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  1. I think I see the issue here, just want to confirm I am reading this all correctly..... 1. You booked a cruise in Feb 2020 for sometime in 2021 (sounds like July timeframe) with a non-refundable deposit and opted not to add in any extra cost with trip insurance 2. Planned cruise hasn't been cancelled by RCL yet because it is for sometime in 2021 (again sounds like a July cruise) 3. You lost your job, so not in position to pay final payment on March timeline a. Historically speaking, Royal has been pretty predictable in terms of they don't cancel a cruise until after the final
  2. Our kids are a little older (9 and 12 on last sailing)....and they eat everything....but it isn't fair to the other diners to take kids to chef table...it really is an 'adult' experience. Our kids go to buffet when we do the chef's table and/or something like Johnny Rockets.....last time we were out the Genie stopped by the room with popcorn and watched a movie with them for a couple hours (without us even asking)
  3. And update "45 days for refund"........let's start that clock ticking but not hold my breath.
  4. Just got my cancel notice.....already on hold to get full refund process started
  5. Since I just paid the balance on my Holiday 2020 cruise....I'm sure it will be officially cancelled within days
  6. I have repriced 2. 1 - Dec 2020 repriced just before final payment.....hundreds more. 2 - July 2021 Alaska repriced because even though I lifted/shifted (and it was paid in full) I wanted to apply my prime cert to it......would have saved me.....drum roll...............$200
  7. Considering a few Carnival subs have announced now closed through the end of year.....the Holiday cruise season appear dead. I have final payment for Christmas on the Anthem due in like 20 days now.....so we will be making the big decision of shifting shortly.
  8. They also added a new feature......a listing of itineraries right in the website so you don't have to call and find out the one you want isn't available
  9. Well.....Casino wasn't putting out any loyalty offers....but I can tell that yesterday I got my first casino cruise offer in about 6 months.....for sailings Q2 and Q3 2021....and of course neither sailing that I am on is on the list....so back to normal
  10. Stick the roll away in the little hallway behind the stairs to the small second balcony and its almost like you have your own harry potter room
  11. Final update here. I have added up all the posted and pending credits now from both the April 16 cancelled cruise and the August cancelled cruise and now it looks like I am over refunded $545.15 which means either I missed something I bought that was really large in cruise planner....or they messed something up. I wonder if they will at some point in the future reverse the credit. Either way.....I guess we're all good here finally.
  12. Markets will probably tank on Monday thanks to what happen in Atlanta on Friday night.
  13. I made the post May 14 (the day I manually cancelled all my cruise planner items for a cruise that was still schedule to sail in August) and finally saw SOME (not all) of the over 6k in cruise planner items back to my CC today.....so 30 calendar days. I made this post a month ago because it had taken 60+ days to get refunds of cruise planner items from an April cruise that had been cancelled and they closed us out of cruise planner so we couldn't manually cancel things. I have cancelled cruise planner items many times and received a refund systemically in a matter of single digit days (a
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