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  1. We've had TSA Pre for about 18 months. Do we have to wait for our Pre to expire or can we get Global Entry now?
  2. They have a spicy carrot one that is so good and so spicy! Yum!
  3. I am also curious about his excursion. Trip Advisor reviews seem positive.
  4. I had this problem almost two weeks ago. The app would not present the times. So I checked in on the website and was able to select our time.
  5. For cruises or land vacays, only carry-on in the Caribbean. Checked (heavier clothing) and carry-on (electronics, Rx, and fly-rods) for Alaska.
  6. Oh man! I'm with @Xaaon on this one. Also, the fact that she has a name change (and can't back it up with documentation) is a problem. I'm sorry this has reared its ugly head so close to your sailing. This type of situation always gives me anxiety. I check our documentation days before booking, as well as numerous months (or years) before sailing. It's just too expensive, time-consuming, and stress-inducing to not address early in the booking process. I hope you can get it resolved to bring your grandmother along.
  7. Here is a list of recent cruise articles I thought members would find interesting. https://getpocket.com/collections/why-we-love-and-love-to-hate-cruises Happy Monday!
  8. I'm having a similar situation and I'm hoping that when we get to Terminal A we will be boarding instead of being told we were cancelled. I am very leary of how this turns out.
  9. They amount to short-term, interest-free loans to Royal Caribbean.
  10. As of 5:19 Central Time, I have been waiting 401 hrs for a call back from Royal on a cruise planner issue from the BF CP sale. I don't think I'm gonna get that call back.
  11. THIS RIGHT HERE!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You can also create tags. As an example, I've got tags that say Harmony #/20## with the month and year, and others. EDIT: The problem I have is that if you buy something as a package and cancel one or all, they refund it differently. I've learned my lesson. Now I buy each item, as a single. E.g., Drink Package is one purchase, Dining Package is another. I never buy a group/a cart of items anymore. Makes tracking much easier.
  12. @wordell1is correct. Don't use any other site, as I think Nachi appears on another. Just book direct and avoid any issues with 3rd parties. Maya Chan will coordinate all transportation. In Cozumel, just walk out of the cruise area and grab a taxi. They all know where Nachi is. When you arrive at Nachi, your attendant will ask you what time you would like to have a taxi back to the ship. If they don't ask you (they will), make sure you arrange for that before you need it.
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