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  1. After this class, you won't NEED to take another class. I also learned a few tips and tricks that I can use elsewhere in my kitchen. A big one was using plastic wrap to cover the counters/tables where participants worked to keep cleanup to a minimum. This is one of those "more is caught than taught" situations. Now, when I make bread (daily), I cover my countertop with a 3'x2' layer of plastic wrap. With that in place, I rarely have to use my bench knife for cleanup. We were rolling our sushi before this class, but it was nice to pick up a few pointers, and we made a lot! Took it back to our c
  2. We loved the sushi making class on our Alaska sailing. We roll our own, now.
  3. We received identical (sad face) lithographs, but who is to complain about multiple concierge cruises? I like the idea of a nautical wall. I'm on it!
  4. Oh CRUD! Now I found it: Passenger Vessel Services Act. I'll keep quiet on the other PVSA.
  5. Okay, I give. I found PVSA - Presidential Volunteer Service Award and one other that I won't mention. . . unless THAT'S the one your talking about?
  6. This is sad that this has happened, but like the article states, it's not the 1980s anymore and the party is over. My brother-in-law's first cousin frequently took the AMHS, pitching a tent on the bow and having a wonderful time. https://mustreadalaska.com/the-party-is-over-for-ferries/
  7. I've never thought about taking Japan Airlines, Korea Air, Singapore Airlines, EVA from STL (Saint Louis) to MIA (Miami). Maybe trolls do?!
  8. @MattJust a short post to say the Boards look FANTASTIC on Chrome! Love what you've done with the place!!
  9. Since you haven't booked yet, I would suggest contacting MEI, the sponsor of this website, and work with a travel agent. The last thing you want to do is bugger something up and your friend from Sweden can't go, or they can go and the other three can't due to some passport/residency verification issue. Showing up at port and being denied boarding would suck. . . Royally! I would suggest @Sharla or @Jacki_MEI. Hope this helps.
  10. But she doesn't like beer! But, She still pretty cool in my book!
  11. @HeWhoWaitsUp SCALE (Fish) One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Okay, that was really bad, but pretty witty!
  12. Thanks for posting this. I am hoping that they will let us do that, namely walk off the ship and head over to Red Fish Blue Fish. Given the time of day Quantum gets into port, DS and his buddy could go on their fishing excursion and DH and I can go eat fish at RFBF! I've just put it on my CP calendar!
  13. Did you do this as an excursion? Or, off the ship on your own, or? This sounds fun!
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