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  1. We live just North of Tampa. We always drive to the port the day before, the traffic alone is stressful. Add to that the car accidents, car fires, debris flying out of pick up truck beds and finally torrential rain storms NO, sometimes you are stuck sitting still for hours. Please don't try that drive from PC to the other ports in the same day. Miami to Port Everglades sure, anywhere else I highly do not recommend. At least in our area even fender benders are ONLY handled by the FSP so the Sheriff closes everything down and then you WAIT for the State Police adding even more time to something that probably could have been cleared up in the time it took for them to arrive. Just my personal experience living here the last 20 years, and the roads seem to have only gotten worse. Enjoy your sailings!
  2. Yes, I just stated this problem on my roll call strand. I checked in but went in today to add the photos. Locked out of both, says check in October 9. I input everything previously at day 90 except the photos. Both website and app say check in not available. Oasis sailing November 21 from Miami.
  3. 65 days to go! I went into the Royal app to update our check in as I started it but needed to add some information....lo behold, it now says check in open 10/07/21. I input everything accept our photos previously (I needed to get my hair done). It is paid in full, is this due to the ever changing protocols? Paid in full and plan on sailing, not happy about some mitigation measures but I want to sail, any idea why this had happened? Has anyone else come across this? Still no Royal Up offers either. Tagging @cruisellama @wordell1 @Sharla am I getting this sinking feeling for nothing?
  4. Hello! Does the JR cover charge include another burger? Say my husband wants 2? Kiddo wants a hamburger and a hot dog? I know the fries and onion rings get refilled but wasn't sure about the meat. The refreshment package includes the shake with the meal or is the shake included in the food cover charge? Thanks so much!
  5. Disclaimer, Just my opinion & in NO WAY making a political statement either way. Answering @icf75 question My 2 cents, COVID is here & there is the bad & the ugly concerning it......but COVID is now a money generating catalyst. Been to the hair salon anyone? Services are down, down, down minimum everything, except the price. A hotel stay, clean your own room, empty your own garbage but the prices are still high if not higher. Flights? Every seat filled and expensive fares still climbing. Everywhere you look things COVID related are being sold like never before, there is money to be made and BIG PHARMA stands to continue to profit from this crazy sad situation. COVID testing is now a new industry, want it fast? My Doc in the Box down the street is available just pay $$$. Never have I witnessed so many vehicles in that lot. So no, with the monies being generated as an off shoot of this situation I do not believe the 12+ vaxxed to sail will be dropped anytime soon. The cruise lines need to be careful to not only mitigate this situation but limit their liability exposure, we all know sadly the lawsuits that will come and the amount of monies awarded will be directly tethered to the "risks" you were exposed to on the ship (even if this never occurred on the ship) Making $$$, saving $$$, unemotionally with sad commentary I believe at the end of the day $$$ will keep these protocols in place everywhere, I personally expect the vax mandate to be in place as a purely numbers decision for a very long time, and then the fall back statement is "for your health" Be well everyone!
  6. We have only sailed out of PC with Royal, may I ask what terminal will the Oasis leave from? Is there a parking deck, we are driving in, and finally are there clearly identified areas where to line up? We will wait until our check in time to arrive, but does it designate say Crown and Anchor status or suite lines specifically? Thanks so much! So excited, packing extra patience for this knowing our Thanksgiving sailing will be finally upon us!!
  7. @SpeedNoodles I'm glad I don't Facebook. Just comes down to simple respect, respect your time and each other. Seems like this type of behavior is everywhere now a days.
  8. Yes the side. I am in an aft on 17 as it was the last one left. I have been waiting to transfer to a side one but only other afts open up. A side one became available when my TA was on vacation and when I emailed the forwarding fill in contact was for emergencies only. It was gone by the time she came back, I called Royal but they would not help only my TA could change it. I could NOT justify that as an emergency so I have made peace with zero privacy on my balcony, can't say I'm to happy about it, but at least I'm sailing. Things could be so much worse. I need to reflect on my blessings....
  9. When we were on the first sailing out of Nassau this past June as previously voiced we were pretty much the last people on the ship due to Bahamas Air doing their best to inconvenience every cruiser on that flight, we had the early dinner seating. In anticipation of this before leaving home I contacted Dudley our concierge and asked him to let the dining team know the first night we would be late, could we have dinner at the late seating on evening one. He emailed me back and said it was all taken care of, perfect! Well night two we show up at our normal time and our main server was angry, I was shocked it was the first sailing back. Apparently she had asked for another early table the evening before and now we were three on top of that added two, she made me show here our printed time on our sea pass card and told us we needed to stay late, I explained it was only for one night and asked the head waiter to confirm, which he did. She always made us wait at least 15 minutes for any initial even EYE CONTACT and was very passive aggressive. The only time she showed any warmth was around the day they spoke about the after cruise survey. She rushed us, had zero patients and never ever offered a suggestion, just stood by the table pen in hand asking for our order. (No I didn't complain at first because I thought maybe it was me, then after about evening three when I realized it wasn't I was afraid to say anything as they delivered the food.) To top off this nightly less then enjoyable experience she had body odor that got worse as the week went on. My daughter had the scarlet unvax band on also being 15, so the communication was from very far away, we did feel like lepers from this team. (we tested at check in all negative plus my daughter needed a negative brain tease PCR to board so "fear" is a convenient excuse if that was their distance reasoning) We finally skipped our last night for Johnny Rockets as the Wind Jammer wasn't open for dinner. I explained this in the survey & never heard a word back, I think they use the post cruise surveys for kudos and pats on the back not for any tool effecting change, no way. If so they would have reached out to speak with me. I was articulate and non emotional, they use the surveys as a tool to keep the crew on their toes in my humble opinion.
  10. Owners suite was nice, but deck 17 just wow! One bathroom in OS versus two in Crown and the doorbell, oh my! We were in an OS on the Harmony 2019 Thanksgiving. People rang that doorbell at all hours, it was pretty annoying especially when it wakes you from a sound sleep, I would lean crown loft, and on the Harmony there was a gigantic pole in the middle of the cabin @WAAAYTOOO do you know if it's the same on Oasis?
  11. I'm patiently waiting for Royal Up opportunities also, has anyone received one for 11/21/21? I tried the Royal Up submission request page but that still says come back when your sailing is in 30 days. I have yet to "win" the ability to pay even more lol but oh how I love to bid, ah maybe I need to see someone about that!!
  12. @jaullram WAIT....5 DAYS....and you are just starting to pack?? Oh my word, that is more stressful to me then the Covid test, which will be just fine! Relax and enjoy your trip, living vicariously through you! We were on the first sailing out of Nassau when they tested us at check in, after a flight from he!! I thought, don't think about it just roll with whatever occurs, and as it was a very long 20 minutes the elation on the other side of that negative test, pure joy! Cheers to you!
  13. Yes this also! I received a blouse that arrived via UPS here in Florida the other day. The package was delivered so hot the fabric color was compromised. I never order makeup, prescriptions etc via mail this time of year here. Thanks @barbeygI never even thought of the temperature aspect.
  14. Sorry, just to clarify. There are three of us sailing, if we purchase a 3 pack can we all use the same kit? When we call up the zoom proctor can all three be accomplished or do we have to call up 3 different times? As soon as @Chadsteryou receive them would you be so kind as to let us know the expiration date? My sailing isn't until 21 November, my fear is I purchase to early and they expire, I am a planner so I was thinking about purchasing this weekend, but am really interested in the shelf life first, Thanks so much!
  15. Too funny, I already took down my luggage and purchased another compressed packing cube. Purchased a pair of new sandals (summer clearance) and walking around the house with them on to break them in. Visualizing my outfits spreadsheet now......
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