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  1. Try getting back into Canada without it ;). You are arriving by sea the second time. Still makes no sense to have to fill it out a second time...I am no longer arriving at that point...I am departing. Government Bureaucracy at work and just another chance to be 'randomly selected' and have your plans all toss into turmoil.
  2. You can only complete it 3 days ahead of time ;).....and its a 7 night sailing
  3. So I know I need to use Aircan. We are flying into Toronto with connecting flight to Vancouver. We are staying in Vancouver the day before the cruise. I got an email from RCCL that said to use aircan for the flight in (Check, all done and setup) And then the email said to create another application while still at the airport for when I arrive at the pier to get on the ship....but that doesn't make any sense...I am leaving Canada. I figured I would need to complete it again for when we return in a week...but the email said I needed to complete it again to get on the ship???
  4. Long time to get there....time for 2-3 rides.....long ride to get back.
  5. Maybe a little more Barry Manilow and Frank Sinatra gets put in the mix
  6. So...I've taken a lot of Caribbean cruises, it always makes sense they have a tropical sounding band out on the pool deck and in various venues.......... What do they play when they are in Alaska?
  7. Did you check to make sure they didn't refund it to you as on board credit which would have reduced your end of cruise settlement?
  8. I had tip envelopes on every RC cruise we've taken 2018 to present......half pre-pandemic and half post-pandemic
  9. So we are cruising out of Vancouver on Alaska cruise in 20 days....I know I need to use arrivecan and started the process, I can't setup the actual trip until 4-5 days ahead based on how the app works I have 2 stupid questions.... 1 - We fly from PHL to Toronto to Vancouver - the day before sailing - I 'assume' I am listing Toronto as my entry point since we are changing planes or do I list my final destination...aka....where am I going to hit customs in this process? 2 - After the cruise we are staying an extra day in Vancouver as well - do I need to fill out a second trip for arrival on the last day of the cruise back into Canada?
  10. No big deal. I've noticed while on board when sitting with people at dinner/breakfast/at the bar it is a natural area conversations gravitate towards....where you live, what you do, when was your last sailing, have you been to this port before, what level are you, when's your next sailing, maybe we'll see you there......
  11. Last week on Enchantment we got 1. A letter in the cabin telling us all about the great EMERALD benefits we would have on our seapass card 2. Under that a letter from the casino 3. Under that a letter telling us all about the great diamond benefits we would have on our seapass card 4. A diamond pin (even though we already received them last cruise for all 4 of us I was secretly hoping for another glass block to show up
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