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  1. Not to fan the flames, but Adam Goldstein is in Galveston today... Port of Galveston
  2. But for us in Texas it will be about driving to an Oasis class ship!
  3. I concur with the Fulton Place recommendation. We used it on a Royal Caribbean cruise and it worked out great. Since it’s covered I feel it is superior to the port parking lot which is an outdoor surface lot.
  4. Local media in Galveston recently reported that construction would start in April 2020 with an 18 month construction schedule. That would put completion in fall of 2021, as originally announced.
  5. The port recently announced that they have budgeted for the projects that they will do to support the new terminal next year. However the port also said that they expect to sign the final contract by the end of 2019, so it’s not signed yet. Construction would start in April 2020 with an 18 month construction period. That puts completion in late 2021, which was the original schedule.
  6. This place stores luggage for a small fee. It’s right at Strand and 25th, easy walk from the cruise port. The Cruise Stop 2418 Strand St a, Galveston, TX 77550 (409) 497-2974 https://maps.google.com?q=The Cruise Stop, 2418 Strand St a, Galveston, TX 77550&ftid=0x863f9e6cec5b734b:0x8242331ba52b9dea&hl=en-US&gl=us
  7. Port of Galveston continues to grow its cruise business: Carnival is adding a fourth year-round ship in Galveston, adding Carnival Radiance in 2021.
  8. It’s implied by Rob&Ana’s post, but remember that each Diamond and above member receives a free photo, so a couple can receive two photos.
  9. Two of my cruises for 2020 have OBC from the travel agent (Cruise Planners / American Express). The travel agent OBC and the Royal Caribbean OBC all appear now in my cruise planner.
  10. Great question and topic. In addition to your info, I've seen the propeller icon on the Chief Engineer's epaulet.
  11. I always submit the Shareholder Benefit request and let them say yes or no to my request. For 12 cruises since I purchased stock I have received the benefit on 6 cruises with a total OBC benefit of $500 on those 6 cruises. It will be interesting to see how the new program works out. Here's the link to the new Shareholder Benefit program page.
  12. I have ordered the Bon Voyage decorations for one cruise and the Birthday decorations/cake on another cruise. The description said they would be in the cabin on Day 1. That didn't happen either time. I had to go to guest services, explain things, show them my email confirmation, wait while they made numerous phone calls to other departments, etc. Both times they did finally deliver decorations to the room, but both times they were still incorrect. In one case they delivered the wrong decoration package, even after detailed discussion with Guest Services. The other time they failed to deliver all of the amenities. Royal usually makes things right, but these were frustrating experiences, especially when I was trying to surprise my spouse. Both times Royal ruined the surprise aspect and I ended up paying for stuff that I didn't get. That's just my experience but I'm done with ordering any more decorations through Royal. I'd suggest doing it yourself, as others suggested above.
  13. Yes, it would be easy to get an Uber to take you from the NASA area to Galveston. I have enjoyed staying at the Tremont House hotel in Galveston. It's walkable to the port, just a few blocks away. Another option that is even closer is the Harbor House hotel. I've not stayed there but I hear it is a nice place to stay. There are a lot of island hotels that have shuttles. I do know that on the beach there is a Hilton and the Hotel Galvez that both have shuttles. The Galvez and the Tremont House are both Wyndham properties and share shuttle service that takes you between the hotels, the Strand Historic Area, and to the port.
  14. Yes, the original post is updated as warranted. You can always see the date that the post was updated at the bottom of that original post.
  15. The original post in this thread has lodging suggestions. Also, some folks prefer to stay in the Webster or League City area because it's cheaper, but I like to enjoy the island for a day or two prior to the cruise and wake up near the port so there are no stresses with getting to the ship.
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