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  1. If I miss lunch on boarding day, can I use that lunch for Day 2?
  2. SOOOO... is it better to book on board (it helps with cruise withdrawal) then transfer it to MEI, or just book with MEI to begin with? Either way, I have next year's school and work holiday calendar packed.
  3. #3 for Sharla! She is patient & quick to reply.
  4. I've been off the ship and in my car at 8:00 am in Bayonne, home at noon. With checked bags in group "3" - a very early group off of the ship. ONCE at 10:45 am - again with early tags, but something was up with Customs, and the entire ship was delayed, and there were a LOT of upset people, so it was a slow day. Bayonne is using facial recognition now, that speeds up debarkation quite a bit. I agree with Twangster, noon for the airport.
  5. Love it! Lesson learned! ha We have the Key on Freedom, so we SHOULD all be happy, but I am still thinking of bringing a WIFI extender or travel router or something that will boost the signal in our rooms, not to share one package on multiple devices, but just for better signal. Any recommendations?
  6. Gluten free in 270 - yes, I witnessed a woman who had a sandwich prepped with gluten free bread, she was polite and firm when she inquired about it. My sister has this requirement, so I notice when gluten free if offered. In the way back of the Windjammer, yes - even cookies. Macaroons...
  7. Keep in mind the regular buffet, beach chairs, and umbrellas, are still "complementary" We have been to Cococay both ways - free chairs and shade, buffet lunch, with our own snorkel gear. Last time we actually made it to Cococay we rented a Bungalow on South Beach. It was fabulous. Very different trips! Anthem of the Seas, at Cococay April 8, 2020 (the week before Easter) Excursion Adult Child Thrill waterpark Cabana & Full Day Pass $699.00 Floating Beach Mat $18.00 $18.00 All Day Snorkeling $37.00 $22.00 Parasail Adventure Tour $99.00 $99.00 Stingray City, Bahamas Tour $59.00 $49.00 Swimming with pigs $109.00 $79.00 Kayak Adventure $43.00 $43.00 Kayak & Snorkel $72.00 $57.00 Glass Bottom Boat $42.00 $33.00 Reef Snorkeling and Sandbar $54.00 $44.00 Scuba without equipment $57.00 $57.00 Scuba with equipment $68.00 $68.00 South Beach Cabana $399.00
  8. Ahhh, Anthem. Been 3 times, going again. Bumper cars will likely be running the first afternoon, we board early, (that pier is NOTORIOUS for traffic back-ups, that is a whole other subject), go to cafe 270 lounge for lunch, then go up to the Seaplex for bumper cars. If the participant is younger than 12 a guardian will have to be present for bumper cars, roller skating, trapeze, Ifly, rock climbing, and the flowrider. Flowrider times on this ship are not posted in one location for the entire week, hours will be posted in the daily cruise compass - and it only runs when it is warmer than 50 F. JLMoran is correct, the schedules for most activities are posted on monitors near the entrance to the Seaplex. The earlier in the day, the earlier in the week, all lines tend to be shorter.
  9. We were on Indy and the inside room had a curtain that closed all the way across - but the adjacent balcony room did not have the curtain. We have a 16' camper too - inside rooms are bigger, as there is NO kitchen or "dining room" in your inside ship cabin. With 4, I also prefer pullman beds over the sofa beds. We have the big bed separated into 2 twins, so it is like having 2 sets of bunk beds with a walkway in between. Bring a few strong magnets, ask your cabin steward for an extra sheet, and you can make a curtain - although the sheets are white, so they won't block all light, but it will help. I also ask the steward to take the glass "coffee" table away, that helps with wiggle room.
  10. We took a Phil and Ted's E3 sport on a cruise, and it was a mistake because it did not fit through the stateroom door. The following trip we used a small folding stroller, it was primarily for naps and it fit down the hall around the room steward's cart and past scooters with ease. The smaller stroller also fit through the security machine (not with the child in it!)
  11. Interesting about the trundle beds, we had a pullout couch on Anthem actually "fell" into a trundle; the carpenters came by within an hour and fixed whatever was wrong with the spring mechanism. We are much more likely to put 4 in a room with 2 teens that do NOT want to sleep together (only for a SHORT trip though) - some rooms have pullmans but not many.
  12. On your anthem trip in a JS, you still get to go to CK for dinner! With a window seat, of course. Safe travels home
  13. We will be on Freedom out of OSJ Easter Week, your comments and photos are very helpful. Thank you.
  14. We pack one set of formal clothes then have them laundered and pressed, or just pressed between the dinners. For four people, that can mean one less suitcase. We also send off a bag to have washed and folded - on longer trip I think this is "complimentary" for Diamond Plus and above, and about $25.00 a bag otherwise, usually this pillowcase-sized bag can be sent off on day 3, returning on day 5. It also means I am not buying dressy clothes for two teenage boys that may wear the items one other time before they grow out of them.
  15. Waaytoooo has good advice, we ended up paying for Wonderland on Christmas plus the 18% gratuity, for 4 people. A prepaid BOGO or 3 meal plan would have been a much better value for us!
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