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  1. Hi guys....have sailed Harmony a couple times and am considering a smaller ship for next vacation. Was wondering if drink/internet packages were priced the same across the board or vary by class of ship? Cheers
  2. Hi guys....anyone know if testing random or scheduled is being conducted once you have sailed? Cheers
  3. Hi Matt, just read your post that "in some rare circumstances children under 16 can be accompanied by adult ult" I have a 15 year old son who looks 19, 6ft 3....we are sailing soon and he is just shy of 16th birthday. Just wondering what are those "rare circumstances " ? Cheers Nick
  4. Anyone know if wow bands still exist on Harmony of the Seas? I've heard yes & no.
  5. Hi there...I have an upcoming trip on Harmony of the Seas in about 70 days. Can you still pre-book the entertainment shows in advance as we have done pre-covid? Cheers
  6. Hi guys....does anyone know if Royal is still sailing into Labadee since the earthquake and latest rounds of violence and protest? Cheers
  7. Hi guys!! Supposed to sail on Symphony 14th August, I have 2 rooms booked for my family and was wondering if ships will be sailing at 100% capacity or do we risk getting 1 or both rooms bumped. (1 is an interior) Thoughts?
  8. Hi guys just booked two rooms on the symphony next year for my spouse and my teenage kids. Can/Will RC program my key to open both rooms?
  9. Does Royal Caribbean do anything special for Saint Patrick's Day?
  10. Hi just completed online check in with the new RC app & scheduled for a boarding of 11:30 am. Hotel checkout is 9 a.m. do I dare arrive to terminal prior to 1130? Sailing Oasis out of Miami.
  11. Hi guys..I have a cruise booked on Oasis of the Seas and have two rooms booked one for myself and one for my kids. When we go to sleep at night are we able to keep the connecting doors open? Can they be pinned or latched open? Thanks
  12. Sailing soon on oasis, does anyone know where to pick up wow bands on day 1? Thanks
  13. Do any of you know if Oasis of the Seas received WOW band upgrades during its last refit?
  14. Taking my 2 teens aged 13 and 16 on Oasis of the seas in March. Wondering since there is an age gap between the two kids will they be separated. Not sure if kids club is broken up by age groups. Any thoughts?
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