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  1. Hello Everyone! Sailing on the Harmony November 24, 2019 to encompass Thanksgiving Day. Has anyone sailed this week and are there any special things to look forward to ? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Seriously, I would book a cruise where you were the Cruise Director!! Looking forward to your future Vlogs. Thanks so much young man, you are a breath of fresh air!
  3. Perfect! I can always count on @WAAATOOO!! Thanks so much, Denise
  4. Hello~ I would like to confirm for my upcoming sailing a question about CK. We will be dining there every evening and forgo the MDR on this our 1st RCCL sailing. ( I like acclimating in a much smaller venue) I checked the app and the menu's are pretty much listed albeit I know some may not be that accurate. If we go to CK and notice an offering on the MDR menu (mushroom soup vs tomato for an example) may we order it? Secondly, is it a huge pain in the a$$ to do this to the wait staff? I know they work hard enough and don't want to be "that person" who messes with the servers timing etc. If he has to run all over the ship I don't believe I would do this (except for lobster night but we will give them the heads up before that evening) Basically just because I may doesn't mean I should? Thank you for your thoughts, I also don't want to take the server from the other tables they have if this is a long process, then I totally would not enjoy what I thought I would! Thanks everyone.
  5. We enjoyed this very much, looking forward to more. Thanks so much!
  6. @AnnetteJackson, That's wonderful news! To clarify my particular inquiry was "do you have an OBC scale like Small World?" Whatever the case may be I totally stand by the belief that an OBC does not always = a great TA. Sharla had our business with her customer care and communication skills, knowing we will be receiving an additional gift, well that's just icing on the cake. Thanks for educating me on MEI and confirming once again how I made the correct choice, have a lovely day! (In Sharlas defense I had so many questions at the time and was so excited to be booking another sailing (I had just cancelled a B2B DCL) that she may have mentioned the gift but I missed it. #MEI
  7. We have sailed 10X with DCL and Small World Vacations had the OBC amounts all laid out in print very searchable on-line. Fast forward pretty much disgusted with the DCL experience in relation to the prices as well as the diminishing services and finally customer service pretty much gone we came over here to RCCL for our 1st sailing in a few weeks. The TA picked by the group offered a decent OBC so they went with her BUT alas she is no RCCL expert. Can't even minimally compare to my previous TA. I researched for our summer 2020 sailing and landed on MEI as recommended from this site for our 2cd RCCL sailing, as there was no way I could book with the previous one. I was surprised when I asked about OBC she said they didn't offer it, but just speaking with her I KNEW she was the best for our family. (Sharla) has taken the best care to adjust my pricing (price drop within 1st week of booking) as well as answer any questions I had. I feel like I have an RCCL expert advocating for me and since we are cruisers and will most likely now sail exclusively with RCCL I believe I made the correct choice, I would rather a good relationship and feeling of comfort versus an OBC at the end of the day! #TeamSharla
  8. What time does the club area for the 13 year olds stay open until? If staying past 2200hrs do you pay by the hour? Does anyone know the cost? Thank you!
  9. Thanks @WAAATOOO See I'm so excited I forgot to mention the name of the ship, Harmony of the Seas! Thanks for the great advice. Since this week includes Thanksgiving Day as well as the ship being close to capacity (I was told) I am planning on making my CK reservations when I am contacted the week before. We perused all of the menu offerings and prefer the smaller venue of CK so we will be #TeamCK all week! We will be sure to note the lobster tail versus the champagne sauce also, so thankful for the heads up on that!
  10. Please @Love2Cruise2002 & @WAAATOOO and anyone else who would like to chime in, we are sailing in 36 days and are told the sailing is pretty much full. Never heard anything from Royal Up yet so we will be in an OS deck 11. Our embarkation lunch we plan to go to the CK on 17, is this super crowded on embarkation day? With the SL open 11-11 can we get a glass of wine with lunch as the amenity? We have the refreshment package as when I did the math even with our max of possibly 4 glasses a day, and even that is a stretch, it would not make sense cost wise to purchase the DBP At what time should we expect to be allowed into our stateroom? I am a 50 something mom and I am excited like a little kid, I just can't wait. Any additional advice for this first time family? Thanks so much!!
  11. @Love2cruise2002 In the Owners suite do they provide shower caps or can you request them? Thanks again!
  12. Thanks so much @Love2cruise2002 and @WAAATOOO! You are correct I was referring to the Suite Lounge and CK as one entity. I just watched a video showing the layout and realize the proximity of the 2. No problem at all, on DCL we each retrieved a glass of wine at forward concierge lounge and sometimes walked it to aft for dinner so this set up is super easy. In addition our menu's showed up on my app and because of your suggestions we will inform our wait staff (early on) we would prefer the lobster tail for night 6 I saw the lobster in champagne sauce and now know to steer clear. Thanks so much for all of your help, have a great day oh, and @WAAATOOO enjoy your sailing this Saturday CHEERS!
  13. Clarification request please? We have the refreshment package booked and are staying in the owners suite so have access to CK. What are the hours of the cocktail hour within CK? While we really don't imbibe to much I will have a glass of wine with dinner. So specifically if we are eating within CK at 1745hrs each evening may I order wine with dinner included within the lounge amenity? Do I have to go and retrieve it for myself before being seated? Either way is fine just hate looking like I am a first timer, (even though we are lol) Also, TY to everyone here, I was just able to pull up all of the menu's on my RCCL app because someone else here said they were available. Sailing 11/24/2019 Harmony Good evening, Denise
  14. @CGTLH Our sailing is getting close and I thank you for your insight. So to clarify room service will bring tap water, Lemonade, Iced Tea and coffee as well as hot tea otherwise we should probably go retrieve beverages ourselves? (this is no problem at all) We are in the OS will there be cans of soda or bottles of water we can take back to our stateroom from the lounge (after showing we have the refreshment package of course) to place in the fridge? I saw one can order for a fee to have the fridge/cooler stocked with beverages, will that be in addition to the cost of the refreshment package? I appreciate your knowledge, I don't want to make any rookie mistakes and find a huge bill at the end of my sailing, have a great afternoon!
  15. Hello Everyone~ When ordering room service will they bring your beverages also? I know you get a large cup to fill yourself at the drink stations. We have the refreshment package and were wondering would they also bring mock tails in addition to bottled water and such? Thanks so much!
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