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  1. Aww, I am guessing that means they won't offer it! I guess Royal is choosing to acquire $0 of my dining dollars instead. 😔
  2. This is my May replacement cruise! Your blog got me even more excited about finally trying Oasis class. Thanks so much for taking the time!
  3. Wow! Thanks to this thread I am now eyeing Nellie's Beach cabanas.. $400-$600 is outrageous for a couple when I think about it as coming from my own pocket but when the money is free, those cabanas are really calling my name!
  4. Is the UDP offered on every sailing? My November 2020 Oasis replacement cruise doesn't yet list it (although it does have 3-night and Chops+1). Do you think it's a matter of time before if shows up or do they not always offer it if dining sales are good? Possibly it's MIA because they need that $$$$ post COVID. I really got to liking the idea of having it on Oasis since it's a mini sailing and they have a ton of great options!
  5. I was happy to take the 125% on my cruise planner purchases as OBC! I had gotten the booze/voom combo on Oasis for $59/day on Black Friday and it's $59 for only the booze on my replacement cruise. 😔 At least it will help a little with that!
  6. Seeing Freedom waiting for us in San Juan on embarkation day!
  7. Thought this was pretty cool to see even though it's a Regent cruise ship! The cruise ship berths are way closer to the mouth of San Diego bay so it's very strange to see a liner cruising under the bridge. Look at all that vertical clearance! This is the Regent Seven Seas Splendor heading for a dock in the Naval Base at pier 13. .
  8. Saw this interesting youtube video from a casino worker on Oasis. Yesterday they were able to eat at JR!
  9. Rene, every time I see your name I take extra note as I am on this same sailing! I just booked a 4-night on Oasis for November today (refundable) just in case we get the boot too. Now I've beat those 5,000+ people to the next available 4 night Oasis!
  10. wow, I was at Disneyland yesterday and the place was PACKED even in pouring rain (continuously from 9am-4pm, unheard of in CA). I bet everyone thought it would be empty due to Covid fears, but we all thought the same thing.
  11. haha I am nervously going to Disneyland tomorrow but packing a couple 2oz hand sanitizers for after EVERY RIDE! also #stillgoing 53 days...
  12. Yep this is my thought. Sitting on my balcony off the coast of Miami for 2 weeks when I only paid for 4 days of cruising would be great! Even if I couldn't leave the cabin.. Sounds relaxing. I certainly wouldn't lose my job and have hundreds of hours of sick and vacation time, so.. hoping to still go! 🤞
  13. I am assuming this is piped in and not provided by live specimens?! haha Loving your blog so far!
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