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  1. I think it's value is based on what it is worth to the purchaser, not how much it costs RCCL.
  2. There is a $10 charge. They are saying it is limited to 1 entree per restaurant, but you can go to multiple restaurants. The cruise planner is very specific about multiple entrees and multiple restaurants, but I guess they are treating them like the seafood tower at chops. Since there would be an extra charge the fine print overrides the description.
  3. I thought one of the main features of the unlimited dining package was the ability to order multiple entrees, especially since the description specifically says it does. However, Royal is now saying the description is wrong and it does NOT include multiple entrees, at least at the same restaurant. Update - The customer service and resolutions team have said that the package DOES include multiple entrees, just as the cruise planner says. The Facebook people still say it does not. So the real answer may depend on the particular ship and restaurant managers interpretation.
  4. I was thinking of going on this excursion in January, but I am not sure it is worth the long bur ride.
  5. I am having the same issue with a January 2020 Empress sailing. The dining and beverage options just appeared about 2 weeks ago, still no excursions except Labadee, key, internet or anything other than a few of their "gifts" available. It seems very random, but I know the things will eventually show up. Actually the key wasn't there earlier today, but just showed up at $24.99. Probably not worth it on this ship.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jul/27/passenger-in-clown-suit-prompts-mass-brawl-on-po-cruise-ship
  7. I just noticed the deluxe drink package($56), especially with the Voom package($70), is the most expensive I have ever seen it for my November cruise. Anyone else seeing a price increase?
  8. Thank you, I have been wanting to get back to Virgin Gorda (I was shipwrecked there in 1975 on The Flying Cloud, it's a very long story) I just booked an 8 day in January for $700. CHez (formerly Big) Bamboo, here I come!
  9. It seems this is a Groundhog Day issue, each cruise restarts the day.
  10. It is really amazing how many times this has been a problem. It is really strange how it seems that every cruise has to reinvent the wheel. In my case it took literally hours on the phone and in meetings with multiple managers/officers, many of whom it seems were involved in latter instances of the wrong amount posting.
  11. https://www.porthole.com/top-cruise-influencers-for-2019/
  12. From the one cruise ship case i did many years ago, I seem to recall that the forum selection either from the cruise contract or steamship statutes applied to personal injuries. i do know that the statute of limitations is changed to 1 year and is, or at least was, enforced by the Federal Courts fairly strictly. I agree that that may be the goal, but he may be doing the family a great disservice by speaking before he knows the facts. That would not make him unique among attorneys I have known.
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