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  1. I can come up with one reason. Liability issues. If the bed is not available for room occupants and they want to take a nap/lay down at anytime during the day they would need to set it up.
  2. Room category....royal loft/suite is usually the only one of a vessel that will have it. On some of the newer/larger/amped ones they sometimes add to the next level down room category. On smaller ships like Grandeur, Explorer, Serenade.....no rooms will have a private balcony whirlpool
  3. Very very few. ;). On adventure....the royal suite On Anthem....the royal loft suite On Oasis....the owners and the royal
  4. What is the difference between Rapid Diagnostic test and Rapid antigen test? One of these test I can get close to home....the other is hours away.
  5. I have certainly found them to be increasingly useless. Can't apply it to the cruise because....reasons Can't apply it to that cruise because.....reasons Can't use for spring break because.....8 days after it expires.....even though I have two of them now and can't use them on anything. So....I know I will actually be spending considerably LESS time in the casino over the next 4 cruises I have booked for this upcoming 12 month period.
  6. I managed to fill out the form....it never asked me to pick a time. So scheduling is nothing more than saying "i will need a test"....so I have to assume they are cross referencing with your check in time per boarding process and/or simply making sure they have enough manpower and tests
  7. Hard to ignore/not feel flustered....I got my 10 yr old scheduled....but now I appear to be getting DAILY reminder emails...1 for each member of my party that has not scheduled a test yet....and no one from RCCL can explain why and if I actually need to do something or not
  8. Our Genie was more than happy to set up a pro shoot for us.........obviously not what you are asking.....but......we got some great glamour shots for a high price....but got stuff that will hang on our walls for decades to come. Really captured a moment of time....and now with how we lost 2 years of cruising...we look at the photos and then our kids now....and can't believe the change. It's also really funny....since I am all about candid/action shots in my own photography.....this guy did a cool mix of it was sorta posed....but then shot some candid reactions to stimuli.....sorry.....just reminiscing....18 days till I finally get to sail again....so feeling nostalgic even though I know it will be completely different.
  9. Why am I getting emails for all members of my cruising party telling us to schedule Antigen testing for day of sailing when of the 5 of us, only 1 is under age 11 and needs the antigen test day of cruise? Calling the help number associated with the email is 100% useless as the poor woman can do nothing more than read the policy and not answer the question of WHY all 5 of us got a request to schedule the antigen test. Additionally when trying to sign up/register for my 10 yr old...I am presented with "We are unable to verify your information. To complete your registration, it is important that you contact Royal Caribbean International. Click here for contact information" error message that RCCL rep on the other end of the line when calling the number provided also can not assist with.
  10. RCL 'email' only says it has to be a PCR test. Nothing more specific.
  11. We found local CVS who swears they will get us PCR test back in max of two days which has destressed.....only a little bit.
  12. When I was told we may need to get testing to get on the ship in Nassau I didn't think anything about it.....I figure run out to the local drug store they do rapid testing cart the whole family over.....couple hours in and out and done. So today I get an email that says it has to be a PCR test.....which can take 3-5 or more days 'depending on demand' to get results. So that means I have to take the test 5 days before sailing (because I can't take it 6 days before) and hope i get results back in time? WTF is this......am I reading this crap wrong?
  13. Got an interesting email from RCCL today......we are doing a Christmas sailing on Anthem in a Star Class cabin. In short the email was "hey I work on the private journey team, the cabanas at CocoCay are filling up, if you want went better book one....and list out the remaining number of slots available for all cabana types. I was planning on getting a cabana so I ran over to the cruise planner and made a reservation.....but the email also went on to say they could help with any excursion type (even ones not currently offered in cruise planner).....I have never heard of this team/group before....has any one here?
  14. LIAR LIAR LIAR....everyone knows it never rains at Coco Cay
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