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  1. @CGTLH, That is something good to know, no mention of any suite guest lunch anywhere while researching & I really appreciate the menu image. If similar to DCL suite lunch the menu would probably be the same. @Lovetocruise2002 & @WAAAYTOOO, after reading your response last night I went on cruise planner and booked 1200hrs embarkation lunch offering at Chops. The menu was something we would enjoy and we prefer to start any sailing with a celebratory relaxing and somewhat quiet lunch. It was 21.99 each as being only a 4 night on the Mariner with limited options I wasn't feeling the UDP. I am so appreciate of the menu presented above as I know I made the correct choice, it falls a bit flat compared to the Chops lunch offerings. Thanks for all of your help friends! 🍷 Cheers
  2. @Pooch Hi! I find mine located on the cruise planner under the internet drop down offering. So far they offer 3 different credit purchases on mine. 20.00 price for 25.00 credit, 40.00 price for 50.00 credit and finally 80.00 price for 100.00 credit. It is purchased under the title arcade credits and don't feel bad it was something I didn't realize was there either. Took lots of clicking 👩‍💻 to locate the first time. @Cri, yes I went to guest services desk the first evening (really late) no line and they locked it with a few clicks of their mouse. I tried calling down but no one answered the phone, it literally took less then a minute.
  3. @Lovetocruise2002, @WAAAYTOOOSince sailing on Mariner of the Seas in cabin 1854 panoramic suite for the first time on a voyager class, would you suggest Chops for embarkation lunch or do they provide a "suite lunch" offering? I have previously only enjoyed a Coastal Kitchen experience, thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions.
  4. @Cri, just did this! Purchased for my daughter (13) and placed on her seapass/wow band. All she did was tap or swipe, and then she also mistakenly used mine and was charged. So make sure whomever it is tethered to is the person who uses it. (Card/band) We mixed up our bands one evening, that is how I found out. A quick trip to guest services straightened it out but now you know and don't have to waste your time there, fyi I did have our accounts combined for one folio but it only was pre payed when she utilized her card/band. Also, I had them place a lock after the initial 50.00 and watched every evening on the tv folio, just in case! Have fun!! It all worked out fine.
  5. @TJ!, the above indicates examples of on board credits tethered to the actual monies spent on your cruise fare. When you book sometimes this incentive is afforded to make the booking more attractive. A great TA though is so much more then an OBC. (Albeit OBC is nice! )
  6. I personally would only bid for the Star Loft if I was to bid, but reading what you have already I would have no problem staying put. Do you LOVE the genie? 1,600.00 more can be allocated for so many other amazing things. Same scenario and the CL locations, yes I personally would love to stay but I would probably place the bid for the Star Loft for the excitement of the Royal Up but it really seems like you did really well in pricing so either way your sailing is going to be wonderful. Uh, I'm probably no help here SORRY! Good Luck!!
  7. @disneycyclones, you are going to LOVE your sailing. We are platinum at DCL but due to so many diminished experiences as well as the constant taking away of amenities while still raising the prices, we decided to sail RCCL. We sailed the Harmony this past November in a suite that was the cost of a DCL family ocean view. The ship was gorgeous and the staff so friendly. We were so happy with our experience (and coco cay) that we already booked two more sailings, in 2020. Embarkation alone in PC leaves you speechless! I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing about your experience. Don't forget to refer to the cruise compass' above to get an idea of what is ahead for you. Any specific questions no matter how small you think our friends here have your back, this blog and this group of people ROCK! Fyi, if you look through trip blogs you can see a representation of the MDR menus, lots of pics there!! Have fun 😎
  8. Book the same cabin makes transitioning so easy. Be ready for an amazing feeling when everyone else is going home and big time deja vu, menus, shows, CD jokes. It's a wonderful experience in my opinion, I love them. Did I say keep the same cabin? Yes @teddy is correct book at same time too. The beauty of keeping the same cabin is leaving your cabin unpacked, just walk off with your documents and identification/passport it's the greatest feeling!
  9. @TerriM I would also contact them via Face Book, Twitter in addition to calling (they may have a lost and found line also.) Be prepared to have your travel dates, Cabin number and ship & send that pic. Hopefully someone found him and turned him in, Good Luck positive thoughts your way. I just left a gorgeous new pair of boots on another line (my very last sailing with them as I have since sailed and fell in love with RCCL) and they found them and mailed them back to me within 2 weeks. Hopefully a heart string was tugging and you get Edward back soon. Found this on RC Website, when I went to it there was a form to fill out. https://www.chargerback.com/reportlostitemcbembed.asp?customerid=14677&languagecode=en-US
  10. @Mikeb1892 Not sure if we are in the minority here but we have visited Atlantis at least 5 times over the years, resort direct once & cruise ship excursions. We usually always grab a cab when visiting from our ship. We personally have visited with Resort for the day passes as well as just popping over and visiting on our own which can easily be done with the grounds being so expansive, depending on the time of year and the amenities you seek you can book a room at the "Beach club" cheapest rooms and enjoy a bit more upgraded amenities that come with the room, but you really don't have to depends what is cheaper. Our personal experience is we will not go back, (and each time we visit with a refreshed positive vacation attitude) we are a family of three (teenage daughter) and honestly because they are so popular it seems as if they don't care about hospitality any more. Even when we paid a great deal for a cabana etc we found the experience severely lacking. To add insult to injury there seems to be a battle between the day guests and hotel guests, we found others to be so rude and sadly when the attitude all over is day visitors are not really wanted it does impact your enjoyment especially if the huge resort is crowded. Maybe go in with low expectations & pay minimal if anything and you can derive enjoyment. We kept thinking maybe it was just a bad day or a not so warm group of fellow people, but alas we finally said enough. You can taxi ride over, visit the casino, grab a bite and walk through the Dig and such for no extra money I do believe. See for yourself before you plunk down hard earned money in our humble opinion. Whatever you choose ENJOY!
  11. @Jazzcrusing It's like a Disney magic band that can be used like your Sea pass card. It is waterproof, I have mine in white but I have seen them in blue and yellow also. It is linked to your account and you can open your cabin door with it as well as make purchases instead of using your sea pass card. I had my daughter wear it and I used my card. It was a very convenient little bracelet. I believe they are a few dollars and you can purchase on the ship, we had a suite and were given them upon entry to our cabin, they were inside the room. I looked for mine for a pic but alas can't find it anywhere. Maybe someone else here will post a pic for you. I posed this same question before my first sailing also, it was a nice option. FYI from what I am told they can be re programmed from sailing to sailing!
  12. @Shockey1655@Randy Randazza Adult ship! Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas November 6 through 13, 2020 from Port Canaveral. Clothing optional cruise. This is something that must be booked through a specific TA. A nice itinerary, 7 days I was like wow, and then WOW! Of course, it says adults only cruise just in case anyone was interested or wondering. Much less luggage that's for sure, carry on only!!
  13. And to jump on this thread as it relates is there a hard upsell once availing oneself to Spa services?
  14. We are sailing on the Harmony in a CL Suite in June 2020. Friends of ours have now booked the same sailing and want to dine with us. We are #TeamCK but will split our dinners, a few in the MDR with them and then at least 3 in the Coastal Kitchen, just us. We will go night one to the MDR, when the concierge emails us is this how we request to be assigned all to the same table or should we do it even ahead of that time. I don't want to mess up the MDR staff with seating arrangements to late. Basically the six of us would ask for a table for us in the MDR and then my family staying in the CL will visit Coastal probably by night 3. Any suggestions for making this more seamless? We will just excuse ourselves a few nights not wanting to make a big deal of it. Thanks everyone!
  15. @12thman Very clear, I appreciate that. I also realized by your provided response it is per stateroom not person. Big difference & good to know, I was planning on sticking 12 waters in my husbands carry on also, now I bet he will just carry the initial 12 for me. I really appreciate your response, have a great day!
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