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  1. AS a parents when our kids turn 18 they are allowed too much, yet not enough depending on the point of view. I'm weird.
  2. How many times can they solve the same problem? This is really strange
  3. They have so many different teams, that sometimes they are not all on the same team. They need a notifications or communications team to be sure that all new information get disseminated to the all of the necessary teams and/or can resolve any conflicting information.
  4. I got one on my last cruise and I think it is great. There is a zippered pocket for the pillow and it is like a small blow-up raft. Good for a pillow, but not a trampoline.
  5. I got back last week. It was a problem. Club Royale said one thing, Customer service/relations said only 1/2 of the discounted rate. After hours of phone calls from the ship to the shoreside team (who confirmed the amount only to reverse their decision 2 hours later) and a meeting (at their request, not mine) with the onboard Customer Service manager, Casino Manager, Casino Host and another casino officer and another hour plus phone call on speaker phone to Club Royale, it was fixed.
  6. I'm thinking of checking with nextcruise for the may 15 while in the may 10.
  7. Wow. Norwegian is giving 50% obc and 50% FCC. But their math is sometimes pretty strange. But it looks like rccl did better than carnival but not ac good as Ncl
  8. Thanks. Honestly Just the story of being paid to take a cruise is priceless in itself.
  9. I really do not know. I was somewhat joking with them. I didn't say it was not fair, just something for them to think about. I really do not know the options. Having said that, I am gladly going. I really wanted to see the new stuff at coco cay, and I don't mind staying onboard if I cannot think of anything I want to do in Nassau. I think they are being beyond fair with the compensation, especially for those of us who had the comp cruises through MyVegas. In effect they are giving me $1000 to take this cruise. I think that is way above and beyond. Also the 50% makes Carnival's $100 look really bad, but then again they just had to pay $20,000,000 in fines so maybe that's all they can afford.
  10. I mean, the piano player asking us to move if we were going to have conversation while he was playing (our conversation was really very low). Rightfully so. People were there to hear him. you were being VERY disrespectful to him and everyone that was there to see him. However low you think your conversation was, it was louder than the music, otherwise you could not hear each other. There are plenty of places to have conversations that do not have a performance going on. No one that was not with your group went there to hear your conversation, even if you think it was low.
  11. I actually sent their facebook team a message right after the rules changed saying please not nassau and Coco Cay because people booked the Cuba cruise to go to an unusual destination. Guess where we are going. But it will be great fun anyway.
  12. Thanks. I am absolutely going. This was a cruise I got thru MyVegas. With the 50% OBC they are paying me almost $1000 to go on the cruise. Most amazing thing that has happened to me in a long time.
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