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  1. Anyone else cruisin' to Coco Cay on Veteran's Day? This is the second leg of my first Almost-S2S, getting off Oasis on the 7th and then spending one night in Miami, pre-sail. With a sail date that is after the CSO end date I really hope we get to go!
  2. Yes! I found an existing roll call for a sailing I'm on! I really hope we get to go since we're after the Nov 1 CSO end date.. although it's such a funny little one-off itinerary it makes me worried that if we do have to wait for the end of the CSO that they might skip straight to Oasis' 7-day sailings for some reason? I have no reason to think this but it's hard to finally believe we may actually get to go. This is my 3rd rescheduling of my 4-night Oasis. I am vaccinated and ready. Let's gooo!
  3. I noticed this when I went to make My Time Dining reservations recently for an upcoming fall cruise, I am pretty sure it's because all the better times have been snapped up already. I made dining reservations for a sailing that's next April and still had my pick of options between 5:30-7:30.
  4. I would love this one! I have been in this show twice because I don't mind doing/hearing it over and over. (Beat only by 3 runs of Avenue Q totaling 90 performances) I have a staunch anti-Cats stance so when entertainment had opened on my May 2020 cruise I didn't even reserve it. Bring us anything else!!
  5. Oops, I am up to 6 now, only a month later! I added a Navigator from LA and Brilliance to Grand Cayman as it's the itinerary I most wanted to see from my cancelations this year. Snagged a corner aft balcony on Brilliance, we are always forward so I can't wait to see things from that new perspective.
  6. I booked one 4 night but have been searching again for a 7-night to accompany it, Navigator is too good to pass up without having to fly across the country to board!
  7. I think you're on the Nov 3 Oasis with me and I got $134 reduction yesterday when I called! I used to owe a balance above my FCC from this same cruise in 2020 but now it's down to just a few bucks.
  8. Oh definitely, but as a native San Diegan, anything under 75 or so is a no-go on water activities!!
  9. I have not yet been myself but I have been taking notes when I see other people ask this question as I'm booked to the ABC's in April 2022! The coolest thing I have seen suggested is to rent your own quad ATV in Aruba - 8hrs for only $240 for a 2-seater. Any excursion that lets you ride ATVs in Aruba is way more for a shorter time period, although you'll lose the benefit of a tour guide. Here are some scenic spots you can cruise to in your quad: Baby Beach, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, California Light House, Alto Vista Chapel and the Casibari Rock Formation https://www.arubaatv.com/#/r
  10. I was about to book for November but realized it's California, not Florida, and the whole point of sailing on Nav is frequenting the water slides! So I've got us a booking for September 2022, hopefully that summer weather will still be lingering. While I was searching for a balcony room this morning, I saw the price jump $100 on at least 2 of the dates I was checking out! Crazy.
  11. I am so glad I happened to check this board today since I had the thought "shouldn't those LA Nav cruises have come out by now?!" and now I am in on the refresh party! I visited Catalina for the first time in Nov 2020 and would love to get back there on a Royal ship but the 5-night to Cabo is so much more appealing.. A B2B could be calling me!
  12. Currently 4. Nov 3 Oasis 4-nighter to Labadee followed by a MAYBE Nov 7 Freedom to Nassau/Coco Cay.. still not sure how the vacay time works out for the S2S April 17 2022 Explorer to the ABCs Aug 13 2022 Celestyal Experience to see a couple extra Greek islands that RC doesn't sail to. Although I am super excited for this one as it marks my first full suite on a cruise for my honeymoon! I have @WAAAYTOOO and @Lovetocruise2002 envy to thank on that one! I can't quite swing a full suite on Royal just yet but the new Experience (old Neo Romantica) has pretty affordable pricing and
  13. Wow, I had no idea it was usually that high. I just decided to book this and saw it was at the nice $58.99 you'd seen. Question - how flexible were they on the zip line booking time slot pre-covid? I was about to book it for a certain time but if another excursion finally appears (Adult-only Sand Bar Boat thing) I may need to rearrange the zip line for the more desirable sand bar. I wonder if I could swap the time on my booked activity or if I would have to cancel and rebook at the prevailing price?
  14. For the last 3 years, renting ski/snowboard equipment on Mammoth Mountain property here in CA was only $75 for a 2-day! and to me that was worth the cost to not have to find room in the car for the gear on the 7-8 hour drive there.. this year it's up to $99! Definitely will think of renting in SD and hauling it next year. Lovvve this tip! We started going on Thursday/Fridays after waiting in a 45 min lift line on a Saturday morning! We are heading up next week on a Tuesday mid-day to be able to ski all day Wednesday and Thursday, hopppefully avoiding COVID crowds! We'll see how the
  15. How exciting! I bet she will love it. I used to go with my dad all the time for the 3 years we randomly lived in Massachusetts when I was elementary school aged, and we always had such a good time. This will be my 4th year in a row going skiing after having taken a 20-year hiatus prior, and it was easy enough to pick back up (aside from the body aches after day one) so I think you should be fine. Definitely pack a heating pad and an ice pack and be ready to draw a hot bath just to soak your calves in when you come in! I had to say "aww" to that cute little terrain map of NC, we hav
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