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  1. The rinks are small, and during open skate there are many, many beginners, so if you know how to skate, then going during "the key" time or during advanced means less people on the ice, which I feel is safer and more fun. Open skate will have people hugging the wall, and some that can zoom right by - the same can be said for roller skating on Quantum class ships. Falling is part of ice skating. If you have neck, back, or balance issues don't wreck your trip. If you are OK with falling, then go skating on the high seas, it's fun.
  2. We did 12 nights on the Explorer, out of Bayonne, in January when my boys were 2 and 4, no nursery, no children's program for my 2 year old. All 4 in an inside room with Pullman beds on deck 10, under the Solarium hot tub. It was GREAT! Do it! The Baltic will be like nothing else. If you have the time to take to go on this journey, take it.
  3. Probably... They just changed my Oasis order of itineraries in December, because of the changes to Allure's itineraries. Same ports, different order, and 1 extra hour in St. Maarten. So it's likely Allure's itineraries will continue to be adjusted until she can go fast again.
  4. December 8 2019 Oasis of the Seas
  5. I used the RCCL shuttle on Christmas eve with my son, it worked out well, we were on the first shuttle at the pier and arrived about 10 minutes before the gates opened, and he enjoyed the free WIFI while we waited for the park to open. It included admission. I thought about doing it all on my own, either renting a car or getting an uber ride there and back, but the total cost would have been about the same, and I had OBC to spend. I am glad I took water and snacks in a small backpack, and the lunch was pretty good for a museum lunch, budget at least $10.00 per person for lunch.
  6. The only time I notice, and can be bothered by crowding is right after the Muster Drill. It really depends on the ship, but if you are outside, under your lifeboat, and if crowds get to you, wait for everyone to disperse then head back into the ship. If you are inside in a public venue, wait comfortably in your seat! This is a nice time to walk all the way aft or all the way forward (if you can get to the helicopter pad) on your ship, deck 4 is a nice, quiet getaway on sea days - one side will be smoking, one side will be non-smoking.
  7. Pack good, tall socks. You will need them. You will be fitted with a helmet and given wrist protectors to wear while you skate.
  8. When I took my son on an excursion on Christmas eve 2018, the cost to rent a car, then pay to get in, was similar to the non-guided excursion, so we went with the ship for simplicity. But if I wanted to do something else the same day in the area, I would rent a car. In our case we made it onto the first bus over, and the first bus back, so we did not spend a lot of time waiting. We were gone for about 7 hours.
  9. My vote is for dinner, or two specialty lunches...oohh, the galley tour with lunch and sushi making! Watch out for the hot Saki. Laundry - I bring a 2 gallon ziploc bag and laundry soap leaves to hand wash high performance stuff, and I sent all cotton socks, underwear, t-shirts, off in the bag of "wash and fold laundry", it comes back 2 days later all done. Hand washing teenager's socks is not my idea of a good time, but I will hand wash a few high performance tank tops, shorts, etc. For nice clothes, I send men's dress shirts & slacks off for wash and press, and have even had a suit dry cleaned on the ship. We have not had any items damaged. Dry cleaning is $1.00 less than at home, and I don't have to wrestle clean suit into a wet, snowy car at the dry cleaner's. But don't tell RCCL they are $1.00 less! shhhhhhh.
  10. I was really happy to be connected with Sharla when I used the link to MEI from this site, our agent retired a few years ago, and while booking on my own is fine, it leaves everything up to me, and with other family booking the same week as us, I don't have to work out their details for them. Priceless! But switching agents is like switching hairdressers, it can feel awkward!
  11. It's too bad it's a non-passenger repo, because I could drive to Bayonne, leave my car at the EWR Embassy Suites, then fly one way back, fetch my car, drive home. Or rent a car, drive to Bayonne, return the car, then fly back to a little airport near home. If only it was a Cococay only trip!
  12. Cats = 3 hours of free time for something else! Anything.
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