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  1. I would consider the temperature. We have an NYE 2021/2022 cruise and decided against cabanas since we figured it would be too cold to enjoy. So, instead we went with Beach Club access instead. So, if it is too windy/cold/rainy we haven't blown $1600+ dollars. Were we going during the summer, you bet we'd get an OTW cabana.
  2. Hi Jane! Welcome back to the boards! We L&S a Galveston NYE 2021 cruise on Adventure to Miami NYE 2021 on Oasis. I am hopeful that we will sail, but not at all confident. Further, one of my many questions is how will they determine who to bump off the cruise given that they do not intend to sail at full capacity for some time (as the dates for any cruise keeps getting push further out)? -Liz
  3. I think this is great advice FOR ROYAL IT!!
  4. AH HA! Figured out where the glitch is, but no solve. I was first going to this website to look at excursions: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/shoreExcursions/downloadBrochure/ Then I would attempt to go back to the regular site. No dice. @princevaliantus could you give that sequence a shot?
  5. Yep, back up for me. It drops and comes back. Chrome and Edge. Thanks for checking!
  6. Nope, still down and on multiple browsers. Anyone else?
  7. Anyone else having problems loading the RCL website? back up
  8. @Sharla Have you heard anything about L&S being extended past April 2022? This would be great!
  9. I suspect the final payment date for Alaska sailings will arrive sooner than the L&S announcement.
  10. My recommendation is to look when there is not an announced "sale." The sale price will be gone, but the regular price can be lower than the sale price. Many of us on these boards check the CP offerings every day (it's an illness ) to see if we can get a better price. Here are some recent personal examples: I bought our 2022 NYE sailing DBP at $53/pp when not on sale. The sale price is now $71/pp. For CocoCay Beach Club, we purchased access at $79/pp. The sale price is now $188.99/pp. ALWAYS look at price, not percent off. If you're comfortable with the price, buy. If not, wait. If you got wh
  11. Common sense would be to cancel the entire Alaska season as I can't see the cruise lines operating there for 1 or 2 months. The excursion operators would have to tell their folks from the lower 48 to come up and help for just 1 or 2 months. However, common sense doesn't play in here, just the bottom line and that's cash. Get their cash before 90 days, and then cancel. Operate for a few more months on borrowed money. Just my (very) random thoughts.
  12. For those of us who have a FALLEN IN LOVE with cruising. Thank you John Waite and the Babys. Come on CDC!!! I know, a bit cheesy! Falling in love was the last thing I had on my mindHolding you is a warmth that I thought I could never find(Sitting here all alone)Just trying to decide(Whether to go all alone)Or stay by your side(Then I stop myself because)I know I could cryI just can't find the answersTo the questions that keep going through my mindHey babeIsn't it time(Isn't it time it took time to wait)(Falling in love could be your mistake)Isn't it time(Isn't it time you took t
  13. Not walking out of the straw market at Nassau. Feel like we missed A LOT! Nassau is a place that you cannot judge by its port area.
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