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  1. Pre-paid gratuities are reaching more people that you interact with. Pre-paid and if you think that someone deserves more for amazing service, give some extra
  2. There, it is the latest - I guess for 2020 will be available in April 🙂 Certificate number can be also applied after actual booking - so you can book now. Alternatively you can try to book through this web site once you have a certificate (not recommended - call them !!!) https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/ (Rewards number is your C&A membership number) Interior.pdf
  3. @jlovely There are superchargers in Jersey City and Newark but it would be nice to start 6 hs journey home with full battery. Let me know if you park there before November 🙂 I've tried to contact port directly but their voice contact system is terrible.
  4. Thanks @Fuzzywuzzy I'll add you to the list of my car's volunteer babysitters 😉
  5. If it's still early you could wait for 25% off promo Same result 🙂
  6. Do you know if cruise port parking has any plugs accessible for charging electric cars ? I would like to leave my car plug in for duration of my cruise so Level 1 110 V plug would be sufficient.
  7. lol - Jan 30 2019. I've got the message in the morning, five hours and $ 200 US later (without any spelling mistakes) I was seating on the airplane to Montreal with connection at JFK. When talking to my TE she confirmed that it was a fair price but nothing extraordinarily cheap. Ironically, instead of watching airplanes from Maho beach I was in one of them 😞 I have to give kudos to Royal - they refunded unused portion of my drinking package, internet and excursions. Very professional and helpful throughout entire process.
  8. Nah. Do not demonize those prices Next day, one way ticket Nassau to Miami is less than $ 200 US. Same day ticket from Saint Martin to Montreal on Delta cost me the around 200 US (Family emergency, not missing the boat 😉 )
  9. @Lovetocruise2002 Coconut and mango mojitos ??? Please do elaborate on this topic 🙂
  10. Thanks @WAAAYTOOO How about payments for gratuities, drinking package and excursions for no show person ?
  11. If travel companion cancels couple days before cruise or is no show, do the second traveler gets double points as solo traveler. What is better: to cancel or no show ?
  12. 30% off drinking package - is it applicable only to the purchase for entire cruise duration or can we buy it for example last 3 days and still have this discount?
  13. According to "my bartender": - mandatory tips (famous 18%) are shared among entire food and bar division - cash tips (in the jar) are shared among particular bar stuff - additional tip on the receipt goes directly to the person who serves you
  14. If they are originating from Royal yes, you can use them in cruise planner Some OBC from TA are only available when onboard
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