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  1. Does it apply to a payment on a cruise already booked? Or only new bookings? Anyone know?
  2. So this is not the emed one. The emed one doesn’t have any signatures at all. But this one is from a lab I found because my emed one was invalid.
  3. Hello all. I’m scheduled to sail this coming Monday. This morning my wife and I both attempted to take our emed tests. Hers was fine and negative. Mine was invalid. So I went out trying to find somewhere else to test. Walgreens and cvs had no appointments. I found a place doing rapid PCRs. They sent me the results but there’s a line on the results page for a signature but it’s blank! They did put a Dr.s name next to “provider” on the form and the labs info is on it (which I obstructed with a post it note). Will I be ok? All my Info is on it. See attached picture.
  4. Do you need luggage tags if you are carrying your bags on?
  5. So are more people carrying their luggage on the ship since you can go straight to the cabin? vs waiting for the luggage to be delivered? Any observations around this?
  6. So if I understand the rules correctly, Royal is requiring vaccines for people 12+. I noticed in the app for my upcoming sailing from Galveston that some bars still have a “V” next to them. In theory since only kids under 12 are unvaccinated should all bars be for vaccinated guests? Am I overthinking this? Just wondering why all the bars aren’t marked as “V”?
  7. Hello all, I’ve been tracking the Air2Sea prices for my 2022 cruise out of Orlando. The prices keep going up. When you use Air2sea, can you continue to check prices and cancel/rebook if the price does down? Similar to the cruise planner strategy?
  8. Ahh I missed that. I almost bought some last week. I’ll wait for the 8th to see if it’s subsided at all.
  9. How was the cruise? I think that was the first revenue cruise from Galveston. I’m booked to sail on Indy at the end of September. Wondering how it went? How were the crowds?
  10. My wife likes the lanyard I prefer my wallet. It’s the same size as a credit card.
  11. I can tout personal responsibility all I want but no one has to listen to me. I don’t have any authority. If you get caught not wearing a seatbelt you get a ticket. The government doesn’t say “we’ll that’s your right”. Bottom line: the more people who get vaccinated the sooner we can say good riddance to masks.
  12. I think we’re not too far off from being on same page here. I guess the only caveat for me is that I have small kids who can’t get vaccinated yet. Once the vaccine is approved for all then I’m more likely to be more comfortable ignoring what others are or aren’t doing. Thanks for the dialogue - it’s still possible to have a good dialogue even if you don’t 100% agree!! back to cruise talk! I’m hoping royals protocols continue to work and we don’t see widespread cases on royal ships. My wife and I are booked to sail on Independence at the end of September and each time these headlines come out our families (who are going to be sitting our kids if we go) give us a hard time. Fingers crossed!!
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