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  1. I am excited to hear about the Greek ports and Kusadasi since I am visiting them on another cruise line this summer (and Chania/Souda post-cruise). What an amazing balcony you had in Rome!
  2. I love that! I ended up texting a bunch of the art pieces on Oasis to my best friend (we both went to college for BFA in Art & Design) and he was loving them! Please enjoy the two I deemed funny enough to keep: PS. I love traveling solo! I have never been on a cruise alone but I would definitely be open to it. Being able to decide what YOU want to do when you want to is the best. Have the best time!
  3. This just happened to me too! I had put it in the cart at $78.99 per day for DBP+Voom and the current sale raised it to $88.99. I was able to purchase the other day at the lower price I had placed it in my cart at. A savings of $80! Very cool, always save your cart!
  4. Wow you guys all scared me and I went to buy the DBP+Voom for my Nav cruise out of LA and it was still in my cart at a lower price than currently advertised. They let me purchase it at the price from the cart! Its currently $88.99/pd but my price worked out to $78.99/pd. Thanks to Royal IT for this glitch, always save your cart!
  5. What you did was exactly right! Guest Services shouldnt be too bad if you go right upon boarding and don't wait till late afternoon or early evening when the line will be longest. Your 20 year old can be the adult next time, RC says to stay alone in a room you have to be 21!
  6. My magic number is around $400/night for the cabin which is the cheapest rate for a JS I've seen amongst the many cruises I've priced over the past few years. According to my data (which is only 92 cruises that interested me between 2020 and 2023, priced for 2), the average JS/night price is $566.
  7. I did exactly what you're asking before my cruise in November as our flight landed at 6am and we didnt board till noon. We dropped the bags at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami-Downtown since it's right by the entrance to the port and strolled around Bayfront Park and had some breakfast and cocktails until it was time to call the Uber. I walked right in and asked the concierge to hold my bags since we were checking into our cruise later and they don't question whether you're a guest or not. I always tip them upon my return.
  8. The most I have paid is $75/pd for the package that includes Voom. With Voom for 2 devices priced at ~ $13.87 for a 4 night cruise, I get to subtract that value from the $75 for my break even per day price. That puts my drink intake at $61.13 which divided by $10 cocktails is only 6-7 drinks a day. My fiance and I easily hit 7-10 drinks each depending on sea days so in the end even $75 is worth it. My 7-night on Explorer is scary, even at $69/pd its over $1100.. thinking I will bite the bullet but yeeesh. On our S2S in November I had final bills of $2 and $1.60 so it's definitely nice to have had come disembarkation!
  9. I really liked El Loco Fresh, Park Cafe and Solarium Bistro for breakfast.
  10. Wow, I can't believe you got a balcony to Alaska at $1900, I am looking now for 2023 and the cheapest balcony rooms are on OV/QT at ~$2500 for a 7 night from Seattle. I love the extra room in a JS but only book them when the per night rate is around $400. $757/night seems crazy crazy high to me; according to my extensive cruise pricing spreadsheet, the highest I have seen a JS is around $600/night on an OA class.
  11. I was wondering when my expiry date was, I ordered off your recommendation and sorta remembered early Jan. I have 3 left! Guess my fiance and I should test now just to use them.
  12. I was on Oasis in early November and I got an email from Royal/Mixbook later offering me a free book for having sailed! I put all my photos in and only had to pay shipping ($6.99us). Pretty cool. Keep an eye out!
  13. Any thoughts on why balconies are priced lower on the two Quantum class ships than Radiance or Enchantment? Is it because they can't go to the smaller ports? I was shocked to see Ovation was cheaper than any Radiance sailing in 2023.
  14. If this is your situation you could've booked ahead of time! There is an option to book MTD for free within the dining section of the cruise planner (at the verrrry bottom). You have to add it to your cart individually for all the days of your cruise and it's pretty inconvenient but you will have access to better time options than waiting till after boarding.
  15. Oops I commented prior to refreshing and seeing your answer!
  16. I had a 3-night dining package booked on Oasis and it selected Chops for me, with 5:30pm being the only available time. On embarkation day I went down to a restaurant (Giovanni's) and the hostess was able to set up all my dining for me and it was all over the map. Day one we switched to 150CP at 7:30, Day 2 at Giovannis at 6, Day 3 Chops at 8. I think you guys should be fine as long as you make getting reservations at better times your #1 priority on day one.
  17. This is the Royal Snorkel and Sail excursion, right? This terrible lack of organization made us miss out on our excursion. Only 50 of the 120+ people who signed up actually got to take the tour due to the second catamaran never showing. It was the "who signed in, who hasn't yet" ineptitude that made us fall behind the first 50 people or else we wouldve been one of the lucky few! As it was, we were told it was cancelled down on the dock (after 45 min!) and had a sad walk back to the ship. I am glad you got to do it anddd the Nassau walking tour on the same stop! Hope you have a good last night before your second adventure starts.
  18. I am so glad you changed your mind! 150CP was my favorite meal on board Oasis. Seconding the martini, cheesecake and braised short rib! The lamb Wellington was also delicious.
  19. I definitely brought water on in my Hydroflask! Don't think I knew that I couldn't bring it through security, whoops. I am a huge water drinker myself and found the tap water in the cabin to be fine. I did end up getting a bunch of water bottles from bars as we had the DBP but it was nice to have an unlimited tap supply once we were in for the night. I so so so hope Royal recycles!! Holland America has the canned water and in-room recycling bins so I felt way better about consuming tons of them.
  20. Haha I was feeling this way about the frozen drinks on board because when I had a cocktail in port I definitely felt a little tipsy after!
  21. I got the email yesterday and when I went to look, the website had already crashed under the immense pressure.
  22. yes!! Once I found out I should be asking for a "top shelf" Mai Tai or "top shelf" mojito at the bars the cocktails got soo much tastier and my mornings were all sans-hangover. Thank you beverage package!
  23. I have like 50 pics of that one great sunset we had leaving Nassau! haha
  24. OMG I am just realizing this is the hotel we dropped our bags at on our Oasis embarkation day because it was so close to the port! I had the concierge stow them for awhile (we landed at 6am, got to the ship at 10:30am) and we ate in the breakfast place there before cruising around the bayside park area waiting for Oasis. So funny you guys were doing essentially the same! Hope you had an amazing time!!
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