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  1. I cannot book or cancel anything in the cruise planner SPA section, both in the app and desktop browser platforms. Is anyone else having issues?
  2. I am finalizing my Sitka plans. Where does Ovation dock? Looking at satellite images, it is Halibut Point Rd, but most of the excursions leave from Harbor Drive (Centennial Hall area). If it is Halibut Point RD, do those excursions offered by third parties get you to Harbor Drive?
  3. Yes, we did this in Seward after getting off the 11:30 AM train: checked in, muster drill, ate lunch, and treated the rest of the day as a port day. Got back to ship via the FREE shuttle after having gone to the Alaska Sea Life Aquarium. We love all things Seward. We land vacay in Cooper Landing (about 30/45 min away) every other year during the salmon run (last two weeks of July) and visit Seward three or so times over 8 days. It's a fun area. Exit Glacier Guides, zip lining, Bear Creek Weir, Alaska Sea Life Aquarium, walking paths further down (the name escapes me right now), and of course all the day cruises in the area. Just watch your time - plan to be back at least 90 minutes before all aboard. It can be hard to get into a restaurant on turn around day. If you have your heart set on a specific one, it might be worth calling to get a reservation if they take them.
  4. We checked in, at lunch at Izumi (it was open!), and then got off the ship, took the FREE shuttle to the Alaska Sealife Center. Just treat it like a port day and get back an hour and a half before sail away.
  5. These are also on Disney ships..we enjoyed them.
  6. I would have to fly to port, or drive 20 hrs. That answer wouldn't cut for me. I hope your trip goes off without a hitch!
  7. I would toss the trip and use your travel insurance to mitigate the loss (assuming that you have CFAR/Cancel For Any Reason policy). Then you know for sure that you're not going (as opposed to getting to the port only to be told that you can't board the ship).
  8. I'm curious why. Isn't it a hairdryer?
  9. Here is the email I received. It covers everything except specialty dining, but I'll apply the same principles as the suggestion for Coastal Kitchen. Thank you for contacting the Access Department.Allergies are handled daily on all sailings. We have advised our ship staff of your dietary restriction for low sodium meals. Our galley has a separate preparation area away from the main production area to prepare meals for guests with allergies and to avoid cross-contamination of the meals. Our Food and Beverage Staff attend recurring training programs regarding allergy protocols.During the booking process, we ask that the guest choose a set dining time versus My Time Dining. This will provide the guests with a dedicated serving staff for the cruise. Once the guest is onboard, we ask them to visit the dining room, introduce themselves and speak with the dining staff to advise of the food allergy. The dining staff for their table will be advised. We are pleased to advise you Royal Caribbean offers Gluten Free meals as a standard offering on our menus in the main dining room. We offer lactose free, almond milk, soy milk, whole milk and skim milk onboard our ships. Please talk with the Coastal Kitchen Staff to go over your meal preparation.When guests eat in the buffet, please ask for a manager so they can arrange to get a meal from the galley. This will avoid any cross contamination that may occur at the buffet. When eating in specialty restaurants or other food venues, it is important to advise our staff of the allergies. However, you are allowed to bring, non-perishable food items such as cookies, crackers, chips, energy bars, etc. These items must not require refrigeration and be sealed in the original store bought containers.Best regards,Charles AlvarezAccess Advocate | Access DepartmentRoyal Caribbean International | Celebrity CruiseIf you have a sailing within the next 30 days or less, please call us at 1-866-592-7225 (Mon-Fri; 9 am to 6 pm Eastern)
  10. Thank you for the UDP suggestions. I got it at a GREAT price, so I will keep it. Redirect: Will the waiters in specialty dining already know about the low-sodium issue? For those of you who have notified RCCL in advance, will a different menu be presented in any of the dining venues?
  11. Good question. We plan to eat the other 1/2 of the week's in specialty.
  12. Hello. I've sent an email to [email protected] regarding a low-sodium diet. We have the UDP and will eat about 1/2 of our sailing in Coast Kitchen. What can I expect when I dine in this low-sodium situation?
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