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B2B on different cruise lines. How does Covid testing work?

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The easiest solution would be a proctored test, such as the eMed proctored test or Switch Health from Canada.  Worst case scenario would be paying for the test at the Royal terminal before checking in.  Other choice would be a local testing site close to the pier.

Scarlet Lady is based in Miami right?  How are you getting from Miami to Fort Lauderdale?  Can you find a testing center close to the route between the two?  Perhaps you could take the test on shore in Miami as if you were boarding Scarlet Lady or whatever ship is next door beside Virgin's terminal V, then as you shuttle up to Port Everglades you can wait for the results to come in.  

Hopefully testing will go away by January.  

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In April this year, we did a 7-night Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary 2. We then spent one night in New York before boarding Anthem of the Seas for the Return Transatlantic sailing to Southampton. The RCCL requirement was a Covid test no more than 2 - days before boarding.

We arranged for a Covid test to be done onboard the QM2 on the Saturday as we disembarked early on the Sunday morning. We ensured that we each got a certificate with our names and passport numbers etc. On the Monday, we boarded Anthem and showed the details etc and they were happy with that.

We were told it would cost us $35 each for the test but when we checked later it turns out we were never charged.

I'm sure something similar could be done on Scarlet Lady if still required. 


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In February I did a B2B on Royal Caribbean Symphony and Celebrity Reflection and they gave me the test and transported me to the second cruise.  Now they are sister cruise lines and treated it as one.  A friend of mine did Princess Cruise and Celebrity Reflection at the same time and she had to take a proctored test and transport herself.  They treated that as separate companies and not B2B cruises.


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In May we did a B2B in Port Canaveral - RCL Harmony to MSC Divina.  We decided to take eMed tests with us on Harmony and had a proctored test via ZOOM 2 days before the Divina embarkation.  We then had our negative test results printed on ship even though we had email confirmations (yep, suspenders & belt) because we weren't sure what MSC would need.  We wanted to make sure before disembarking Harmony that we were Covid negative.

Just as an aside, 2 days after disembarking Divina my wife tested positive and I tested positive 2 days after her.,  All is OK now, but thinking back we're glad we tested BEFORE getting off Harmony.

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