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  1. Can you order food at the Bow and Stern on Allure of the Seas? Different question: where can I order chicken wings on Allure of the Seas?
  2. What is the itinerary? I was trying to find it but not sure if what I'm seeing is accurate.
  3. Not a dumb question. I'm hoping to jump over from my Allure sailing on the 25th.
  4. But how can they have new sailing dates if August sailings are already booked? I had hoped that Odyssey might get an early test sailing, since it has crew, and then we could swap our Allure July 25th sailing over to Odyssey, but now that doesn't seem a possibility.
  5. Is that where I was goofing up? Cozumel and Puerto Costa Maya are the same place? I’ve never been, obviously.
  6. On my app, Odyssey leaves Fort Lauderdale and leaves for Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico. Which Odyssey itinerary includes Puerto Costa Maya? I just took a very quick peek at the website and didn’t see it (but I was on my phone, so it is easy to miss things).
  7. I’m scheduled on Allure July 25th and I keep wondering if Allure and others will get cancelled around the same time they start booking Odyssey. I’m REALLY hoping that I’ll be able to easily book on Odyssey, if this happens. Honestly, I’ve never played so much mental chess for a vacation before- between trying to figure out if our schedules would let us sail in August, whether we should try to take the FCC and push out to Thxgiving, Xmas, spring break or next summer (and researching each option), whether we should just consider Alaska, instead, and then throwing in a potential Odyssey angle, I’m tuckered out ?
  8. So, I booked a room for my in-laws but made sure it could hold at least 3 people so that I could add my brother-in-law later. It worked out for us, because, when we decided to book him, the prices had dropped (plus, I was able to get a price adjustment for the in-laws).
  9. Or the unvaxed can stay home and they can wait until the coast is clear. That is also simple.
  10. Help!! We have a 2 bedroom Grand Suite (GT) booked on Allure (room 12638). Everything I have read (and watched on youtube) says these suites sleep up to 8, but when I tried to add a 7th person to the suite, RC told my TA that the suite only sleeps 6. Do you guys know if some of the GT level rooms really only sleep 6? Is there anyway to circumnavigate the system to allow someone to sleep on the sofa? According to the TA< the person from RC who was trying to help her couldn't even add a roll-away.
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