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  1. Notify your security/alarm company if you have one. Give a very trusted friend/relative a temp passcode and give it to the alarm/security company so they can act on your behalf. Also, in our fairly small-ish town (pop. 21K univeristy town), we notify our police department and they will drive our house several times/week. They don't get out of their vehicles and check doors (unless warranted), but it is nice to have the service. Put mail on hold (and paper if you take one). Nothing scream "Rob me, I'm not home!" like piled up mail and newspapers.
  2. Following and wishing you both better and fun times ahead.
  3. @Harper and @Geoff P I just posted this to another discussion, thought it might come in handy for you. I have used this and found it helpful: https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/ We did four days in park at Animal Kingdom, then took a DCL cruise in 2018. I would do it again in a heartbeat except I would not pay through the nose for DCL again. Rather, RCCL.
  4. I have used this and found it helpful: https://www.undercovertourist.com/orlando/crowd-calendar/
  5. I'm not sure if it is possible (haven't heard all your particulars), BUT! If you can book fast passes at Disney, you might get to ride 2 or 3 of the better rides while you are there. Even with fast passes there are waits, but it does make it possible to ride more than a couple during the time you will be there.
  6. Agree on the Alaska part! When the naturalist was speaking, we ended up turning our TV WAAAAY up and watched Hubbard from our balcony.
  7. My DS will be 15 next month. He loved that children's programming on DCL, but we've aged out and graduated to RCCL. He is not interested in the teen club. Didn't consider it on our Radiance sailing this past July and has expressed zero interest for our Oasis March 2020 sailing. As @twangstersaid, how do you get a teenager to do anything? They've got to want it.
  8. That's what I was thinking. Better pricing is awarded to those who check frequently and buy when they can, knowing they can cancel and rebook should the price go down.
  9. Sorry @ellcee I just edited my question. I was wondering if RCCL pricing started at $XX on Friday, did they go down further during the sale?
  10. INteresting! So on Friday, they started at $X and then what day did they go down?
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