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  1. Remember, that people on these, or other boards, are stating their opinions, not facts. The cruise lines will do what their own research tells them is the best balance between safety (even if it is just people feeling safer) and revenue. The politically driven agendas may be fun to argue about, but I doubt they have any impact on the cruise line policies. However that in itself is simply an opinion.
  2. Be careful about being an early adopter in this area: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/medical-device-recalls/ellume-recalls-covid-19-home-test-potential-false-positive-sars-cov-2-test-results
  3. I just looked at the app and instead of saying chck-in unavailable it now says check-in closed. Has anyone else seen this?
  4. I am going to make a prediction that has no basis in fact. I predict the February protocols will require children to be vaccinated and that the mask requirements/recommendations will be relaxed inside, unless there is a new increase in cases. If there is, I would expect the mask rules to remain the same, they are not going to change something that is working. And like it or not, agree with it or not, it is working. They would be kind of silly to say "this is working, but let's change it and see if people get sick or die."
  5. I just called them and they took care of it. Thanks again.
  6. I made a reservation at Maya Chan on 10/14 for 12/17 (I will be there on Adventure of the Seas). I got the automated response saying I would get another email confirming my reservation with payment information and I have not heard back. I emailed them today, but I was wondering what other people's experiences have been. Do they wait until closer to the cruise time?
  7. Just realize, it seems that most people are assuming that all of these protocols stem from the CDC order. None of us have any idea what any cruise line would do even if there were absolutely no recommendations or requirements. Most people are assuming that they would do what they think is correct. Unless you are the CEO of a cruise line, that is not a logical assumption.
  8. In reading the order, it sounds like the CDC is actually trying to work with the cruise lines. They also sound committed to moving to a totally voluntary system in January. I am sure there will be many skeptics, but I don't think there was any need to say it if that wasn't their intent. And I think that 3 months is a reasonable amount of time to work towards such a system. It also keeps the current protocols in force over the holiday cruises. However I will admit that I have been a supporter of the CDC, so I am probably trying to put a positive spin on it. I have no doubt that others may not see it this way. But this seems more of a compromise than I expected.
  9. And I and my customer's opinion is different. That's why I don't think we can assume anything about what the crew would want. I don't know that they would be honest if asked. I'm just a little embarrassed that I had never thought about it until this thread.
  10. None of us know, unless there is some crew following this. If I were on the ship, those issues would bother me, because of coming into contact with so many different people increases their chance of getting it greatly. So anything that would reduce those odds would be better. They have more risk and exposure than the passengers do. I don't think a lot of us, me included, had thought of the crew, and have been imposing our own views on them. I wonder if they have a union or other group looking out for their interests, rather than having their situation be dictated by the comfort or discomfort and/or political views of the passengers.
  11. You know, I had not even considered this. Since very few are American, they don't have the political overlay that we do. I wonder how they would feel about no masks for themselves and/or passengers. I know they have done it on one ship, but it may be different fleetwide.
  12. I think there is a 100% chance it is extended. But my guess is that it won't change except for requiring children to be vaccinated since that should be approved next week for Pfitzer. It seems to be working, so I do not think they will change it. It would be interesting to see them remove the penalties and word it as a recommendation, which would end the Florida lawsuit as moot without a decision that could permanently affect them.
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