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  1. There are definitely some signs of her age showing. I would say that most of that are on the exterior of the ship. Most of the interior areas are fine. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking with a fine tooth comb. Obviously there’s less of the flashy type of things to do like water slides and specialty restaurants. I sailed on her last July and will be on her again this coming June. She’s a great ship and I had a great experience.
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback!
  3. Hey all. I’m going to be on Enchantment this summer and plan on booking my next cruise on board. I’ve only cruised from Galveston and since that’s driving distance from where I live it’s easy to plan. If I’m looking to book for summer of 2021 what’s a good strategy considering most airlines don’t have their schedules released by then. Do you just book the cruise and hope you can find an reasonable accompanying flight later?
  4. This right here is my current motivation to lose weight. I ended 2019 at about 330 pounds and visit CocoCay in June and have Waterpark passes. As of today I’m at 318 pounds. Shooting for 295 to account for pre CocoCay weight gain. Wish me luck!!
  5. I am about 113 Days out and when I log on to my profile it shows a cabin number. Is this set in stone? Could it change? I have an inside cabin towards the back of the ship - are there pros/cons to being in the back of the ship? It's on Deck 3 which is right underneath the MDR, should I be concerned?
  6. Is there a cost to rent the equipment?
  7. Has anyone had any problems making purchases in the Cruise planner recently? I have been trying to purchase something for 2 days and keep getting a "payment not accepted" warning after you enter the payment information. I have tried with multiple credit cards and get the same result. I've made prior purchases before and had no problems. EDIT: So I looked closer at the website and it says "Calendar conflict(s) exist" in the message. I'm trying to reserve a beach bed. Is this because I have water park passes also booked for the same day? Has anyone had this problem?
  8. Does anyone know where on the map the beds are located. It’s hard to tell a cabana vs a beach bed on the map.
  9. When booking the beach bed do you only select one person? The notes say the price is per bed not per person. If you pick both people in your party it doubles the price.
  10. Hello Everyone! So I'm visiting CocoCay for the first time this summer and it can't get here fast enough. I'm wondering how those of you who have visited CocoCay actually planned/spent your day? I got waterpark passes - how much time would you spend there? It will just be my wife and I. Where did you put your stuff while at the water park? What do you do with your flip flops when on the water slides? I haven't been to a water park since I was a kid, so sorry if these seem like no brainers. What did you do after visiting the park? I'm debating getting a beach bed to have for the rest of the day, but any tips are appreciated. I'm a planner, so I like to have my day planned out.
  11. Agree with the consensus here, I only pay the standard gratuities and only pay more when someone goes above and beyond. Even when that happens the most I've given is way less than $50.
  12. What’s the advantage of the beach bed vs trying to get an umbrella and chairs? Is it the convenience of having a guaranteed spot? I’ll be at CocoCay in June and have water park passes. I’m considering the beach bed to enjoy after we visit the water park. Would this be better than trying to find an umbrella? Would all the umbrellas run out?
  13. You will use your set sail pass before you have your sea pass card. It has a barcode on it that the bartender can scan to let them know you have the DBP.
  14. Glad you had a great time! I sailed on Enchantment in June and am booked to sail on her again this June. I can't wait to be back on Enchantment!
  15. Technically Hurricane season starts in June...so pretty much all the summer months are during hurricane season.
  16. You can get soda from the freestyle machine 24/7 using the provided cup which has a chip in it to allow the machine to dispense the soda. On our last cruise my wife had a rough night (thanks to the DBP, if you catch my drift) and I went to the freestyle machine at 3AM to get her some Poweraid. Its nice to be able to use the machine whenever you need!
  17. I'll add - on my last 5 night sailing the MDR did run a special on the surf and turf (Lobster tail and steak) one night. It was like 30% off. I went ahead and got it because was also craving the lobster and was so disappointed there wasn't a "lobster night" on my cruise.
  18. Not on 5 night, 7 night or longer. There is lobster on the MDR menu as an add on purchase.
  19. I would say that most of the time they do process your card. When they are real busy I've noticed they just glance at the card and give you the drink. I'm guessing this helps them with their inventories on product and to make sure they are profitable.
  20. I think it depends on the ship class. I was on Enchantment (older ship) and it was pretty dark in my Interior Room. I'm talking pretty much pitch black. There was a very small sliver of light coming from the crack of the floor leading to the hall but that was it.
  21. Thanks! Is Chops a la carte? Or one flat price for eating there? Also - can you order multiple items a la MDR?
  22. How does Chops lunch work? I've seen it on the cruise planner. Can you use it on embarkation day?
  23. You have to call Royal Caribbean to do it this way. The Cruise Planner won't let you do it. Or at least that's the case the last time I tried it.
  24. I have this same question. I'll be visiting CocoCay in the summer and also have passes to the water park. I'm wondering the strategy people recommend with storing your belongings. I'm also wondering about shoes/sandals - can you wear them on the slides?
  25. I sailed on Enchantment out of Galveston last summer and had a great time. Yes, the ship does show some wear from her age, but I had expected this so it didn't bother me. The staff and service was excellent. It was great seeing the same faces all over the ship, same bartenders and wait staff (we did MTD). We would even see our assistant waiter working in the Windjammer in the mornings and he would make it a point to offer to bring us our favorite drinks we would order at dinner(he remembered) ...that blew me away. The pools and venues were full, but didn't feel crowded at all. After the cruise I thought I wanted to go on a larger ship next, but I found a Bahamas and CocoCay sailing on Enchantment from Galveston this summer and booked it. Can't wait to be back on Enchantment. I'll probably want to move to a larger ship after this trip, but it's nothing against Enchantment. Just want to try something different.
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