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  1. I just got off Enchantment and we went through some high winds and choppy seas due to Hurricane/TS Barry and one day all the outside was closed. Including pool decks and sides of the ship.
  2. Your set sail pass will have an arrival time but this is just a suggestion. You can arrive as early as the cruise terminal is open to start accepting passengers. Depending on your port this may vary. I just sailed out of Galveston and got to the port around 9:30 and had no problems. I did have to wait a bit after checking in for the staff to clear the boat prior to letting us on but it wasn’t bad.
  3. I agree. I thought the older gentleman was in the wrong to yell at the kids. It made the situation awkward for the rest of us sitting there and the kids. A few other adults spoke up for the kids, but some other people clapped when he spoke up and some even came over to “thank” him for speaking up.
  4. I just got off Enchantment and they had pizza in the Park cafe and it was pretty decent/good. Especially at 1 AM after a night of drinking.
  5. Hey Everyone! So I just finished a 5 night cruise on Enchantment of the seas. We had a great time! One topic I wanted to bring up to get some of y’alls input on. So yesterday (our last sea day) my wife and I were in the solarium. There were a group of young teens (prob 16-18) that had come in and were splashing a bit in the pool. An older gentleman started yelling at them to leave because they were causing a ruckus. That we (adults) go to the solarium to get away from the kids in the regular pool. I get that the kids were being a bit annoying, but that’s on RCCL for setting the minimum age for the solarium at 16 and not something higher. Anyone have this happen before? Thoughts?
  6. How much storage is there for empty luggage on an inside room? Where do you put your bags after you’ve unpacked?
  7. My wife likes to avoid eating gluten and I’m wondering what the options will be in the MDR? Will we need to mention something before the trip or will there be gluten free options on the menu?
  8. Does anyone recommend those hangover prevention pills you see at drugstores? Anyone use them and do they make a difference? My wife and I don’t drink too often but want to take advantage of our DBP and not suffer the consequences the next morning.
  9. Thanks everyone. I got a usb hub but I was looking for something Incase I need other outlets. I’ll keep looking.
  10. Does anyone know if something like this is allowed and would fit in the wall?
  11. Dang. I can’t even get into my cruise planner now.
  12. I just tried to book it and my name is greyed out. Maybe they fixed it?
  13. Hey everyone, Tomorrow is the month of our Cruise and we're making the final preparations. A few questions that came up that I wanted to get some feedback on: -Can you take full size bottles of toiletries like hairspray, lotion, bodyspray, etc? Or does it have to be travel sized items? -Is there shampoo & soap in the bathrooms like you would find at any hotel? -Does anyone recommend using a lanyard to carry your sea pass card? Pros/cons of this? Thanks in advance! I may have more questions as we get closer to our sail date!
  14. Can you cancel and rebook? Or cancel and use a travel agent?
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