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  1. They won't change it for you though. I am 4 points away from next level and noticed that a 5 night cruise I took in the early 2000 was only showing as 1 point. I mentioned when I was on the phone with a casino rep, they called C&A to try and get my total recalculated and were told they would only fix/recalc issues from cruises within the last 12 months.
  2. Nope. With that said..... 1. You could create a playlist in your device prior to the cruise 2. You could pay for device access for a single device...which would be yours and yours alone 2a. Sirius APP worked flawlessly for me to give me live music whenever I wanted in the stateroom (using the internet package of course). If you have Sirius you are paying for in your car already you can download the app and use for free. No ads to deal with like youtube.
  3. I for one can never get enough ship tours because everyone always captures something a little different. Everyone also loves to see cabin videos. People always want to see exactly what their cabin looks like....and unfortunately not enough people have done video tours yet so you end up just looking at 'similar' cabins. My kids love doing HGTV style tours of the cabins when we cruise so I shoot and post for them. But be warned....there are some mean people out there....if you post too much about the cool things you do/will do....you might get hate mail 😉 so thick skinned is needed...after all, it is the internet.
  4. Price goes up and down worse than the stock market. I originally bought in for my next sailing at $799....but luckily the price has come down so I was able to adjust it to the $499 it was at last week. Best thing to do is keep an eye on it.
  5. I try to be in a position to pay off all onboard stuff in cash at the end of the trip and have ended up buying some artwork the wife liked (that others have said is tacky...but hey...we like it 😉 ) on the rare occasion we do well enough over the course of a cruise that I would have had to worry about declarations.
  6. In addition to the cruise certs you can earn during you sailing and the free annual cruise based on tier level, there is a third benefit that I don't believe has been mentioned. And that is the large amount of free cruise offers you will receive approx every 2 weeks. I 'assume' that these mailings are based on some sort of segmentation so the frequency and value of each may vary per person....but we've been getting a lot of free junior suite (2), free balcony (3-4) and free interior (countless) offers in email and snail mail (they will appear on your club royal offers page as well) for the last couple of months. So if you get a cert and none of the sailings fit....maybe you will luck out and get one in the mail that does. 😉
  7. It's an island with some of the clearest water you'll ever see....sit on the beach and swim all day. Cost nothing.
  8. There is another option.....we just schedule a true professional photo shoot while we were on board....not one of the walk up and take 4-5 posses in front of a screen..we went to his 'studio' he specialized in B@W candid style shots. It certainly wasn't a $249 package....it was like $500 for all copies of photos digitally (70-80 shots...all of them run through retouch filter and also manually tweaked the ones we selected as needed....for example one of them we had mirrored so it could balance our layout) and then if you wanted prints and stuff there is a price....we got these out of it (large on canvas photo prints): Conversely on our previous cruises we went with a walk up and take a photo that we then bought the print from the ship for like $20 that we also have framed and liked
  9. Labadee.....think of a lagoon fill with clear water with a slight green tint because of all the vegetation, surrounded by tall hills with few waves except the ones made by passing jet skis (unless you go to the ocean side beach, then you get some waves) CocoCay.....think of a flat island miles away from a protective reef so there almost zero waves with crystal clear water and many fish...oh and it has a water slide and hot air ballon Otherwise...they are the same 😉
  10. People who aren't going on the cruise can order you flowers and other gifts this way.
  11. I play bingo occasionally....for fun....not to win. If you want a free cruise.....just gamble in the casino a little bit each day. 😉
  12. Sailing Star is awesome stuff. We sailed Star on Anthem twice this year...the first time was in the owner's loft....the second time I got us into the Royal loft....except I told the kids we were going to be in a Grand Loft...so they expect the Genie....but not the room 😉 And what was really really nice. We had a last second change in Genie. Our Genie became unavailable so the two remaining Genies has to split up her rooms between them and handle more than usually. Yen Lee did it without missing a beat and the 'don't tell the kids what room we are in' surprise was communicated to her so we ended up with an awesome start. Overall the experiences are nice. Dinner reservations made, show seats reserved, things that are advertised and you expect....but its the little things that start to add up making it that 'little' something extra....time spent trying to find me a fishing tour in St Marteen (that ultimately never came to fruition, but the effort was made), popcorn/waters waiting at your seats when you get to the show.....little things 😉 like.....room service we didn't order dropped off 15 minutes after we got back on the boat from a caving excursion in PR (with all the food the kids had been ordering of Johnny Rockets) and I didn't even take a photo 😞 Or our youngest is a big queen fan who did this every chance she got She made us get front row seats for the "we will rock you show' which the Genie did for us (that's my son intentionally wearing a Zep t-shirt for humor) and Nina with her "killer bee" hat on that she wrote Queen all over. So then on the last night nite.....this stuff appeared in the room Two baseball hats signed by the cast of the show....plus a show cast photo with all their signatures on it as well. All of which was confiscated by Nina and now proudly displayed in her room
  13. We sailed star on Anthem trice this year....we must be weird...we like CK lunch 😉 It's light, its very different than what we normally eat so it makes for a very straight forward "BOOM, we are on vacation and eating differently" transition. Otherwise....it would be onion rings and burgers from Rockets every day of the cruise for the kids and nothing for me since I don't normally eat lunch.
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