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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/17/health/fda-vaccine-authorization-younger-kids/index.html
  2. In January I have 6 nights on Scarlet lady followed by 8 nights on Odyssey of the SAeas. I know things could change between now and then, but as of now, how would Covid testing work in that situation?
  3. Sailing in two weeks. Wondering if the Solarium Bistro is open yet?
  4. I admit it. When it comes to cruising, Im a food snob. Ultimate dining package every cruise. That said, the best food has to be the roast beef sandwich on a Kummelweck bun. washed down with a lave flow.
  5. As extensive and accurate as your response is, I'm guessing the OP won't read it. Seems they just like to complain and deflect their lack of research onto others.
  6. Just because you didn't understand the rules doesn't make it Royal's fault.
  7. Please don't be THOSE people with walkie talkies.
  8. Too much of anything can make people too critical. Disney fans are horrible for this.
  9. Going to Coco Beach Club in May, and wanted to know if there was merch for it. hats, tshirts etc.
  10. Myself, my son(22) and his girlfriend (23) will be in Central park balcony rooms.
  11. Not a rip off at all. Disney charges what it can because enough people will pay their prices. Not everyone agrees with the pricing, but enough do to fill their ships.
  12. You can go on two to three RCL cruises for the price of one similar DCL cruises. More choices in food, even included food, than DCL. More ship sizes, itineraries, things to do, better entertainment. Disney is great for people with little kids, but IMO isn't worth the cost otherwise. And I'm a huge Disney fan.
  13. That's like people in Europe call elevators "lifts". It's because we were raised differently.
  14. People who forget there are others on the ship. People that want everyone else to know they are taking full advantage of their drink package.
  15. No covid test necessary to re-enter Canada. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/what-to-know-about-canada-s-travel-rules-as-of-april-1-1.5823384
  16. Looking at the deck plans for Harmony of the Seas, they have choices. One ending on April 24th and another starting May 1st. Any idea what's changing? I couldn't see anything obvious.
  17. My son and his girlfriend have an ajoining room to mine. Do we need to buy 2 photo packages, or will one suffice?
  18. Looking at the latest cruise planner (Jan 16th) from Harmony, it doesn't show Sabor at all. Anyone know if it will be open for our May cruise? Just planning ahead for a very picky eater.
  19. I bought Disney prints from Park West, but I knew the prices beforehand. Got them framed on the ship for the unframed price at Walt Disney World. Park West is an auction. If you know what you're bidding on you can get good deals.
  20. I put in my bid for my room in Royal up, but my son's room isn't available yet. Is that normal, or does my bid apply to both linked rooms?
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