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  1. We visited Labadee on the Allure and the Mariner in May and June 2022. The prices started at 999.00 and up. In May we counted 5 cabanas rented, June just 3 rented. It seems to me that is money that was lost by Royal due to those prices. They sat empty earning 0$ . Made zero sense to me, rent them all at a reasonable rate or rent a very few and lose lots of revenue. Seems a bit foolish when they need $$ right now. I rented a beach cabana in March 2022 for half of the cost of what is being charged now. Most were occupied. Just to confirm these were Bare Foot Beach Cabanas
  2. We sailed the Oasis in November 2021 and the suites 11-11 (beer, wine, soda) was not occurring. Only time bar was open was happy hour. Fast forward March 2022 it was open 11-11 for beer, wine soda. Like @twangsterpointed out just expect inconsistencies for sure.
  3. Same here, visited in May second floor roped off all the time. Go early as they packed you in on the first floor, standing room only even in the a.m. Go early to get a seat.
  4. Grab your favorite drink at any open bar you see and head up to Ellington's. The bar isn't open but the lounge is and the views are amazing. Great people watching up there and it's climate controlled. I believe it's on deck 14 aft, just so quiet and lovely. Floor to ceiling windows and you have views of the deck as well as the seas. Oops my bad it's called Viking Crown Lounge I believe. I'm referring to the same one @MikeK is below.
  5. @whitsmom So I just checked the Hyatt on the airport property has a DAY STAY situation. They could spend the day there, luggage secure and enjoy the pool and restaurants. It looks like it is perfectly set up for your exact situation. Look under "offers" & sure enough I believe it is available from 1000-1800. If their flight is at 2000 it's perfect, they could gather their luggage get through security & be at the gate refreshed and ready to board their flight. I would totally opt for this if it was me. I hope this helps Looks like 169.00
  6. On the Mariner we had to be out by 0800, they sent a letter to the cabin earlier in the week saying cabin must be cleared by 0800 so they could clean for next sailing. The cabins were open for us by 1300 on embarkation day so it seems this is the way of the Mariner. On our Oasis sailing it was out by 0900, cabins open at 1400. That was in March. And now that I'm thinking about it everyone has to be off the ship for the ship to be cleared for embarkation meaning all sea pass cards scanned as exiting the ship maybe someone knows more about this?
  7. Your hubby sounds like my hubby, but for what it's worth sending positive vibes your way. If you can't control it, you shouldn't worry about it. I personally know you can roll with, you go @Lovetocruise2002. Enjoy every bit of this trip. I wish we were there with you.
  8. UPDATE: Happy to report I received an email from Dudley! I'm not going to post it because I felt it very personal but I can confirm here the "higher ups" received my email explaining how he made our trip special & in turn notified Dudley. His message was so heart felt, he said he was being recognized from the ships Officers including heads of HR, Food & Beverage and more even to include some team mates. Congratulations Dudley & thank you Royal for following up with this positive action.
  9. I love duck hunting. If I find more then one I go ahead and hide the other. I am not on Facebook so I post here and on Instagram. For the first time I am hiding them, on the Harmony 31 July! If you find it please post it on the sailings roll call! Here she is!
  10. Oh wow, I wish you would have! To be honest I totally understand though. I was in a panic when I landed in the @Lovetocruise2002 star class take over! Would I mesh with the group? Would they think I was a jerk? OMG, the panic! All for naught, everyone could not have been friendlier. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people from this site, I hope I can remember them all, @[email protected] and @bellemiche everyone kind and smiles for days. I even waved at @Matt on our first return to sailing cruise from the Bahamas when we both had cabanas in the CoCo Cay waterpark. Back then I didn't want to encroach on his family time and he was clearly documenting the sailing for this blog, so I kept my distance as well. I get it, I really do! Thanks again for your efforts for us on that sailing. My daughter always says "mom I'm not allowed to meet any of my on-line friends, how are you meeting the cruise blog strangers any different?" Because it is! Gees
  11. We've been on six sailings so far after the come back and we never let our guard down. We are not walking around in fear at all but we make conscious decisions based on the reality of the moment. Maybe we have just been lucky; who knows but so far so good. Sailing again 31 July. We are basically practicing healthy habits we did before the pause but like I stated in other threads with capacity ramped to the breaking point and staff seemingly exhausted we feel a break from sailing is in order for us.
  12. We stayed here in March, we drove over the day before and they had a parking deck for a safe parking situation. The pool was okay, the food was quality albeit a little pricey. You could walk across to the Publix for any forgotten items. The hotel was clean and no nonsense, we could see the ships with the port view room. Easy short drive over to the port, no complaints this time. We stayed here due to be Hiltons Honors members and have no problem staying in the future.
  13. That was me! Shout out to @Sea Squirreland Leticia, we were only in a CLS and she cleared us into the theater albeit no reservations and we enjoyed the show that was finally happening after so many cancelations. I remember thinking what kind and generous people we were sailing with. We were really touched. We didn't have reservations because they were not available to book as the shows schedules were crazy. Not for lack of trying.
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