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  1. We just arrived home from a DCL that sailed to Barbados. We booked a ResortforaDay pass. It was 17.00 taxi ride for the 3 of us about 15 minutes away. The beach was clean and somewhat private being at the end, the property was actually a Hilton. ( I believe the beach is "public" but security was posted discreetly where the hotel property began.) We encountered zero roaming sales people. The pool was wonderful also and they included towels, chairs, umbrellas and a small lunch (bar menu) and one drink per adult, and a soft drink for our daughter. We found everyone there very friendly & it was not crowded at all. Restrooms were very clean as well, when we were ready to leave they called a taxi for us, same 17.00 back to the ship. The area was beautiful for pics, if you looked around the bend you could actually see the ship off in the distance. Enjoy & be safe where ever you spend your day.
  2. As previously stated 1st RCC sailing ever, coming over from DCL & have had previous experience in concierge as well as non concierge on the Fantasy, Dream, & Magic.(10 cruises) May I ask fellow cruisers your preference, an Owners suite or a Crown Loft? There are three of us 2 adults & our 13 year old daughter. Additionally, what are your thoughts on the RC credit card, are the perks worth opening a new line of credit? Our Disney Chase allows us to pay for our DCL cruise fare over the 1st 6 months with zero interest, does RC Visa offer something such as this? My research does not seem to show anything like this and I am not a fan of to many CC, but if we are going to regularly sail here the perks are my question, otherwise just pay it in full on my cash back and be done. I appreciate your thoughts, thanks so much!
  3. I deferred to your suggestion and just booked June 2020 with MEI-Travel & Sharla M. What a fantastic experience, thanks everyone
  4. I apologize but I could not find this topic, most likely searched wrong. Is there any incentive or savings or ability to book a future RC cruise while onboard? We are travelling in November 2019 & I was looking at summer 2020 for another sailing. Would it behoove me to wait until I am onboard or should I book it while home? Thank you in advance! Harmony sailing in November out of PC.
  5. #Fairlynew~ Harmony 11/24-12/01 2019 it says 49.99 each package
  6. Hello! It's me again @Neesa I would like to know from personal experience your thoughts. We are sailing Harmony in the Owners suite so we have some suite perks. We don't usually drink alcohol because we don't drink in front of our teen (don't want her to think it's "cool") We are bottle water drinkers but not Aquafina due to the added salt etc. We are coffee drinkers especially iced latte types as well as we will sneak (crazy right?) when our daughter isn't around to see; a frozen rum drink or 2, we do not drink soda at all. The Deluxe drink package in our planner is 49.99 per person per day, it's says this is at a cost savings to total over $800.00 for the week. Is this truly a discounted cost? Does the concierge lounge have bottled water to help yourself to? I want to make an educated decision, just not sure of all of the facts to make it. I am not a cheapskate but as I want to really enjoy my sailing I don't enjoy being wasteful either. I appreciate your thoughts, have a wonderful day!
  7. Is it possible to purchase a water park admission same day? Some trepidation on my teens part as the Island is so big with so much to do. We have a cabana at the Oasis (we were lucky & purchased before the huge price increase) and really wanted to settle in and see if this is something she would participate in. The pictures are beautiful, looking forward to this "Perfect Day" Corny? NO WAY, pure joy is what I feel when reading this blog's posts!! Thanks everyone.
  8. We have previously only sailed Disney because we were just used to it & once familiar so easy. I'm reaching out to fellow cruisers who have sailed both Disney & RC. Our daughter is 13 and of course grew up in the Oceaneers & Edge. Is there something comparable to the youth activities area's on the Harmony? Do we have to register ahead of time? We are simply bored at Disney right now & wanted to take the plunge on another line, we always heard RC spoken about on the Disney ships. Input on anything would be so appreciated, I want to relax but for me that means minimal surprises. As always thank you everyone in advance for your help.
  9. Travelling on RC for the first time (Harmony) Thanksgiving week 2019. Does anyone know the brand of shampoo/conditioner/body lotion provided in an RC Harmony OS? I am looking to avoid bringing my own aboard if at all possible. At my age if I use the detergent type product my skin and scalp will react unfavorably. Thank you all kind RC bloggers, your information has been invaluable to me.
  10. Crocs all the way! Easy on and off and many styles now, not to pretty but so comfortable! Crocs gets my vote! Check Crocs.com and then google crocs savings code, you will usually find a discount and possibly free shipping that way. They usually have them at a Croc outlet store near you. Enjoy your cruise :)
  11. @Tweetybird Nooooo, Please revise that flight. I was stressed just reading the post. I live in Florida, we are famous for rolling roadblocks. On the way to the airport often a two lane highway travelling in and two lanes travelling out I have personally encountered (to many times to count) drivers who sit next to each other, one in the travel lane and one in the passing lane, doing the same speed it's like a game to them "I'm in control of the road" you cant get around them. The stress of this travel day will negate your incredible vacation relaxation, please don't attempt this. The window is so slim and driving today is such an emotional task (add everyone who is doing everything BUT driving) personally I would not feel safe. Take care of yourself and fly out just a little later. (and don't forget then the airport has to be navigated and if it is crowded, yikes!) Wishing you well and safe, happy travels.
  12. What a beautiful photo. You are so blessed to have such an amazing family. Thank you so much for sharing, your pic made me smile!
  13. @cbnsoul We are on the Thanksgiving Harmony cruise also & saw the "sold out" cabanas. I called RC and inquired and the operator "found" a few available cabanas (Oasis Lagoon Cabanas) I was asked for my credit card on the line and paid $473.99 For reference I called and booked it 18 May 2019 so maybe a call could yield you a cabana they don't have available on line. I figured the call wouldn't hurt and I was successful. I made sure to print my receipt to bring with me just in case of some type of snafu. Have a fantastic and relaxing Holiday cruise!
  14. @Neesa Hello everyone, Denise from Florida. New to cruising in 2016 with hubby and daughter, Disney was our first and subsequent choice. Disney people speak so highly of RC that we are taking the leap for our first RC sailing November 2019. Scott from the Disney blog directed me here and I am happy to say we are so excited to set sail on our new adventure. Thanks to everyone for all of the best information and the warmest of welcomes. Funny thing is I never thought I would like cruising but now I just can't get enough.
  15. @J Haage Thank you so much!!!! I was so torn about the waterpark, I feel confident now regarding my decision to skip it. This Blog family is the BEST!
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