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  1. Not my experience either. I sailed on Allure on the first cruise out of the new terminal. It was smooth with no lines. I think some of the problems might be everyone showing up at once and not at their boarding time picked out. We walked right in, was greeted and checked in, then directed to the suite entrance where they served coffee and pastries. I have sailed our of Florida and this was much smoother and faster.
  2. Can anyone that is currently on the November 9th sailing of the Allure confirm if Starlink is up and running? If so, your thoughts on the speed?
  3. 8AM. They are only open from 8 until 11am and they sell out fast.
  4. The new terminal in Galveston, pier 10, is being builit to handle the Oasis and Icon class and future larger ships. They will have the LNG capacity. For now, the Allure and Harmony will be sailing out of her.
  5. It would not be the first time RC got something wrong in the Edoc's. When they first released it, it was listing the pier wrong showing the old pier and not the new port 10 pier. They did correct it shortly after that.
  6. That's what I thought also, but in my edocs that I received for this cruise, it said smoking was on the starboard side. I sailed on Odyssey last year and it was on the port side also. I guess it really doesn't matter, just inquiring minds wanted to know.
  7. I will be sailing on Allure and have heard conflicting reports on where smoking is allowed on the pool deck. Some say starboard and some say it's port side. Can someone who is in the know clear this up for me? FYI I'm a non smoker but I do vape. I follow the rules and respect the non smoker sections.
  8. Sailing on Allure in November and would like to see a selection of wines. Is there a link to one or does someone have a copy of a wine list?
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