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  1. I have a 'hopefully' simple question. If I take the Sushi making class by myself, will my husband be able to join me to eat all of the sushi that I make? Thanks in advance for your answers! Sailing March 22 - 29, 2020 on Liberty of the Seas
  2. Ten years ago, I took my first cruise and found a different message board similar to this and looked for as many tips as I could find. One tip that I took away was to take a small box of Cheerios from the breakfast buffet to take with us when we went snorkeling in Cozumel. I got all situated with my fins, snorkel, mask, life vest and Cheerios and headed out into the water. I really have very little experience with snorkeling but was enjoying all of the fish that I was seeing. I decided it was time to feed the fish. Hmmm, how am I going to open this bag of cereal? I'm floating in the water and have nothing sharp and only wet fingers. I worked and worked and finally ripped the bag open, only to have the cereal all go flying in the water around me. Instantly it was a feeding frenzy and there were fish all around me, touching me and gobbling up the cereal. I freaked out - and quickly got away from all of the fish that were surrounding me. Needless to say, my friend's container of Cheerios went back on board with us. Unopened. 😊
  3. I'm curious about this part of the question. Does the Windjammer switch up the menu nightly?
  4. Now that makes complete sense...does that happen often?
  5. I'm curious if there is an advantage to pre-paying for the gratuities. I booked our cruise through Costco and I remember the agent mentioning it but it was all kind of a blur. Thanks!
  6. When I called this week to check if I had the best available price, (I did) I was told to watch for Black Friday specials.
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