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  1. @Neesa Denise! Too funny! IT IS 1694! Sharla is to you and I as Jedi Master is to their Padawans. I think we're going to keep the aft junior suite, that is unless Grand Suite or higher opens up. We need to try something like this, and the price point is excellent. At least yesterday, the price of the junior suite was less than a balcony. May the Foce be with you, my fellow Padawan!
  2. Hello everyone. Need your experiences and opinions. We have on hold, with Sharla at MEI, an aft junior suite on deck 10 on Adventure of the Seas for a 7 Night Western Caribbean Holiday out of Galveston. I've looked at pics on the cruise deck plans member site. Me and the rest of the family don't think it would bother us, but maybe there are things we are not considering. Would consider a GS or higher, but all other suite categories are sold out. I would appreciate your experiences and opinions on an aft super structure cabin/suite.
  3. Following. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE it, if you could upload your cruise compasses to @Matt
  4. Cannot wait! Planning on lunch and dinner the first night. Other venues will see us, but definitely mostly at CK.
  5. My DS (15yrs) will be all over that tuna! I hate to ask this, but! Can multiple entrees be ordered in CK?
  6. Going to Labadee in March. What is "up the hill" that attracts cruisers? I will definitely want to avoid it, but what is up there?
  7. I used this feature for our last cruise (July 2019 Radiance) and am using it for our upcoming cruise (March 2020 Oasis). This "feature" is riddled with glitches. If you want to, hypothetically, put in your plans to eat at Izumi, select your guests, and select your times and days (must be entered separately) 7pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you may end up with (by the end of entering your data) one reservation on Monday at 7pm for Izumi for all your guests times three. In our case, me, DS, and DH are listed three times on Monday at 7pm for Izumi and the entries that I made for Wednesday and Friday do not populate the calendar. To get around this, I create a different reservation time (not actual, but the time we plan to eat/walking in, not a rezi created in the cruise planner dining page), and make a note that the actual time is for 7pm. I don't know if I'm describing the issue adequately, but leave it to Royal IT to take a great idea and bugger it up.
  8. True, especially streaming over wifi. My Alexa will all of a sudden repeat/loop. Doesnt matter if it is Tunein, anypod, etc. If i download and then bluetooth to my Alexa, then no loop.
  9. Dare I say, perhaps this is a way Royal is attempting to curb the number of D+ and Pinnacles within the next 5 to 10 years.
  10. @WAAAYTOOO and @dodgestang, if I were to win the bid, would they refund the intern drink special, UDP, and tour as OBC (since we may not find out until less than 2 days prior to sailing?) I can take or leave the Genie. I do like the concierges, but I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on the Genie.
  11. Hello everyone. We are 59 days out from our Oasis Western Caribbean sailing. We received the ever popular Royal Up! email offer today. Need an opinion here. Here's the setup: we are already in a Crown Loft Suite and snagged the DBP during the intern sale for $18/pp/pd, prepaid grats already $367, paid for All Access Ship tour @$103 x3, and UDP @$175/pp . Crown Loft Suite already has more than enough room for myself, DH and DS (15). Are there any reasons to move from Sky Class to Star Class when it seems (could be wrong here, that's why I'm asking), we've got what Star Class already has at a reduced rate (a la the DBP intern sale). I REALLY like the proximity of the Crown Loft Suites to CK and the suite lounge. Wish they could let us keep the location and add the Star Class amenities. I think it would actually come in at less dollars. Minimum bids as follows: Star Loft Suite $800/pp X2, Aqua Theater 2bdrm $400/pp X2, Ultimate Panoramic Suite $400/ppX2,
  12. Yes, always take drinks iut of suite lounge to din er, etc.
  13. +1 for insuremytrip.com, add "cancel for any reason" if you're within the time frame to do so.
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