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  1. Hubby put his foot down, "this is it!!". It will still be the 3 of us as kiddo is living home year one of University. Opted for the Family 2 bedroom suite in the back with two bathrooms as well. The price was fair & while I wanted to try the Royal Suite, the split bathroom and the tiny balcony for over $5,000 more was a hard no. We just couldn't wrap our minds around the extra cost with minimal amenities that did not add up. We have never been to Belize so we are looking forward to a new place. The balcony with this suite is huge, summer sailing so we will make great use of it! Thank goodness @Matt did a fantastic ship tour which addressed some fears of sailing the oldest ship in the fleet. We know there will be old furnishings and some rust on this sailing but I love the classic cruise vibe Lady G has. * as an aside I had ghost booked a Celebrity sailing for the same time frame & while the value for money was there and the experience super elevated we had to sail from Miami, I've sailed from Miami before (3 times) and don't love it. (travelling there by car, ugh) We will wait until Celebrity puts a ship in PC or somewhere closer in the summer months here in Florida. I received a phone call from Celebrity, my caller ID said Royal Caribbean. To my surprise they were concerned and really wanted to know why I didn't book, what a nice man. I was shocked they called & we spoke for about 10 minutes, it made me even more excited to sail Celebrity in the future! Huge thanks to @Sharla for all her help with this booking
  2. Oh my! Pineapples mean hospitality! BUT, if you see them on cruise ship cabins it may signal the passengers within are " extra friendly" participating in the " lifestyle" I guess " swingers" would be the correct term. Now of course not everyone knows this, but where we are in Florida it's well known. A signal to those with "like minds" I hope that came across respectfully as I don't want to seem judgey but it's not something we ascribe to. Wear that shirt at your own risk,
  3. @WAYNO My neighborhood Walmart had the magnetic hooks & clips as well! I will utilize them as well as I was inspired by the photo you posted with the garland type decorations, my door may border on "Party Cabin" I'm making sure to not place gnomes or pineapples for sure though! Yikes!
  4. Oooops! I have no idea what I did there, sorry for the multiple messages
  5. Reaching out for "Bezos" direction please? So we sail on the Adventure & as she is older the bathrooms are usually super dark in the evening. I don't think there is an outlet except for shaver system one (I think) so I'm thinking a small plug in nightlight might not work. What do you guys suggest for soft illumination for the bathroom during the night? Thanks so much!
  6. @WAYNO and @smokeybandit so I did it, I am excited. I purchased both types of magnets pictured above AND made my own creation. Its not perfect but I want this door to be special.....below is my first magnet, created by Neesa! Again, not beautiful but I may get better with time! The college had this mascot on card stock, woohoo here he is ! Thanks again for the push and confidence!
  7. Lots of dining open for our Utopia sailing but I can't find a tentative menu or a way to book this immersive experience. Any idea? Cost? Royal Railway is not on my cruise planner, does anyone have it yet? @Matt @Sharla @AshleyDillo
  8. @Lovetocruise2002 at this point I feel like there is nothing worth fighting for. Star is not for us and the Utopia is one and done as well. I guess someone is getting his roof,
  9. I'm seeing nothing as far as new releases out of PC or Everglades. The few Tampa sailings have been there and are not exciting at all. I feel deflated, I was so excited to peruse the new offerings. Maybe next week will be better,
  10. I'm glad I saw this, I almost started a new thread. Any guesses on the new releases? Week of February 12th doesn't help. I wish Royal would release "preview sailings" so when they open we can pounce! LOL, Tuesday, or Wednesday? I can't remember will we get a timely email? Nah, I'm just following this strand and putting on notifications, I'm confident this Community will know before any Royal notification. Me: Staring at the RCCL website Cabash: Don't even think about it! We most likely have to pay more in Federal taxes this year, we have our Freshman year in college bill that we have no idea will be AND I'm looking at the roof....I think we will replace it this year. Me: Silence, deafening silence....thinking I hope there are some really interesting sailings stopping a different ports in 2025! I think I'm checking Celebrity as well! What credit card has the best promotion for the $840.00 or so deposit? I can't wait to peruse the offerings...... Wish me luck
  11. What a fun trip report! Thank you so much for taking us along! 100 plus lbs of luggage, oh my! I just can't even fathom, LOL! Safe and uneventful travels to the both of you!
  12. Ugh, I have a 17 year old in High School. Thank goodness she is into the gym and comfort, not the styles that are in fashion today. We explained what "Command Presence" is and how respect for one's self helps your cause if you want to be respected.....but I digress. Our high school has a dress code, no uniforms but standards concerning skirt AND shirt lengths because there were literally half naked kiddos running around. WELL, parents YES parents went to the school board and demanded change, a change in the " let them be " dept! To say I was shocked is an understatement but we are back to lots of skin in the High School. Jesus take the wheel!
  13. Really???? How am I going to keep my luggage law when @asquared17 keeps touting new gadgets to bring on my sailing!!!! ** Just placed water heater for tea thingy in my Bezos cart, ........thanks a lot! and here I was patting myself on the back for not really being excited about the cup holder!
  14. I second (or third) the hot water situation. I always request a kettle just in case they have one for the cabin. I'm a tea drinker all my life, probably drank it out of my bottle.... and I hate when the water tastes like coffee. Add me to that list! I appreciate your pain here!!!
  15. Handled, beautifully and with class. I hope you feel better asap! The lack of awareness of other passengers is REAL. Since sailing has been back it's like all sorts of cruise etiquette has sailed away. If this is February, it gives me pause when it comes to summer sailings with over capacity ships. There should be a mandatory but friendly cruise etiquette reminder video sent to every passenger before embarkation, humph!* ode to @SweetPea Seriously though, I hope you have the BEST day in Labadee, I really love my days there.
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