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  1. Yeah, I always bring my own low ride floaties to lazy rivers, sitting in the donut tube hurts after awhile. Haha I once managed 63 laps in one day at the Harrah's SoCal, we kept track with a mulch tally as we floated along.
  2. I have only stayed in an inside cabin once as an 11 year old on Sovereign and decided right then it was not for me! On my other 3 cruises I have stayed in a junior suite (called Signature on HAL) and now you all have me nervous that my next 3 in a row in an ocean view balcony are going to be too cramped! This shower sounds awful, how did I not take the tiny bathroom into account?! We'll see if I turn into a "JS and above" person after our S2S November 3rd-12.
  3. We stopped in Antigua in August 2019 and did a Royal excursion that circumnavigated the whole island so you could see all of its "365 beaches" from the boat. At lunch they stopped on the southeast side of the island at a secluded beach for lunch and snorkeling. I believe in the cruise planner it was called Antigua by Sea? The lunch was great and of course the boat staff was fun and entertaining.
  4. This happened to me on my Oasis cruise to Labadee in Nov, had a snorkel/speedboat tour booked and then one day it was just gone from my calendar and order history, no cancellation or anything and the cruise planner credits were back in my account. The same speedboat tour is still available without being combo'd with snorkeling which I found weird, too!
  5. How do you go about repricing Air2Sea flights? Do I just call Royal if I see a lower price or do I have to somehow cancel and rebook? I just made my first booking for a San Juan cruise next year.
  6. I brought one of these on our southern Caribbean cruise and used it in St. Thomas, St. Kitts and Barbados. We used it on beaches where there were umbrellas and chairs for rent and set up directly next to them with no objection. I've also brought a tent like this as a 3rd carry-on on a plane and no one batted an eye as it fit in the space between my seat and the fuselage. I loved having it! PS. my second favorite cruise/beach purchase were a pair of these floats, everyone was asking where we rented them from! They fold up super small and only take a couple breaths to inflate.
  7. Yep, it's no longer on my calendar and I was refunded the money
  8. Oh no! I have this JS on Brilliance and didn't even thiiink about the location, booking it immediately upon seeing that mega balcony. At least we usually wake up early but I am now dreading the scraping sound of chairs being pulled out at dawn.
  9. I logged in the CP and was glancing at my calendar when I realized a Labadee excursion I had purchased last November for Nov 21 was missing! It is operated by a third party (Labadee Speedboat & Snorkel) but the speedboat-only variation of this excursion is still available for sale (and at $16 more - for less of an excursion) which leads me to believe they didn't go out of business due to the pandemic. I find it odd that I had to find this out on my own, does Royal not alert you to cancelations on excursions?
  10. According to this cabana map the area between the two sets of floating cabanas looks like your spot!
  11. I have been in this show (Little Sally -“too much exposition”) and it turned out to be the one I wouldn’t mind doing over and over, even as weird as the premise is. @steverk Thanks for the live blog, it was great!
  12. I have flights in November of this year booked but I did use flight credits (from May 2020 and then moved to Nov 2020) to do so. So I didn't actually put any new money into those flights. I am looking into Air2Sea to get to San Juan in April 2022, do they add it to the overall total I need to pay off on that cruise? Or do you pay for the flights up front?
  13. I have stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village across the street from the Illikai and the neighborhood is definitely nice enough and fine for your purposes. Keep in mind you'll be a 20 min walk from the hubbub/restaurants/shops of Waikiki so expect an Uber or a luxurious stroll to and from dinner.
  14. So sad! I am glad Navigator is coming to California but not at the expense of your B2B!
  15. Lowest I have seen the DBP on its own recently is $53/pp/pd, and bundled with Voom for one device, $61/pp/pd. If you see any drink package that starts with a $4_ buy it ASAP, that's an amazing deal!
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