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  1. They weren't on the Freedom last week. And I had a full breakfast (Omelet and bacon, etc) without a service charge
  2. Good for you!!! I will be on the Indy in Nov -- I can't wait
  3. Gotta say, Royal is doing it right -- ship was about 30% capacity -- (I heard everything from 1200 to 1400 passengers). The crew was incredibly attentive and happy to be sailing. Chops Grille (my first time there) was delicious. Check in was simple and staterooms were ready when we got on board. We had a bit of a scare. on night 3 (Nassau) We were scheduled to leave the port at 9pm and didn't leave until around midnight due to a passenger that needed medical attention. I heard that the passenger had a fever and needed to find a hospital bed, but I also heard that the passenger was injured and needed medical attention. Gotta admit it was a little worrisome, but AGAIN, Royal handled it as best they could. Now counting down to my next one in 7 weeks!!!
  4. That's what I did too -- I bought 50 of them for 20 bucks -- so I could just dispose of them as needed https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09DCBQG1V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. No idea about these!!! Thanks for posting the link!!! Mine are on their way
  6. It's been several years, but 4 of us went on a cruise from Dec 27 to Jan 3. NYE on the ship was terrific. We did tuxedos and went completely formal -- it was a blast. I loved it
  7. Had an order of the home test from CVS -- but they cancelled it -- so I went ahead and bought a set from Optum. Should be here on the 8th, I sail on the 13th. Still have a test scheduled at CVS for next Saturday. I'll Triple Vaxxed, will be double masked and have two tests ready to go. I might be a little anxious and excited, ya think?
  8. Curious if anyone has had success. I checked my cruise (Freedom on the 13th) and there are over 100 Balconies available. Does anyone know if they are running 30/50% occupancy based on cabin type or just overall? I don't want to overbid just to get it, especially with that kind of availability Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. I just updated my testing date to Sept 11 (sailing on the 13th). AND I ordered home tests. I'm NOT going to miss this cruise!! Just wish they'd get me that RoyalUp for the same cruise!!!
  10. Thanks for posting this. I was hoping I'd feel this way (headed out of the Freedom in two weeks). I'm glad to hear that Royal is doing it right!! Glad you had a good time
  11. It's going to be difficult to get results back in two days, right? I'll do what I need to do, I'M CRUISING IN TWO WEEKS.
  12. Thanks Josh - That's what I figured. Appreciate the quick response
  13. I'm currently Emerald -- I will hit 78 points on my next cruise (mid-Sept). I'm taking another in December (Solo, so 4 points a night). I will hit Diamond after the first night of the December cruise (technically). Will it kick in on the December cruise or do I need to wait until whatever is my NEXT cruise to be 'fully Diamond'? Does anyone know? Thanks, I appreciate it.
  14. Solo sailing on this. Really hoping this goes. Anyone else on it? Anyone heard anything regarding a RoyalUp bid on this sailing? The last cruise I was on Enchantment out of Galveston in Nov 2019. It was my first solo sailing and I loved it. Looking forward to being onboard a ship again, FINALLY. #staysafe
  15. I'm sailing in three weeks. And I just got my booster. Happy to get a test the Friday before I sail and to know that everyone, who can, will be vaxxed.
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