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  1. New terminal construction continues with demolition work over the next 4 weeks... this was posted today on the Port of Galveston's Facebook page: Harborside Drive traffic notice from the Galveston Wharves Cruise terminal construction at Pier 10 is expected to generate additional truck traffic on Harborside Drive west of 14th Street beginning the week of June 14. The Galveston Wharves said that truck traffic, associated with demolition work at the construction site, is expected during daytime hours Monday - Saturday for about 4 weeks. Royal Caribbean International is building t
  2. Well that could get really complicated for cruise ship passengers. I wonder if there will be exemptions for cruise ships even though it does say “arriving by sea”. For example, cruise ship passengers typically do not need to show passports when they enter a new country at each port, as the country has worked out the process assuming that the cruise lines have already verified passports. Hopefully the islands would rely on the strict protocols that cruise lines have instituted to ensure that arriving passengers are either tested or have received the “vaccine“.
  3. We have been booking mostly first class flights for a couple of years now, when it's not too unreasonably priced. Just like cruising, we find that booking as early as possible sometimes gets us in first class at a pretty reasonable cost. The extra benefits mentioned by others above are all nice, and now with the Covid craziness its nice to have the extra "distancing". I think that if you're able to afford it then it's worth going first class, especially on such a long flight.
  4. This has always been a special community. Matt’s positive attitude and approach to keeping things positive and accurate sets the tone here. His blog really is the only source of RCI information that you need. I missed the live broadcast but watched the replay. Well deserved Matt!
  5. I can confirm this. My travel agent can see these 4-5 night sailings in the system but they aren’t available for booking as of last night.
  6. New Cruise Terminal Update Here's the division of work between the Port of Galveston and Royal Caribbean International (RCI): The Port will move things out of the way to clear the site for the terminal, and will bring utilities to the site. The Port also provides the parking, landscaping, roads, and dock repairs. RCI builds the terminal building and performs some improvements to the dock. At this time much of the physical work is continuing to be performed by the Port as they prepare the site for RCI's new terminal. Royal has limited physical work at the site at this point in the sch
  7. Let's get this party started! Courtesy of Galveston.com Independence of the Seas and Carnival Vista... ready for simulated sailings!
  8. I'm trying to get permission to pull my grandson from kindergarten for the Aug 15th sailing. I don't think it's gonna fly.
  9. I'm seeing others post that their Liberty sailings have been moved to Independence. Not sure how that would impact your casino cruise.
  10. She was refurbished in 2019, so that's a nice plus over Liberty. Since it hasn't been used in over a year, it should look like a new ship.
  11. Independence begins sailing from Galveston August 15th, so it looks like your cruise would be a go!
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