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  1. Splurge on the room. Always the room.
  2. Honestly only you can answer that question? Do you gamble? Do you buy more than 1 tshirt at port? I don't like to charge in ports but sometimes there is something you just fall in love with....sand stone earrings, blown glass dolphin, Rum cakes, sun dress, wind chimes....so I like to bring enough to cover those eventualities 😉
  3. I have heard that Carlington has taken over for Francis. I can neither confirm/nor deny since I haven't been on Grandeur since end of Dec when Francis helped us have a great time. So just parroting what I have heard. As for tipping that is always a hot topic. Francis on the Grandeur and Wendy (Genie) on Anthem I tip with a large bill when I met them and another one when we left. Is it too small? Is it too large? Who the heck knows....it's what I did and I felt perfectly fine doing it.
  4. Maybe I don't call them enough....I've never really had a major problem. They always helped me book just fine...I called them this morning and repriced/booked a sailing I had booked while on board....they walked through all my offers and found out I could maximize my savings using the Prime cruise that was awarded 4/1.....saved me over 5k on a sailing in August. Worked out similar in January when I called for the cruise I just took in April in terms of being helpful and helping me apply my comps as effectively as possible. Worked out similar in September when I called for the cruise I took in Dec. On the flip side the one time I called them about prebuying chip program they had for a while....they gave me a pretty clear answer....that was then done the complete opposite while on board which made me a little grumpy...but they appear to have canned that whole program.
  5. I mean I keep giving it back to them after I win in other forms ;). I mean this was the 3rd cruise in 8 months....and we've got another one in August now. I think the kids are going to have cruise fatigue
  6. The show scheduled rearrangement on the last day was certainly do quite quickly. We were on the back stage tour at noon and the "we will rock you crew" was still saying they were doing the 2:30 show. When we are dinner our Genie was confirming for us that we still wanted to go to the 8:30 farewell show and I said "That was cancelled, the 2:30 Rock show was moved to 9 so I assume the farewell show is bumped"....she got a look like "WTF are you talking about" pulled out her phone made a call....and then apologized profusely that I was right and the show was cancelled. Didn't really bother us....but it seemed to bother her. Only reason I even knew is I just so happened to be walking out of 270 when the Cruise Director gave the schedule update.
  7. I just got their survey.....I roasted them a little bit....I just got off the Anthem and they had the Texas Hold'em table Trips bet max set at $50 (It is $100 on other ships)....I was pissed. This was also the first sailing with Royal where I did not get a free cruise cert on the last day. Instead I got $500 off...and I'm thinking 'those bastards' they know I haven't scheduled anything with my free prime cruise yet and wouldn't give me something that might net me a larger discount on my next cruise OR since the table max was lower...I didn't get as many points since my betting style was altered.
  8. Got my prime free cruise email this afternoon, so maybe yours will show up soon
  9. But Pineapple on the door mean swingers inside 😉
  10. I love dogs....but....if someone's 'support animal' peed on my or any member of my family the animal would be in need of a vet since I would have punted it while it was defecating. And if I was in the right place....I would have scored a goal with it on the owners face.
  11. My 8 and 12 yr old have never seen the kids menu in the MDR.....they love the escargot, fish of the day, pasta entrees, etc...
  12. I 'booked' through the website....Casino rep called me within 24 hours. Of course I booked a ship/itinerary that wasn't applicable to my offer...but I knew that when I did it ;). The process is certainly wonky isn't it.
  13. Everyone's different. I've stayed in 8500 on Grandeur multiple times. This room is right under the WJ and none of us (2 adults, 2 kids) had any issue with noise.
  14. Go to pool deck order a bucket of corona
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