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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Reality is we will have to abide by what ever they decide and seriously I am disgusted and sick and tired over stressing about this mess already. We always sail as a family also and with a 15 year old if they institute what NCL has I will just avail myself to the refunds and be done with it. I will miss sailing but I will continue to concentrate on my blessings and schedule other types of Holidays. Eventually we will sail again, but if not we have made amazing life long memories and those travelling without kids will get to enjoy sailing with out kids, and I beli
  2. @[email protected] Suite on Deck 7! Sounds good, now I will will a Lift & Shift to be offered Thanks so much!
  3. IF they offer the L & S option for our impending June cancellation my alternative would be this ship. Is the foot traffic and chair dragging a concern (loudly, frequently, hours) for a deck 8 cabin? What is your favorite thing about this Ship? It is scheduled to depart out of Tampa USA if allowed by then June 2022 (oh please let us sail). @twangsterdo you have any photos of this ship/class of ship? The You Tube videos I found made me nauseous within minutes. Wanting to make the best decision for my family, we are vaccinated but my 15 year old is not so eligible so it may be a long while be
  4. We are booked June 19 out of Tampa & August 1 out of PC. Both sailings were at incredible prices. I am going to lift and shift if offered to at least take advantage of my incredible pricing. I am not happy at all with the FCC games, absolutely disgusted to put it mildly. But again, only if this program is offered again my comparable August sailing is more than double the price so who knows. Positive thoughts....
  5. @twangster You are amazing!! Thank you, you're the most insightful person. I often wondered about this, did I say amazing,, okay...awsome also. Love this! D
  6. I get it, the CDC will not let us sail from the US. For those of you lucky enough to be able to sail not from here, I applaud you and wish I was you, but sadly I am not. Our family travels from the States, flying to another Country for embarkation was not ever in the cards for us at this juncture. I am happy and excited for everyone who can make this work, I am wishing RCI a successful and uneventful (Covid related) restart to sailings, but we as a family that placed thousands with Royal Caribbean International believing we would be sailing by now are frustrated and tired. I am tired of the F
  7. @MMiles04 so sad, seems oh so familiar. Their math is also an issue. One of my cancelled sailings I paid balance with earned FCC that was from a previous cancellation at 125% but I didn't want to pay the balance on the next as I knew it was being cancelled so I CWC cancelled, they only refunded up to 100% and kept the 25% I had previously earned. Now an additional 5,000 is still taken but missing. It gives me little confidence in this FCC program.
  8. Oh, @Sharla is literally on it EVERY DAY!! I don't want to seem like the non resolution is tethered to her efforts, she is on fire.. staying in touch with me and reaching out on my behalf more than I can count.. conversing with everyone she can, she has been awesome. And yes at least no more auto cancellations. My ONLY comfort in dealing with this is knowing Sharla is in my corner.
  9. Outstanding, she will read it, she is hungry for facts, thanks again!
  10. @JeffB I really appreciate that article, thank you for that. My daughter will still need the test I realized, shecwill be 15 and reads alot and fears for her reproductive health in the future thus will not be vaccinated and I won't force her. So at least I will only have to pay for one if these super expensive tests....again I really appreciate the link!
  11. Good to hear you have had some time away. No still no resolution. Even Sharla escalated and has gotten no where. I know they are really busy getting the non US sailings going but this is bad. Poor treatment of an existing customer. I guess they figure they already have my monies but no the 5000.00 in FCC is still no where to be found. It's infuriating. Thanks for checking back, DCL Wish I'm on my way.....
  12. @smokeybandit THANKS SO MUCH!! This is why I love our forum, my understanding was completely wrong, so I was stressed about nothing. I am mentally preparing to sail from the US, so that is great news!
  13. Please help me to clarify, it is my understanding we need to be vaccinated to sail and must have a negative PCR test 72 hours before embarkation in order to sail, is this correct as of now? Where do you guys recommend getting the PCR test for the quickest turn around? My biggest fear is going to my local Walgreens, taking the test (3 days before of course) and then the angst I would experience waiting to receive the results back IN TIME to sail. Is anyone else concerned about this or am I just an old worry wart? (Not worried about it being positive, worried about timing) I want
  14. My frustration has never been higher then right now, thank goodness I have Sharla in my corner. I can't even get excited for the newest offerings my booked sailing is canceled for third time after being reinstated, I paid the balance a week before it was due BUT my almost 5,000 FCC while taken (the balances reflect this) they are not applied to the sailing NOR can they locate them. Seriously my FCC tethered monies are just gone they keep literally taking monies and "loosing them" it is so unbelievable. FCC clearly state to be used for a future sailing not taken by Royal and incinerated o
  15. I have multiple copies. Electronic as well as printed, thank goodness....
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