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  1. But Pineapple on the door mean swingers inside 😉
  2. I love dogs....but....if someone's 'support animal' peed on my or any member of my family the animal would be in need of a vet since I would have punted it while it was defecating. And if I was in the right place....I would have scored a goal with it on the owners face.
  3. My 8 and 12 yr old have never seen the kids menu in the MDR.....they love the escargot, fish of the day, pasta entrees, etc...
  4. I 'booked' through the website....Casino rep called me within 24 hours. Of course I booked a ship/itinerary that wasn't applicable to my offer...but I knew that when I did it ;). The process is certainly wonky isn't it.
  5. Everyone's different. I've stayed in 8500 on Grandeur multiple times. This room is right under the WJ and none of us (2 adults, 2 kids) had any issue with noise.
  6. Go to pool deck order a bucket of corona
  7. When I was a kid I went on a couple cruises with my grandfather. We always got a porthole/ocean view room....I always loved the idea of cruising...but hated the rooms I was familiar with. In 2000 my mother in law took the family on a cruise...so my wife and I got another ocean view room. I hated it.....so did she. So we never considered going on a cruise again. Flash forward to 2018 big things happened with my company and we were just coming out of a bad year with a health scare with my son....so I decided to give it another try....except this time since I was paying...I was going top of the line. We are going on our 3rd cruise now in 8 months because we enjoyed it so much 😉 So yes, the suite life is for us.
  8. Be more concerned about pick pocketing between your arrive point and the boat 😉
  9. Still out of price range even with a 50% off coupon? Sorry to hear that....I would look hard for another cruise on the same schedule and call them to try and get the price down to where you can stomach it
  10. I would imagine that embarkation day is the only time during the cruise that the people who work the spa have any personal time off hence the late, post sail away time slots. It also helps make sure the people who booked them will be on board at the time of the appointment.
  11. Just to call out the subtleties of the English language based on my experiences on board and what has been written in this thread... There is a difference between: Suite access to priority boarding/disembarking. AND Suite access to priority boarding/disembarking lounge. One statement deals with how you get through a line and the other deals with things you can do after the line (while waiting to get on the ship if you are too early to board) or before the line (waiting to get off). Have a great sailing!
  12. Let's define 'right now'. Right now...as in August 2018 and December 2018 there was a suite only area and buffet. It was next to the cabanas. There was beach/swim/seating and chairs just for suite quests. How this will play out in the future when they 'open' perfect day and have the additional 'new' cabana locations remains to be seen. The beach area at the current cabanas was very very nice. No water shoes needed.
  13. If you are there before the dock is finished....since you are tendering over they only have one ship there at a time...so there is ample seating/chairs around the island. After the dock is finished it might feel a little more 'full' if you are there with multiple ships
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