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  1. They are the BEST! I swear by @Sharla, and FYI while she was away on vacation....long ago pre Covid.....she made sure I had @krhardycontact info for emergency. Sure enough, I saw a great rate on a new booking (my type of emergency back then) and was amazed at how kind and patient Kelley was with me. Seems MEI has a knack for choosing the most personable and warm TA representatives. Color me always impressed, just awesome!
  2. @Baked Alaska And this is why we LOVE @Sharla!! Caring in the dictionary = @Sharla
  3. I was perusing my American Express Cash Back card; if you have this take a PEEK. I had an offer today for 150.00 returned if you spend $500.00 on Celebrity. I am waiting to sail Celebrity until I reach Diamond on RCCL but it can make the pain of the initial deposit a little less painful. Just in case someone is looking to place that celebrity deposit today, I wanted to share. Have a great weekend everyone Maybe @JLMoran??
  4. @Jill I know we are on the same sailing in May 2021, @Sharla checked our exact sailing around 1,800.00 MORE & did I mention during this Black Friday sale? I think we purchased so early on that we won't see a discounted rate here. You're correct she did check, she was able to save me over $2000 on my Allure 2021 August but the May well a big fat goose egg! But as you mentioned she is always on it!
  5. @Baked AlaskaI second this. The way things were finally refunded was a crazy mess, no ryme or reason. @Sharlahas my back when it comes to fares but i don't feel at ease on my own with RCCL cruise planner purchases. I truly agree whole heartedly with YOU!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Please add Mariner of the Seas 13 June 2022 Trying to sail in 1804 CAT VP once more, hopefully 3rd times a charm. This one is cool, 5 Nights out of PC and sea days plus BOTH private Islands, NOW come on Thanksgiving 2022!!
  7. @Sharla checked my 5 pending sailings for me for this sale. I am so happy to report 4 of my sailings are still cheaper, (we were booking during the early part of this year) as well as the first day certain sailings were released. The most amazing sailing savings was for 01 August 2021 on the Allure, knowing she was not revamped I still decided to keep her as we never sailed her before. The sailing started at 10,163.65 for the three of us in a CLS, TODAY she secured it for me for 7787.65 SAVING me a whooping $2376.00. @MattI am so happy I followed the advice here & placed my MEI reque
  8. Please No! I literally drove to the Port of Tampa yesterday, so sad so empty dreaming of my Brilliance sailing.....It was depressing, closed down establishments no people anywhere, so quiet. The gates to the parking garage closed & locked. I'm sailing in Q2 in June but would love to see life sooner, and those poor business owners, gees I just can't. Will they survive?
  9. Same here, my FCC was cut by more than half, explaining they gave me back the monies as a refund....I only requested the FCC why would they do that? They told me when the monies were credited BUT it was a mish mosh of amounts and I attributed the amounts to my cruise planner cancellations tethered to the cancelled sailings. ( I had 3 cruises and the cruise planner purchases cancelled) The amounts were so random I have no choice at this point to just accept what they are telling me because even though my accounting here was on point, I can't figure out for the life of me what in the heck was g
  10. Any idea or historic data on when to expect the release of November 2022 sailings? I reached out to RCCL and they said keep watching. Well that's helpful! Thanks everyone!
  11. Please add Mariner of the Seas June 13, 2022 Thanks so much!
  12. @Lovetocruise2002 I just did this, snagged 1804 on the Mariner for a 5 night June 2022! Hubby LOVES the private islands so this was perfect. Of course with the amazing help of @Sharla my partner in crime.... waiting for Thanksgiving 2022, disappointed the availability was not there. Any idea's @[email protected] @[email protected] @JLMoran when these offerings are being released? Not sailing this year Thanksgiving is making me anxious.... I want to ask permission & forgiveness once; after that it kind of falls flat. Thanks everyone, and did I mention @Sharlais pouncing on my sailing
  13. Wonderful, Thanks so much everyone! @twangster, @[email protected] I will get @Sharlain this loop, as soon as Thanksgiving 2022 hits the availability please HOLD for me 12722, woot woot!! You guys make planning a breeze, I appreciate you all!
  14. Calling @Lovetocruise2002 #TeamCK I just looked at the deck plans for the Odyssey & can't seem to locate Coastal Kitchen, will there be one on this ship? If so would you venture a guess as to her location? In the cooler months ( I am looking forward to November 2022 as this years of course was a wash) I prefer to be a bit of a cabin dweller, and I take into account preferable locations, this is why I enjoy deck 17 on Oasis class! So, will there be a CK on the Odyssey & if so best guess deck? As always thanks so much!! Another observation: there does not seem to be any c
  15. I signed up because I would love to be part of what makes it work. Being part of the process to get back to sailing would give me joy. Living in Florida and being within driving distance of the ports allows me to remove other impacts; for example air travel. I know I could be a flexible participant, standing by and patiently working with and alongside the team for a meaningful outcome. My love of the ocean and sailing drove me to sign up and support RCCL efforts, I personally feel they have gotten a pretty raw deal.
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