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  1. Yes, I have been looking at other lines because I want to sail from Tokyo and not just port there! Do you know what ship it may be??
  2. Please plan to go back to Discovery Cove in 2028 so both Johnny AND Lydia can give you their best teenage-no-more-pictures-please faces!!
  3. Love seeing Livi having a good time!! My first ever cruise was on Sovereign of the Seas out of Miami in summer 1998, I went with my best friend’s family as their grandmother was a huge cruiser and paid for everyone to join her. Not only was I away from my family, but I was all the way across the country (BFF from Massachusetts, but we were living in San Diego) at 11! I remember absolutely loving it and her family and I still have inside jokes from that cruise. Best of which is a little ditty we made up about Jacques Cousteau spending all his time on the Cal-yp-so!
  4. Brilliance is my favorite ship to date! I keep thinking about booking a Pacific coastal cruise just to sail one again (but without a cross country flight). I’ve always wondered, if you got a casino comp do they hold you to gambling while on the comped cruise? Or do they just assume you can’t resist?
  5. Hooray! Thanks for doing a recap for us. I am booked on a Norwegian sailing in 2025 that goes to Aruba/Bonaire/Curaçao and will be happy to read about your port adventures!
  6. Duhhhh, but my traveling companions want to go for dinner, and I want a sandwich! Not that crazy. If I’m willing to pay $43.99 for a chicken sandwich, that’s my prerogative. lol
  7. Hahahaha that is amazing!! I have seen some whacky driving-backwards stuff on Mighty Cruise Ships but that would be a crazy maneuver to see! I’m thinking we need at least another story on our warehouse and definitely a parking structure, then we might be in business!
  8. Aside from shoreside, I don’t think an Oasis class ship could turn around once it got up the main channel to San Pedro. In San Pedro, the turning basin for a ship of OA size looks on the other side of the Vincent Thomas Bridge which only has a clearance of 184 feet. Verrazano Bridge, which we know Oasis just barely squeaks under is 228’. Maaaaybe OA could pull in bow first towards the cruise center and do a 3-point turn to pull alongside the pier (NAV docks next to the USS Iowa) but I have a feeling part of the aft would still need to tuck under the bridge.
  9. They weren’t talking about your post, they were saying the testimonial on the link the OP posted says how great it worked for them planning their cruise. The site is non-functional as of now, so how could that testimonial be true?
  10. Has anyone had any success ordering lunch items at dinner from any of the specialty restaurants? Specifically, getting a burger at Chops or the chicken sandwich from Jamie’s for dinner? I am a cheap date and love my sandwiches!
  11. It was in my suggestion too! I even got to use it in Alaska when we kayaked Mendenhall Lake.
  12. Best cruise essential is an insulated cup for bringing your DBP on land. We hit several bars on our way to and from breakfast and fill our cups with about 4-5 cocktails each that we can enjoy once we’re off the ship. Bartenders tend to love pouring us shots that early too, so you can top off with a little extra! We pack these in our camelpak backpacks so we have plenty of water to go with! Aside from drink-related merchandise, I love my towel clips, Swimways spring float, magnetic hooks and always having a foldable, mesh beach bag and dry sack.
  13. Most important thing to remember once you have the plastic holders is to REMOVE your printed cruise tags when you get home, if you store your plastic holders with the printed sheets still in them for months or a year, the ink gets stuck to the plastic and makes removing the old ones impossible! Aside from the fact that sections get stuck as you’re yanking it out and then partial colored patches will always remain inside the holder. Ask me how I know!! haha I too have a set for Royal and a set for everyone else because I bought my RC sized ones first and then took a HAL cruise where they are jumbo sized.
  14. If you use an iPhone it has a nice plant lookup feature on any photo you take of plants/trees/flowers. You just swipe up from the bottom of the image to find this “Look up - plant” button. According to Siri, this pic I took is of a Bird Cherry, or Prunus padus!
  15. Uh oh, that sock lady is me!! I always wear flip flops or Rothy’s flats on planes so then when I get on board I put on socks so my feet don't freeze off. Usually I just tuck one foot under my butt and one rests on top of the corresponding shoe. Sue me!! PS you really got FCC for that one night when people were loud on their balcony and stopped when you light-signaled them? I have never complained but that happens to us on literally every Royal cruise we’ve been on. How much do they offer you?? I should be complaining at GS more often!!
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