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  1. Also, if you happen to have "traditional" Medicare, it does not cover any costs incurred outside the USA. Many Medicare Advantage plans will reimburse costs outside the country as "out of network", but you still have the pitfalls/risks expressed by others above. At best, you would likely have to pay out of pocket (will they accept a credit card???) and then submit bills for reimbursement back home.
  2. Oh, I think you will be able to book and reserve online since that lot will be owned and operated by Port of Galveston. They allow booking online for all of their other lots at https://www.portofgalveston.com/91/Cruise-Parking--General-Information
  3. I would love to see Celebrity sail from Galveston, but sadly I have no rumors or insight to offer. Celebrity Millennium was in Galveston in May of last year to get her crew vaccinated. That was kind of exciting to see. And Celebrity Galaxy home ported in Galveston in the early 2000's.
  4. The parking lot adjacent to the terminal will be owned and operated by the Port of Galveston. It is currently designed for 1,148 spaces. You have a good question with Allure at 5,484 passengers (double occupancy) plus at least one other ship doing 4-5 night cruises. It seems to me that the private parking companies will have to play a role with parking shuttles between their lots and the terminal. The Port of Galveston is also considering other options to add parking, such as acquiring other property along Harborside Drive.
  5. Icon was my hope since the timing aligns with its debut. I also love the 6/8 option ever since Carnival began doing that. It would make a lot of sense because there are only a certain number of ports on the western route that an Oasis Class ship can get in to. One thing for sure, with the new Cruise Terminal 10 in Galveston we’re going to have much better ship options now.
  6. I'm glad to have helped contribute to the wedding planning in some small way. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Here are the Diamond+ letters from Liberty of the Seas this month:
  8. We have often placed magnetic signs on our door, and enjoy seeing how others decorate their doors. Last week I observed an unrelated safety issue onboard that led me to review the Guest Conduct Policy in detail. I was surprised to see that placing items on doors or in corridors is prohibited by the Guest Conduct Policy. So in the interest of being completely accurate in this post: decorating your stateroom door without permission is technically prohibited, but is probably never enforced. This would also apply to those ducks that people like to hide around the ship. Quote from the Guest Conduct Policy: Inappropriate or abusive behavior is not permitted. This includes: uninvited physical contact, solicitation, harassment, vandalism, theft, violence, use of fake/false identification, underage drinking (see Alcohol section below), providing alcohol to those under the allowed age (see Alcohol section below), possession of illegal substances/items, placing materials (including signs, banners, decorations, etc.) anywhere on the exterior of the ship, placing materials anywhere on the interior of the ship (including stateroom doors, along corridors, etc.) without the express permission of ship management or which may be deemed by ship management as inappropriate, or any other illegal or offensive conduct.
  9. Liberty of the Seas typically sails at 5:00 pm Central Time from Galveston.
  10. Here are some photos of the new Galveston cruise terminal construction, taken this afternoon from Liberty of the Seas. It looks like things are moving along nicely!
  11. No separate suite area right now, but you will generally walk right onto the ship after checking in unless you have to wait on a Covid test. Junior Suites and all suites can check in one hour before or after your check in window. If you’re in the first check in window of the day they won’t open the doors until closer to the actual start of the checkin window.
  12. Not on Independence or Liberty. We’ve had neighbors on all 4 of our cruises.
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