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  1. To be fair to many of the southern cities...they don't have a fleet of snow plows and mountains of salt sitting around.....it just doesn't make sense for them to make the capital investment annually for snow events that are so rare. Just run to the store, know the highways will be a shiitz storm and make french toast 😉
  2. When I was 19....I dropped out of college and took a sales job selling stereo/electronics at a primarily known for white goods retailed in the N.E. I was really good at it and won a national sales competition on Mission Loud Speakers and was awarded an all expense paid trip for 2 to a Cancun resort for 4 days. They had a swim up pool bar too.....I remember it vividly as my 19yr old ass (and my friend that I took) tried really really hard to give ourselves alcohol poisoning 😉 😉 😉 I try to stay away from swim up bars because of that. hehehehehehehehehe
  3. Every time I go to cococay (or Labadee) I do the same thing. I rent a cabana....spend 3 hours in the water....then sit in the cabana looking at the waves for a little while, eat lunch, and then spend another 3 hours in the water. Then I waddle back to the ship with typical overweight American sand/salt water rash and get a shower saying "why did I spend so much time in the water?" What an awesome time.....I can't wait for April now. And on edit....probably doesn't answer your question ;). There are lockers at cococay you can shove your stuff and storage if you rent a cabana
  4. Maybe you should have made your ghost guests children 😉 Otherwise you can buy the drink package on board. I also don't understand why you would need to pretend to book 4 people in each room.....and not just book each room with the 2 people who are going.
  5. The only negative I can think of with the ATS......is noise from the shows will interrupt a sleep cycle that starts at 7pm With the loft suite....you can 1. Ask for a cot so they can sleep upstairs so you could relax downstairs till you want to go to sleep 2. Use suit cases to block stairs if there is concern
  6. Don't let it bother you. Everyone tips their own way. Tipping is included so anything you give is above and beyond. Imagine how I feel/felt when I tipped my Genie $200 for a 9 night cruise with my family of 4 and then come back to see people saying they tip $50-$100/night/person to their Genie......I'm not going to tip $1800-$3600
  7. First sailing with RCCL in August 2018.....reach diamond on April 18th 2020 (2nd day of our 5th cruise) We did it just by booking suites and only sailing 8 days on longer for each sailing....the suites get you double points per sailing and the longer trips add up fast. Didn't really do it for the points though....took what we thought would be a once in a lifetime kinda trip, fell in love with it, and just really like the big rooms so we keep going back (plus the casino keeps dangling carrots) 😉
  8. Coco cay is free. Are you saying the coco beach club is sold out? or the water park? Shore excursion desk can sometimes help pre cruise by emailing them.
  9. We are sailing in April. Port Canaveral is our first US port after CocoCay so we will have to clear customs. How long does that process generally take? We had to do it once before on Anthem in Boston, but that was done on ship. Reason I ask is I am weighing pros/cons of car rental and driving to St Augustine (2 hours away) for a family visit. We are supposed to be there 6-6pm.....but I am already thinking it makes much more sense to think of it more like 9-4 to account for customs and making sure we have no issues getting back on time and for the first couple waves of people to go away for the day ;). Which then nets us out about 2.5 hours of visit......and if the boat is late....it just shrinks from there. Basically I'm talking myself out of the hassle 😉
  10. I'm just upset that I can't book excursions for my August 2021 cruise, make dinner reservations, show reservations....I can't even book my spa treatments yet. They are really letting me down.
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