2 shots of ginger and starbucks order arrive along with breakfast. everyone’s order was there. I quickly called the family to the room. I soon realize we had lox set ups but no bagels. No worries coastal kitchen was right there and they had 12 hot toasted bagels to the room in seconds. How do they do that?!! Everyone ate bagels and lox…. fried eggs …. avacado toast… bacon…. and berries galore. Lots of coffee was had. We got our back packs ready and to the dot the genie was there at the door ready to escort us. We got off the boat and made our way to our avery tour meeting spot. We sprayed sunblock on us. We smelled like a bunch of sticky hot buns lol! We had a good time feeding the birds. I took a couple of pics from the hanging rope bridges. The winds were INSANE 60 knots from the captains announcement. Once the tour was over we tried to find a table. This was just pure insanity. 3 boats were docked. Oasis… Mardi Gras…. and Carnival Dream. We stole a few tables and chairs for some service. Our server was amazing considering he had like 25 tables. The big yellow drink was ordered by everyone but me. I put two and two together. High winds 🌬and a tall skinny cup do not go together. I ordered a beer on draft and enjoyed my burrito while everyone else struggled with their cups. My mother in law’s cup fell over. I grabbed Sasha’s cup and poured her almost empty cup into a dixi cup that I had ran up and grabbed from the bar. My brother in law gave me smack about it. I just gave him a look and then sat and enjoyed my meal while he kept yelling at his daughter to hold onto her drink Once the food was done I grabbed Sasha and got her changed to go swimming in the swimming pool at port. The adults took turns watching the little kids while everyone shopped. I could’t find much. The place was packed. I bought turtle souvenirs for my team and called it a day. We all headed back to the room. The moment we got back I made Sasha undress and shower. She had garbage like literal garbage stuck in her bathing suit. I had to scrub her to get all the stuff that was stuck on her off. I’m telling you that water was nasty. I ran outside and went zip lining real quick! I love the red star class band. I would just walk up to the front and ask in my most sincere desperate I don’t know what I’m doing voice “is there a star class line? immediately I would be ushered to the front as the next person in line. It worked beautiful! I zip lined and didn’t not hold on. I looked down and gave a peace sign to my husband who was recording me. Soo cool!!! I then ran in and washed off and got ready for dinner. We met Nityam at 150 central park for dinner. I was dying of heat stroke at this point lol! He had one look at me and said “Alisha what happened!?” I said I was poached lobster for the night. I was burnt crisp. the sunblock did nothing for me lol. I’m a red head and used to it. I wasn’t burning but it had me hot as hell for the night. To start our experience eas the much anticipated cucumber martini. I could drink a gallon of these yummmm! Very refreshing especially when you are a burnt crisp. my appetizer was the crispy pork belly. I was excited about this but ended up not a fan. It reminded me of my moms burnt pork chops growing up. The fatty part would get crispy. I just felt like it was a thick square of crispy fat with a tiny bit of meat at the bottom. Too fatty for me. Had it been meat with a tinny thin layer of fat I would have probably enjoyed it. Hubby had a caesar salad. yummy! I had ordered my steak medium. I like a little pink. If you zoom in on this steak on the right side you can see the blood or juice whatever it is already oozing out. The food was dropped off and no one waited for me to cut it. I cut the steak and it squirted blood at me aghh lol! My mashed potatoes were red soaking up the juice. I could not eat it. The middle was cold aghhh. My husband knew immediately it was rare. The server tried to tell me to order medium well from now on. That kind of put me off. My husband hails from hotel hospitality and I cook. I know what medium is and the feel of the steak was not medium. I said “well order it whatever you have to do where it’s warm pink in the middle and blood is not gushing out into my mashed potatoes when I cut in please.” Anyways they send me a new one and wait for me to cut it. It’s medium rare. It’s legit a bloody mess. I just looked at David and the server as my potatoes are currently soaking up all the juice. I know there is going to be some myoglobin but not a dang river. He said that it was medium. I said “well then no worries I am sure I will enjoy my “medium” steak. Thank you for you assistance tonight! “ I ate the ends of the steak and left the cold red pieces alone. When the server came to grab our plates he saw I didn’t eat my steak or bloody potato’s. He said “I’m soo sorry I can tell you didn’t like your steak.” I said “I’m just not a fan fan of myoglobin gravy for my potato’s it grosses me out.” When your mashed tots are red it’s a bit much Now hubby like rare steak but not me. I eat steak like once or twice a year other then that it’s fish for me. I’m not a big red meat eater. David had fish that was amazing! For dessert I ordered fried cheesecake which was to die for but the winner was David’s dessert! Oh my goodness the gelato or whatever it was was outstanding. This would have went well with chops lavender martini. I didn’t know yet that the martini existed at this point or else I would have ordered it to go with this divine dessert! Full stomachs we listened as the early aqua show was canceled. Nityam arrived and told us he had booked CATS for us and we would head to Aqua after. CATS you either love it or hate it. I loved it!! The boat was rocking soo much we were swaying left and right. I have no idea how they did their dance moves on such a rocky boat! I enjoyed the show very much so. I am a broadway junky so I figured I would. Sasha loved it as well she was soo into it which was pretty cool to see!! At the end of the show they announced aqua was canceled due to the high winds. We were traveling faster then normal bc we had waited at Costa Maya for a number of people and left 45 minutes late. No worries we went home to relax. I snuck downstairs while everyone was sleeping and listened to the creeky ship. Our room was creeking with all the movement. I loved it. I took a photo before bed. I’m a hot mess. I resembled my post thermal suite pic from the day before lol! Anyways I lathered up in chilled aloe and hit the bed zzzz. Till the next post!
  8. I went to the atm and it was only spitting out $50s I took my 50s to the cage and asked for $100s they looked at me like I was crazy. I flashed my star class card and they looked pissed so I left.
  9. DAY 2 continued…. Ok so moving on from when we lost connection were were we? Oh yes! We had beat the escape room. David sasha and I ran to the room to get ready for a photo shoot and then David and I had a chefs table dinner reservation. Coming into the room we had decorations and gifts My gift to David was a customized photo of the star constellation that was above us on the day we got married. The genie got us Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs. I love them! We got ready and headed to central park and the boardwalk for a private photo shoot. The shots came out amazing. Sasha was the highlight for sure. We made quite the stir. This was not a typical cruise photographer it was a professional publicist photographer. Here are some of the photos. I was melting away!! the last pic is special. Something sasha and I have always done. butterfly kisses! After the photo shoot Aunt Ronny appeared out of no where and grabbed Sasha and David and I headed to the chefs table. I was drenched by the time we got to the solarium. We couldn’t find the entrance. A worker had closed it off and Nityam saw us running in circles and had someone open it for us. We were early and ended up being a couple minutes late with the entrance mishap. No worries! They saw my red face and gave me water asap and cranked the ac up. The sun was setting and i literally could feel it’s flares on my face lol!! Across from us at the table was another family of Nityam’s. We got along very well. We exchanged numbers at the end of the meal. ok so courses standing joke was the pandemic caused them to thinly slice the scallops. Inwas not a fan of it being cold. it’s like when you are expecting to drink water and you accidentally grab your spouses soda. The soda tastes fine but the surprise throws you off like blaghh. That happened here. I was thinking it was going to be hot and flavorful but it felt like and tasted like a soft water chest nut. Not a fan but the wine was good! this was amazing! smoky tomato soup. They poured the soup and it smelled amazing it tasted amazing as well! Lobster… I love lobster the wine was amazing too! I was pretty sloshed at this point! The steak was hit or miss. Jessica in front of us ordered med and got a super dry gray steak. She sent it back and came back with a bloody mess ultra rare steak. She didn’t send it back again. They asked her to cut in and the server saw the blood coming out before the knife even cut it. I braced myself for blood splatter. She just said “no it’s fine i’m fine please don’t worry” they took her plate and we filled her glass with wine to compensate for the messed up steak. The fish was amazing. I thought it was great! Everyone kept asking why the skin was soggy as it was supposed to be crispy from flash sear. I was drunk as ever and enjoyed it very much. My godddd the world is a dream come true! Sex on a plate good! After dinner I stumbled to the room to wait for the family. Frozen in time! 10:15 showing. Let me just say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING AFTER THE CHEFS TABLE! Wow what a fun trip I’m not sure why but I had coke and whisky to top off the show lol! here are some pics I took. I do remeber singing at the top of my lungs with Josh Groben The Prayer Sasha loves the ugly duckling. One duck has a face plant. No one was judging I would face plant wearing all that as well. He got up and all was good and the show continued. after that we came home to our room and passed out! What a fun day!
  10. I found ALLEN!!! Oh my god! I had been looking all over for him! He was just to the right coming out of the loft! I double checked with Nityam first. He laughed and Intold him I had asked Derrick if he was Allen earlier lol! They both got a chuckle!! He sends his regards! Said he missed your family! Nityam said “we’ll now we have a high standard to maintain.” after I had told him that oasis right now has the strongest representation of genies. And yes they really did have a standard to maintain! I am soo relieved I found him for you! Talk about last minute too!
  11. Disembarkation day got me all sad bight side my lashes survived If anyone needs a lash lady in Sarasota Florida I got a good lady!
  12. I booked our next sailing!!!! STAR CLASSS! We booked Harmony a deck 9 2 bedroom ATS. ohhh my god it’s happening again lol! 7 day may 27th 2023 let’s goo!
  13. i just showed cami all your posts. dodge mom how will she remeber you i don’t see a pic? way too she scrolled in and said oh my goddd i know them!!! if you know cami send a pic and sweet thought i’ll show her
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