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  1. @KLA Wishing you a Happy Birthday and hoping you get your "Havana, ooh na-na"s!
  2. I'm amazed that Air2Sea would schedule this late flight. Makes no sense to me. Even if they do honor the Air2Sea and fly you to the next port, the per day cost of your cruise just went up because you missed out on one day and one night of cruise fun. In other words, you're now on a 6 night cruise, but paid for 7 nights.
  3. On my Radiance sailing for summer 2019, MTD was in CP more than a year in advance. I've learned that that, and many CP offerings for that sailing, were an anomaly.
  4. Hello all! We have My Time Dining as our dining choice for our March 2020 (Oasis) and March 2021 (Harmony) sailings, however the My Time Dining is not appearing in either of our CPs. Is it too soon for them to appear? All other dining options are listed. MTD IS listed on both of the cruise confirmations from Royal.
  5. Looks like the old 7-11 iccee cups with the polar bear on the front.
  6. Yes! ALWAYS a nice tip. Tipping says waaaaaaay more about the person tipping than about the service received. We should try to always be generous and gracious even when we don't feel like it. It says a lot about us. Even if the waiter says "no, I can't bring you the lobster" (many good reasons why they may not be able to, and that's none of my business as I am asking THEM to go out of their way for ME).
  7. Ya know what's even more crazy? The insurance company has paid the claims to the hospital, but we have still not received our ER bills! WOWZERS!
  8. Pierre and Doc. Blech. Let's Go Blues!
  9. @SpeedNoodles I think your Wild are out of it, no?
  10. The Blues/Jets were on both Fox Sports Midwest and CNBC (yes, CNBC!), tonight. I like Darren Pang so I always go with Fox when I can. Besides when they use Doc Emeric on NBCSN, ugh. LET'S GO BLUES!!!
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