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  1. Todd W

    Freedom OTS Cruise Video

    awesome job ! My son is also a big Vlogger as well. Keep up the great work!
  2. following along and can't wait to see more. @cruiselife my wife and I are very much like yourselves. all we've ever done is cruise out of Galveston but for 2020 we are flying to FL for our first Oasis cruise on Harmony too. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I was playing around on the Royal app today and added in the reservation numbers of the other 2 couples for our April cruise. Being the idiot that i am, i failed to realize that the app directly linked those 2 reservations on my Royal Planner page now. Top one is for my wife and I and the bottom 2 are the other couples reservations as seen online from my RC Planner login. Not sure how i can "unlink" these or what, if any issue i may have caused. I've never done this before and just wanted to make sure i haven't screwed anything up for the other 2 couples. I'm assuming this is just a "view" function but i have access to their check in info fields and everything else now. Sort of freaked out. any help or friendly words to help ease my nerves would be appreciated lol.
  4. Todd W

    Liberty 2/25/18 7 Nights

    @twangster we are sailing on her 4/28 for our first time. Will be the first opportunity my wife's 2 sisters and their husbands as well as my brother and his wife will all be joining us together for a cruise. We can't wait, until then, living vicariously through your great photos! Thanks again!
  5. Todd W

    Liberty 2/25/18 7 Nights

    awesome, thank you sir!
  6. I'll have to follow suit with our first ever cruise (Mariner back in '13 I believe. Was her last tour in the US before heading out to Asia at the time. Oh to be young and clean shaven once again lol
  7. Todd W

    Deluxe Bev package - cancel & rebook

    @WAAAYTOOO our LoS sailing is April and it dropped to $44 a few weeks back. keep an eye out, i'm guessing once you hit within 90 days that price may pop up again for you hopefully.
  8. Todd W

    Galveston & the Oasis Class

    Galveston can handle it. while not as big as RC Oasis class, Breeze always seems to be filled up and later this year (or maybe it's moved already) Vista will be porting out of Galveston also
  9. Todd W

    Star class for 6

    when are you sailing? Thats the same room and ship i'm looking at in April 4 '21
  10. Todd W

    Star class for 6

    thanks everyone. sounds like this may well be possible for the other 4 people involved. Hoping they jump in on it because thats the only way we can afford it right now lol
  11. yep i got ours on the buy one, get one 50% off a few weeks back which i think netted the cost to $49pp. a week or two ago, it dropped again to $44pp so i dropped and repurchased. Seems to be trending for people who are at 90 day mark or less before setting sail.
  12. Todd W

    Let's Make A Deal!!!

    For me, any deal i can get is always great however if it comes with stipulations or time restrictions, i have to take them each on a case by case basis. As an example, If i'm relegated to getting a great deal for spec dining but can only use it on certain nights and/or at certain times, more often than not, i'll pass on the savings so as to not be bound by their schedule. I'd rather pay full price and go when and where I'd like. The more relaxed the stipulations are, the better chance i'll take at jumping on an offer (or putting in a bid in this case) for a package deal.
  13. Todd W

    Teens on their Own

    we took our 2 boys a few years back on their first cruise. they were 12 & 14 at the time and i was of course concerned about letting them have time of their own. However we found a plan that worked great for us. I made sure both kids had cheap watches before the cruise for starters. First day on the ship our plan was check back in with us ever 2 hours. We made sure they knew where we would be and where they would would be at any given time, within reason. If we changed our schedule or if they changed location, we left each other sticky notes on our cabin room mirror. The primary rule we set in place for them, if at any point you missed check-in times with us, they were going to be attached to our hip for the rest of that day as well as the next. Surprisingly, we had no issues what so ever. kids generally checked in earlier than expected and because of their extra "freedom", we found that in a lot of cases, they would find us and hang out with us for a bit. as each day proved to be successful, we would ease up on the check in times and give them a little bit more freedom. Our kids had a blast, we had some awesome, worry-free adult time and still had plenty of family time as well. system worked great and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  14. awesome post @twangster, thanks for putting it all in great a perspective that i've never considered before
  15. Todd W

    Star class for 6

    yeah thats been my problem. regardless of what the rooms sleep, i can't plug in anything except 4 people.