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  1. I`ve carefully inspected multilevel garage and asked two different stuff member and the final answer is NO. If you are driving Tesla, nearest supercharger in Kearny NY is ~ 10 miles /30 minutes away. Not very busy, plenty of stalls. Avoid Paramus - terrible. After 7 days of parking (mid November) my TM3 (with disabled sentry) lost 5% of charge, so that's great, however I wouldn't risk leaving unplugged EV during Jan/Feb. Unexpected cold snap (below -22 F) could damage your battery if unplugged for over 24h. Parking at Newark Airport with EV chargers is very expensive ($34/day + uber) and I was unable to find heated parking nearby. I would like to encourage everyone to fill-up post cruise survey and mention/suggest/ask installing 20-30 110 V outlets and reserve those for EVs. That should be relatively inexpensive, solve our problem for good and give RCI/Cruise Port green vibe πŸ˜‰
  2. @TheaFromCDA Very good summary of our β€œadventures”. Ship feels empty and bars are readily available. The best usage of drinking package ever πŸ™‚. That’s a good part. About compensation. Despite informing us less than 24 hours from sailing time, they were underlining that we are getting credit for missing Coco Cay (one day based on your fare). No mention of lost opportunities to visit NASA, Orlando or Nassau. Since we are on casino offer, paying only taxes and upgrade I’m expecting nice handshake and sincere too bad so sad attitude. Wondering why so different from the cruise few months ago rerouted to Eastern Canada. We should get mail with the details tomorrow.
  3. No, we stayed and enjoyed ship - just went to see the September 11 monument. So after all we are going to Coco Cay πŸ™‚
  4. I think that we’ll be placed 12 miles from the shore to open casino
  5. @CarlaB @TheaFromCDA See you on the ship πŸ™‚ I'm loading my carry on with plenty of ginger and crossing fingers that we can make to Bahamas. Bermuda forecast sucks 😞
  6. So you are the one splitting 10's when dealer shows 6 !! πŸ™‚
  7. skyscanner.com web or app - sometimes better than google flights
  8. for bucket list check - it needs to be crossed from one end to another πŸ˜‰
  9. As far as I remember you don't pay any tool (parking fee) leaving rental part of the airport parking. Highways are different story
  10. Easy. If you buy now and price goes down you can cancel and re-buy it at lower price. If it goes up you cannot call them and request to purchase it at the price from Sept 16 πŸ˜‰
  11. Wow ! Kudos ! Once I'll be betting $1200 a hand for 7 days, i doubt that free cruise will be my main pre-occupation πŸ˜‰
  12. I've investigated that feature in depth before my cruise in January. Plan has nothing to do with it, only hardware (phone) and carrier support for this technology. I spent some time with my carrier support stuff to make sure that I don't have surprised at the end of the cruise. MAYBE other carriers treat it differently but what I said earlier applies to Rogers/Fido network. I would strongly suggest to call your carrier to validate @Orange Crush statement. When asking please mention that you'll be on the cruise ship ! EDIT: SORRY. After additional reading it seems that AT&T and Verizon might work for free from international destinations to US numbers. Based on my experience, for an additional peace of mind I would still call them to make sure it will be OK from cruise ship.
  13. Please note that iphone WiFi calling only ASSIST regular calling/texting service when cell signal is weak and WILL NOT be available with your iphone in airplane mode. IT WILL BE VERY EXPENSIVE. You have to communicate with non iphone users with other application you both share (Facebook messenger, What's up, skype, hangouts, etc). Optionally you can use (purchase some time- very affordable ) VOIP app (ex: MobileVOIP). Whatever you do, DO NOT remove airplane mode unless it's a real emergency. It will cost you an arm and a leg.
  14. what game and what's your average bet ?
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