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  1. While checking in for my 28 June 2020 sailing today ( I am keeping positive & honestly it made me happy fully realizing this may not happen ) I realized my daughter (14) has an expiration date of 01 February 2021 on the passport as it is only good for 5 years. Under 16 may not be renewed on-line and we must go in person for the renewal. My specific question is this, we have our Thanksgiving sailing (fingers crossed) scheduled for 20 November 2020 so her passport will expire within the 6 month window of expiration. We are embarking at Port Everglades going to Aruba, Labadee, and Curacao returning to Port Everglades. Will the current passport still be okay or do I need to renew it for the November sailing? I was hoping it would be okay and respond to the passport Office next year upon actual expiration of the document, plus we have our sailing in 2021 in August, thus leaving us plenty of time. Thank you for any knowledge regarding this uncertainty. Wishing everyone here and all those in our RCCL family safety & health 💙
  2. @TheJones oh my so Sorry. It is on this blogs home page. I'm trying to figure out if I can link it now. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-KpRXRDD_x/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link teenager to the rescue!
  3. I was personally so moved by the Captain Kate video, it made me pause and send positive thoughts their way. RCCL is a company for sure, but the cruise lines are made up of amazing people, I LOVED the message #hopefloats. I LOVED seeing the faces of those who quite honestly we don't see all that much. Yes, we see Mr. Fain & I appreciate his messages but this one really made me feel true emotion. We are an amazing family, let's beat this thing soon! Thanks so much Matt for making sure we were able to view this.
  4. @hail73, Sharla Manglass MEI [email protected] 706-742-5358 The most amazing human being; kind, selfless and just plain awesome. Very proactive while advocating for me.
  5. Point of clarification Please? If my $10,000 sailing is cancelled and I opt for the FCC I can apply it to my $7,000 sailing previously booked, the leftover FCC remains or does it get refunded to original form of payment? Or can it be applied as an OBC to pay for gratuities etc? I just paid TODAY (on break from teaching my husband the floss dance, lol, very ugly but we are laughing) my balance due on my 28 June 20 sailing, I am craving a sailing so badly but I am not cancelling, but if they do trying to understand the option. BTW is the cruise planner frozen? I am being serious, the prices are HIGH and have not budged. Wow!
  6. I concur, just taught myself the floss dance on you tube, ( I'm ah 50+) My teenager begged me to stop, stressed and strained, mom, please just STOP! Not sure what was more fun, the dance or the pained reaction!! Making the lemonade again! Be safe and stay healthy everyone.
  7. OMG! I did the same exact thing, except my beverage of choice because we usually don't imbibe was a home made Sangria! Great Minds!!
  8. 06 June 2020 the first Saturday of the month. We are not cancelling our 28 June 2020 so if RCCL cancels we will take the 125% FCC and apply to the Thanksgiving sailing. Just saw DCL pushed final payments for their summer sailings back 30 days. I wonder if RCCL is considering this? My balance is due at the end of this month, I guess we will see. (Always pay balance last possible moment, nothing worse then the feeling of missing a price drop because you paid the balance early.)
  9. It's true, we are on the west coast here in Florida and there are still resorts open for business. The beaches are packed and you would not believe the stores, drove the vehicles to keep batteries charged and the local stores are as busy as Holiday shopping time. And while the younger set is on the beach, it is the older generation that are in the stores. It's very frustrating because while we (our family) shelter in place (trying not to binge eat really nasty delicious food) we look about and shake our heads, what are they thinking? We can hear live bands at a local "resort" Just unbelievable! The bands are playing and the resorts are open because people are showing up! Stay safe & healthy everyone.
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 & @rjac any pics of the extra half bath? Do you think they may have this on the Odyssey? The stateroom is 300 sq ft with a "large balcony" Also like I mentioned 6630 is NOT on the deck plans, very curious....... Thanks so much!
  11. I am so looking forward to this sailing, it was previously sold out but with all that is occurring I managed to book a Jr. Suite on the 8 night Thanksgiving cruise. I wish I could could comprehend the reason why they call this a suite, is it the 300 sq footage only? Not much more that I can see. Any education would be appreciated, we have 6630 but there is no 6630 on deck plans might it be 6628? Thanks everyone, I am thinking to at least book refreshment and voom in the JR. We don't imbibe that much, suggestions? Thanks so much all!
  12. Agree with @WAAAYTOOO and @Lovetocruise2002 bring it ON, @jaullram, I look forward to this! Pictures please! Lot's of pictures!!
  13. Our very first RCCL sailing, three best friends stepping into the Harmony in awe! The amazing staff making sure our every need was met, making us feel like their priority was our happiness! The JOY was palatable, just surreal!
  14. For the love of all that is Holy & Healthy, let's be positive for once, just one positive thread, please? I have written the CEO & the COO asked them if they could be mindful of their amazing loyal to royal customers and implored for them a transition that is as painless as possible, especially for their staff. I pray that we get a handle on this soon, we as a family are sheltering in place not because we are scared we practice good habits, but because we were asked to. I wanted to set a good example for my kid. I refuse to be all doom and gloom, this too shall pass, I know tragedy and healing comes in due course. Since we are blessed here to know we work hard and reward ourselves by vacationing harder, our choice RCCL as soon as they sail again I hope we all jump on sailings, use those FCC"s as soon as possible, you know you are going over to Next Cruise anyway while on board. Please I implore the fans (and I know it's hard I feel for our friend @Lovetocruise2002 whose support is unwavering and then the whole FCC mishandling) but can we choose to be positive just this one thread? Thank you @Branderson610, I smiled when I read your post. My next sailing isn't until June 2020 but I am not cancelling, I am going to "let the frustration go" and roll with it. I did go ahead and book an additional amazing sailing Thanksgiving 2020 on the Odyssey too! To all of my friends here, please be safe & stay healthy WE.WILL.GET.THROUGH. THIS.
  15. My June 2020 and August 2020 sailings have dropped in price, while the cruise planner offerings have rocketed up. I just booked a cabin for Thanksgiving on a previous sold out category on the Odyssey, the category is sold out again and these prices seem to be holding, but cruise planner offerings went up since I booked. My Allure 2021 in August remains the same price BUT Sharla at MEI was able to allocate 300.00 OBC. We LOVE to sail, came over as platinum from DCL and were astonished at the amazing experience on RCCL. I personally can not fathom lovers of cruising not returning. I love holding hands with my best friend of 30 years looking out into the ocean, with the breeze and a libation in the other hand. Counting our blessings and being oh so thankful for our incredible lives. This too shall pass, wishing everyone here positive karma, good vibes, amazing health and many happy future sailings to come.......Just please; wash your hands.
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