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  1. I have found this to be true for mask-wearing + hat combinations. I am saving so much on daily facial SPF!
  2. I honestly bought a bright yellow mask specifically to match my best bathing suit! Covid vacay here I come
  3. Yes! My sailing was cancelled in May so I am not 100% sure for the most recent round of cancellations but you should've received this as an option instead of taking the Cruise Planner refund! I believe you will have to opt into this though, so your TA would need to confirm. I remember opting into this via a link in the cancellation email I got back in March.
  4. Thanks for your response but I was asking about applied on board credit I received for a cancelled sailing, not the future cruise credit.
  5. I have a November cruise on Oasis that I applied my 125% OBC to from a cancelled May sailing. Does anyone know what happens to your 125% OBC if Royal cancels the sailing it's applied to? Was there a stipulation that it was one time use only? Or do you think I would get it back as OBC again to be applied elsewhere? Also, same question if I were to Lift & Shift this cruise to 2021? I know my CP purchases would all be cancelled but what happens to the OBC?
  6. I can login and access the Upcoming Cruises list but then this pops up when you try and click.
  7. Me too! I even have a couple cute masks I bought specifically for vacation. We don't have a quarantine upon return order but I am hoping my office remains WFH through August so I can just quarantine at home anyway from my land trip to Jamaica and not feel guilty in case I could be infecting my coworkers!
  8. I got a new Thomas Brothers every year from driving age till maps went out of fashion! San Diego was always getting new streets/neighborhoods added in the late 90's/early 00's and it was so exciting to open a fresh one. 🤦‍♀️ hahah
  9. As shocking as this may seem, I don't think your post is gonna get a lot of action as we've known this for 2+ weeks! haha 😊
  10. I got up to freshen my cocktail and lo and behold! Eclipse was at the closest possible spot to my apartment, the Dole loading dock! I have never seen anything other than Dole ships here (Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific) so it was shocking and I had to run out for a pic. Celebrity Millennium is featured in the background at anchor. I can see crew members on the balconies! 👋 👋
  11. Current pricing for my 3 cruises: Nov 2020 $44/day Jan 2021 $53/day April 2021 $71/day Jan 2021 JUST came down from $89 during the Memorial Day/current sales so I assume April will drop soon, too!
  12. Some of my favorites from my most recent Royal cruise. Freedom waiting for us in San Juan, August 2019 Freedom docked in St. Thomas Lovely Magens Bay Breakfast Beers in St. Lucia George F.L. Charles Airport in St. Lucia Lush El Yunque in Puerto Rico Folkstone Marine Park Barbados
  13. I've only ever carried on my luggage since I started vacationing as an adult 15 years ago.. soo much easier to know the bag is right there with you! Also, if its over 50lbs it's no ones problem except my own.
  14. haha! I have found that a Vitamin Water from the Windjammer guy mixes perfectly with vodka for port-day cocktails. 😋
  15. Adding Jamaica is opening June 15th! I have a land vacation to Montego Bay in August so I have Google alerts on Jamaica + International Travel.
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