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  1. If you’re only drinking beer then you’re probably right, but don’t forget about things like premium coffee beverages, freshly squeezed juice, and bottled water. This last cruise we probably went through 40-50 bottles of water - all included with our package.
  2. Yes you can wait in line with those without reservations. There are 2 lines setup.
  3. It depends on the time you get to port. I just got off Harmony and the day we had a 7 AM port arrival the MDR opened at 6:30 AM. On our 8 AM port arrival they opened at 7:30 and on sea days they opened at 8AM. Oh and to answer the original question- still no buffet in MDR, only table service.
  4. Does anyone know if the lockers at the water park at CocoCay are free? Or do you need to take a credit card or cash?
  5. Update: the rental location worked well. There was a long line of folks who had just disembarked and were waiting to rent a car so I went and kindly asked the employee if I needed to wait in the long line he said no and to stand to the side of the counter and just make sure to have the ending mileage. I did so and had the rental returned within minutes. Then we waited for the shuttle (they had 2 running at the time). The shuttle returned about 5 min later and we loaded our luggage and was taken to the port right away. It took 15-20 minutes total from arriving at the rental branch to be dropped at the port. Very convenient service!
  6. Yes, we were able to check in and get set sail passes.
  7. That’s the thing…never got the documents.
  8. I never got my luggage tags for my sailing tomorrow out of Port Canaveral. My TA tried to call Royal and get them to be created manually to no avail. Will the porters outside be able to take our bags or do we need to go inside somewhere to get tags made? This has never happened to me.
  9. I’m sailing this Sunday on Harmony out of Port Canaveral, I’m renting a car for the first days of the trip before the cruise. I rented the car and selected to return the car at the budget “shuttle” location. Has anyone utilized this budget location? Looking for tips and or feedback. This is the budget location I’m referring to: https://www.budget.com/en/locations/us/fl/port-canaveral/cc5
  10. I’m sailing on Harmony in a week and we haven’t been able to book any shows in advance.
  11. Does anyone know if they have the improved biodegradable straws on Harmony? Or are they still using the paper straws?
  12. Do they announce when rooms are ready? I can’t remember from the pre Covid days.
  13. Those are for air travelers. I don’t think the CLIA is calling for doing away with the pre cruise testing, only testing to fly into the US. FWIW
  14. Most health insurance companies are required to reimburse the test costs, but you have to submit to them. My health insurance did reimburse me but it was capped at $24 per test.
  15. I got it for $58 on the Black Friday sale for my June cruise on Harmony. Gotta just keep checking…I booked it early and repriced on Black Friday.
  16. My wife and I find the closest bar! It’s not a vacation until we have a drink in hand!
  17. True, but they’d have to lie on their pre cruise questionnaire…
  18. I’m with you…I test in 9 days for my cruise in 11 days and we’re trying to stay healthy and not test positive! It’s nerve racking!
  19. Does the test take place in the browser? As opposed to staying in the NAVICA app?
  20. I’m just wondering - what’s the reason you’re not wanting to get tested? I get that some people are not comfortable with the vaccine, but testing seems pretty harmless. Is it the risk of being so close to the trip then you can’t go? I’m just wondering - and you don’t have to answer if it’s personal!
  21. I use the “notes” app on my iPhone. It lets me to “scan” each page and then I can email them at the end of the cruise and it puts it in PDF form.
  22. Anyone ever taken this Anker charger cube? It’s advertised as “cruise friendly” see the attached screenshots.
  23. I work for a large company who values its customer service and we routinely get recognized for the level of service we provide and we look for top 2 block surveys so on our 1-10 surveys we send our customers a 9 or a 10 is good. Anything less than 9 is not good.
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