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  1. More room outside, the pool area seems small on this ship (in watching videos)
  2. I was wondering if and when they roll back the retractable roof on the pool for Anthem of the Seas. I’ve watched a bunch of videos and it’s always closed. Wondering if they will have it open for our Caribbean Voyage in March leaving out of NJ
  3. Going on this cruise with my family, it will be my youngest sons 21st birthday!
  4. Thank you JohnK6504 we did book the Beach Bungalow on Labadee thanks to you’r advice. I did pose the question in an email to Royals excursions a few days before this post-but I was impatient for an answer. They did finally answer me and this was their response if anyone is interested: Kindly note, when you reserve a Beach Bungalows tour ZL1A, you only need to select and make the reservation under one name. You will not be able to add the rest of your party to the Beach Bungalow before your sailing. However, once you are on board, you will receive a letter in your stateroom that includes your tickets, Beach Bungalow number, and a Beach Bungalow Map to help you locate your Beach Bungalow. At that moment you may provide the tickets to your party.
  5. Hi there going on Harmony on Nov 2022, I was wondering about booking the bungalow on Labadee, it’s listed as booking by guest (not package), but it also states can accommodate up to 8 people. Does anyone know if (a) just one person from the party books and don’t list the other people in the party (because when I try to list them, it charges me separately for each one) and (b) if it’s just one person that books how do you get the wristbands for others you want to invite into your bungalow ( like my sister and hubby who are on different reservations)? Thank you in advance for your help!
  6. I am wondering about the drinks that are included with the continental breakfast, more specifically I am curious about mimosa or bloody mary’s (I have the deluxe drink package) would I be able to order continental breakfast with coffee and a Bloody Mary for free (except tip)?
  7. On out 12 night cruise I am taking: 2 regular flip flops 1 fancy flip flop 2 pair high heels (black and beige) sneakers and water shoes
  8. I am definitely going to look into that app, I purchased VOOM for my hubbys cell because he would never be able to go that long without streaming his news. That app will be perfect for our kiddos back home to stay in touch!
  9. I’m on the same sailing! Did you see the link to our sailings Facebook Group? https://m.facebook.com/groups/582558342078755/?ref=share If you are interested!!!
  10. Are WOW Bands available on all ships? Wondering about my upcoming cruise on Radiance.
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