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  1. For our Alaska cruise, I did a mock packing 1 month out, just to be sure I had covered all my bases for Alaska weather. Then 1 week before leaving (notice, I didn't say embarkation), I pack everything but toiletries. For a "normal" Caribbean type cruise, we pack 3 to 5 days before leaving.
  2. I have a Samsung Note 8. I use the Google app on my phone to interact with the boards. I can see pictures, too. If you're using an Apple device, I'd suggest downloading Google if you're having problems with your Safari app.
  3. +1. Just show up whenever you desire. The thermal area is just a nice place to decompress. . . And sweat. 🙂
  4. +1. However, only useful if you pay it completely off every month.
  5. I grew up and have moved back to the Ozarks, after living in Kansas (pasture and Flint Hills, which I liked) and Atlanta, GA (beautiful). We live in the mountainous area of the northern Ozarks, so our fall colors are BEAUTIFUL, so wouldn't schedule a cruise for the trees. Was thinking more about the port of call. This is what I was thinking. I don't enjoy motor coach tours. I feel like one in a herd. BUT!! I make up our own land tours and rent a car, float plane, train, etc. So, I do like this idea. And, the time commitment is well worth it, both in planning (fun!!) and the doing (double fun!!).
  6. Which has the greater WOW factor and shore excursions, Alaska or Canada/New England? Absolutely loved everything about our Alaska Southbound, and have booked (and subsequently cancelled) a Canada/New England cruise. Reconsidering. What thoughts might have you all? We ARE headed back to Alaska in 2021.
  7. I'll help!! 😛 I would love Newsies, saw it at the Muny in STL a couple of years ago. Alas, it's owned by Disney, but LOVE that musical!
  8. Does anybody recall what the Black Friday price for the 3 Night Dining Package was last year (2018)? I'm currently showing $99 for March 2020 Oasis OTS.
  9. AFT? You might really like it!! A lot of folks on these boards choose those staterooms because of the excellent views (obstructed may not be as obstructed AFT). Good luck and have a great time!!
  10. I wanted to give you a laughing emoticon, but this is sad. I think you and I are on the same page with this one. Just for conversing on here regarding the Wonder has dropped our score. Oh well.
  11. Also, download the Hopper app. It will forecast and notify you. It's another useful tool amongst @ellcee and @AshleyDillo suggestions! Another suggestion is to consider flying into FLL instead of MIA.
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