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  1. Is that $60 for the food....or for the booze? I know with other things like "chef's table" there is a fee for star class for the booze. Additionally.....you can eat in all the specialty for free....so why would you want to go a sample event designed to make you want to spend money to eat in the specialty 😉
  2. LOL....got the mail today....Free Interior Stateroom on my sailing....well....that's a discount!
  3. That's what I get for teaching my kids to behave in public and be respectful at all times.....damnit.
  4. Kids wear bathing suits and/or their suits are packed in the carry around back pack. We get to the port early, get on fast, and they are in pool before I've even gotten my first beer.
  5. The same way I don't leave my kids locked in a baby seat in a hot car for 6 hours.....by paying attention 🙂 I keep all the ids in the same spot in the back back, I unzip it, hand them Id and boarding passes....they hand it back...I put it back and zip it up. Back pack zipper stays open and I hold it in my hand until I have replaced it all...then zip...and back onto the back.
  6. We were in the water all day long at CocoCay and Grand Bahama last December the week before Christmas. It was like 75 degrees and really nice
  7. I will gamble between 3-5k on a 9 night cruise....and up until the last cruise always walked away either even or up....last time out I was down 2k for the trip 😞 I forced my wife rinse $500 or so through a slot machine (and she walked away a small winner) on the last cruise and now she gets $250-500 coupons as well (which is nice because we can combine them) but not 'free stateroom' offers
  8. Chewing my finger nails...have a cruise on Grandeur planned for April 16th 2020.....I really want to pay this off in the next few weeks so I don't carry that through holiday season....but at the same time....I really really hoping to see a nice Casino offer come through for this sailing and let me reprice it......(no not the prime offer I'm using that one for a sailing in August)....just one of those really nice "Balcony cruise or ocean view cruise for two" offers that I get weekly 😉 So far they only go out to March......
  9. Color me a little jealous......that waiting area is a bit nicer than port bayonne 😉 I've never gotten cookies in port 😞 hehe
  10. I've found I can mitigate that feeling and make the flow even easier by taking a car service to the port....that way they will drop you right at the special star class location and you don't have to worry about parking and walking back 😉
  11. Even though the 'coco beach club' isn't open.....an opinion can be provided from people who have previously been to CocoCay and been to both locations. 1. South beach area has near flawless view IMO......there is nothing but clear blue and green water all the way to the horizon. It is however shallow and one can walk out a vast distance in the water without ever getting in deep so if you want to say snorkel....it might not be the best and you may find yourself moving far away from home base 2. Chill island has man made inlets so it offers ramp down into deep swimmable water very easily. It also opens up into deeper water that is great for snorkling. The 'view' is not as nice as south beach as you look towards the neighboring island(s) and the ship.
  12. On the pre-cruise questionaire it asked about beverages So we always had large quantities of San Pellegrino Milk Chocolate Milk Red Bull As well as the standard Evian that just comes stocked in the room. If you want redbull in the room they will stock...there was always 8 sitting there for me. I also told them I liked them room temp so they never never ground cold ones or put in the fridge
  13. I stand guilty of not watching close enough. That is def a fridge in the upstairs.
  14. 1. I have not been in the RLS (assuming you are on Symphony based on first post)....however I have been in other RLS and they did not have a second one upstairs. I also do not see one in this video 2. They will book it for you 3. In email prior to cruise you can let them know what nights you want reservations, at what place, and for how many people, I always have all my dinner reservations confirmed prior to getting on board...and then the Genie just hands me a schedule that matches what we talked about...and then we tweak if needed
  15. Had black both times I was in Star in this year. Never used them though....card was easier for the way I roll. 😉
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