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  1. Oops I commented prior to refreshing and seeing your answer!
  2. I had a 3-night dining package booked on Oasis and it selected Chops for me, with 5:30pm being the only available time. On embarkation day I went down to a restaurant (Giovanni's) and the hostess was able to set up all my dining for me and it was all over the map. Day one we switched to 150CP at 7:30, Day 2 at Giovannis at 6, Day 3 Chops at 8. I think you guys should be fine as long as you make getting reservations at better times your #1 priority on day one.
  3. This is the Royal Snorkel and Sail excursion, right? This terrible lack of organization made us miss out on our excursion. Only 50 of the 120+ people who signed up actually got to take the tour due to the second catamaran never showing. It was the "who signed in, who hasn't yet" ineptitude that made us fall behind the first 50 people or else we wouldve been one of the lucky few! As it was, we were told it was cancelled down on the dock (after 45 min!) and had a sad walk back to the ship. I am glad you got to do it anddd the Nassau walking tour on the same stop! Hope you have a good last night before your second adventure starts.
  4. I am so glad you changed your mind! 150CP was my favorite meal on board Oasis. Seconding the martini, cheesecake and braised short rib! The lamb Wellington was also delicious.
  5. I definitely brought water on in my Hydroflask! Don't think I knew that I couldn't bring it through security, whoops. I am a huge water drinker myself and found the tap water in the cabin to be fine. I did end up getting a bunch of water bottles from bars as we had the DBP but it was nice to have an unlimited tap supply once we were in for the night. I so so so hope Royal recycles!! Holland America has the canned water and in-room recycling bins so I felt way better about consuming tons of them.
  6. Haha I was feeling this way about the frozen drinks on board because when I had a cocktail in port I definitely felt a little tipsy after!
  7. I got the email yesterday and when I went to look, the website had already crashed under the immense pressure.
  8. yes!! Once I found out I should be asking for a "top shelf" Mai Tai or "top shelf" mojito at the bars the cocktails got soo much tastier and my mornings were all sans-hangover. Thank you beverage package!
  9. I have like 50 pics of that one great sunset we had leaving Nassau! haha
  10. OMG I am just realizing this is the hotel we dropped our bags at on our Oasis embarkation day because it was so close to the port! I had the concierge stow them for awhile (we landed at 6am, got to the ship at 10:30am) and we ate in the breakfast place there before cruising around the bayside park area waiting for Oasis. So funny you guys were doing essentially the same! Hope you had an amazing time!!
  11. Overall Thoughts: Oasis Class With only around 3,000 on this sailing, the place felt pretty empty and we were always able to find bar seating and pool chairs around the ship. The only place that felt busy all of the time were the hot tubs! With the strictly enforced 7-to-a-tub rules mixed with the rainy weather, you could almost never squeeze into a hot tub as they were being occupied by groups that stayed for hours. I think if you're going to limit the capacity, they should be limiting the time allowed in there. The water slides on Oasis were fun even for an adult. I havent been on a ship with slides until this one and they were a daily activity that needed to be checked off before retiring from the pool deck for the day. Central Park was such an amazing feature of Oasis class that I will really miss on the smaller ships. I enjoyed walking through every night on our way to specialty dining and hearing different musicians every time! Guitar, piano, cello. The plants also smelled so good after we had been through a rain shower. I also loved the Rising Tide bar that arrives/departs from Central Park every 15 minutes or so. Fun way to skip down a few floors. 150CP was hands down the best meal we had on either cruise. The garlic bread I want to try to make at home! On top of the fantastic meal, the fried cheesecake for dessert really shined. You have to try it, even if you don't really like cheesecake (as I do not). Giovanni's was alright, nothing spectacular. Chops was also pretty great! My filet was smooth as butter. Even though I didnt taste any other filets on board, I gotta be team Chops filet as it was perfect! Our waiter added secret garlic fries to our chosen sides and they were worth a taste for sure. Playmakers was a slight disappointment but was okay for bar food. At least the prices are fairly low and we had OBC to burn. We ordered the burger, buffalo chicken crunch roll, campfire cookie AND chicken tenders. So much food for lunch but we somehow still made it to dinner, haha. Best of these items was the campfire cookie, so ooey gooey and delicious. Portside BBQ was alright, definitely a must if you have OBC or a dining package. Get the Banana Dream! Music Hall is another venue I will miss on smaller ships. This is such a cool space to wander in and hear some evening music. Upstairs has a nice pool table that GREATLY rivals the pool tables in Playmakers. If you want to play a round come here; the sticks actually have felt, the chalk is physically present, you can make a shot anywhere around the table without the stick hitting walls and the surface doesnt list to one side (all problems of the Playmakers pool tables). We saw the adult comedy show, Aqua show and the ice show on this sailing and we enjoyed them all. The Aqua Theater is soo impressive, I wish I had made reservations for two performances (which you can do!). Muster on Oasis was done at your leisure upon arrival. We watched the video in the room and proceeded to our meeting place early on in the day but the call came on over and over for people to go and do it or they wouldnt be able to sail. This was in contrast to the Freedom muster method; as soon as you board you are told to go directly to your muster station, no video watching necessary. I loved not having to congregate at a certain time, though! Vaccination bands on both Oasis and Freedom were a ribbon-like material with a clamp that could tighten but never loosen. These were different from the plastic Livestrong type vaccination bands I saw on guests arriving on Anthem. These to me were nicer feeling than the plastic but the tail end kept dragging in my food or drinks if I wasnt careful! Bring some scissors to trim your tails up if you're sailing out of Miami. Here are some other Oasis photos featuring nice-looking clouds. Previously mentioned adjustable ribbon vax bracelets
  12. I found on two separate occasions the CP change happened exactly 8 days after the announcement email.
  13. Here are some more Freedom pics from around the ship! I loved the pool deck amplification. We were able to snag one of the cabanas a couple times up on the twelfth deck which is where our cabin was very conveniently located. I really liked being in these deck 12 cabins (1880) because of the proximity to both the elevators and the Lime & Coconut. Solarium from above. They took out the big red lips!! Cabanas seen on the left, first come, first served. The casita on the right was clearly rentable but not on our sailing. Not sure why! We also saw Super Mario's which was the one in the back. View from the cabana Lovely sunset leaving Miami Royal Theater Ladies Sunset Flowrider + slides in Nassau. My fiance got pretty good and swapped to standing later on! Funny that it took us till the 3rd Royal cruise to try it, we will be here on all cruises with Flowriders in the future. Sunset shuffleboard in Nassau, don't mind the bird! This lil angel turned out two $75 wins on both Oasis AND Freedom! On a 1x 30 cent bet both times, unfortunately. Back where we started. At least it rained for our departure! Nothing like experiencing a little weather when you're from the desert.
  14. Hi hellooo, I am back at my desk today sadly which means I have ample time to update the tail end of my YASBCLB which I am sure everyone has been dying to hear about! haha We left off sailing into Nassau for a medical evac. While there we had a nice sunset in port and stayed till around 6:30pm. This 3rd night we had Giovanni's Italian Kitchen and it was great! I definitely liked it more than the Oasis' more formal version. You gotta try the Stromboli appetizer, so good. We also tried two pasta dishes, the Meatball Gigante and a Giovanni's pizza (spicy and sweet with honey, amazing!) so needless to say we were stuffed afterwards and completely missed the Once Upon a Time show in the main theatre. Whoops! The next day was our last, our second stop at Perfect Day. This day we finally got to try Thrill Waterpark and it did not disappoint. After having ridden the 5 ship-board slides available to me on OA and FR all week, the Thrill slides were a welcome departure. THEY ARE CRAZY FAST! The ship slides are pretty tame and slow, I almost needed to push myself out of the blue on on FR, but the Thrill slides are actually thrilling. The tallest red one was insane, I only managed that one once but we tried all the others multiple times. We got off around 8:15am and had done nearly all the slides by 9. Since we were joined in port by Anthem, the lines started filling up around 10 so we headed to Oasis Lagoon for awhile. Here comes Anthem View from the top of Daredevil's Tower View from Splash Summit That yellow/pink slide was so much fun! I was not expecting to fly down backwards out of that hole the first time and managed to rotate our raft on the next 2 rides so that I went down facing forward instead. Much better! The day got cloudy and rainy later in the afternoon but we stuck it out and rode all the slides again! We headed back to the ship around 3:30 and left at 5. Overall, definitely a Perfect day, rain and all. Bye Anthem!
  15. I was interested in this too! https://www.nassauportconstruction.com/about-1 Looks like that circular beach will be a fancy dock for the smaller ships/yachts to dock at. From the renderings it looks like they're also planning some sort of outdoor music venue. Would be cool for late night stops!
  16. Sure! I attached the PDFs I got from someone else on this blog. The loop is nice as it dumps you back at all the bars, shops and restaurants along the wharf. walking tour nassau.pdfwalking tour nassau_map.pdf
  17. Buncha sisters in Nassau. Mariner, Indy and Odyssey
  18. Oops the liveness has really fallen off on this leg! I will come back to add some recaps a little later, but interesting update for this sea day has been us waiting all day for a medical evac! Captain Thor came on around 9am and told us why we were hovering off the coast of Nassau again; waiting for a medical plane to arrive in Nassau for a passenger evacuation. I figured we’d be done with that soon enough but we have been tooling around off the coast all day! The cruisemapper route looks so crazy already and we’re not done circling yet. Update was that the plane should land around 4:30pm. We have a nice spot in a day bed on the port side and the sun has been coming and going all day as we turn back and forth. Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen tonight and Thrill Waterpark tomorrow! Here’s a rainbow pic as an offering for my poor live blogging.
  19. It’s cruise day(again)!!!! Good morning from our mega balcony in South Beach. Boarding Freedom around noon. We are staying at the Penguin Hotel. Pretty cute but only stay here if you're getting the mega balc. Scenic Miami shot
  20. I will definitely come back to recap all the great Oasis activities and specialty dining once we get home! I have a feeling our FR cruise will be a lot more laid back.
  21. Day Four in Nassau was fairly stormy, a novelty for us native San Diegans who rarely see more than 2 consecutive minutes of rain at any time. We were in port this day with Freedom, Disney Magic and Crystal Serenity. We started this morning in the Windjammer (perfectly adequate) and hopped off the ship to do some limited sightseeing following a Nassau walking tour map I had found here. Let me know if anyone wants me to link it again! We saw some cool churches, government architecture and the Fort and Queen’s Staircase, carved by hundreds of slaves out of solid rock. We stopped for some conch fritters and a tasty beer flight at Pirate Republic Brewing back near the port, the fritters were great and the bar had a nice upper viewing deck that kept up protected from a TON of rain!! Queens Staircase (in the background) The old island water tower. I spy the Ultimate Abyss!! Sail away Funny position report with a lot of circling around For dinner we tried Portside BBQ.. I am with everyone else that the sides leave something to be desired. The beans were the best side option for sure, and the Banana Dream was amazing! After dinner we won back all our losses in the casino with a $75 jackpot! heyooo Ended the cruise with the ice show. Very entertaining and better than the Freedom Ice show, I think! The had some great talent. My favorite was the duck number, obviously. This has reminded I never mentioned the Day 3 Aqua show! IT WAS THE BEST SHOW I have ever seen on a cruise! Just fantastic. We came back to the room and had to pack up but it wasn’t sad because cruise number twooo is only a day away!!
  22. Turnaround day/night in Miami today. Gotta do some blog catch up later today but as a big important FYI for @IRMO12HD, we got our covid tests on board yesterday!! We went to guest services to schedule and had to talk her into checking that we were eligible.. the rep thought only B2B cruisers on the same ship or international travelers could get it. She went back to check with someone else and then we were approved to schedule. Our test was at 8:40, takes about 20-30 including the long line. Had our results at 10am and 3pm (that one scared me!) and then went back to guest services to have them printed out for easier check in tomorrow. Back up plan B - AG Card tests still on hand but not needed, hooray!
  23. Oops, Perfect Day got away from me! Since we’re cruising today I can recap. I woke up to see Freedom docking next to us! Got some cool pics of both ships together. We hit up the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and went up to the top to see the island in all her glory. On the island we went straight to Captain Jacks for Coco Locos and meandered to Chill Beach and eventually around to South Beach for the floating bar action! Hot air balloon was grounded for the day but went up a few feet later, just for looks? Water was pretty cold in the ocean and pool but you could get used to it after a lot of just sucking it up and feeling cold. Late night Abyss Last night’s dinner was Giovanni’s and it sadly was not as good as the amazing meal we had at 150CP.. we kinda thought that was gonna be the case, shouldve worked our way up! haha It was still good though and the service was fantastic. Everyone is so happy and friendly, I love the crew spirit. Cruising today, Day 3. Should be a laid back day! More slides and Solarium hanging in our future. Got us a sweet spot at the front of the sun deck.
  24. Greetings from the Solarium Bistro! Just docked at Coco Cay and Freedom showed up not long after. 150CP last night was deemed “the best meal I have ever eaten.” Very pleased with all the food and service so far! This fried cheesecake was the best dessert EVER!! A must-try.
  25. Captain just announced approximately 3120 on this sailing.
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