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  1. You know I asked the club royale rep when I was booking if Royal had a 'canned' form and he was like 'no'
  2. We are going to have a lot of firsts....first time flying as a family internationally (we have flown before though) and we are also taking my son's good friend with us. He has a passport (14 yrs old) but it isn't clear what if any other documents we might need to take with us since we do not have same last name)
  3. Just moved our Oasis from July to Adventure in Aug. It doesn't have all the convenience of driving to the port but at least it will be a cruise. Should prove exciting getting in and out of the country with covid 19 still sucking intelligence from the room. Hoping it is far enough there after the June restart to get the process(es) ironed out and maybe even simplified......
  4. When Royal sends you emails asking you to fill out petitions to US senators and representatives to get the cruise industry restarted.
  5. Well considering I booked on Oasis of the seas July 30 to Aug 8........it wasn't a charter when I booked it.....but I did try to add an additional person to my room and they haven't let saying the cruise was locked for the last 2-3 months because of Covid....I just assume it was because of what they said....covid...and maybe they were trying to figure out they can update it to a 7 day and start in August instead of the 9 day we booked
  6. Generally speaking....yes.....and in two time variants.....one is self guided tour and the other is guided tour that includes bus out to rocket pads I believe. The rocket pad tour was cancelled on us when we were there so only got to go on the self guided walking tour.
  7. This aint gonna happen. And it isn't because of 'science' it because of liability and too much government control. We are all going to have to get used to the idea of no vaccine? no cruise for you.....no air travel for you.....liberties be darned. It also doesn't hurt that the vaccine is 'free' (in US anyway)...which means the US tax payer is paying for all the shots.....I wouldn't be surprised if that means each shot costs $500 per person......which means there is a lot of money to be made so lobbying will be heavy to make sure it is 'required' that everyone get it.
  8. Depends.....if there are any sailing this summer....then yes. I am.
  9. I said I wasn't going to do it....but I did it anyway. I just made full payment on the July 30th cruise on Oasis out of North Jersey. - Will it be cancelled? Odds are still high, but I see people are starting to warm up to the idea of cruising maybe starting in June/July - Will it be 'modified' from a 9 night to a 7 night? Maybe. Won't bother me. If it sails, we will be on it. I've actually been waiting for 2 months now trying to add a 5th to the reservation because my son's friend if going to travel with us....if we go - I'm so looking forward to it....I even booked all t
  10. Technically speaking as well....when you take a loft suite on deck 8.....you sleep on deck 9 My kids who were sleeping on the lower level didn't complain about noise...but I never did ask them either.....I'm a bad parent
  11. I've stayed in the owner's loft and the royal (both on deck 8 book ending the central grand lofts.....I never noticed noise from the club below us.
  12. The only time 'suite pecking' order comes into play is on show seat preferences....and in those case...for instance if you say "I want to see this show, on this night, in these seats"....the Genie will rather diplomatically say "this other night might be better"......this is one of the reasons the first thing you get is a calendar when you get on board. They look at all your planned excursions and tried to schedule things for you 'around' other Genies and other star guests so that they minimize overlap (allowing them to focus on you at the time) and to not have competition. The one and o
  13. Red bull and Vodkas.......keep this room stocked at all times Traveling Star is so nice......you may have trouble sailing on ships that don't offer it.
  14. Just thought I would share......we all know by now Canada has essentially shut down cruising again for 2021. So....I'm tired of floating interest free loans to all these companies and officially moving into "I want my money back" stance. Air Canada...booked Sept 2019 airfare for August 2020, paid them $8k for tickets....cruise was cancelled, they gave me voucher, I said okay. I lifted/shifted August 2020 cruise to August 2021 so wasn't a big deal. Applied the voucher to new airfare in Sept 2020 for trip in August 2021, paid $900 difference since I changed airports. So
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