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  1. I agree with Annette, call again. You may get a different (worse or better) answer. If you like the answer, act on it! Good luck
  2. The cruises we have booked have all gone up; Junior Suites for 4 or solo cruises... but I HAVE saved about $300.00 on excursions, total because of excursion prices going down. Cococay Cabana, and a solo excursion in Jamaica. When I am alone, I prefer to be on a ship excursion.
  3. Yes, for minors, both parents/guardians (or some kind of permission from an ex) and the child need to go apply for a passport renewal, at the county clerk, on a weekday between 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM. It's a minor inconvenience... at least in the county and state we live in. I picked my son up early from school to do this, and the secretary gave me "the look" when I told her why we were taking him out of school 15 minutes early. We had the same itinerary you are inquiring about, my son's passport was to expire 5 months after the cruise. I worried about the same issue; but it was not a proble
  4. http://anthemoftheseas.blogspot.com/2014/12/blog-post_86.html Nice descriptions of rooms, and an overlay of obstructed view over the deck below. It's a neat site...
  5. Sharla has been great, from before this whole pandemic and through it. Awesome, because with extended family trips Sharla handles everything, NOT ME! She assists everyone with booking, helps with airlines if needed, answers questions.... all in a timely manner.
  6. Thank you for the number to call, I am in the same "boat" with OBC floating out there in cyberspace, it can be moved to one of my future sailings.
  7. I am really glad I am not booked on her until December of 2021!
  8. We have teenagers, so we tend to cruise over holidays, Christmas twice, Easter 6 times, and Thanksgiving once. It will feel the most crowded just after muster. Either be the first one out of your muster station, or wait and take the stairs to wherever you are heading. Have some family photos taken, you only have to buy one if you like it! It's all digital now, so no wasted paper. Holiday sailings tend to have more families, a younger crowd, and less whiners... just be ready. You could have 1,500 under 18 on board! Bumper Cars, Day 1, right after lunch. Short(ish) line
  9. We will build a concrete patio and replace some outdoor steps with the incentive. We will do some of the work ourselves, and hire a mason and a carpenter for the "fancy" work. Some things are best done by professionals. But we are using our 125% FCC to be in a JS instead of obstructed view balcony on Anthem in one year, along with extended family in a JS as well. We will enjoy dinners at Coastal Kitchen, and we can all board the ship together (not everyone is Diamond!!) Overall, it will be much more enjoyable a year from now than it would have in current circumstances. We had a caba
  10. And if you are landing after dark, you will be that much closer to sleeping. That is if you can sleep the night before a cruise.....
  11. Yes, I have seen it before. Often two rooms are less than four in one room. We tend to book holiday sailings, so the 4-berth rooms are in demand.
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