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  1. Is that the entire contract? Sometimes insurance policies will give coverage then “take coverage away” in the Exclusions section of the policy. Note: I work in Auto Insurance...so while I’m an expert on the auto policy I just have a general understanding of other insurance policies.
  2. Yes I would because the garage can fill up.
  3. I’ve used the private company Port Parking and was happy. It’s indoor parking with shuttle to the terminal.
  4. Enchantment is a great ship! I'm actually sailing this same itinerary but not until later in June. Please take some pictures of the Daily Cruise Compass and send to @Matt when you get back so we can take a look at all the activities! Having said that, you can see prior Enchantment Cruse Planners at the link below. This can give you an idea of some of what the ship has to offer. Yes, there's no water slides or things like that, but there's still plenty to do on Enchantment. My wife and I had a blast on our cruise last summer, so much so we did not hesitate to book on Enchantment again this summer. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass
  5. I think this is the link you were referring to. Lots of good information. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/568-all-things-galveston-answers-to-your-questions/&tab=comments#comment-5576
  6. Has anyone had their server say they can’t make them anymore? Last summer I asked for savory bites and the MDR server told me they don’t make those anymore.
  7. I'm on this same itinerary a few weeks after you. Normally most of the cruises out of Galveston go down south to Mexico and that region so I jumped on this when I saw a CocoCay from Galveston!
  8. On our last cruise my wife and I discovered we were in dire need of a luggage upgrade, as ours was falling apart. What brands does everyone recommend? I found some "American Tourister" (who are apparently owed by Samsonite) sets at Costco, has anyone used or owned this brand? Any other recommendations? I'm trying not to spend an arm and a leg.
  9. There are definitely some signs of her age showing. I would say that most of that are on the exterior of the ship. Most of the interior areas are fine. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking with a fine tooth comb. Obviously there’s less of the flashy type of things to do like water slides and specialty restaurants. I sailed on her last July and will be on her again this coming June. She’s a great ship and I had a great experience.
  10. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback!
  11. Hey all. I’m going to be on Enchantment this summer and plan on booking my next cruise on board. I’ve only cruised from Galveston and since that’s driving distance from where I live it’s easy to plan. If I’m looking to book for summer of 2021 what’s a good strategy considering most airlines don’t have their schedules released by then. Do you just book the cruise and hope you can find an reasonable accompanying flight later?
  12. This right here is my current motivation to lose weight. I ended 2019 at about 330 pounds and visit CocoCay in June and have Waterpark passes. As of today I’m at 318 pounds. Shooting for 295 to account for pre CocoCay weight gain. Wish me luck!!
  13. I am about 113 Days out and when I log on to my profile it shows a cabin number. Is this set in stone? Could it change? I have an inside cabin towards the back of the ship - are there pros/cons to being in the back of the ship? It's on Deck 3 which is right underneath the MDR, should I be concerned?
  14. Is there a cost to rent the equipment?
  15. Has anyone had any problems making purchases in the Cruise planner recently? I have been trying to purchase something for 2 days and keep getting a "payment not accepted" warning after you enter the payment information. I have tried with multiple credit cards and get the same result. I've made prior purchases before and had no problems. EDIT: So I looked closer at the website and it says "Calendar conflict(s) exist" in the message. I'm trying to reserve a beach bed. Is this because I have water park passes also booked for the same day? Has anyone had this problem?
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