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  1. Agreed! Good luck @SpeedNoodles. I swear it's a love/hate thing. I thought for sure we weren't getting the upgrade and have driven my DH nuts for the last week or so.... Now he's driving me NUTS!!
  2. Over the moon excited! Upgrade accepted to the Grand Loft Suite!!
  3. The fear is REAL! We also went from OV>Balcony>JS minimum over the years.
  4. Congrats Red! Still waiting here. In our roll call, most everyone elses has cleared so I'm thinking we aren't getting it. Either way, I'll be on a boat again and happy to sail!
  5. Lost my card and have a .pdf from the hospital that vaccinated me. It was accepted last month.
  6. On a weekend Mariner sailing, no problem at all. Great ship, great staff, and typically very casual.
  7. As fellow Floridians and folks who "tolerate" masks, I wasn't sure what to expect on our first cruise. Maybe it's simply because it's become the new normal, we honestly didn't have a problem with it at all. The biggest issue was simply remembering to grab it when we walked out of the cabin. We were on the Mariner and perhaps it was because we simply gravitated to non-mask areas, I don't think my DH or I really complained at all. The worst (longest) part of wearing a mask IMO was the boarding process where we probably had them on for about 30 minutes solid (checkin, 20,000 times showing negative test and vaccination, "drill" -we did this immediately upon boarding -); otherwise it was usually just as long as it took us to get where we were going <10 minutes.
  8. On Mariner a couple of weeks ago I overheard them telling folks it was because of social distancing protocols that they could no longer assist with stand up.
  9. @Big RedNo new info here - How about you? FWIW, I'm pretty sure I'm driving my husband nuts that I keep looking it up and talking about it!
  10. We recently went to the Club while on the Mariner when we stopped. We were the only ship in port and I had a pretty good deal on it (all things considered) at $79. We LOVED the experience. This particular cruise it was just the two of us and we figured we should try it at least once. To give a bit of perspective, we are a middle aged couple, NOT high maintenance and just love to cruise and chill out. We arrived early (much to my husbands dismay initially!), but scored one of the beach beds (first come first serve) right by the pool. The service there was no less than fantastic and it was nice to be able to get in and out of the pool without getting sandy. Restrooms are very close by as well. Lunch - WHEW - The lunch was no short of spectacular. Seriously, I consider myself a bit of a snob with lobster and steak and these were cooked perfectly. Sitting in the shade with a breeze, view of the ocean, outstanding service, and enjoying a fine meal - What more could you ask for? Afterwards, back to chilling out in the pool and the lounger. Finally, a trip back to the boat. It truly was a perfect day! Also, no exaggeration, there were probably less than 50 people there (including cabanas). Above review aside, I'll say, we're big fans of Coco Cay in general and have never spent any $$ on excursions there in the past. The pool, the beach, swim up bars, seating, food, drinks etc are great all around the island. Zero complaints whatsoever. As someone else said, if there's definitely no "need" to do the Club. It's fun, and if the price is right, I'd definitely do it again, but definitely not a MUST DO. This particular cruise it was just the two of us and we figured we should try it at least once.
  11. We're onboard! Can't wait to see everyone and get the party started!
  12. Trying SO HARD to not get my hopes up. Logged into RoyalUp this morning and all but one of my bids is expired... The one "Pending" is a GRAND LOFT Suite!! fingers, toes, knees, eyes all crossed.
  13. We're thinking of getting the UDP this trip, but wondering if its possible to do "takeout" from any of the restaurants? While we probably wouldn't order to go from Chops; IZUMI or Pizza are always great on the balcony.
  14. Re: Alaska - We'll be on that trip as well. Scored a heck of a deal on a Sky Loft! First time in one of these rooms. Reference to the bubble, any idea if I'll be able to rent a Jeep in Juneau? (I did score the $43 deal on the drink package too.)
  15. Thanks again everyone - I would like to give a shout-out to Michelle who responded back to me VERY quickly. As mentioned, they aren't getting commission on the SUN and FUN comps so I won't book, but whenever cruising cranks back up, I'll definitely use her.
  16. Knowing how crazy things are right now - I usually book my own cabins through Club Royale - BUT... If I could give this business to a TA (MEI in particular!), I would love to do so.
  17. No issues in Jacksonville - That's just over 2 hours from Port Canaveral.
  18. No additional charges - As an IT person, make sure you turn on a VPN whenever you log in - Rather than giving everyone access to your information.
  19. Yes - We have been successful with ordering Red Bull - Not sure if I have seen Monster drinks onboard.
  20. NOOOO - It's entertaining to say the least - Having to agree with a few others - I don't think RC would EVER be able to please the OP... Just saying.
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