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  1. Total time - 9 hours on hold... Flight changes came in this morning after I'd given up. Still absolutely horrible customer service and absolutely no way to escalate. I have literally zero faith that they would handle an emergency issue.
  2. Definitely learned my lesson on this one - Still no results on rebooking (something that would have literally taken 10 minutes if I could do it myself).
  3. Booked on Quantum for the June 27th sailing. Given all of the airline issues, COVID, etc, I figured I'd be safe and book Air2Sea. Whew, this has been an adventure. Airline changed routes/itinerary - I'm good with that, I fly all the time and generally have the ability to modify directly if the new route/times don't work. Because Air2Sea owns the reservation, I can't make changes. Fine, call Air2Sea Called Air2Sea, was assured this would be resolved in 48 hours. Um... NOPE (by the way, when they give you an incident number, don't bother to write it down, noone on the call can look it up). Air2Sea 72hours later as the flights hadn't been modified- Much like everyone else, they appear to be understaffed. First, Second, Third Calls - Dead lines (after holding about 15 minutes each time). Forth Call >1.5 hours, then disconnected. Fifth Call - I'm a bit frustrated that a change that should take less than 10 minutes, I'm having to explain myself for a 4th time. Starting to get REALLY frustrated. Alas, I hang in there. Guy then comes back and says he has to make sure I can arrive at the ship on time based on the alternative flights I gave him. I assured him that if I could really arrive on the 25th as scheduled, then I had plenty of time to find the port... (yep, things went downhill from there). I know, I know - Use a travel agent and this wouldn't have been a problem. However, it was a fully comped cruise and couldn't transfer it.... I just shudder to think if I had an actual problem on flight day.
  4. @Derrick8776(From Florida so not sure what your state provides, but it's just a photo copy of the "Florida SHOTS" printout. It lists my name, vax type, date, lot #, state IMM# (whatever that is??) on the printout. I'm not sure if a photo on your phone would suffice.
  5. I lost my physical card and have a printout from the hospital where I received it and that's been accepted on 6 cruises.
  6. Only quasi-related, but the prices of quite a few things skyrocketed this week. In August, the over the water cabanas are priced at $3500 (ok, $3499) Beverage @ $78 and Internet @ $20 (about average). We're pretty loyal to royal, but next year trying Celebrity with the always included package. Will be interesting to just compare all-in prices between the sister lines.
  7. We LOVED having the outlets on each side of the bed. Was a game changer for convenience.
  8. I'm for carrying off and I look like a damned pack-mule, but it's still easier.
  9. With regards to folks wearing their nameplates, if that's what works for them... go for it! It's a great conversation starter and I've met plenty who were fantastic sources of information and lots of fun to be around. I certainly didn't mean for this to be a "bash the Pinnacle's" post.
  10. @PattycruiseI like this approach of talking to the person directly MUCH better than going to a manager. You've given them an opportunity to improve rather than be disciplined for something they may not have even been aware of. @YOLOmy main reason for the thread wasn't complaining about others complaining... It was simply " Does it become less enjoyable as time goes on?" I'll use the example of work travel. When I started travelling every week for work 23 years ago, I absolutely LOVED the adventure. I looked forward to trips and made plans to do anything and everything in a new town. 23 years later, it's just another week and I rarely leave the hotel for anything except work. Maybe I should have titled the thread "Can you go on too many cruises?" - Understanding the perspective can be different based on your own attitude. No doubt, we will keep cruising until it becomes a chore or I find myself nitpicking everything and making myself or my husband miserable.
  11. @jay1021We had Marla (our one and only Genie experience) on Odyssey this year and I agree, she was amazing. She read us so well we never even asked for anything special - She just seemed to know what we wanted/needed and this was a last minute royal up bid so we never even did the survery! Funny, Odyssey was our least favorite ship (and absolute BEST room) - Quantum class isn't my favorite, but still travelling on it for Alaska. This is one of the things that prompted me to post this. We weren't crazy about the ship layout (especially the esplanade and playmakers location), but the ameneites (north star was beyond cool) and service were perfect. If the times and itinerary worked out best, I'd sail her again in a heartbeat.
  12. The pin they were wearing. (I can only assume they didn't buy it off e-bay - LOL)
  13. DH and I just returned from a fantastic cruise on Wonder - We were on a casino comp in a Junior Suite with the Unlimited Dining and Beverage Packages (just using this for reference). This was also our first Oasis Class and longest cruise (previously longest was 6 days on Odyssey). We're only Diamond level C&A). We've been fortunate to have travelled now on each class of ship and while some had more "WOW Factor" we've loved them all in their own way. On this particular cruise I ran into several Pinnacle level folks and they were the ones I heard complaining the most. One lady in particular: "Food is horrible" "Service is horrible" "My room attendant took 3 hours to get me a lounger on my balcony" "I told the restaurant manager they needed to retrain their staff" were just some of the things I heard. I just wonder if everything was REALLY that bad or were they just burned out on cruises? Does it become less enjoyable as time goes on (seriously, I can't even imagine and we cruise 4-5 times a year)? I don't ever want to get that jaded about a vacation. I'm still excited about upcoming cruises and hope to stay that way for many years to come. Our experience on this ship/cruise was completely the opposite. We thought the service, food, and amenities were fantastic. We had some meals that were better than others, but there was nothing inedible or anything I would complain about. it really was just a matter of personal taste we felt. It was noticable towards the end of the cruise that there were quite a few folks out due to COVID. It's just the world we live in today and I feel like I have to come expecting some deviations and even perhaps a degradation of service at times due to shortages (whether it be supply chain or service). The staff on these ships work their behinds off for months on end while we're treated like kings and queens - I can't even imagine being that tired and still smiling. For you more experienced folks (and new ones also), what are your thoughts?
  14. There is not. Oasis and Quantum Class ships only.
  15. Thank YOU! I'll be travelling with someone who uses a rollator so this is very helpful.
  16. @GatorCruiserWe primarily travel on the Voyager class (Mariner, Voyager, and Adventure) for the quick 3-4 days trips and love them. I think it's a completely different atmosphere on the quick trips with lots of energy (and drunks...). While it lacks the openness of the Oasis class, the energy levels are usually a lot of fun (casino, bars, pool, etc). We rarely go to the shows, so I can't comment on them. Also, couldn't agree with you more on the restaurant layout of Odyssey (I'd actually forgotten about that part). The majority of the specialty restaurants lacked atmosphere I felt - Chops felt like it was an afterthought in a dark corner. I'm a sucker for the world dessert (not crazy about their other food) @ Wonderland, so I don't really care where it is as long as I can get that at least once! To be honest though, we enjoyed the location of Izumi just for people watching, but agree it is in a bit of an odd space. Agreed also on Giovanni's - Felt like it was the most open space and the food was quite good also. We also enjoyed 270 for lunch very much. Great views and if you're lucky you can see the entertainers practicing.
  17. Sailed Odyssey last year and agree that it's a gorgeous ship - HOWEVER, I found the esplanade dark and almost depressing (perhaps it was because the ship was darned near empty when we were on it??) - Other than itinerary, I would say it depends on your style of cruising and what appeals to you - (clubs and shows at night vs constant sea breeze and lots of open air). - Activities on Odyssey are great (iFly, Flowrider, bumper cars, North Star, etc) are great and the staff was amazing. There was just something about the ship that didn't appeal to our style of cruising (again, very subjective). Would we sail Odyssey again? Sure thing! Would it be our preferred for Caribbean? Definitely not.
  18. Sofa by the door if in a standard balcony only because we travel with a mobility scooter and it's easier to park out of the way. In a Junior Suite or above, no real preference.
  19. We sail on the Indy fairly often (5 times so far this year) and I've never had "bad" service. Even with reduced capacity, I HAVE noticed that things take a bit longer - We ate in Playmakers one day for lunch last month and it took over an hour for the food to arrive I chalk it up to crew shortages and figure it's just the price we have to pay trying to travel with everything going on in the world right now. Food wise, I would say mediocre/average generally describes most MDR food. That being said, we personally enjoy the MDR and have always found something on the menu we like. Personally, we love the Indy and its staff. Especially on these quick 3-4 day cruises o RCL, it's going to be hard to find the "5 star" experience that you might expect on a luxury line. Setting your expectations realistically and researching the cruises will usually result in a much better onboard experience. Some folks are going to complain about anything and everything, others are going to say everything was perfect. I find it's usually somewhere in the middle, but I've never experience anything on a cruise that I felt deserved an actual complain. Maybe a "meh" on occaision, but damn, it was still much better than me having to cook and clean for 3 days!
  20. Loud neighbors... seriously - People (adults AND children) who are completely oblivious to others around them. Is there really a reason to scream in the hallway or in the rooms? Save it for the pools, bars, and casinos.
  21. Agreed! Good luck @SpeedNoodles. I swear it's a love/hate thing. I thought for sure we weren't getting the upgrade and have driven my DH nuts for the last week or so.... Now he's driving me NUTS!!
  22. Over the moon excited! Upgrade accepted to the Grand Loft Suite!!
  23. The fear is REAL! We also went from OV>Balcony>JS minimum over the years.
  24. Congrats Red! Still waiting here. In our roll call, most everyone elses has cleared so I'm thinking we aren't getting it. Either way, I'll be on a boat again and happy to sail!
  25. Lost my card and have a .pdf from the hospital that vaccinated me. It was accepted last month.
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