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  1. No. I was responding to the guy bragging about how he doesn't pay for his kid's drinks. Earlier I answered this question. I guess you assume all people that don't steal drinks have a stick up their butts or only clowns pay for the things they take? Seems like a strange way to look at the world, but to each their own.
  2. I was recently on Oasis and was amazed that I felt the ship moving more than I have on smaller ships. One night we had effectively hurricane force winds, so I understand that, but even in much calmer weather, I noticed an almost continuous side-to-side motion. I see a lot of comments that people are surprised by how much motion they feel on the Oasis-class ships. Can anyone explain this, or is it that we expect to feel nothing at all?
  3. It would be nice if they had a reduced price kid's drink package. But they do not. The packages cannot be shared.
  4. MrMarc

    The Key and show reservations

    On Oasis they did not even scan my card, I just walked in and sat wherever I wanted. I have discussed this with many people both on and off the ship, and no one seems to be on the same page about this. I would make reservations just to be sure.
  5. MrMarc

    Allure and Prohibition Party

    You should be aware that this is an almost exclusively a couples event (at least it was on Oasis last week). I went by my self and left after the hosts were getting the men to dance for "their women" and the women for "their men". I don't mind feeling out of place, but I was WAY out of place at that party.
  6. I didn't mean it as a bad thing (but I still don't like it whoever runs it). I just didn't realize there was a company that specialized in it. And i love jargon like that. You have to break it down, but it makes sense. They make money selling upgrades without losing money on the initial sales.
  7. MrMarc

    Thought I'd Share This Neat Timeline !!

    I wonder if they decided to save some money and go back to older, unbuilt plans for the Radiance class.
  8. Interesting, I just figured out that the "Royal UP" bidding program is run by a company that provides the upgrade process to companies: " Intelligent targeting and decision engines provide non-yield dilutive incremental ancillary revenue in your premium cabins
  9. MrMarc

    Majesty Crew member overboard

    Ok. Just making sure. It looks like it was heading to an unscheduled port, so to speak.
  10. MrMarc

    Majesty Crew member overboard

    This is about Royal Caribbean cruises, right?
  11. MrMarc

    I spies....

    Looks like the ship is calling her a wench already!
  12. MrMarc

    I spies....

    It's the dress rehearsal for my cruise! Can I share it to the facebook role call group?