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  1. I will definitely keep you posted, and you will probably hear it here first. As my update last week noted, there are now regular project update meetings between RCI and the Port of Galveston, and RCI is getting ready to start test piles to confirm the foundation load bearing capacities. Things are moving forward, even if the final sign-off hasn't occurred.
  2. You are exactly correct. Representatives from the Battleship Foundation said they got about 40,000 visitors a year (before they closed down for Covid). They expect 250,000 visitors a year if located in Galveston. The increased ticket and souvenir revenue would fund the development of the facilities in Galveston and would also help pay off the loan necessary for the refurbishment. ...and I totally agree with your recommendation for Katie's Seafood. The food is great and they will have a great view of the battleship!
  3. She would be towed down to Galveston. Contracts and land leases still need to be worked out, but the hope is that she would go into dry dock at Galveston in August for a 1-year refurbishment, then be floated across the channel to her berth at Pier 20.
  4. Here's an update from this month's Port of Galveston Trustees meeting... CLIA held a conference call with the Mayor of Galveston, Galveston's U.S. Congressional Representative, the head of the Longshoremen's Union, and the Port. CLIA is meeting with all of the cruise ports in this manner to ask them to put pressure on the CDC to allow cruising to restart. Project representatives from Royal Caribbean have been holding bi-weekly project update meetings with the Port to coordinate the new cruise terminal construction. Next thing to happen for the new terminal: Royal Caribbean w
  5. Agree... this was very improperly teased. This is great news, but it definitely isn't "the news we've all been waiting for".
  6. Royal has announced the Icon Class of ships and say they will use LNG fuel and fuel cells. Very few details have been revealed about Icon Class but the first ship is now scheduled for delivery 3rd quarter 2023.
  7. As a brand new Quantum Ultra Class ship I’d say you can’t go wrong with Odyssey. I’ve sailed on Ovation, another Quantum Class ship, and it is probably my favorite ship! Odyssey is sure to be amazing.
  8. My excellent travel agent spoke to her contact at Royal about these missing cruises immediately following Allure’s arrival in Galveston. She reports there are two 7-night sailings in the system but they are blocked and can not be booked. Royal told her that usually means they are still working out some details or perhaps negotiating a charter. I think a charter of Allure that soon out of Galveston is unlikely but we will just have to wait and see what they finally release.
  9. Interesting... we were able to Lift and Shift our A2 from Allure to Symphony, but we did it before they moved us to Liberty. Things were pretty dynamic at the time with the Lift and Shift rules.
  10. I have to disagree with @Matt on this one . I also like to be on the side of the ship that faces the dock for the same reasons you cite. I enjoy watching the activity and the docking and undocking process. For Quantum Class ships like Anthem, they can dock with either side of the ship toward the dock. On our Ovation sailing to Alaska we were docked on the port side at the home port of Seattle, but we used both sides at the various ports of call. Looking at photos of Anthem docked in Southampton, she tends to dock on the starboard side but that is not guaranteed. Ships may dock the oth
  11. I'm really getting tired of tracking refunds and FCC's. I hope May was my last cancellation.
  12. Same here. Somebody (either A2S or AA) assigned our seats a few days after we booked through A2S. We can't change seats online but we can see the booking on AA.com and it shows "Ticket pending".
  13. Unfortunately Liberty will be going to Fort Lauderdale for 4/5 night cruises and will be replaced with Allure for winter 2022/2023 in Galveston. So Galveston will have a large 7-night ship and a smaller 4/5 night ship. I agree it would be great to have some expanded offerings though, and get more usage out of the new terminal.
  14. This is a good strategy if the hotel prices on the island are too expensive. I would choose the League City or Webster areas as being nice and also an easy drive to the port. Texas City is also an inexpensive option but stay near the I-45 area. Price depends on the season and the weekend. My original post mentions some special event weekends that will have high prices and often 2-night minimums.
  15. Interesting... in yesterday's press release about the Allure deployment they categorize Allure as a "seasonal" deployment in Galveston for Winter of 2022-2023, while Harmony and Symphony are listed as "year round" in Florida. This raises the question of which ship they would put at the new Galveston terminal for Summer 2023? They don't spend $100 million on a new cruise terminal for a seasonal Oasis Class ship. They must have something in store for Summer 2023. Icon #1 is slated for 3Q2023, which would be a little too late. This just fuels more speculation about what is in store for Galvesto
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