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  1. Spring Break will be spread across the three weeks prior to your arrival for Texas schools and colleges, so that should not impact you. I always encourage folks to stay on the island and enjoy the local restaurants and nightlife. However you might save some hotel cost if you stay near the airport if that cost difference is important to you.
  2. The deal was approved by the Galveston Wharves Board earlier this year, so it's a definite go. Expected to open in the fall of 2021.
  3. Nice screen capture! And your picture confirms that Carnival Dream arrived in Galveston today! Carnival now has their two largest ship classes home ported in Galveston: Vista Class and Dream Class. I can't wait to see which ship Royal will put here when they finish Terminal 3!
  4. I have the link in the original post on this thread, but thanks for sharing again. They have a great network of cameras that follow the ships in and out of port (not just the "cruise cam").
  5. When I check in for both my wife and myself, both SetSail passes appear in the app. You just swipe to display the other pass. That's all you should need if you are checking in at a port that accepts the digital SetSail passes.
  6. Royal Caribbean does sell gift certificates on line, but it may be too late to make that happen. The simplest method (since you are traveling with her) is to do as you suggested and just go to Guest Services and deposit cash into her account. Maybe give her a card that says you have done this so she can choose a spa treatment of her choice. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I would be interested in seeing the Adventure Ocean info for Ovation in Alaska as well!
  8. I often see people having their MDR waiter fix "to-go" plates for guests who didn't show up for dinner or they want to take their dessert to enjoy later. The waiter will give you a plate with one of those room service covers on it. I have often seen people carry plates out of the Windjammer using a napkin or another plate as a cover (often for a sick spouse or just being nice and bringing something back for a spouse to have breakfast in bed).
  9. I bought CCL after our first cruise on Carnival Celebration in 1987. We were so impressed with the cruise experience that we thought it would be a good investment, and it was! We sold it a few years later when I questioned some of the management decisions. After a couple cruises on RCL we bought stock because we also thought it would be a good investment. An innovative and creative company with assets that can be repositioned globally as market conditions change and plans to continuously and systematically upgrade those assets (ships) was very appealing. Their "double double" initiative to double profits and achieve double digit return on invested capital was ambitious, but was successfully realized. Like others noted above, purchasing RCL stock for me was about making a good investment in a product I am familiar with (similar to CCL years ago). I submit the Shareholder Benefit request form for every cruise. The rules are so complicated I have stopped trying to figure out if I qualify, so I make them tell me yes or no. I have received the benefit on a few cruises but I usually don't qualify. It doesn't matter because the benefit is price appreciation and dividends.
  10. We had a Central Park balcony on Harmony deck 10. The noise from pool music was very loud and aggravating during the day even inside the cabin. It was very nice at night with the more tranquil music and night lighting ambiance.
  11. I tried using only the digital Setsail pass for the first time on Mariner in Miami last year. When we checked in they said they still have to have something on paper for their accounting or some other purpose, so they made us fill out a short form. In that case the checkin process took longer to use the digital version. I've seen others make this comment elsewhere on the boards. Would be curious about other experiences with using the digital Setsail pass.
  12. Thanks for asking... I'm BOI: Born OFF the Island, haha. But my wife and I lived in Galveston for a number of years before retiring to Dallas. We live on the 21st floor of a condo overlooking Galveston Bay and the entrance to the Galveston Ship Channel. We watched all of the cruise ships come and go on a daily basis, ate the local cuisine, and lived life on the island. Only kids and a grandchild could tear us away, but we still try to cruise from Galveston when possible.
  13. The Port Parking park-and-walk facility is located at 18th and Harborside in a warehouse building. It is about a 0.7 mile walk (about 8 blocks) to Terminal 2 where Royal Caribbean docks. It would be a nice stroll down The Strand Historic District on your way to the ship. Just make sure to drop your luggage at the cruise terminal before you park. The Port Parking main facility is at 37th and Harborside in a large warehouse building. This main facility is not a walkable location but they have plenty of convenient shuttle busses
  14. Yes, the balcony dividers can be opened on Liberty. It requires a specific wrench/tool and your stateroom attendant can do that for you. We had adjoining Junior Suites on Liberty in December and the balcony access was very nice!
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