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  1. I think one complicating factor is the few yards between the ship and the other side of the terminal. There is no doubt that the Federal Government has control over the border, and different rules apply to that area than anywhere else. Add the fact that Maritime law also applies and the fact that the CDC will have endless experts that will support it's views (because they work for the CDC) and you have the makings of a legal mess. So I think that while we would all like a quick, simple answer or process, we will most likely not get it.
  2. I would think at least 30 days to get the test cruises in, gather and analyze the data and get the testing capabilities in place, then file the paperwork and wait for 60 days. Using this time table the earliest payed passenger cruises could start would be February.
  3. You might want to edit the calendar out of the video, unless you were trying to talk about planning something very different than the narration suggested.
  4. Yes, I wonder if there will be the same "administrative fee", which is really the non-commissionable fare. If so, I hope they make it clear in the award so people know.
  5. They also announced that NCL is a new rewards partner. I hope it is in addition to RCCL, not instead of.
  6. It is very variable, but they do tend to show up in November-December and May-June.
  7. Yes. It is absolutely for real. I spend money on it, but I have been on 6 free cruises in the last couple of years.
  8. Forget non-smoking, we need non-complaining cruises!
  9. 16.99 on Empress, January 2020(down from 24.99!). 17.99 on Independence, November 2019.
  10. I wish people would stay nice and positive. I would be sad if this turned into something like that other place. If you sail in Star Class, enjoy the perks, you deserve them. If you sail in the smallest inside cabin, enjoy the cruise, don't stress about what others do, say or wear. Unless they share the drink package, then knock yourself out.
  11. Wait. Aren't they supposed to get that(and anything else) done by wiggling their nose?
  12. Be sure to read all the terms. You can only use 1, it has to be on a new booking, and it cannot be combined with a casino offer.
  13. It is $30.38 per day on my Jan. 11 Empress cruise. $29 for surf only. Maybe the $24 was surf only.
  14. Are any of the Over the Water Cabanas at Nellie's Beach(Labadee) better than the others?
  15. I know they have said that they want the app to be enabled on "all" ships by the end of the year, but do you think that includes Empress of the Seas?
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