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  1. When I took my son on an excursion on Christmas eve 2018, the cost to rent a car, then pay to get in, was similar to the non-guided excursion, so we went with the ship for simplicity. But if I wanted to do something else the same day in the area, I would rent a car. In our case we made it onto the first bus over, and the first bus back, so we did not spend a lot of time waiting. We were gone for about 7 hours.
  2. My vote is for dinner, or two specialty lunches...oohh, the galley tour with lunch and sushi making! Watch out for the hot Saki. Laundry - I bring a 2 gallon ziploc bag and laundry soap leaves to hand wash high performance stuff, and I sent all cotton socks, underwear, t-shirts, off in the bag of "wash and fold laundry", it comes back 2 days later all done. Hand washing teenager's socks is not my idea of a good time, but I will hand wash a few high performance tank tops, shorts, etc. For nice clothes, I send men's dress shirts & slacks off for wash and press, and have even had a suit dry cleaned on the ship. We have not had any items damaged. Dry cleaning is $1.00 less than at home, and I don't have to wrestle clean suit into a wet, snowy car at the dry cleaner's. But don't tell RCCL they are $1.00 less! shhhhhhh.
  3. I was really happy to be connected with Sharla when I used the link to MEI from this site, our agent retired a few years ago, and while booking on my own is fine, it leaves everything up to me, and with other family booking the same week as us, I don't have to work out their details for them. Priceless! But switching agents is like switching hairdressers, it can feel awkward!
  4. It's too bad it's a non-passenger repo, because I could drive to Bayonne, leave my car at the EWR Embassy Suites, then fly one way back, fetch my car, drive home. Or rent a car, drive to Bayonne, return the car, then fly back to a little airport near home. If only it was a Cococay only trip!
  5. Cats = 3 hours of free time for something else! Anything.
  6. You need your own skates for advanced skate, you will be required to wear their helmet. Its rather (very) warm in the rink, too. Go down and find a skater on day 1, to plan around the advanced open skate time, or pay for "the key"
  7. Or fit in the St. Lawrence Seaway Locks in Massena, NY? Quebec City to New Orleans. That would be cool.
  8. Last Easter, a fellow flowrider joined our cruise in Nassau. It began end ended in Bayonne, NJ. He set this up ahead of time, he was in a double occupancy room with family - she boarded in Bayonne NJ. It is possible to pre-arrange to join a cruise mid-cruise at a port of call. It will cost the same as cruising for the entire trip. Look into it, look up flight options, and decide whether to have your partner join you mid-trip or go SOLO, and book another trip! from: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/partial-cruise-request Partial cruises allow you to enjoy part of your cruise vacation in the event that you are unable to meet the ship in the scheduled boarding port, or would like to end your cruise earlier than the scheduled departure date.Requests for security clearance concerning late boarding or early departure must be submitted in writing to the Guest Flight Operations office for consideration at least one week prior to sail date. Guests must have a confirmed reservation in order to receive clearance. If the reservation was made by a travel agency, the agency must submit the request on travel agency letterhead. Guests with reservations made directly through Royal Caribbean International or royalcaribbean.com can submit their own request. Please include a return fax number or e-mail address. If guests are pre-approved for boarding/departure in an alternate port of call, the ship's security staff is notified to expect the guests at the designated port. The approved guests are responsible for making all travel arrangements and will incur any additional expenses (for flights, hotels, transfers to the pier, etc.). Prepaid gratuities will be added to all approved reservations for the length of cruise. Restrictions: Certain countries, such as the U.S., Italy and Norway, have cabotage laws affecting passenger movements. These laws restrict foreign flag passenger vessels (such as those operated by Royal Caribbean) from transporting guests from one port to another port in the same country. In the U.S., the cabotage law applicable to the cruise industry is commonly called the Jones Act but is legally titled the Passengers Services Act. A brief summary of this U.S. law follows: If a passenger (as listed on a vessel passenger manifest) embarks in a U.S. port and the vessel calls in a nearby foreign port (such as Ensenada, Grand Cayman and Nassau) and then returns to the U.S., the person must disembark in the same U.S. port. A passenger who embarks and disembarks in two different U.S. ports (such as Los Angeles and San Diego) would result in the carrier (not the violator) being fined. The vessel must call in a distant foreign port before the U.S. embarkation and disembarkation ports can differ. The nearest distant foreign ports are in or off the coast of South America. If either the passenger's embarkation port or disembarkation port is in a foreign country, then the provisions of this cabotage law do not apply. Nor do they apply in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Similar passenger movement restrictions exist for cruise vessels calling in Italy and Norway.Please direct any requests and/or questions to the following e-mail address or fax number: Fax Number: (305) 373-6695 E-mail: AirSeaGFO@RCCL.com
  9. Congrats and enjoy your trips. Being packed is a BIG DEAL!
  10. Did you go? I am looking for a review of this, I'm travelling solo, and want to do something other than sit in a chair on the beach. I've been to Labadee, way back when there were tenders, and with my children 2 years ago.
  11. Will your item you create glassblowing be shipped to you? I did this at the Corning Museum of Glass, it was fun and HOT. I went back the next day to pick up my 'snowman' made of glass, as it has to sit in an annealing oven to let the temperature drop slowly.. to anneal the glass. Have you done a fishing trip, if you have, did you have your catch shipped home? Yum.
  12. We usually go ashore, but sometimes we don't, and it is OK! The ports vary quite a bit, so it is up to you. Do some research before you go. Set a budget! If you want to get away from a port, be ready to hand over some cash. Some of the best days have cost our entire family 50 bucks (Megan's Bay in St. Thomas by taxi, on our own), some $400.00 (small group snorkeling 6 hour tour with lunch in Bonaire). Generally, if we leave the port again via boat, we book through the cruise line (like going to St John from St Thomas). And sometimes the excursions with the cruise line are simpler and the same cost as going on my own, I took my older son to Kennedy Space center, it was transportation and entry only, and it was about the same cost as renting a car without the car shuttle hassle. When we stay on a ship, it's because there are things on the ship we want to do without a crowd.. even just take my son to the "circle pool", go to the gym, or just read. Or it's a port we have seen before, or the port stop is just too short, or we just need a lazy day off. If there are 6 ships in Nassau, I might get off, take a photo of the ships, and get back on board - without leaving the pier! I agree with melski94 :Mix it up, have a walking day, a beach day, and a snorkeling day.
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