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  1. I am honesty not sure where he expiration dates are. I could not find a date until I opened the box. Understand that once you open the test you invalidate it.
  2. I would have preferred to have gotten a free CVS test too, but rapid tests are hard to come by now. I read lots of Facebook posts from cruisers that had CVS cancel their appt the day before!
  3. Sailing on the Anthem this Sunday, so I did my Binax Now home test today. Everything is going fine, and then the lady who is proctoring tells me to put six drops in the card hole. The bottle is BONE DRY! Only air squeaked out! She told me the test is over and I needed to get another test. (That was not cheap by the way.). Test #2 did not go any better. The dropper was stuck inside the lid! There is no way to measure exactly six drops! There goes another test. Box #3 worked great! The moral of the story is have a few extra tests for your trip, just in case there is a problem. Customer service was great though. They are overnighting me replacement tests and they will be at my house at noon tomorrow.
  4. Asking for a friend…..So my friend has a several hour drive to get to Cape Liberty/ Port Bayonne. She is trying to plan her arrival right at her assigned time, but if she gets there too early and has to wait until her specific time…..is there a bathroom outside the check in building? (never seen this question here before!)
  5. So a picture of our vaccine cards on my phone is not good enough? They want to see original vaccine cards then?
  6. Cruising very soon to Nassau. When in port, we are thinking of just shopping, getting a local bite to eat, and walking to Junkanoo Beach. If we go indoors in Nassau, does anyone require proof of vaccination? Do I have to wear a mask inside or outside? I have seen conflicting information on the internet, so I thought I could find out here????
  7. So I know that I can use my HSA or FSA to buy the test. I also see on the Binax site that they are sending some form that I can submit to my health insurance to try to get it reimbursed? Has anyone tried that and succeeded? If so, what company health insurance was it? (Trying to decide if it is worth the effort to even submit it…..)
  8. Sorry I should have been more specific. I am looking for a six pack of the Binax Now tests that are proctored, the ones that Royal Caribbean accepts as proof before sailing.
  9. Hello! Today is Sunday and I thought that I would buy my Binax Now tests for my upcoming cruise in November. The site says that they are sold out? Has anyone seen this before? Should I just keep stalking the page for when they re stock? Should I relax or freak out?
  10. I am so excited to check in for my upcoming cruise! I will try to check in as soon as I can, so we hopefully get an earlier arrival time at the port. What if I am checking in and my son is not home, so I can’t take his photo? Can I still complete the process and get that arrival time reserved? And will it let me go back at a later time then to add his photo? This may sound trivial, but I like to be prepared! If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know?
  11. Booked on the Anthem of the Seas In November out of Bayonne. Doing my research for onboard activities, some sites tell me the North Star is free, other sites tell me there is a fee. Anybody know for sure?
  12. So no penalty or fee to drop, change or add people?
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