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  1. @asquared17Oh heck yes! Following along. I was the water package cancel person. They gave me something other then spring water, at my request they took it back and I was refunded refundable OBC within the day. Like @Ampurp85 I don't have social media either, this is it so I also learned something today. We don't even facebook, just never felt it added anything to our lives. Kiddo put up a fight at first, now she doesn't even miss it. ( I think) I prefer Jaime's as well to Giovanni's for Italian. Did you submit a RUB? Details please, lol! Harmony was my first Oasis class and my first Royal sailing. We tried it after DCL became full of themselves, cost ridiculously high and product diminished. We are going to sail her new ship the Wish, but Royal is where our heart lies now. Ugh, Symphony has continued to escape me, 2 sailings on her canceled, I'm hoping to sail her while everyone else is on the Icon!
  2. [email protected] Super responsive and participates here as well. She was priceless to our family during the shutdown. Been using her talents going on 4 years now.
  3. RC desserts don't wow me. I either have a glass of wine with dinner or the banana split ice cream sundae off the kids menu. It's good in the MDR but really good in #CK. Baked Alaska, we enjoy that one also!
  4. Yikes, price! The price point is high enough. I fear if they designated it Star on the Ships that run that program the price would most likely price us out. I can be my own genie, I maintain I enjoy a larger cabin and I wish I could purchase it without the Star price tag or designation/perks. This one is perfect, I enjoyed the Star perks on my one Star sailing but I would rather pay a little less for my cabin. In my perfect world you purchase your cabin and then had a choice to add on the "Star" package.
  5. @Ampurp85 is on the money, as soon as you connect to the ships wifi, sometimes even while in the terminal waiting to board you can go in the app and reserve the activities. They are very strict with age I believe because of liability of course. While they limit players it's a true laser tag experience. Others even adults excited and running around in wild abandon. They do in fact take care though to create groups that are balanced for lack of knowing any other way to explain it. A four year old will be a hard no. Perfect excuse to hit the Next Cruise desk and book a 5 year old birthday cruise!! Haha, see what I did there? When my kiddo was 15 (little weightlifter, natural) the way she carried herself and communicated she looked much older. Royal would not allow her in the fitness center without wavers and an adult to supervise, like mentioned above they know their age. Have a great sailing, there are so many things to keep you occupied you probably won't even miss it!
  6. @sammy79 big fans of the two bedroom grand suite! (When there is no #deck17, I enjoy a Crown Loft for sure) We stayed in the 2 bedroom on Odyssey & Adventure (huge balconies) and finally my lovely Serenade, balcony on deck 7 was smaller but the space is comfortable. Two bathrooms, well everyone knows I'm a super fan of that with a teen. Sky class amenity(yes on Odyssey it was great) or similar WOULD be nice on the other class of ships but it's a nice respite while on vacation. I sound like a broken record but I just wish Royal would get their act together & streamline the suite product across the fleet. It's a really enjoyable cabin.
  7. My daughter enjoyed it, she did not use the goggles. They were not consistent with types of clothing. Whomever was in charge of the contraption called the shots. It honestly seemed tough on the staff as well. She did say, one and done.
  8. I am in Sky on the Wonder (Crown loft) June 25th, 2023. I will give you all the details while onboard. We booked this on another sailing with friends, parted ways and were going to cancel. (Well teens parted ways, so.....) Devil on one shoulder had the phone dialed to cancel, Devil on the other was waving around my credit card, needless to say....
  9. On my evening walk I was actually contemplating sending an email to Mr. Bayley questioning the reasoning and playing dumb asking if it slipped thru the cracks. Lone behold I'm home and read @Sea Squirrel comment and honestly don't want to call attention to the amenity in place thus maybe causing them to be tampered with or stripped down, now I ponder like Winnie the Pooh, what shall I do?
  10. I understand the cost of a cabin in the Suite category is almost always a bit cheaper on the smaller ships then the bigger ships. I can kind of understand how they can't extend Sea,Sky,Star to the smaller ships but the product is such that the price is going up, up, up for a lesser experience in my opinion. Why not just include the wifi? Why not a special embarkation lunch even if in the MDR? Streamline the suite product onto itself a bit more. It truly is something I was contemplating this afternoon and was wondering what everyone here thinks about it. Come on Royal read this post, please?
  11. Hahaha.....NO! While I did enjoy the consistency of the products and they worked well the fragrances were powerful. I would love to know how they landed on those specific ones. Didn't complain as the product is superior to the regular combo detergent type soap in a regular cabin in my opinion.
  12. Our Harmony out of PC ALL suites and Pins were escorted to a roped off comfortable area. First we watched Star being escorted onboard and then the announcements started. Pinnacles were invited to board and then "all suites guests". Very orderly and oh so quick! Love stepping onboard each and every time watching the ship come alive!
  13. We are North of Tampa & drive to Florida ports & even then drive over one day early. Long story short we were driving across the State to Miami, due to a brush fire out of control halfway there Alligator Alley was closed by the State Police. Everyone on that road had to turn around and go back the way we came, we then had to cross Florida another way. If it had been same day we would have missed the ship, no doubt. The added hours and the added traffic we would have arrived to wave bye bye to our ship. The only port we drive same day is Tampa, but even then we leave super early just in case, it is literally 30 minutes from our home. I never take for granted we are within driving distance to the ports, we are not the most skilled drivers down here,
  14. My concierge requested laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets when I asked what I could bring besides $$ of course. They do their own laundry and apparently that stuff is expensive on the ship. I purchased smaller versions but multiple of fragrance free items, I thought he would kiss us, he was so grateful. Tried to pay us for the items. I was mindful of limited space considerations so no big jugs. His smile was priceless. Keep your space uncluttered for ease of movement and cleaning as well as gift him/her a day off. We do this at least once each sailing, just get enough towels, they really appreciate it.
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