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  1. Michelle is awesome. Transferring my rebooking to her after the first round of cancellations was the best thing I could have done.
  2. Just got word that my Lift and Shift request was completed. Moved from Dec 14-18, 2020 on Adventure of the Seas to Dec 20-24, 2021 on Adventure of the Seas. Really shocked they allowed it considering how close the replacement date is to Christmas, but I'm not complaining. Still time to take advantage for those on the fence.
  3. Thanks! I used to have an account on here but unfortunately lost access to the email linked to it, so had to start over since I couldn't remember my login info. It is definitely a tricky time. At this point, I'm just thankful I transferred my booking to Michelle at MEI, she has been excellent throughout this whole process with my many questions in this time of uncertainty.
  4. I am not a fan of the cruise sponsored excursions only, which is supposed to be temporary. I do understand the point of it from a safety aspect, but it also destroys the destination for those that just want to visit a new area and don't want to pay for an excursion just to get off the boat in the destination that they already paid to travel to.. Just my opinion, I realize there is not an easy option for any of the cruise lines to offer, so I get it. Everyone has to make sacrifices if we want to return to cruising. I'm in the process of utilizing Lift and Shift on my cruise since it was s
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