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  1. I like the sub-forum idea. Add Roll Call to the main menu (i.e., Roll Calls, Discussion, News and Rumors, Dining, Excursions, Live Blogs) and then have each ship with its own forum. Edit: While I'm asking for the moon and stars, I thought I'd go ahead and ask if the sailing could then be dropped out of the "current" forum and placed in another forum, perhaps called "archived or past sailings" forum after its embarkation day?
  2. Thank you, @twangster. I read your response and noted "if you don't mind tying up your money for a year+." Yipes! Wrong cruise. I mean our Oasis Holiday cruise Dec 26, 2021 into the new year. Given that it is a Holiday cruise, does your response still hold true?
  3. I have purchased the UDP for our Western Caribbean Oasis sailing for December 2021. We want to dine at the Izumi Hibachi one night. Should we wait and have our suites concierge make the rezi for us, or should I purchase the Hibachi, notifying the concierge to reserve it for us, and then remove all but $10 for each person? My feeling is that if I don't book it now, there will be no availability for the concierge to make our reservations. I am interested in how I should work this.
  4. My son, 16, got his second Pfizer on Friday and played in a soccer tournament yesterday. He barely flinched. My husband and I received our second Moderna about three weeks ago. Agree with the getting hit by a truck analogy. My husband went to the gym the morning of the next day. By noon, he was a hurting unit. I was down for the count for about 36 hours. Glad we got it. I'd take those side effects over the long-term effects of having had the virus.
  5. Hi @jupiter03. I *think* the idea of suggesting the above is that AFTER you get your cruise released back to you, you can then transfer it to a reputable agency. I agree; @Sharla or the other agents at MEI will not let you down. I hope this helps.
  6. +1! We have three of them. Great for everything and they fold up small.
  7. So this gives me hope that they will honor my purchase of the UDP as we have are not interested in the Holiday Celebration Dinners (only one being offered right now).
  8. I am hoping that will be disclosed to me by our suite's concierge when I ask them to make rezis for us.
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