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  1. but are the other lines really doing anything differently ? seems to me this is a common trend. while i've never cruised a "luxury" line and never will, just not our style, from what i've read they are still catering to those who want all the perks, bells and whistles but it comes at a cost. Royal is considered a family value cruise line these days so i'm not really surprised they are scaling back on catering to the "elite". no disrespect to the OP but those changes aren't happening on a whim. A simple call to RCCL or reading these boards can provide all with more than enough information to preemptively know of the changes rather than running a risk of disappointment once you board. While we only cruise one a year, i'm constantly reading and researching about it all. I find it hard to believe that someone who has spent " $$$ thousands" over the years cruising wouldn't take to the time to do a little research on the constant changes that are going on within the industry before spending $$$ thousands more on their next cruise... and welcome to the blog!
  2. Thanks @tiny260! first time i've seen a free standing humidor outside of the Con Club. prices surprisingly weren't too bad. Nice to see a Davidoff and Hemingway in there. AF Hemingway WOAM's are some of my all time favorites when i can find them. I always try to travel with my own when i can, as you noted, the crazy price gouging can get ridiculous depending on location. Liberty Con club was a little crazy during our cruise with the Rockets Warriors games on air, it was as crowded as i've ever seen it.
  3. just got back from our first trip on Liberty and everyone loved it (including 4 who had never cruised Royal before). we wouldn't hesitate to cruise her again.
  4. just goes to show ya, even with same itinerary and same ship, one sailing can differ from the other. On our 4/28 sailing of Liberty, formal nights ranged from casual (saw shorts in MDR) up to and including full on tuxes and evening gowns with the majority seeming to fall into the business causal attire.
  5. we just got back from LIberty last week and with the Deluxe package, all we were only ever able to get one bottle per card on the plan. that being said, you can always hit multiple spots and grab an extra that way. i always took my back pack down to the promenade with me each morning when i got coffee and asked for 2 bottles and would then hit Sorrento's up for another 2 bottles as well.
  6. magnetic & remote controlled (3 in 1, red/blue/white) LED puck lights for those brown chicken, brown cow kind of moments? each one can also turn on and off individually by touch or by remote. works great as low light night lighting as well.
  7. we all got ours for $43 (Buy one, get one 50% off) on the LOS that we just got back from
  8. he certainly needs some polishing up on his interaction but he wasn't horrible. i think after he gets some more time under his belt, he will be much better.
  9. ok so we were hesitant that anyone would be participating in the 70's Disco Inferno party but life is too short, so our group jumped in head first and had an awesome time! For reference, i was going for a Disco King look and ended up looking like a 70's porn producer LOL we made our entrance down the aft glass elevator dancing the whole way. by the time we hit the promenade, crowds were cheering us on. had many onlookers grab us for photos and chat about our outfits. great time had by everyone and we even made the RC TV loop for the remainder of the week. most fun we've ever had on a cruise! our group - me, my wife, sister in law, sister in law and brother in law my brother in law killed it with his acrylic goldfish heels! who loves ya baby?
  10. that was the first thing i noticed as well ?
  11. there's no cash on the table so i would be hard pressed to think any of the ship's personnel could say or do anything about it. now if they witnessed the exchange of money that would be a different question. never even occurred to me to get a live game going somewhere else other than the casino. great idea!
  12. my list pales in comparison to everyone else's don't hate - hah! 1 Mariner - our very first cruise ever 2 Liberty - sailing in 9 days whoo hoo! 3 Harmony - only 366 days to go!
  13. is it really a typo? I prefer my shites to be as comfortable as possible LOL?
  14. yes, you are allowed to bring 2 - 750ml bottles of wine per stateroom.
  15. my wife and i have the drink package but will still bring on our 2 bottles. It's more of the convenience of having wine we both know we enjoy for in the evenings on the balcony or while getting ready in the room without having to run out and get some from the bar. nothing worse than getting stuck with a skunky wine at the end of the night, so we play it safe for those occasions. I've inadvertently turned her into a wine snob (as far as our expenses go) and she's particular as to what she likes so we've gotta keep momma happy! she never poo-poo's my uncontrollable cigar purchases so far be it for me to keep her from wanting something from our little top-shelf wine cooler lol
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