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  1. Going on 2 cruises this September out of Civitavecchia. (As a reference, we are D+) so have been on many cruises, but never in Europe. As we have started cruising back in the 90's where dress codes were either enforced more, or taken more seriously. Though I will still ware at least a sport coat in the evenings in the MDR, I too have taken more of the attitude of "If you can not beat them, join them" and no longer travel with a Tux or two. Though I sure miss where everyone was dressed in the evenings. I am not judging, you do you! My question is, over in Europe, are dress codes taken more serious? Obviously in and around the pool area Europeans have different sunbathing customs that are not so much in the USA other then Spring Brake . What should I prepare for, how to pack?
  2. I always thought that as well, but if true...they are both being scored together. So to me, that is not right.
  3. That is odd, I have always received one like 4 hours after I got off.
  4. Yes, I agree. I am not one to say anything if I did not like it. It was not their fault, but if it is seen that you are not liking something they will very much go out of the way for corrective action.
  5. So I just got off the Adventure of the Seas after a 13 night reposition from TX to NJ. While siting in the Main dining room, I could not help overhear a conversation between guest and crew speaking about the Post Cruise Survey at another table. My take from it was that I guess someone or maybe more was Extremely happy with the service of the MDR crew.....BUT, not overly thrilled with the food itself. This was around the time when the crew reminds you towards the end of your cruise that you will be receiving a "Post Cruise Survey" after you arrive home, and that it was very important that these be filled out. Because the surveys are part of the decision factor whether or not crew members are offered another contract, it is important to fill these out Good or Bad. But, here is what very much concerned me, I am hoping that someone can confirm if this is real or not, that the MDR & Kitchen Staff are treated as 1. So If you love your waiters, but hate the food....a bad survey about the food is also a strike against the wait staff. If this is true, what other parts of the crew are tied in together? I am reluctant to do anymore Post Crew Surveys anymore until, I find out what's what. Has anyone else got any wind on this?
  6. Safe flight over the pond. Will see you in a couple of days!
  7. Congratulations on your wedding, we are excited for you that this is your first cruise. We are sure that it wont be your last. Maybe see you on board!
  8. with 100 shares, they give you OBC for each sailing. $250 Onboard Credit per Stateroom on Sailings of 14 or more nights $100 Onboard Credit per Stateroom on Sailings of 6 to 13 nights $50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom on Sailings of 5 nights or less
  9. Yes, if you have a band, you can take them down to GS and they will reprogram them for you. BUT....they no longer sell them at GS anymore. Not sure if this is a covid thing, or if they are finding out that because you have to remove them to order a drink at the pool that they are more trouble then it is worth.
  10. If they are going with "Highly", that means that they are taking the middle of the road approach. So the same as it is now. For the moment, new name or term, but no changes.....FOR THE MOMENT! Check BACK IN 10 MINUTES
  11. Put your seatbelt on!! You are going to have the time of your life!!!
  12. Easy now.....though 8x would be great, I do not thing the extra 4 would go with a Royal up. I was told that if you RU (ex. Balcony to a Jr) you get the discounted room, but not the double points.
  13. I just did the same thing, you can make a new booking BUT....you must do it with the special reservation number associated with the double points. That reservation must be used before 12/31/2022 I have had to move my double points reservation a number several times. Also if you happen to book a Jr. Suite or higher, you will get 4X's the points for the sailing.
  14. I wonder if there is a way around that? Such as if you were to book through a TA located in the US?
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