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  1. We recently did the All access tour on the Allure a couple weeks ago. It was $119 and we though it was well worth it. It lasted two hours + and included galleys (kitchens), food storage areas (the freezer was, well, freezing and was interesting to see all the stuff in there), the engine control room, laundry facilities and bridge, among other places. A whole lot of walking, just so you know. Some steep stairways, slippery floors etc, as well. The best part was in each area, someone from that area (chef, officer, supervisor) 'took over' the tour, so we got a great insight without t
  2. Just reporting back that VOOM and iPhones in airplane mode worked perfectly....except my teenage daughter complaining about WiFi speeds from time to time. E-mailing, texting (both those on and off the ship), phone calls over WiFi calling...no problem....and no additional charges from AT&T or worries about pre-purchasing the 'cruise package'.
  3. We are just off the Allure yesterday. I can confirm the the compromised starboard Azipod issue DOES NOT preclude the use of the ships stabilizers, as I feared it would due to the increased drag they cause. Not sure where I read that but was concerned enough to ask about it here. The first half of the trip, it was obvious that the stabilizers were deployed. Hard to explain, but in windy/moderate seas, the rolling motion of the ship is mitigated to what feel like 'bumps' as the gyroscopically controlled stabilizers constantly correct the ship along it's longitudinal axis. A tour of
  4. Well. You guys were certainly right. At port car security at 10:35...about 5 cars deep. On the ship at 11:00. Dinner reservations for the week done by 11:15, including hibachi grill. Drink non hand and having lunch now!!!
  5. Props to the family, especially the teen daughter and wife.....we are rolling out of here in about 5 minutes....so only about 15 minutes behind 'schedule'. GPS says we'll be there at 10:30.
  6. Nice...think I just figured out which drink to break in the Drink Package with ... should ordering about 48 hours from now!!
  7. That sounds great! So on the Deluxe Drink Plan, you'd get the Lava Flow, then just pay the up-charge for the shot of Kraken?
  8. I think that is a better process as well.
  9. Great....thanks y'all! We'll be on Allure, btw.
  10. So my understanding is the the refrigerator in the rooms are stocked with Mini Bar Items at the beginning of the cruise. My children will be in their own room but I am concerned about them 'consuming' the Mini bar offerings. If I immediately remove all Mini bar offerings to both make room for what we put in there and to keep them from consuming them, will the stateroom attendant automatically replace the items? Can I ask stateroom attendant not to restock Mini Bar items at the beginning of the cruise? Then just put everything back at the end? The kids have refreshment packa
  11. Thank You! Would assume this would apply to Allure as well?
  12. I'm leaning that way myself for our upcoming cruise. I also think Passport Cards are a false economy...unless you are a resident of a Northern or Southern U.S. border town and make frequent crossing by land. It's no better than a Birth Certificate and Driver's License for 'normal' border crossings/cruises...but useless if you need to get back the to US in an emergency from a foreign land.
  13. So on this site I have seen reference to filling out waivers on line for things such as the Zip Line and Flow Rider. For the life of me, I do not see where to do this in my Cruise Planner. Can someone direct me to where to fill those forms out prior to the cruise? Thanks!
  14. Will be a week from tomorrow But I will do my best to let you know!
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