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  1. We love Cozumel! Take a peek at Resortforaday.com & Jaital.com for day excursions. We did a "Beach break" all inclusive on the Island on a previous visit years ago, as well as a walk over to the El Cid La Ceiba two weeks ago. It was a lovely day in the little alcove we found but for the "inclusive" experience it seemed to be lacking. We would probably go back on a "off" week, as this was Thanksgiving week & it was super crowded and the buffet was so so as well as the promised towels, well they had no more! I usually bring from the ship so I was not happy, so I went to the spa and asked for a tour and then snagged 2 beautiful soft fluffy ones to use, desperate times!! ( I returned them at the end of my day though, they were not impressed) The water was so clear the sea life just swam around you so that we didn't even need to snorkel. Pool small there but the ocean water was lovely, no direct access though, had to do stairs to get in. I am sure our friends on this blog will provide you with amazing idea's, I believe you will love Cozumel. Enjoy your sailing!
  2. We were there 2 weeks ago & had a Cabana at the Oasis Pool. The water within the pool was chilly for us but we are from Florida, it was probably about 80 degrees. That being said the pool and the swim up bar had many people enjoying them. I am not sure if the Oasis Pool is temperature controlled but the water seemed not to be uncomfortable for the many guests partaking. It was a warm beautiful Island & the sun was like an amazing blanket! The ocean water was chilly but not to the point again where it "stung" After a few delish coco loco I am sure the water will be just fine. :) Enjoy your sailing!
  3. @Jaymac Radio Your video's make me smile! Thanks again for posting, enjoyed it very much :)
  4. @devbak150 Yes! Have an amazing sailing, enjoy every second!
  5. @Jaymac Radio yes helps a great deal, thanks so much! @TXcruzer Simply put he likes to drive to the port the same day. I think it's a comfort thing, we left out of Miami on DCL last year and he HATED it. He doesn't even want to sail out of Tampa where we reside because the ship's are to small for him. When we left out of Miami we arrived the day before and stayed overnight and he said "never again" I appreciate the input, thanks so much!
  6. Hello Friends, We just completed our first RCCL sailing on the Harmony, she was great and the process at Port Canaveral couldn't have been any more convenient. I have booked sailing number 2 on the Harmony in June 2020 and wanted to book an additional Holiday cruise in 2020. My hubby likes the bigger ship, (hated the DCL Magic, preferred the Dream/Fantasy) so asks me to take into consideration the size of the ship as well as he only wants to sail out of PC. Yikes, the Harmony was wonderful but I need variety when it comes to ships, how frequently in your experience does RCCL reposition ships to different home ports? Thanks so much!
  7. @Matt yes your are correct I was interested in a category that is in fact sold out. On another cruise line we sailed previously they kept a waitlist like this. The first time nothing opened up, the next time I received an email if I was still interested and had 24 hours to decide, it was a day or two after final payment so someone probably switched their sailing date. I know we should have booked right away but we had no idea about RCCL, that said we are now hooked like the rest of you guys! Thanks again :) @mworkman Fantastic, your gif made me howl with laughter, thanks! @Ogilthorpe You are correct and I will call my TA. Honestly I have dealt with RC 2X over the phone and both times were "scary" I didn't feel right that they pulled up my reservation and diddled with it, nope I was scared if they messed something up I would have no recourse :( I'm calling MEI Have a great day everyone, happy sailing
  8. After meeting some great people on our last sailing we pondered joining them (after their invitation we are not that creepy!) on a future cruise they have previously booked. Of course it is on the new ship Odyssey and our preferred stateroom is sold out. Does Royal Caribbean keep waitlists? Does MEI since I am utilizing them for my June 2020 sailing? (This one is in November 2020 of course) I am sure ship is pretty much at capacity but inquiring minds :) Thanks everyone!
  9. #1 My biggest mistake was not researching my stateroom type on my first sailing. I opened the door and gasped, 3 of us had to share this space? It took two days to get acclimated as I get physically affected by tight spaces. Now I research everything before plunking down my money! #2 Doing a B2B thinking I was well aware of the on/off procedure from the previous years B2B. Picture security inside the terminal chasing a woman who is oblivious to the fact they were coming after her, oh that was a hoot! I was pretty much horrified, as for my family they of course stood back and laughed their you know what's off.
  10. Yes, if you really want the Hibachi reserve it ahead of time. On our recent sailing they turned people away all week, it is really a tiny space on the Harmony. The concierge mentioned the demand was high and the availability zero. There were 10 seats to a Hibachi (really tight) and I believe 3 separate Hibachi grills. It was crazy loud as for the most part everything is timed really close together so lots of people and the chefs were all speaking their narration pretty loudly. For the meal plans they explained unless you were Star class and/or paying al la carte you were given a 35.00 credit for the seating for each person dining. The meals were $45.00 & $49.00 and then if you wish there were many add on menu items, example soup (not included) It was an okay experience for us but we were quite underwhelmed. I think they may have added a seating due to demand because we were told 1730hrs initially but then contacted on the ship and told 1700hrs instead for start time. Hope this helps, Happy sailing you will LOVE it!
  11. @Fairlynew we were deck 11 port side. Who knows maybe they were related, but looking at the deck plans it was an Owners suite we were under, I believe the Villa is 12 starboard. That kitchen floor was the culprit OMG, all hours of the night, and the jumping wow! We were out on the balcony and our next door balcony neighbors were just as affected by the noise, it was the talk of the balconies! Luck of the draw, sounded like they were having a huge party every night. We go into these things knowing/expecting this type of situation sailing with 6,000+ fellow cruisers! If we get great neighbors (above us) we consider it a huge blessing but never count on it. Insult was that I stayed away from Deck 14 because of the dragging pool deck chairs, thinking that the noise from THAT would be problematic!
  12. Just stepped off of the Harmony yesterday. My daughter (13) went to the teen meet and greet I believe at 2000hrs the first evening, it was there that they gave her a color band stipulating her age group and that was that. She met other kids and then they all did their thing when she was finished with my mandated "family time" I don't believe it was to formal. At one point she lost this band and when she returned to the teen area they just gave her another. Enjoy your sailing!
  13. I just stepped off the ship yesterday & brought an entire package to do just that. I kept them in my back pack & wiped the entire stateroom before settling in. They were in my bag and went through security with zero issues. I felt good about doing this as there were ALOT of people coughing and sneezing everywhere, if someone like that just vacated my stateroom a few hours ago I did not want that gift for my seven nights. I believe this is now a common practice to start out your cruise!
  14. @Rod so happy to read your experience. We are sailing a similar itinerary but in June 2020. I forgot to note above that I did place my magnetic white board out but by morning day 3 I had to remove it as the drawings of naked usually hidden body parts seemed very Un Thanksgiving-ish LOL! Happily though my door magnets stayed put the entire cruise, yay!! We were beyond blessed with the most beautiful weather & I must admit I will never want to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday on land again! I felt like a spoiled princess. So happy you enjoyed your sailing, Enjoy the Holidays!
  15. Friends, Took your advice ; at the Port by 1000hrs, we were checked in by a roving RCCL rep & were on the ship within minutes of arriving in the upstairs lounge. This sailing was packed, families everywhere as it was Thanksgiving week & all the kiddos were off but besides day 1 and that horrible drill with movie, the only time we felt the numbers were if we needed elevators, we used the stairs a lot. Side note we all showed up for the drill, suffered in silence standing with hundreds of our closest sailing friends in customer service area and then received a letter scolding us for not showing up and advising we needed to go again ( we didn't) the girl scanning our WOW bands was over whelmed & I think missed a band but I told them to check the camera we were there. The sailing was wonderful we spent a great deal of time on our balcony in peaceful serenity. Fantastic stateroom host, room as stated. Deck 11 we thought would be quiet inside but no, doorbell ringing was constant and the family above us were quite noisy, dragging the chairs in the "kitchen" across the floor and jumping I assume off the furniture (kids I hope) at all hours but it was their vacation too, so we just endured it vowing to stay on 17 if sailing this class again. We really LOVED all of your ideas & suggestions so again Thank you so much! Wind Jammer too crowded never stayed Coastal Kitchen wonderful Room service okay Solarium Bistro we enjoyed frequently Izumi Hibachi too loud, too many people @ table food okay would not go back World dessert delivered to CK Night 6 upon request, very nice MDR never experienced Columbus enjoyed Grease, not so much Tony Tillman headliner entertaining 1887 & ISkate okay Fine Line amazing! CD Mike (BING BONG) enjoyable Chris AD not so much, complained about his job a lot, why do it then very off putting Again, we are so appreciative for all of your suggestions, you guys are just fantastic!! Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday Season & many sailings to come! Denise
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