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  1. Since the protocols have been so fluid, hopefully calling RCCL (or your agent) will get you a solution beneficial to everyone.
  2. Our cruise isn't until May, so I know things will probably change a thousand times, but as of now, my son and his girlfriend are on the mixed vaccine naughty list. One dose of Pfizer, one dose of Moderna, 56 days apart. If we have to cancel because of this. would we get all of our money back? I know some times a deposit is kept, and I'm not sure if they will want to cruise after all of this. If i paid for everyone, would the deposit be kept per person, or all under my name to use later?
  3. Freeport. Missed the opening of Coco Cay by one cruise.
  4. I have the ultimate dining plan, so I cant reserve ahead of time
  5. Even if you don't go with specialty dining, Playmakers is extremely good bar food at cheap prices.
  6. Looking at the Izumi menu on my January Odyssey cruise, and it's a set price. One starter, 2 mains and a dessert. Has anyone tried this out yet?
  7. Just need one night near Port Everglades. Flying in around 8pm, so just need a bed. Never been to Ft Lauderdale before. One adult.
  8. I guess I'm in the minority, but I love the art auctions. I love Disney, and bought two prints last cruise that were about half the price they would be at Walt Disney World. But you have to know your prices and budget going in.
  9. Ill never book a cruise through Sharla and everything goes smoothly. Royal chartered our first cruise 6 months from sailing, then 2 cancelled for COVID. Just yesterday Virgin Voyages cancelled my January 2022 cruise. I think I'm the reason Sharla gave up drinking, or maybe why she'll restart soon.
  10. I've got until January to lose the weight I will gain on my next cruise, 8 nights on the Odyssey. Not doing well so far, but I'm trying.
  11. Never enter the gym. Never go without ultimate dining plan. Never act like I'm better than anyone, especially staff. I go out of my way to compliment them on their hard work.
  12. Not any more. Ford killed that before the pandemic.
  13. There's an easy and free solution if anyone feels bad about not getting access to everywhere. Hopefully that's the reason some decide to get vaccinated.
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