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  1. If I lift and shift my cruise, do the cruise planner items I bought move with the new reservation? I got good deals and don't want to lose them.
  2. I've got banned from several Disney Facebook groups for saying this. Just because a theme park is opening this Saturday doesn't mean it's smart to go. Orlando is the epicenter of the pandemic.
  3. I thought that the US was like Canada. Any switching of provinces here requires a 14 day quarantine.
  4. NY, NJ and CT governors just instated a 14 day quarantine for visitors from states with high infection rates. Just wondering how this will effect Royal? How will this be enforced at the port? I have a cruise on Anthem in February, and although I live in Canada, i was wondering how this would work (assuming the US/Canadian border opens by then).
  5. I've sailed out of Miami twice. Stayed in South beach both times. Amazing atmosphere and food.
  6. https://www.amazon.ca/American-Tourister-Disney-Spinner-Checked/dp/B00UI907U6/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=star+wars+american+tourister&qid=1591190353&sr=8-7
  7. It's actually $20 per order per person. I watched some NFL and ordered wings before the game started and more at half time. Basically unlimited food.
  8. If they can handle Beci, they can handle anything.
  9. Haven't seen this from the WHO. Care to put a link please? As for scientists and who to believe, anyone mentioning CDC and WHO should be trusted. Dr Oz or anyone who's appeared on his show should not.
  10. Science changes based on the evidence provided. When new evidence appears, science is open enough to re-evaluate their current ideas. Not accepting science that doesn't fit into your agenda or macho freedom images goes against not only the safety of yourself but society as a whole. Listen to science. It's the only way we will get back to some version of the old normal.
  11. I had ultimate dining plan, so it was usually dinner around 6 and playmakers around 10
  12. After FIRST dinner or after SECOND dinner?
  13. Sorry, I only see room bookings on the official web site. There is a "MAKE A DAY BOOKING" link on the aquaventure page, but it does not go anywhere. Maybe because it is currently closed. Resort for a day has the water park at $156 for my cruise, and the Royal version is $148.99.
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