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  1. This isn't the place to discuss protocol effectiveness. PM me if you want to know stats on various effectiveness. Looks like you'll be surprised.
  2. Not exactly a scientific definition of effectiveness. More like protocols you like or don't like. Contact tracing via the new bands is also very important. I've received one of the new cabin emails. I'm in a wait and see attitude. Better than cancelling cruises.
  3. I pick the South Beach area near Lincoln Road on Priceline. They give you a choice of 3 or 4 hotels, but so far, I've loved every one they've picked. Saves a lot of $$$.
  4. Check to see if your local airport is listed here. https://switchhealth.ca/en/travel/travel-clinics/
  5. Technically you are right, but nothing in life is 100 percent. And 95 percent is pretty damn close. Breakthrough cases are those 5 percent, and as more people are vaccinated, you will see more vaccinated people become positive. But the rate is now steady. There is no good reason not to get vaccinated, unless you are medically unable to do so. Even then, mRNA vaccines were created partially to reduce vaccine allergies. The current rate is around 2 people per million. Bottom line, to make cruising as safe as possible,, everyone who can get vaccinated should.
  6. Aren't all cruises going to the US Virgin islands vaccine only?
  7. People laughing at someone trying to educate? That's just sad. Especially from someone probably less educated on the topic. I'm trying to inform people of the facts. I'm not here to be ridiculed. Again, if you have questions, ask. It's easy to make fun of things you don't understand, but it's better to ask and learn.
  8. That's because it's been proven that natural immunity ISN'T as effective, unfortunately. The antibody titer is 10 to 20 times less than vaccinated people after 90 days.
  9. Wrong. The covid vaccines are currently 85 to 95 percent effective in preventing covid infection. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there.
  10. I accept science, as I have a degree in molecular genetics and molecular immunology. Vaccines and masks are the best way to prevent covid. There ARE no other successful forms of protection. No one yet knows how long natural immunity lasts, but the antibody titer(amount) is at least ten to twenty times (not percent, times) less as those who have been fully vaccinated. The reason that vaccinated people are getting infected is because, even though it's the most effective vaccine created, it's only 85 to 95 percent effective at preventing infections. With that, the more people vaccinated, the more likely there will be vaccinated people that become positive in the population. For example, in a population with 2 million people at 50 percent vaccination. If every person was exposed, only 50,000 vaccinated people would become infected vs a million unvaccinated. Raise the vaccination rate to 90 percent for the same 2 million example. You now have 200.000 unvaccinated positives and 95.000 vaccinated infected. Now the total infected is less, but the percent of the infected that are vaccinated is higher. Again, trust the science. If you have any questions, please ask.
  11. Fair enough. I feel bad for people trying to be responsible in areas where it seems so many aren't being responsible
  12. Why not Canada? I think we're over 80 percent.
  13. There's also other vacation options until things change for the better, or until kids can get vaccinated.
  14. Starting soon, all commercial air travellers and passengers on interprovincial trains and large marine vessels with overnight accommodations (such as cruise ships) will have to be vaccinated, Just announced.
  15. Usually I found half the line were people who just wanted a drink, and didn't know they needed the special cup.
  16. Actually there is, and most countries are far away from that percentage. It takes a given community to be 80 to 90% immune to a virus in order to achieve herd immunity. Currently, we do not know how long immunity is obtained from actually catching covid vs the vaccines. People who were infected with SARS seventeen years ago till have some immune response, but it's not known if that response is enough to protect the person.. As for long term side effects of the vaccine, it is degraded and removed from your body within 2 to 3 days. Not a doctor, but I have a degree in molecular genetics and molecular immunology.
  17. That sounds like my worst nightmare, but hey, if you like it, you enjoy it.
  18. 52 percent 18-65 fully vaccinated is still far too low though to say remove all restrictions. I'm hoping it gets better by my next trip in January.
  19. With my luck, both the theatre and the movie will be CATS. Love to see Dear Evan Hansen or Come From Away.
  20. Both 8 night cruises. I'm chalking it up to "why look for logic where there clearly isn't any".
  21. I think we should volunteer Matt. What's his hidden talent? Balloon animals? ?
  22. I took the plunge at $57.99 for the drink package for Odyssey in January. Strangely, its $61.99 on my Mariner cruise in May. You would think newer ships would be pricier.
  23. I know Odyssey has a ton of stuff to do, everything from North Star, bumper cars, etc. What are the shows going to be? I've never been on a quantum class ship. Do they have Broadway shows?
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