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  1. Radiance does have a thermal suite. It is not free.
  2. We had surf and stream on our ROTS Alaska southbound sailing last month. Horrible speeds and coverage, but I was expecting that for the reasons @twangster stated above. We will be headed back to do the same sailing in two years. Will not purchase it again for that sailing. We have AT&T and were able to use data and not get dinged for international roaming. It was faster than surf and stream. Same AT&T bill as always (no surprises). Check with your carrier, please don't take my word for it! 🙂
  3. @Karma We booked our own via the Alaska Railroad. Did the Goldstar Service from ANC to Seward. Left at 0645 and was the most amazing train trip! When you check in at the ANC train depot, there is a separate area for Royal Caribbean passengers to check their luggage. You will see your luggage again in your stateroom. Don't worry, the depot is small enough that you won't miss it and it's on the outside of the building. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this train and the Goldstar service. It may become your most favorite part of your vacation! FWIW, we took an Uber from our hotel (Marriott Anchorage) to the depot. Yes, you could walk as it is already light (never was dark, really) but it's faster. There are closer hotels, but there is still a hill to walk down with your luggage if you choose to walk. When you get to Seward, you can choose to walk (or take a shuttle) to the cruise terminal (check in, get some lunch and then leave for your excursion, which is what we did).
  4. Is there an attendant to bring drinks or is that something you need to get on your own?
  5. @Finally Retired Which port of call? We fished every port about 4 weeks ago. Pre-cruise outside of Anchorage (Rusts Flying Service to McDougall Lodge for Lake Creek fishing), Juneau (RCCL fly-out fly fishing), Skagway (private charter - Never Monday Fishing Charters), Icy Strait (RCCL Stream fishing), Ketchikan (RCCL Knudson Cove Salmon Fishing). @HeWhoWaits is correct, the lack of darkness at 6:30 AM will make it much more bearable. We loved this trip SO MUCH! We will be booking as soon as July 2021 is released for Alaska.
  6. I wonder if you could buy the Chops +1 option and then when you arrived to your ship you could actually change it from Chops to something else? FWIW, I prefer Giovanni's and Izumi two chops.
  7. The heck with cruise planner sales, the stock market is on sale!
  8. Send another email and regardless of the outcome, tip well!
  9. When you get your welcome email from your concierge, ask them if you couldn't please have 12 bottles of water, of your choosing. When last we sailed on Radiance in an Owner's Suite, we asked for 12 bottles of Pellegrino to tide us over for the trip. They were more than happy to provide that in our room upon embarkation day. The bottles were on our dining table when we entered our suite. Granted, we did have the refreshment package, so I don't know if that was the concierge being the concierge or if that was the concierge providing in advance a benefit other refreshment package. Either way, I don't think it would hurt to ask your concierge when you received their email.
  10. @Fuzzywuzzy Definitely mention it in the survey, as you want someone to hear about it shoreside, not just on the ship.
  11. Got in on the *ULTRA*DBP madness for $18/pp/pd, but (and I know this sounds crazy) I also just purchased the soda package for my 14 yo DS at $8.99. I mean really, if that were to go up!!!!?????
  12. Great reason to book another cruise: Oops! Forgot to return my library book!!
  13. Has anyone done this or heard anything about it? If I select the 10:30 AM time and it lasts for 3.5 hrs, does that mean we will be back to the ship by 2pm (in time for a massage at 3pm?)
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