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  1. In the Solarium bar they were making smoothies with oats, protein and fruit (in December 2021) . They qualify as a Diamond drink! I'm also VERY VERY pleased the flowrider surface was replaced! It was... challenging with the bubbles and the standing seams. Thanks RCCL and Flowrider.
  2. We are booked. Just got off Anthem's Christmas cruise, it was very nice to have less passengers than normal for a holiday week.
  3. "what is a HAM radio" may or may not have been the answer... officers are getting younger
  4. I went on a Viator/Trip Advisor Farm to Table Excursion in Cozumel, it was excellent; but I work in agriculture, enjoy meeting growers and farmers, and love to cook and try new foods. If you are not willing to be around farm animals and cannot walk on uneven surfaces, this tour is not for you. But if you want to see multiple varieties of what I call "orchard" crops from shrubs and trees, at a farm owned by a Mayan descendant family, and learn how to prepare a few recipes for drinks, snacks, and a meal then this is for you. I met my driver just outside the port, and I went in a clean, modern vehicle with AC to the farm. I met the host and his father and had a lovely time touring the farm and preparing food. All food prep and cooking was done outside - the entire tour was outside. Flush toilettes were available and clean. Hand sanitizer and soap and water were available. The driver then took me back to the port. I participated solo, I believe he said they accept up to 6 or 8 people.
  5. I will go on a "farm to table" excursion next week through Viator. I'll try to take photos & post a review. Something different than beach/snorkel/shopping.
  6. I have driven to Ontario from Northern New York, more than once, just to buy beer. I always claim it. I also stop at Tim Horton's... LOL. Twangster is right, you don't lie to border control. I always declare everything, once I bought hockey skates and I ended up receiving the tax back! You will be able to bring the 4 L back, just pray the bottles don't break in your checked bags.
  7. Yes, you can pay for one 24 hour period, so you can use it on two half-days if you wish. Make sure it's working before your zoom meeting, then you have access through the next day. for example 1 pm Tuesday through 1 pm Wednesday. If the WIFI is slow in your room, ask the staff for a recommendation as to a strong, quiet spot on the ship.
  8. Send a message to Sharla on Monday and ask, she booked my Air 2 Sea for a day prior - but it was before the new reservation system. I agree, I will NOT fly in the same day. I always have to change planes, have a connection from a regional "Barbie" jet to a big jet. Many issues can and does cause delays.
  9. I have the front desk call a taxi for me if one is not sitting at the curb. The rates are set by zone, passenger and luggage. Sorry, I do not know the current rates.
  10. The ship excursion is not available for my late December cruise. I may rent a car or use Uber to take my boys to Kennedy Space Center.
  11. For dining packages, you can book the times for dining when you board the ship. By then you will have the entertainment schedule on the app. Entertainment in the past has been scheduled around traditional dining room times of 5:30 and 8:00 PM. Anthem sometimes has matinee shows on sea days as well.
  12. My teenagers enjoy the main dining room more than I do. They REALLY like Coastal Kitchen.
  13. Has the Diamond Plus BOGO happened on any 2021 sailings? I am not able to book a 3 night package for December on Anthem (I get into the system, then nothing is available but single-night fees), but if we can do the BOGO that may work out better for my family - and less money for 4 people than the 3 night package.
  14. We will be there, with husband and two teenage boys. It's a lift and shift from last year. Looking forward to it!
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