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  1. @Matt, @WAAAYTOOO HELP! I'm still waiting for cruise planner refunds from April 22, 2020. I called and sent emails to no avail. My bank prefers I wait a bit longer when explaining the dispute, it is Bank of America but not the Royal Card. The crazy part is I did receive a few random amounts from my June sailing, guess those April refunds are at the bottom of some pile. Expecting taxes and fees refunds as well for cancellations for sailings June 28, August 3 and now Odyssey November 20. Question please Odyssey sailing cancelled before my final payment, thank goodness for small blessings. Do my taxes and fees become refunded seperate from the rest of the deposit? Thanks so much!
  2. I fixed my OP on page 83, I just booked with my FCC May 29, 2021 Symphony of the Seas out of Miami. If 2021 is a go by Thanksgiving 2021 I would have sailed all of the BIG GIRLS! So cool. 3 cancelled in 2020 3 booked in 2021 fingers crossed.
  3. I left a bad one in the dust my first sailing with RCCL, the MEI (Sharla Manglass) difference was beyond compare. I found her because of our friends on this blog! Even with this terrible situation, my TA Sharla is working harder then ever before and essentially.....for free until we sail again. I received another cancellation as well as my FCC and Sharla contacted me even before I contacted her. I can't say enough about this amazing patient professional woman. When we sail and we will, when nobody knows, I am making sure to let her know her kindness to our family was gift enough and while they usually leave a cabin "gift" I want her to just wish us well, nothing more as her time and energy was just priceless! Happy transition, run for the hills (or seas) Be safe and stay healthy!
  4. @monctonguy I said the SAME this morning, my husband was concerned I was moping around so much...... no sailings/all cancelled in 2020. Fast forward, just booked another 2021, I just hope I get my cruise planner refunds by then......fingers crossed. Cheers! But I agree, this needs to be over!
  5. @WAAAYTOOO I got excited, 2 margarita's in (strawberry kiwi) I booked the Symphony, figured never sailed her so that is exciting....thanks for the PUSH!! May 2021!!!
  6. @twangster, Outstanding, when I went back in I received the same thing. Then I went "into it" and located my answer! If I don't 'Click here" my monies will go to places unknown and should re-appear as a refund to my original form of payment 45 days from 17 July 2020!
  7. With this latest cancellation (The Odyssey) RCCL offered a slide so to speak, it said I can take the sailing and apply my monies to another SHIP within a week before, same week or the week after the date scheduled. I looked but then thought, I'm not falling for that one. While I love sailing and am always positive I have little faith now we will be sailing until 2021, just my gut telling me this. I am going to miss sailing Thanksgiving as I look forward to it, but I am requesting a refund. We have too much money tied up in RCCL right now and honestly have little faith in Mr. Fain, it dwindles with every video he does. The cruise lines seem beaten down and don't seem to be fighting for their industry or their people any longer, so sorry....RANT. OVER. Now that being said if they do sail I will go to the Cocoa Beach area and wave to my lucky fellow cruisers who had more faith then me! I would LOVE to get back to safe & healthy sailing, and we know it can be done.
  8. @WAAAYTOOO, I knew I could count on you! Thank you, that is exactly my question. I have enough FCC to pay for my two previously schedules sailings plus about the amount of $3,400.00 I perused the offerings and our schedule and the open windows are just plain unexciting, BUT I am going back in to create excitement because there is no way I am leaving that much money on the table, thanks so much and I hope you have a WAAAY better day then I am, stay safe & healthy! You know where freezing over when I leave that much money behind, still waiting for that much in cruise planner purchase refunds, from April.....
  9. @Matt Clarification and my fellow bloggers, just cancelled another sailing (Odyssey) and honestly I am not to excited about the offerings next year, I already have the two I liked booked previously, that I was excited about. While I utilize my amazing MEI TA I am leaving her alone until she contacts me, I can't even imagine her frustration, 100X more then mine right now. So to confirm if I utilize my FCC's but have some left over can that be turned into a cash refund or no? Will I just loose those monies? I don't want to sail just to get rid of my FCC's, this latest cancelled sailing I am just asking for the straight up cash refund, but RCCL will be up about $3800.00 if I leave everything as is, turning to you for direction and your opinions, please? Thank You!
  10. @twangster do they automatically refund cruise planner items if I am not interested in the 125% cruise planner offerings? I went in and tried to cancel myself, two drink packages, a cabana and some keys but the website pretty much did the equivalent of the funky chicken, yikes....I am glad they finally told us instead of taking our final payment and then telling us!
  11. Same my June 28. 2020 was cancelled and I received my FCC this past Tuesday. I believe it was Tuesday June 23. No cruise planner and no port fees or taxes yet.
  12. @CruiseGus, I was so happy when i received my FCC and then I saw how they did it, what a nightmare. I at least have MEI in my corner but this is EXTRA aggravation my TA does not need. So much harder then it needs to be, ugh!!!
  13. @crisgold52 thank you so much for advising of this. I have been waiting since April 22, 2020 I spreadsheet also and it is just under $3000.00 CP not counting taxes and port fees. Did you talk or do anything extra to fast track this (escalate) ? How long have you been waiting in total? The last time I called albeit told all was coming my way I still have nothing, I want to be patient so info like yours helps me in deciding where I am at in the process, thank you so much.
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