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  1. That's what ours was in May 2022, then B was just added yesterday.
  2. My Odyssey cruise is doing the ABC islands. Any tips for a solo traveler?
  3. It was fantastic meeting you on Oasis just before all the [pandemic craziness. Keep up the great videos.
  4. Technically Virgin is, but they don't allow kids anyways. (Can't wait for my Jan 8th, 2022 cruise on Scarlett lady).
  5. With the ultimate dining plan, go to any restaurant as soon as you board and schedule everything. I had a spreadsheet printed out which helped them. Above all, be flexible.
  6. Can you get take out from the sushi side with ultimate dining plan? I'd like to have sushi on the pool desck, for example.
  7. You can look back on my previous posts and see how Sharla saved one of my vacations. RCL chartered our ship with 6 months to go. Sharla got us on a similar class ship, same exact room, same price.
  8. I'm the opposite of most here. I'd be cautious of cruising if the restrictions were removed before the science says they should be. I'm hoping that vaccines are mandatory, anything that would increase my safety that science deems necessary.
  9. Good, we cancelled a Disney world trip in May and booked the cruise in October instead.
  10. I guess only 2021 sailings are currently impacted? My 2022 sailing of 8 nights is fine... I guess they figure this will all be sorted out by then... I'm on that cruise. What about my cruise on Anthem from Oct 30th to Nov 7th? If its still in my cruise list Im good?
  11. If I lift and shift my cruise, do the cruise planner items I bought move with the new reservation? I got good deals and don't want to lose them.
  12. I thought that the US was like Canada. Any switching of provinces here requires a 14 day quarantine.
  13. NY, NJ and CT governors just instated a 14 day quarantine for visitors from states with high infection rates. Just wondering how this will effect Royal? How will this be enforced at the port? I have a cruise on Anthem in February, and although I live in Canada, i was wondering how this would work (assuming the US/Canadian border opens by then).
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