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  1. In Northern New York it is an insult to receive a tip in Canadian dollars (or one loonie) egads.... but it is also way easier to just spend Canadian dollars in Canada. Like twangster said, the crew will be pleased with anything extra received.
  2. We had the Key on Freedom and enjoyed lunch in Chops on Embarkation day. But that was in April 2019.. when the Key was a great value. $1.50 more than VOOM stream and surf, (It was 19.99 each pp/pd) 4 extra hours on the flowrider, 2 hours on the ice rink, great show seating, and walked to customs from debarkation breakfast. The Key has evolved.. but it was great that week!
  3. No. But to each their own.. I would have to miss work for at least 14 days, so it will not happen soon.
  4. Another vote for Embassy Suites, it suits families well. They do have parking and shuttle service, but we park at the port. It is fabulous to just walk to the car, and go home. It's a long enough drive that I do not want that journey to be longer.
  5. 2021... lord have mercy! yes, we look forward to next Christmas, and we are in the process of lift-and-shifting Easter... thanks to Sharla at MEI. She is great!
  6. I hope we can be at sea for the Holidays in 2001, because we are booked!
  7. Hotel Casablanca is nice. We usually stay in a "family suite" with two bedrooms, one with a king bed and the other with two twins. It is great that my spoiled teenagers do not have to share a bed, and I sleep better not in the same room, but same suite as my family. I think Matt the blogmaster agrees on this!! It's not a Hilton. It is a small, local place, so go in there with that attitude and you will be happy. They have tiny, windowless rooms, rooms with windows, and suites with terraces. We will stay there again. No closets... but it is a night or two before a cruise, so I do no unpack
  8. I agree with Annette, call again. You may get a different (worse or better) answer. If you like the answer, act on it! Good luck
  9. The cruises we have booked have all gone up; Junior Suites for 4 or solo cruises... but I HAVE saved about $300.00 on excursions, total because of excursion prices going down. Cococay Cabana, and a solo excursion in Jamaica. When I am alone, I prefer to be on a ship excursion.
  10. Yes, for minors, both parents/guardians (or some kind of permission from an ex) and the child need to go apply for a passport renewal, at the county clerk, on a weekday between 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM. It's a minor inconvenience... at least in the county and state we live in. I picked my son up early from school to do this, and the secretary gave me "the look" when I told her why we were taking him out of school 15 minutes early. We had the same itinerary you are inquiring about, my son's passport was to expire 5 months after the cruise. I worried about the same issue; but it was not a proble
  11. http://anthemoftheseas.blogspot.com/2014/12/blog-post_86.html Nice descriptions of rooms, and an overlay of obstructed view over the deck below. It's a neat site...
  12. Sharla has been great, from before this whole pandemic and through it. Awesome, because with extended family trips Sharla handles everything, NOT ME! She assists everyone with booking, helps with airlines if needed, answers questions.... all in a timely manner.
  13. Thank you for the number to call, I am in the same "boat" with OBC floating out there in cyberspace, it can be moved to one of my future sailings.
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