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  1. For the last 3 years, renting ski/snowboard equipment on Mammoth Mountain property here in CA was only $75 for a 2-day! and to me that was worth the cost to not have to find room in the car for the gear on the 7-8 hour drive there.. this year it's up to $99! Definitely will think of renting in SD and hauling it next year. Lovvve this tip! We started going on Thursday/Fridays after waiting in a 45 min lift line on a Saturday morning! We are heading up next week on a Tuesday mid-day to be able to ski all day Wednesday and Thursday, hopppefully avoiding COVID crowds! We'll see how the
  2. How exciting! I bet she will love it. I used to go with my dad all the time for the 3 years we randomly lived in Massachusetts when I was elementary school aged, and we always had such a good time. This will be my 4th year in a row going skiing after having taken a 20-year hiatus prior, and it was easy enough to pick back up (aside from the body aches after day one) so I think you should be fine. Definitely pack a heating pad and an ice pack and be ready to draw a hot bath just to soak your calves in when you come in! I had to say "aww" to that cute little terrain map of NC, we hav
  3. I have a cruise Nov 2021 and am already able to. Have you checked at the bottom of the Cruise Planner's dining page for the option to add My Time Dining to your cart?
  4. Wow! How did you search to find these? When I search by departure port, only the SC Explorer and Abc cruises come up.
  5. Yes! It was super easy to grab an open-air taxi (aka, the back of a truck converted to have seats and a roof) over to Magens. At the port entrance it was $12-14 pp one way, but we walked about 5 min up the street to grab some liquor/juice at a grocery store first and grabbed a taxi in that parking lot for $10pp! The same taxi you take over will make arrangements to pick you up whenever you like but we never saw a shortage of the same type of conveyance coming and going all day.
  6. Haha! I have only been there in August and it was literally the muggiest, heaviest, most oppressive heat I have ever felt, and we had just been to 5 Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico. Still, it would be awesome to drive to a cruise (one that doesn't end up in Mexico, San Diego's only option)!
  7. Just saw HAL cancelled all cruises through April 30. Glad I bit the bullet and cancelled my April 2021 on Indy the day before final payment!
  8. Thank you so much for posting! I got chills watching both videos. Amazing job, please come back and tell us about your future surprises, too!
  9. I loved the Caribe Hilton, the tower rooms had amazing views of the pools, ocean, city and all the way over to the Pan American pier where the ship will be docked. It was about 5 minute Uber to the pier, 5 minutes into OSJ. As for missing anything, I really really loved visiting Luquillo Beach and the 50+ food kioskos they have there are packed with tons of authentic Puerto Rican staples. The beach was also pretty and calm with umbrellas/chairs for rent as well as water activities. This was about 30-40 minutes car ride away from Old San Juan. If you're getting a rental car I highl
  10. Always a magnet and a Christmas ornament, and if they don't have any ornaments I settle for a keychain that I still hang on the tree anyway!! For Freedom, I actually got all three. I like the full color better than the legitimate ornament anyway!
  11. Currently, that is correct. The window they're offering you to shift within ends April 30, 2022, which means the cruise being lifted can only be departing through May 2021 (since they give the 4 week buffer).
  12. I did an Isla Mujeres tour in Cancun in August and they were offering low-quality snorkels to every passenger! We had brought our own but they were for keeps; they were only sanitizing the masks and fins between tours. Kind of a lot of waste I'd think but I could see this on snorkel excursions when cruising resumes.
  13. Yep, you can choose to apply it to an existing booking or a new one once you get the FCC.
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