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  1. Putting myself first, and not feeling guilty about it. I'm a widowed dad of 3 kids. My wife passed away when our twin girls were 3 and our son was 6. Now that the girls are 18 and my son is 21 I can cruise solo and not feel bad about not spending every second and every dollar on them. They are great kids, but I need my "me" time.
  2. They work together. CDC provides the science and recommendations and OSHA enforces them. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/meat-poultry-processing-workers-employers.html
  3. Health. Regulating industries that would otherwise put employees in danger. Meat packing plants, for example.
  4. Its very easy to criticize scientists when you have no idea what they di day to day Without scientists there wouldn't be vaccines in the first place. As for the CDC, remember there was a recent change in US government, and the previous administration stifled their ability to regulate many industries properly. We dont know how much of the higher ups in the CDC are new. or leftover from the previous administration, which appear to have drastically different priorities. Im not saying one administration is better or worse, just that the adjustment to a new administration is probably no
  5. I'm guessing more cancellations would occur if vaccines are NOT required. People want to vacation safely.
  6. So if they choose the vaccinate option, what is needed by the cruise industry?
  7. If they start today preparing, 90 days out would be August. Does nothing they've don already count towards those 90 days?
  8. Didn't read the link did you? It specifically states that COVID is a direct threat.
  9. My guess is if they are going the 100 percent vaccination route, the issue is Florida, not the CDC.
  10. Not at all. The ADA clearly states that businesses must make accommodations as long as they don't display a direct threat[ii] to its employees or customers. Not vaccinating is a direct threat. https://nwadacenter.org/factsheet/face-coverings-and-businesses-balancing-ada-public-health-during-covid-19-0
  11. No, safety first. Molecular genetics and molecular immunology degree, so I know the science. With two different types of vaccines (mRNA and viral), the likelihood of anyone being allergic to both is approximately 0.0006 percent or 6 people for every million. The vast majority of people who aren't vaccinated are doing it by choice. If you are choosing not to vaccinate, you're also choosing not to cruise. For everyone on board's safety.
  12. I want everywhere possible to require a vaccine passport for entry when they are available. Flights, restaurants, theme parks, international travel. It's safer for everyone, and would give an incentive for antivaxxers to change.
  13. I use that, but I meant STILL available. It would be a nice feature that if you put 1 guest in a search engine that all the cruises with solo cabins available show up.
  14. The most exciting thing I saw in Cozumel was two Carnival ships crashing into each other.
  15. The drink package would be the least of my worries if I had to share a room with my 18 year old twin daughters.
  16. My biggest frustration is finding which ships have solo cabins available on the web site. As for chair hogs, I usually just move stuff, and if anyone complains I move.
  17. That's what ours was in May 2022, then B was just added yesterday.
  18. My Odyssey cruise is doing the ABC islands. Any tips for a solo traveler?
  19. It was fantastic meeting you on Oasis just before all the [pandemic craziness. Keep up the great videos.
  20. Technically Virgin is, but they don't allow kids anyways. (Can't wait for my Jan 8th, 2022 cruise on Scarlett lady).
  21. With the ultimate dining plan, go to any restaurant as soon as you board and schedule everything. I had a spreadsheet printed out which helped them. Above all, be flexible.
  22. Can you get take out from the sushi side with ultimate dining plan? I'd like to have sushi on the pool desck, for example.
  23. You can look back on my previous posts and see how Sharla saved one of my vacations. RCL chartered our ship with 6 months to go. Sharla got us on a similar class ship, same exact room, same price.
  24. I'm the opposite of most here. I'd be cautious of cruising if the restrictions were removed before the science says they should be. I'm hoping that vaccines are mandatory, anything that would increase my safety that science deems necessary.
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