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  1. I sailed on Enchantment out of Galveston last summer and had a great time. Yes, the ship does show some wear from her age, but I had expected this so it didn't bother me. The staff and service was excellent. It was great seeing the same faces all over the ship, same bartenders and wait staff (we did MTD). We would even see our assistant waiter working in the Windjammer in the mornings and he would make it a point to offer to bring us our favorite drinks we would order at dinner(he remembered) ...that blew me away. The pools and venues were full, but didn't feel crowded at all. After the cruise I thought I wanted to go on a larger ship next, but I found a Bahamas and CocoCay sailing on Enchantment from Galveston this summer and booked it. Can't wait to be back on Enchantment. I'll probably want to move to a larger ship after this trip, but it's nothing against Enchantment. Just want to try something different.
  2. Does anyone have any idea when we will see itineraries for 4 and 5 night sailings for the summer of 2021? Right now not much shows up.
  3. I have no idea how this situation works, but I would guess that the error would impact the companies bottom line, not the actual staff on the ship. Just like when a Grocery or retail store makes a mistake and has to honor an old sales price it doesn't come out of the cashier or stock worker's pay. Having said that, I do also recommend tipping an extra dollar or two for excellent service. As others have mentioned if you tip a little extra on the pool deck or in the theater or lounge my experience is that the staff will be sure to be more attentive to you.
  4. My wife also drinks Mocsato and was able to order it in the MDR on our last cruise in the summer. It's a popular wine so I would be surprised if they don't have it.
  5. Is there an easy way to find out how many ships will be visiting on a particular day?
  6. I had this exact same thing happen to me in Texas...and I contacted Lyft and they did refund the charge.
  7. I had the same experience as well. I did MTD and made reservations and was seated right away. We even had the same waitstaff and table even though our reservation varied slightly during each night of my cruise.
  8. FWIW - I tried this and was told they couldn’t do anything and I had to request onboard.
  9. I suggest to go to the MDR when you get on the ship after embarkation. Ask the head waiter for a two top and they should do their best to get you one. I did this last summer and it worked great. We had MTD and since we got a "reservation" (through the cruise planner) at the same time each night we were able to sit at the same table and have the same wait staff every night. It was great!
  10. Bump Anyone have any recommendations for a late port stay?
  11. Does anyone have recommendations for a late departure time from Nassau? I'm going on a 7 night cruise with stops in Key West, Nassau and CocoCay and we don't leave Nassau until 9PM. Would you be back on the ship for dinner or find a nice place in Nassau? Has anyone ever stayed this late in a port before?
  12. Has anyone booked an excursion with shoretrips.com? My MEI Travel agent said they recommend them...any feedback?
  13. I just got off Enchantment and we went through some high winds and choppy seas due to Hurricane/TS Barry and one day all the outside was closed. Including pool decks and sides of the ship.
  14. Your set sail pass will have an arrival time but this is just a suggestion. You can arrive as early as the cruise terminal is open to start accepting passengers. Depending on your port this may vary. I just sailed out of Galveston and got to the port around 9:30 and had no problems. I did have to wait a bit after checking in for the staff to clear the boat prior to letting us on but it wasn’t bad.
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