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  1. Have you bounced this off a TA? RCG is not consistent at all in following their own booking protocols. Heck, my TA @Sharla sees one amount due online and then another amount due on my booking confirmation. I will NEVER booked a cruise without my TA!
  2. I hope that they are not impacted by the earthquake. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/07/28/major-quake-hits-near-alaska-peninsula-triggers-tsunami-warning/
  3. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/07/28/major-quake-hits-near-alaska-peninsula-triggers-tsunami-warning/ Hopefully, those waves are less than a foot.
  4. OH MY! July 25, 2019, roughest seas for whatever reason. The Captain came over the PA and apologized. Sick sacks were everywhere, and the crew offered meclizine like candy. (Side note: remember when the sick sacks on airlines also doubled as film developing envelopes? That always made me laugh. We mainly flew TWA and Eastern Airlines when I was a child.) We were in the sushi making class at Izumi. Everyone was green. Half the class had to leave. I had taken some meclizine prior, so I was wiped out but enjoying my sushi nonetheless. It was not a good day sailing the inside passage.
  5. Interior cabin any sailing, and forward or aft cabins on an Alaska sailing. That inside passage can be a little rough. A mid-ship suite only or deck 17 on an Oasis Class.
  6. Go to Humpy's for lunch (nice dive bar, plenty of tourists and locals with kids) https://www.humpysalaska.com/. Head over to the Anchorage Museum and go to this exhibit: https://www.anchoragemuseum.org/exhibitions/permanent-exhibitions/living-our-cultures-sharing-our-heritage-the-first-peoples-of-alaska/. If you have time after that, head over to Big Rays: https://www.bigrays.com/ or hit Big Rays before lunch. It's kinda like Bass Pro and the Wisconsin Dells merged into one. Fun shopping through there. Other GREAT shops in the area. Then, for dinner eat at Glacier Brewhouse: http://glacierbrewhouse.com/. Great local beers and killer food. A little bit more pricey than the lower 48, but killer Alaskan food! You didn't mention where you were staying, but we did all of that on foot walking to and from the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. My son was 14 at the time. HTH!
  7. Hello all. We have some Western Caribbean cruises coming up. Ports of call are Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. For those of you who have done excursions solo (that is, no one else in your cruising party joined you), what were your favorites, and what would you not do again?
  8. I am someone that dislikes bus tours and being rushed along with the others. I'd rather do my own thing (no time constraints, less people in/on my transportation if I choose). You can head to Alaska.org to research (which is half the fun)! A big CAVEAT is that you would receive C&A points with the Royal land tours. Obviously, if you created your own experience, you would not.
  9. Does Air2Sea include Southwest? They are much cheaper into FLL than any other airline.
  10. @Patta_Conna I love this! Congratulations and have a great time! We have a Crown Loft Suite reserved for our next two cruises. I just might consider doing the Royal Up (but I am looking forward to deck 17).
  11. Chichen Itza by Air! Buy it early, though. Price has nearly doubled since we bought it in March. It wasn't cheap to begin with. Think Alaska priced excursion. If you want to see Chichen Itza but don't want to boat over on the vomit comet, air will be the way to go. And, you won't have the long bus ride after the vomit comet. We are doing this in December and will be back on the ship before the regular excursions have even left the ruins. So, we will have seen the ruins for the same amount of time (if not more) than the bused people and no yucky fairy ride over AND BACK.
  12. I love flying! I would DEFINITELY go into space! Here's my ultimate itinerary: Fly to Port Canaveral from STL. Overnight the day before my spaceflight, because, duh, you don't want to fly in on the day of your (space) cruise! Then, get suited up, board, fly into space early in the morning, taking a couple of passes around the earth. Land, remove suit (I have my swimsuit on underneath) and disembark. Head over to the cruise terminal, check-in on Harmony, get my drink, head to the pool since I have my swimsuit from my spaceflight early in the day. That's my space flight itinerary! BTW, I LOVE this thread! Edit: I guess mine is more of a pre-cruise Cruise Planner excursion!
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