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  1. Thanks again everyone - I would like to give a shout-out to Michelle who responded back to me VERY quickly. As mentioned, they aren't getting commission on the SUN and FUN comps so I won't book, but whenever cruising cranks back up, I'll definitely use her.
  2. Knowing how crazy things are right now - I usually book my own cabins through Club Royale - BUT... If I could give this business to a TA (MEI in particular!), I would love to do so.
  3. No issues in Jacksonville - That's just over 2 hours from Port Canaveral.
  4. No additional charges - As an IT person, make sure you turn on a VPN whenever you log in - Rather than giving everyone access to your information.
  5. Yes - We have been successful with ordering Red Bull - Not sure if I have seen Monster drinks onboard.
  6. NOOOO - It's entertaining to say the least - Having to agree with a few others - I don't think RC would EVER be able to please the OP... Just saying.
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