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  1. haha, I remember my parents finally cutting me out of their vacations after I turned 21 (we did a big 21st to Maui) and I was always so jealous!! Also, don't worry, if they like hanging with you at 21 and 17, they always will. Said as a 34 yr old who still has a ton of fun just hanging on the couch with my parents.
  2. I am fully paid (was due today) and checked in for my Jan 25th but I also get this message. I would've lifted and shifted long ago but I got (2) 2-day Coco Cay Waterpark passes for $116 ($29/day/pp) which is an absolute STEAL I will never find again!
  3. Wow, Matt! Have you ever had a single post gain so many new users/first time commenters? Impressive engagement! Also, YES, if I lived closer to Florida I would. I am booked on Navigator Jan 25th, if that's a lucky early sailing I will definitely be there!
  4. It actually works both ways! If you're sick, it keeps your deadly moisture particles from slapping more people in the face, and if you're not sick, a mask helps you not to breathe in as many deadly moisture particles if they happen to be around.
  5. Oh! I made a whole new topic not having seen this one. Does anyone know if I stay on board how I find out what my cabin assignment is and if I can pick/change it?
  6. My April 17 2022 Freedom cruise out of San Juan was replaced today by Explorer. If I stay on board how do I know what cabin I will be in and is there any opportunity to pick? I am sad it won't be amped! Does Explorer have any recent updates?
  7. Yes! I have a random $100 on my Nov 2021 and $75 on Jan 2021 that was just added. I had completely forgotten about my May 2020 125% OBC that was never applied anywhere and just called to get it added to my CP. Now my Oasis Nov 2021 is fluuushhh with 1k of OBC. Let us be really sailing by then please!
  8. That is so awesome! The print shops I usually work with have digital offset presses that take up an entire ROOM in their warehouse, I would love to see RC's, probably pretty innovative.
  9. "Water activities do not require face masks while riding, but need to be worn while waiting in line." As a staunch mask advocate and a water slide lover, WHERE am I going to put it once I get up there? Adding ziplocs to my packing list now so I can stuff it in one for the ride down I guess. haha
  10. Florida is a 74 hour round trip driving for me so best believe I will be flying if cruising ever resumes! I flew once already during the pandemic, 6 or so hours each way. I LOVED that the airport was the place I have seen the most masked people all in one spot and never felt unsafe while armed with cleaning wipes. As long as airlines keep up with the middle seat blocked and intensive between-flight cleanings, I am on board.
  11. Just... wow. Love it and hate it at the same time.
  12. I have tried to post images in threads the last 2 days but images havent been uploading! They're all shown as broken links like my user profile image.
  13. Looks great! As a designer in real life, gotta say I love the white space.
  14. I actually have two bookings to compare! This was 6 nights in CancĂșn. My comparable OA class reference point is a 4-night to Cozumel in a OVB which was about $1.5k cheaper than the resort. I also have 6 nights in Jamaica booked because my booking from this year needed to be moved out a year. A 7-night OA class to Coco Cay in an OVB is about $1.8k cheaper than that resort, too! So affordable, cruising is always the best choice!
  15. I just went on an old fashioned land vacation at an All Inclusive and the greediness at the buffet DOES still exist even when the servers are hand serving each guest. I stood behind a woman for what felt like eternity as she had the server select/unselect different items until her plate was as high as 3 meals worth of food. With the resorts at 30% capacity, chair hogs are a thing of the past, though! All my pictures make it look like the place was empty. Can I hope to get on a cruise early on at 30% capacity? It was heavenly!
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