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  1. Sailing star....drinks are free everywhere....going to pool bar always seems to the fastest 😉 Or I think it was boleros if I didn't want to go outside
  2. I can't see myself ever going to the C Club...we always stay in a loft suite....so the treck from the room to the elevator and then back again to get to the club....I'd just rather go get a drink closer 😉
  3. We had Carlington last August when Francis was on vacation (We had Francis when we went again in Dec) There was a significant different between the two, but perhaps it was because he just filling in at the time and probably was doing his normal job AND filling in for Francis.
  4. Put seapass card in machine, put cash into machine, play
  5. First time I sailed on Grandeur sailing in Royal Suite which is probably about equal to Owner Suite....the 'regular' concierge was on vacation I never got an email or even knew to expect anything. Second time I sailed on Grandeur also in Royal Suite...the 'regular' concierge was there, he emailed me prior to sailing, called me to arrange somethings, called me on the way to the port, met me in the parking lot in the port.... So.....it's hit or miss 😉 in my experience when sailing on ships that don't do 'star class' with a strongly documented "this is what we do" list 😉
  6. When I was on CocoCay in Dec 2018 (7.5 months ago) there was a suite area. This area was what is now called the 'chill island cabanas'. It was restricted access, there was a suite buffet, there was loungers in the area for suite guests and the cabanas were reserved for suites only. I say this because when we got on the boat, Francis the concierge said 'what are you doing at CocoCay" and I said "I rented a bungalow on south beach" and he said "nonononono let me change it for you to the cabanas they are for our suites and there is a wonderful bbq lunch"...and he very easily moved us into the cabana. But it also seemed hit or miss...because I was on the same boat 3.5 months earlier (in the same room) and went to CocoCay, rented a bungalow on south beach and the concierge made no mention at all about the suite area. All of that has officially changed since they opened perfect day though ;). I am secretly hoping the upcoming south beach club with the overwater cabanas being built will be a 'suite first dibs' ;).
  7. different people cruise different ways. Some people....have to have a room within a specific distance from the elevator, or on a specific deck, or in a specific general area on the boat. These are the people who 'generally' don't do guarantee style bookings and select the room they want. This also means if the chose to participate in the Royal up....they might not be happy because even though the room category might be higher....in their mind it wasn't worth it because several factors Other people....don't care much and its a cool program At the same time....Royal does have some 'weird' classifications....interior to ocean view, ocean view to balcony, balcony to suite...these are easy calls to make....but ocean view to slightly larger ocean view....man that's tough to consider.
  8. If you bid $100...it is only a $200 gamble because bidding is only for double occupancy...so even if there is 3 or 4 in room....you only bid for 2 person
  9. Look for 30% off for July 4th.....that's about as low as it goes barring some 'glitch' 😉
  10. No, Lagoon cabanas are around the pool, Chill Island are on the beach where it gets nice and deep for swimming and easy access to snorkeling areas
  11. The only thing really consistent is that you will get your rejection 24 hours before sailing 😉
  12. That's what I am going to have to do. I kept referring to them as over water cabanas on south beach....this must have confused the person on the phone who told me they were all rented already (or they just wanted to get off the phone because they didn't know 🙂 ) Apparently the formal name is Coco Cay beach club. Starting to sound a little like "barefoot beach club" 😉 😉 😉 😉
  13. Well the update I just got from RC facebook was....they haven't loaded Coco Beach Club into the planner yet. So I will have to just keep checking
  14. I have a very straight forward question 1. I know this is not open yet, slated for end of 2019 2. For those with cruises that are stopping in Coco Cay AFTER dec 2019....aka in 2020....have you been able to book ANYTHING south beach yet? I only see the old South Beach Bungalows (that have been renamed Cabanas in cruise planner). While I called and talked to RC about this...I am just wondering if ANYONE truly has seen the over water cabanas in their cruise planner and either booked them...or at least could have if they wanted to.
  15. Vodka and redbull....best way to get uber drunk and then wake up at 3am sober with a headache 😉
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