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  1. $20 at Portside and $35 at Playmakers, correct?
  2. If Chops is open for lunch, why wouldn't I eat there?
  3. How does this work? Do I have to go to whatever specialty dining is open for lunch, and schedule my other meals through them? Do i have to physically go to each restaurant and schedule that way? Please help. I'm on Oasis of the Seas this Sunday.
  4. My daughters have started collecting Starbucks mugs. I'll pick one up for them in Miami, but I'm wondering if there's a RCCL specific mug on Oasis of the Seas? I assume there's none in Labadee, but perhaps Cozumel or Falmouth?
  5. Well, considering I'm coming from Toronto, Canada to Miami for my December cruise, I think I can pack my shorts any time now.
  6. I just my edocs for my Dec 15th cruise, and at least I know I'm on the 10th deck.
  7. The great thing about vodka and coke is no one will steal your drink.
  8. With the old package you could do lunch at a specialty restaurant on embarkation day, but they weren't all open, at least on our last cruise on the Mariner in March. We ate at Jamie's.
  9. Twelve days with the unlimited dining package and unlimited drink package? That would get rid of all the wrinkles in my clothes. My advice is stretchy pants, and lots of them.
  10. I was just going by my experience last cruise. Most nights the specialty restaurants were half empty, some even moreso. From my thinking at least, dinners will now be a specialty restaurant AND Playmakers, not Playmakers OR specialty restaurant.
  11. I'm guessing the ultimate dinging package wasn't selling well, so they upped their game.
  12. Just got off the phone with Royal. In the phone rep's notes, it specifically stated that Playmakers and Johnny Rockets were included. So you can have wings as a "second dinner". 🙂
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