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  1. Mariner, Navigator, Indy. All have short itinerary's and stops at RCCL Private Island. Just my guess but they need to control everything they can when cruising so I would go with them, also many guests can drive to those embarkation ports. Here's hoping we cruise RCCL soon!
  2. The 5 days to 24 hours previous COVID test is my only concern, do the 5 days include weekend days? A rapid test has various turn around times, what if you are sailing on Monday? Do you get tested the previous Wednesday and hope the results are back in hand to take to the port on Monday? I don't see the testing centers being to happy about testing "cruisers" I researched previously and unless you tell a fib and say you feel sick or may have been exposed will they test? Seriously I think this could be a possible sticking point and depending where the test is inside vs drive thru are we exp
  3. *****UPDATE***** I purchased the duplicate birth certificate due to the information received from this strand within 5 days I had it! Now this morning, I just received an email from the Department of State (passport agency) that my daughters passport was complete and they were mailing it out. Targeted date to be here in Florida is 30 September 2020, I have to sign for it. I went to my local Post Office with her old passport book and completed her application on 27 August 2020, so lightening fast! Just wanted to update here on the time it took I think doing it before sailing resumed may ha
  4. Nice! I hope so, our stateroom white board outside our door (even Thanksgiving "family" week) suffered some very shall I say interesting drawings by those passing by. Not to say we didn't laugh (mostly, wish I thought to take pics) but the white board HAD to be removed after about day 3 early a.m. because honestly as the week went on it was getting a bit frightening when looking at that door, lol. We had this type of communication on the other cruise line and it did work amazingly well, we enjoyed it a great deal. Super convenient.
  5. I tried to utilize my current FCC certificates in their entirety for my future sailings. I have a "chunky one" left over (about $2,500.00) and then I believe an additional one that will have about maybe $160.00 or so when I step off the sailing I assigned the majority of that FCC to. My time is pretty much maxed out as far as sailing goes with sailings in 2021. In order not to lose any of the credits do I have to go ahead and book two additional sailings by 12/21 for sailing by 04/22? Do you think maybe that date would be pushed out a bit? I offered my family to take the hit and do a sai
  6. I went to town and purchased everything we wanted at these amazing prices. Thinking positive. I know the refunds do come so I did it! We will hopefully sail a 4 night on Mariner Thanksgiving week 2020. Just going to the private island 2x so feeling just maybe....
  7. Rut Row....I called all over and received several different responses, but all with the same outcome, no exposure? No symptoms? Fat chance you are getting a rapid response test, would not even allow me to make the appointment. And understandable, I actually felt bad explaining it would be for a cruise. (Pretty much felt berated, like are you CRAZY??) I refuse to fake exposure or symptoms to test, that is super bad karma, yikes!
  8. That's easy, PRIORITY BOARDING as well as a few cocktails on RCCL to start, thank the heavens for Healthcare workers and First Responders. You should be shown immediate gratitude, thanks you so much for what you do! Cheers to YOU!!
  9. . This^^^^^ I am already researching rapid testing sites in my area, fingers crossed. Many listed like CVS drive through but appointment needed, I'll take 3 tests please, can we sail now???? I believe like myself most who want to sail will do everything in their power to practice healthy behaviors so we can show early on this can be done safely. If I can go to the supermarket I can sail; especially at lower capacity. I'm so ready, mindful, respectful of others, did I say I'm ready? LET.US.SAIL!!!! @nate91 (great point!) Also the masks! Yikes I hate them...BUT, if I want to go
  10. We have 3 sailings booked in 2021 and am patiently waiting for the Odyssey itinerary for May & June 2022. I also totally enjoy the entire planning aspect of it, I thought about possibly doing the education and asking to join MEI but I know @Sharla makes it seem so effortless but I am sure her behind the scenes work is exhausting. I don't think I could deal with booking for me, or anyone like me and then multiply that? Nope, I'm leaving it to my expert TA guru. We usually sailed once a year, 2 the most on occasion, three is going to be amazing!
  11. The memory that brings me to tears with joy is my daughter enjoying our balcony on the Harmony November 2019. No electronics, my mini me! (and yes we had the VOOM!!) Hair up, just sunscreen enjoying the sound of the ocean, pure joy! My second picture is the "POLE" in the cabin @WAAAYTOOO warned me about, how I hated that darn pole. (yes face first into it late at night) While I have zero fond memories of that pole I sure miss it, I would love to visit her again, just saying Loved the Harmony for Thanksgiving, the happiness was palatable. Our entire week was a true wonderful family
  12. That is why I feel like there is a very tiny chance for the Mariner out of PC in November 2020. 4 night sailing with 2 stops at CoCo Cay. The ship upon "ghost booking" does not appear that full at sailing....but then there is the CDC & Health Panel, then getting it provisioned as well as bringing back the crew, would they at least place the crew in cabins solo for a while? I will let RCCL cancel but I am keeping my fingers crossed. We are back in school since August and all is well, we are ready to sail. LET.US.SAIL!!!
  13. @Jaymac Radio Just finished posting an email in favor of lifting the no sail order, I read it over multiple times to make sure it was fact driven and devoid emotion. Enough already, we want to sail!
  14. @twangster, I could not just like your post. I wanted to personally thank you for your time in articulating that point. I feel more educated now and even better about it because of your input, and as always you have the BEST pics! Thanks so much, you enlightened me and that is so appreciated, cheers to you!
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