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  1. I am scheduled for a 5 day on Majesty on June 10. Now that the holiday weekend is over, the decision makers will be returning, but I don't think we will hear anything until later in the week. The longer they take to decide what the new rules will be, the longer it will take to get them drafted and enacted. So while it is frustrating, I think that no news is good news at this point. Try not to stress though, there really isn't anything we can do. I am sure that the travel industry lobbyists are out in full force.
  2. Moral of the story: Look at the price clearly listed for the actual item or time you select.
  3. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/trump-administration-issues-new-restrictions-on-cuba-travel?fbclid=IwAR09j5PSoxHigTE67eFKRZZd7TDZPAMbHtAebElUtU_6NPxUET3Uduc5oo4
  4. I just received a call back from the OFAC enforcement office and I spoke to someone in their General Counsel's office. The answer is...they do not know. The actual regulations mentioned in the speech have not been drafted, and the people I spoke with had no idea of any kind of timetable. There is an OFAC page that has the current information and you can sign up for email updates:https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/programs/pages/cuba.aspx I think I have gone up the chain as far as I can, so now I will have to accept the "just wait and see" situation.
  5. It is interesting, in researching this it appears that the Cuban Government has cracked down on private tour guides, arresting and intimidating them)Blexie) to the point that they are shutting down(FerTours). Apparently, this had started before yesterday's announcement. Cuban tourism is a politically charged issue in both countries.
  6. OFAC has a phone number, and I have left a message. If I hear back from them I will share what I find out.
  7. I think this is a Federal Regulation, and there may be required publication and comment times. The more I think of it, I think we will be ok. There was a delay for previously booked travel with the 2017 changes. So maybe we are ok.😵
  8. Even if my cruise goes, I would worry about the attitude of the people in Cuba towards Americans.
  9. We might want to keep an eye on this page:https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/cuba.aspx
  10. Wow. The fact that she had so much surface area come in contact with the dry dock may have prevented more widespread damage. If the had all of that weight on a smaller area...
  11. Crowne PlazaThey have no information yet, they are still evaluating. I am guessing that it will probably take a few days or longer to sort out what they can do. If I were to venture a guess, I would guess that they will replace Havana with Cozumel Nassau or CocoCay. Hotel & Resorts Fort Lauderdale Airport
  12. Nope. Mine. I got a comp cruise from MyVegas and confirmed a June 10 cruise on Majesty yesterday.
  13. I have used them in the past. I never got an email confirmation, and the funds were not available until I was onboard. If you call them, they should see it on your reservation, but you cannot see it.
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