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  1. I physically went down to customer service desk and inquired and they said no, I referenced the above statement & she again said "no such thing" Boy, I wish I had this with me then.
  2. I believe they charge your credit card on file and then send you an email.
  3. Never, I bid ever time. Pending until 1900hrs the evening before sailing giving me hope and then email saying unsuccessful. I will keep on trying though!
  4. My teen was familiar with those few, she said they were telling everyone they were vaccinated. That thought did in fact cross my mind, take off the band tell them you're vaxed if asked....but mathematically it would be impossible and ME getting tossed off the ship was not an option so she was respectful of the protocols. She always carried a mask in her lanyard to place on when deemed appropriate by the protocols, I was proud that she understood the stupidity but wanted mama to be happy....SMART KID I HAVE
  5. Not sure, we didn't test it. Seemed most adhered, seemed like the honors system though. We just didn't want to go there...
  6. I agree with this statement, individuals were respecting the mask rules albeit in my humble opinion weird, having been vaccinated I wasn't afraid of the very few teens/kids that were on board. (I heard there were 64 children not sure if that is correct) Also 2 adults with medical exceptions. My 15 year old was given a red wrist band at check in and had to wear a mask in the halls, elevators, theaters to dinner again we agreed to follow the rules out of respect for others sensitivities and the protocols in place for this sailing, it seemed stupid. But I was sailing and enjoying the heck out o
  7. I don't believe it is a fair comparison to the NCL Haven. The Oasis class suite offerings may be more apples to apples. YES, Dudley sent an email on Tuesday, he was very helpful with the dining reservations. That was all we needed. Signing up for the antigen on board was a bit frustrating, he tried but could not help besides giving us a website, this took a total of about 3 hours out of our vacation as they "lost" our results, no sleeping that night, that was the most stress of the entire sailing. It was pretty organized the actual testing though....Hours to register, more hours to locat
  8. I believe most nights it was just the one young lady, she went next door to the Blue Moon. I think formal night had about three, but she was it most evenings. No temporary bar of any kind. You had to make reservations for the shows also, There was no priority access to shows, all due to the spacing, you could only sit two, so we split of course with a few seats between you. No biggie, whatever it took to sail!
  9. Next to zero suite perks! Larger cabin and very nice toiletries. The suite lounge is open to suite guests and drinks are served 1700 to 2000 but there is no bar. A nice young lady runs into another bar for the drinks, getting her attention is sometimes tough. The small food offerings were fried and dry, they tried though and Dudley was very friendly. No special seating in theaters due to the spacing, we loved the room and the view that was worth it. A sit down breakfast was offered, we didn't partake we like picky breakfast on our balcony. Enjoy, the storage in these cabins is amazing too! So
  10. @twangster cabin 8694 I tried to take pics the way you would! Here is the our cabin, deck 8 aft. Very quiet. Great stateroom! Two bathrooms, tiny but one had a tub. Loved the views and the ships super structure didn't bother us, we didn't even see it after a night or two. @Lovetocruise2002 the pics of the shampoos and conditioner I took for you! On an aside, do not recommend Bahamas Air. Air2Sea yes, the airline was a terrible experience. They don't deserve to be part of the Air2sea program, actually I don't think they wanted to be.
  11. Just arrived home from 06/12 sailing; we did a tour and shopping excursion in Freeport but our friends did the beach getaway. In our humble opinion Freeport isn't quite ready for us yet. Our tour was miserable and our entire bus was complaining. When we met with our friends they said they went and asked for a refund as it was quite bad. It was very sad, the Island needs a lot of TLC, it looks to me like if anything might be worth it @Mattsuggestion would be it. They were not ready, the island seemed a bit in distress. Our tour operator kept saying they needed money for proper repairs aft
  12. I feel energized! They helped themselves to the 140.00 for the health visa just to start. They are suffering, they need this industry, they want to welcome us with open arms, I feel the tourism dollars will help turn their lives around. Not paranoid but crazy excited, I think we will feel a warmth like never before.
  13. Congrats so happy for you! At least this program worked and is in fact a "thing" this sailing. Great to know, thanks for the response See you Saturday. (I bid the absolute minimum just for giggles) but usually I get an email saying your bid was not accepted.
  14. Has anyone opted for the Royal Up? Have you heard anything? I placed a minimum bid way back when, just wondering if this was really a thing this sailing.
  15. I'm wondering the same thing. I know I can spend that OBC in a flash. Bringing my payment receipts just in case.
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